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Chapter 17 — Happy?

After Ye Nuan turned in the flying mount mission,  she could at last receive the four-winged warhorse she had always been thinking of.

The four-winged warhorse was a fine black steed, a horse as in its name, with two pairs of wings.

Ye Nuan summoned it and used one hand to climb onto its back. Her movements were direct and efficient, as imperious as she desired it to appear.

Wen Xiao clung onto her belt. After she sat down securely, he could not help but praise, “Handsome.”

Ye Nuan froze for a moment. Recalling Quilt’s existence at this time, she laughed and said, “Let’s go. I’ll take you to experience soaring fast to the horizon~”

Once she said this, she commanded the four-winged warhorse to spread its two pairs of wings, at last flying into the sky.

Her flying, compared to being taken flying by others, was a completely different experience.

—— Ye Nuan finally experienced the incomparable freedom and unrestraint. She could not stop her laughter from ringing out.

Hearing her laughter, Wen Xiao was infected by her mood and also could not help a laugh or two. He then asked, “Do you consider this to be profiting from disaster?”

“Considered ba.” Ye Nuan responded, “Before I began working, I could play games. After I began working, I basically had no time to play.” After she said this, she suddenly thought of something. She asked Wen Xiao, “Did you play games before?”

“No,” Wen Xiao replied.

Ye Nuan: “Thought so. You are a scientist. I reckon you stayed in a bubble in your laboratory ba?”

Wen Xiao did not respond, which could be considered a tacit agreement.

Ye Nuan then asked, “Then do you feel happy playing?”

Wen Xiao blanked out for a moment, wanting to say something but then hesitating.

He remained silent for a short duration before very quietly whispering, “Happy.”

Originally, the reply should have been unhappy.

In fact, Wen Xiao had never understood why games existed. He felt happier conducting experiments than playing games. If he could get results from his experiments, then it could also benefit all of humanity, which has a lot more meaning.

Therefore, before entering the game 《 Second World 》, he had never played games and had absolutely no understanding as to why others wanted to play games.

Right now, hearing Ye Nuan’s laughter, with the feeling of the wind brushing against his face, Wen Xiao suddenly had a very freeing type of feeling —— a feeling that rushed through both body and mind, instant liberation. He had never experienced this before.

Therefore, very happy.

Ye Nuan once again manipulated the four-winged warhorse to fly further. After satisfying this addiction, she at last returned to the ground and then headed straight to the inn.

Eldest apprentice brother had yet to allow them to train. In fact, this restriction matched Ye Nuan’s heart.

To Ye Nuan, compared to killing monsters to level up, she was far more attracted to PKing with other players, especially PKing with experts.

She wished to, but could not, breach the top 10 of the experts list in one breath and fight the genuine experts to her heart’s content.

Only, upon entering the inn, Ye Nuan did not immediately instigate arena matchmaking and instead looked over her fellow apprentices’ arena rankings first.

Eldest apprentice brother Hundred Miles Uncrystallized was still rank 2. Seeing this, Ye Nuan felt a bit restless. She had a strong, desperate desire to fight a match with him, despite knowing she would lose.

Her emotions were telling her —— you can! You were once the woman who ranked first on the experts list!

Her logic was telling her —— no, you cannot! How many skills have you learned? How many techniques have you developed? You want to defeat eldest apprentice brother with this level of ability, your head is inflated ba!

Ultimately, Ye Nuan sided with logic and forced herself to calm down.

Second apprentice brother Four Seas Fragrance was still stuck at rank 47, a spectacle too horrible to endure.

When Ye Nuan had just entered the game, she overpowered him despite comprehending nothing. She felt that if he was more eager to excel, then he might be able to breach rank 40, heading straight to rank 30.

Third apprentice brother Uninhibited’s current rank was 25, unavoidably showing that he was very awesome.

Ye Nuan originally thought he was stuck at a bottleneck like second apprentice brother, but she did not expect that after a period of effort, he would win several matches and rush to rank 25. It seemed that he truly had been tired of fighting and wanted to take a break.

Perhaps he could fight all the way to rank 2, and he would fight for superiority with eldest apprentice brother?

And then there was fifth apprentice brother Speaking with Demons; his current rank was —— rank 679.

Ye Nuan glanced at her own ranking —— rank 527.

WTF! Almost overtaken!

How can he be so fast? That’s not scientific!

Little apprentice brother’s skill, Ye Nuan had experienced first-hand. At the very least, he was better than second apprentice brother; after all, he fought with second apprentice brother and abused him miserably. When fighting monsters, his actions were also direct and efficient, but he had a shortcoming. Several times, when he discovered the damage he dealt to the enemy was higher than the damage he suffered, he would not feel like dodging and liked to tank the opponent’s attack to counterattack. Fighting like this was both fierce yet reckless.

On the other hand, however, this showed that little apprentice brother had a very strong ability to calculate damage.

She did not know how he compared to third apprentice brother; who was more ferocious?

Ye Nuan now had no intention of comparing how little apprentice brother measured up against Uninhibited; her mind was now overwhelmed with this thought —— Done for! Almost overtaken!

As senior apprentice sister, how could her ranking be surpassed by little apprentice brother ne?!

Thinking like this, Ye Nuan immediately exited her friends list and opened the arena matchmaking interface.

She did not switch on the option of accepting matches and directly chose to challenge the person ranked above her.

She guessed that the reason why little apprentice brother’s rank rose so fast was because he did not switch on that option. Challenging those of higher rank awarded more points compared to fighting those of lower rank.

Due to the people within a hundred ranks above her either not being online or not switching on the option, Ye Nuan directly chose to challenge someone ranked in the 300s.

Once she pressed challenge, a small countdown timer immediately appeared before her eyes.

Once the countdown ended, she entered the arena with Wen Xiao clinging to her belt.

This time, she could ask Wen Xiao, “Pets shouldn’t be able to enter the arena, right? How come you can come in with me?”

Wen Xiao pondered. “Probably because my brain waves attached to your pet, causing you to be unable to store me away or release me. When entering the arena, pets are automatically sent to a pet corral, but since I can’t be stored away, I follow you instead.”

Ye Nuan: “Makes sense.”

“Mn? Who are you talking to?” The person across from Ye Nuan  saw that Ye Nuan was talking to herself and could not help frowning.

Ye Nuan was facing a warrior.

She found that the probability of her running into a warrior was 60%, more than half a chance.

Speaking of which, the person ranked 1 on the experts list was a warrior.

This warrior eyed Ye Nuan with distrust.

There was no one else around. If Ye Nuan was not talking to him, then she might be talking to someone over private messaging. However, if she was speaking into the private messaging channel, others should not be able to hear, right?

Ye Nuan realized that to the other party, she seemed to be speaking to herself and coughed awkwardly. She then stiffly changed the subject. “Ready? Start if ready ba!”

“Hold on,” the warrior said; probably because this was the first time he matched with a female player, he was a little curious. He opened up Ye Nuan’s profile to look at the rank and became very startled upon seeing that she was in the 500s. “Holy shit! You, a ranked 500s, dare to challenge me, a ranked 300s? You deserve praise for your courage ah!”

“Many thanks for your praise.” Ye Nuan raised a brow while replying.

Up till now, whenever she matched with an opponent and they saw that she was a woman, they would either not dare to hit her or greet her with frigid irony and scorching satire. This man was shocked about her gender like the others; however, his tone neither showed respect from a distance nor felt ridiculing. It was pure curiosity, making Ye Nuan unavoidably gain a favorable impression of him.

Although this warrior did not mean to belittle Ye Nuan, he still felt that it was impossible for her to beat him and kindly suggested, “You’re ranked in the 500s; even if you can beat those in the ranked 400s, coming to fight me in the ranked 300s — your winning streak will break and you’ll lose a lot of points.”

Ye Nuan raised her dagger and tossed it up.

The dagger spun in the air twice before she caught it smoothly. It appeared as if it was a part of her body, completely under her control.

She flashed that warrior a smile. “Whether my winning streak will be broken, you do not need to worry about it. You should first worry about your own winning streak ba.”

Huo, arrogant woman.” The warrior paid no more attention and tightened his grip on the weapon in his hands. As he charged toward Ye Nuan, he still, in a very gentlemanly manner, called out a warning. “Take note, I’m attacking!”

People not in the know would think he was teaching Ye Nuan how to fight……

Ye Nuan shrugged helplessly. Afterward, when the warrior drew closer, her expression gradually faded away. The instant the warrior was in front of her, she suddenly lowered her body and then flexibly used a skill to dodge his first strike. She took the opportunity to stab at his front and successfully landed a hit on the warrior. Then, not waiting for that warrior to react, she used 「 Body Flicker 」 to appear behind the warrior and used her other hand to strike. After stabbing forward, she used another skill to escape!

If someone was watching from an overhead angle, they would discover that Ye Nuan appeared in six different positions within just two short seconds. Each time she appeared, she would stab at the warrior and draw a portion of blood, giving him absolutely no chance of dodging or resisting.

If he could not even dodge, how could he counterattack?

When that warrior finally caught Ye Nuan’s silhouette, he wanted to rush forward to attack her. He only had a thin layer of blood left.

Ye Nuan deliberately took two steps back, allowing him the time needed to rush toward her. Meanwhile, she indifferently said, “Underestimating opponents demands a price to be paid, especially opponents as good-looking as me.”

After she said this, she actively welcomed the warrior’s attack, her dagger nimbly twisting to slash at the opponent’s neck. That last layer of blood ceased to exist.

When the warrior was ejected from the arena, an expression of shock remained on his face still. After being ejected from the arena, his expression rapidly changed to ‘Who am I? Where am I? What happened just now?’

A stupefied expression.

After Ye Nuan left the arena and returned to the inn, she recalled the final expression of that warrior just now and felt it a bit laughable. Just as she intended to enter another match, she suddenly heard Wen Xiao’s laughter and could not help raising a brow. She asked him, “What are you laughing about?”

“……Especially opponents as good-looking as you.” Wen Xiao repeated what Ye Nuan had just said and could not help laughing again.

Ye Nuan pulled him out of her belt.

Wen Xiao: “Ai ai ai……what?”

Ye Nuan cradled him in the palm of her hands and soulfully asked, “I’m not good-looking?”

Wen Xiao examined Ye Nuan’s face from a close range and told the truth, “Good-looking.”

Ye Nuan: “So was what I just said wrong?”

Wen Xiao: “No.”

Ye Nuan could not help laughing. “Mn, that is right. Be good~”

Wen Xiao: ovo……be good?

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