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Chapter 21 — Shameless person! 

Hearing Ye Nuan say that she wanted to defeat Hundred Miles Uncrystallized, Wen Xiao’s expression was like this: ovo

Why did he suddenly feel a bit happy?

However, after Ye Nuan ‘declared war’ on Hundred Miles Uncrystallized, she did not directly seek him out to PK and instead continued to fight in the arena.

After getting tired of fighting, she returned to the inn and began to attempt all sorts of skills against the air. She was researching possible combos.

When she really did not want to move, she carried an enlarged Quilt and laid down on the bed, pretending to be dead. 

When avatars ascended to Level 60 in the game 《 Second World 》, nearly all of the class skills were learned.

Ye Nuan was currently Level 47, and she only had 5-6 skills left to learn.

She could only gain familiarity with these 5-6 skills while fighting in the arena.

As a result, in the next several days, her rank steadily rose alongside her strength, which also increased unceasingly.

When Ye Nuan, at last, breached the top 30 of the experts list, thus satisfying eldest apprentice brother’s demand, she had already mastered all the assassin skills. She thought that if she fought eldest apprentice brother at this moment, victory or defeat was 50-50.

At this time, eldest apprentice brother Hundred Miles Uncrystallized was still second on the experts list, with the difference in points between him and One Tree Remaining being only a few hundred points.

Second apprentice brother Four Seas Fragrance had at last advanced a few ranks, now 43.

Third apprentice brother Uninhibited was ranked 18.

Little apprentice brother Speaking with Demons was ranked 56.

Ye Nuan was quite pleased with her rank of 29.

Recently, there were more and more strangers who sent her friend requests, and she refused nearly no one, adding them all.

However, after exchanging a couple of sentences with the other party, she ascertained that the other party did not know her in reality. She thus used the reason of being busy to snub the other side entirely, no longer replying to any messages.

Wen Xiao was not sure what she was thinking. “If you want to know about your situation in reality, you can have your younger apprentice brother go ask. If it’s necessary, it’s okay to tell him about my existence.”

“No need.” Ye Nuan replied, “If that side made any progress and truly wanted to contact us, they would definitely take the initiative to come into the game to find us.”

Wen Xiao: “Oh, then what are you doing now?”

“Finding my murderer.”

Ye Nuan blurted out these three words, causing Wen Xiao to unwittingly stare at her blankly.

“I know the police are investigating, but……” Ye Nuan pursed her lips. “I, the victim, don’t know who the murderer is. How could the police know? My car exploded; what clues could they find from the wreckage? If there are clues, and they capture the culprit, Ah Shi would definitely not be unaware. He would certainly come to tell me if he knew. But, so many days have passed……”

—— Since Ye Nuan resurrected in the game, 20 days had already passed. It was precisely on the 20th day that her rank broke through the top 30.

During this period, Master Chaotic Reputation went online once and set off a bloody storm.

In order to help avenge a guild member, he commanded the entire guild, including Ye Nuan and her five fellow apprentices. Together, they fought a large guild war with others, creating rivers of blood and fields littered with corpses everywhere.

Halfway through the fight, he escaped offline, handing everything over to Hundred Miles Uncrystallized to finish.

The consequences brought about by this matter continued for several days. Ye Nuan was blockaded within the inn by members of the other guild. Even if they could not kill her, they could still prevent her from going out to level.

Later, Ye Nuan felt that level was still quite important, so she took advantage of there being no one at night and stayed out all night for several nights to train. This finally allowed her to rise to Level 50.

Since then, every single time she went outside and saw someone blockading her, she directly took them out of the safe zone and killed them all before swaggering off.

—— Former Gaming God not showing off her might, really treating her as a weak woman?

Clinging to Ye Nuan’s belt and witnessing the entire course of events, Wen Xiao felt that Ye Nuan had a domineering aura, some feelings of reverence arising for her as well.

Seeing him pop out, Ye Nuan’s face softened. Although she was arrogant to the core, as long as no one took the initiative to provoke her, she would not be provocative in return. As for those who took the initiative to provoke her, she did not give them any good fruit to eat.[1]

Whoever slapped her once, she must return the thanks twice-fold with two fists.

Being such a person, having been killed, how could she be willing to allow her murderer to remain unfettered and beyond the law?

So, when he heard the three words ‘finding my murderer,’ Wen Xiao already guessed Ye Nuan’s way of thinking.

But he did not say anything, quietly listening to her speak.

“I now can be considered to have a bit of fame, right?”  Ye Nuan hesitated and then said, “But my fame is still not resounding enough, so I still have not attracted attention from those outside the circle —— What I am thinking is, once I fight my way to the top of the experts list and rank first, my reputation would finally spread outside the circle. People who know me will be able to see this face of mine and will certainly recognize who I am.”

She paused for a moment and then continued, “However, strangers coming together by chance will not come into the game to find me because they recognize me. They will enter the game to find me only because……” She looked down at the little Quilt resting in her palm, a profound look in her eyes.

Wen Xiao helplessly sighed and finished her words. “Someone who has deep relationship feelings for you, or someone with a guilty heart.”

“Wrong, it can only be someone with a guilty heart,” Ye Nuan corrected. “People who have a genuine deep relationship with me could directly find my parents to ask about my situation. Only those with guilt in their heart would not dare to show their face and could only sneak into the game to find my hidden meaning.”

“Also makes sense.” Wen Xiao remained silent for a short period after replying. He was thinking about what to say next, but before he opened his mouth, he heard Hundred Miles Uncrystlalized’s voice.

—— Hundred Miles Uncrystallized privately poked Ye Nuan.

“Do you know One Tree Remaining?”

“Hah?” Ye Nuan nearly thought she misheard. “One Tree Remaining sought you out? What did he say?”

Hundred Miles Uncrystallized was silent. A moment later, he responded, “He said he knew you in reality, but because of a contradiction, you had him blacklisted on all avenues of contact. He could not get in touch with you, so he came to find me. He wanted to have me soothe you out of the inn and have a tranquil and even-tempered chat with him, to undo the misunderstanding.”

Ye Nuan: “……”

These words made it seem as if their relationship in reality was very ambiguous.

Not waiting for Ye Nuan to open her mouth and begin roasting, Wen Xiao could not help saying a line. “I have never seen such a shameless person!”

Thereupon, Ye Nuan not-yet-voiced-roast became a ‘pfft’ laugh.

Once she finished laughing, she awkwardly coughed a few times and then responded to Hundred Miles Uncrystallized. “Eldest apprentice brother, you have been deceived by him. I do not know him at all in reality. He just wants to fool around with me, nothing more. I despise his character, so I blacklisted him. You can ignore him.”

Hundred Miles Uncrystallized said, “Okay,” his mood indecipherable from within his voice.

However, a moment later, Ye Nuan received a system notice:

System 【 Guild has a new mission, please take a look. 】 

Ye Nuan subconsciously opened it; sure enough, she found there was a new mission on the mission interface.

Mission Type: Bounty Mission

Mission Time Limit: Continuous

Mission Content: Kill One Tree Remaining

Mission Reward: 100 Gold Coins/1 Time

Mission Remarks: The other party is ranked first on the experts list. His strength must not be looked down on; suggested to form a group of 100 and collaboratively surround him.

Ye Nuan: “……”

She nearly forgot; Hundred Miles Uncrystallized was an administrator for the guild 「 Ambitious Hegemony 」.

This at-the-drop-of-a-hat habit of hanging a bounty was learned from Master, right?! It absolutely was ba!

Ye Nuan was willing to see a group of people tangle with One Tree Remaining, but she also knew One Tree Remaining’s skill. A hundred people blockading him would not be able to kill him.

She did not want to watch helplessly as her guild members threw their lives away. With no other choice, she poked Hundred Miles Uncrystallized. “Remove the mission ba, unachievable death.”

Hundred Miles Uncrystallized remained unmoved. “How do you know without trying?”

Ye Nuan: “You exchanged blows with him; you should know his strength. A hundred of you could naturally kill him millions of times, but how many in the guild have reached your level? How many people have reached your skill?”

Hundred Miles Uncrystallized thought it over and felt it was reasonable. Ultimately, he withdrew the mission.

However, perhaps because his move of hanging a mission and then revoking it caused his fellow apprentices to be astonished. One after another, they came to ask him.

Soon, Ye Nuan received a pile of messages from her fellow apprentices.

Four Seas Fragrance: “Fuck! One Tree Remaining, that guy, kill with a thousand knives![2] Luckily, he wears white from head to toe like a hypocrite; didn’t expect he was a beast!”

Ye Nuan: “……You say he is a beast wearing clothes. Say, he didn’t do anything worse than a beast?

Uninhibited: “Little apprentice sister, you don’t worry. I will immediately train to Level 99 and then kill One Tree Remaining to avenge you.”

Ye Nuan: “Avenge? What enmity was announced? What does he have to do with me? You say you’ll rise to Level 99, is it as easy as eating a meal?”

Speaking with Demons: “Holy shit! How can you not tell me of such an important matter! From now on, you are not allowed to take half a step out of the inn. Wait for me to come online to keep you company, understand?”

Ye Nuan: “What matter ah…… Furthermore, your tone is not much different from One Tree Remaining.”

After dealing with her fellow apprentices’ questions all at once, finally, Ye Nuan — at the end of her patience — sent a jab to Hundred Miles Uncrystallized. “Eldest apprentice brother! When all is said and done, what did you say to our fellow apprentices?! Why did every one of them think One Tree Remaining ruined my innocence?!”

Hundred Miles Uncrystallized: “No, they asked me why I hung a mission then revoked it. I had them go straight to you to ask.”

Ye Nuan: “……”

So, you group of scoundrels, before coming to poke me, what did you imagine?!

Ye Nuan had no choice but to pull all her fellow apprentices into a party and explained all the causes and effects in the party channel, retrieving her innocence.

Four Seas Fragrance: “So it turns out to be like this…… Scared me to death, I thought One Tree Remaining did something to you.”

Speaking with Demons: “Fuck, delusions of fooling around with my senior apprentice sister! Also, not taking a piss and looking at your reflection in it, what morality and conduct?!”

Hundred Miles Uncrystallized: “What about him, experts list ranked 1.”

Four Seas Fragrance: “In reality, I hear he is from a rich and powerful aristocratic family, the kind that has never been short of money all his life.”

Speaking with Demons: “……”

Uninhibited: “Little apprentice sister, do you have time right now? I will take you to level. I will protect you carefully.”

Ye Nuan: “……”

Tch, this group of fellow apprentices of hers was truly hopeless.

Ye Nuan, not wishing to acknowledge them, said, “I’m fine alone,” and then dissolved the party.

After dissolving the party, she suddenly realized her family’s Quilt had not leveled up in a while. Although leveling up seemed to be useless, she had many gold coins and did not need to be frugal. Plus, she was a bit OCD and felt ill at ease watching Quilt blocking a Level 49 monster.

Consequently, after she went downstairs and left the inn, she directly headed to the pet breeding teacher.

This entire journey, she was a little worried she would run into One Tree Remaining. Fortunately, she didn’t —— this person was already max-leveled, as well as first on the experts list. Like her Master Chaotic Reputation, he would not go online unless he had something to do, so he seldom went online. Even if he went online, he would not be on for too long.

Ye Nuan sighed in relief. At ease, she bought enough experience potions from the pet breeding teacher. Wen Xiao ascended to the same level as her, Level 50. She then heard  a system notice:

System: 【 Your pet Quilt learned a special skill: Anthropomorphism! 】 


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[1] Spoof line, “have good fruit to eat” is used as an informal warning and intimidation; in this case, good fruit is revenge

[2] TLDR; villain/bad guy

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