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Chapter 23 — These clothes were so revealing!

Wen Xiao stared blankly for essentially half a day without reacting to Ye Nuan’s confession. He then took half a day to retrieve his voice. “You……are you playing a joke on me?”

“No ah, I’m serious.” Ye Nuan blinked.

She had always been direct and efficient, swift and decisive; if she had feelings for someone, she would confess without the slightest hesitation.

“I am interested in you; would you like to try dating me?” Ye Nuan confessed once again, adding afterward, “If you don’t have feelings for me, you can directly say so. It’s fine. I don’t care. If being boyfriend and girlfriend does not work, we can still be ordinary friends ah.”

Wen Xiao listened, stunned.

During university, a lot of people confessed to him because he was considered by the majority to be the most handsome boy in the school. He was even straight-up proposed to once.

However, he had never seen someone like Ye Nuan, saying “I am interested in you,” as if saying “The weather is really nice today” — so matter-of-factly. It made Wen Xiao unable to react for a long time.

When he at last was able to respond, he began to review his feelings for Ye Nuan.

Saying that Ye Nuan was not even slightly attracted to him was impossible.

Ye Nuan’s skill was also good. Her character was good as well. To Wen Xiao, it was as dazzling as the sun’s rays, blinding his eyes. This was very attractive to him, but there was some inexplicable feeling of her being untouchable.

At the same time, Wen Xiao also clearly understood that his appreciation for Ye Nuan was greater than his fondness, his dependence greater than his love —— simply speaking, it had not yet reached the dating stage.

After carefully reflecting, Wen Xiao gave Ye Nuan a reply. “We can try deepening our understanding of each other, and then make further plans.”

“Okay,” Ye Nuan answered, rejuvenated. She then felt a bit secretly delighted — no refusal, that was promising.

She sat down beside Wen Xiao and hooked an arm around his neck.

Wen Xiao: “……”

Sometimes, Wen Xiao sincerely thought, Ye Nuan simply did not have any gender awareness and such things.

But she hooked it so straightforwardly that it did not make Wen Xiao feel any discomfort. Therefore, he let her hook her arm around his neck and did not say anything.

“I always felt that I am familiar with you, but this is the first time I touched your human form. It feels very novel.” Ye Nuan said, “You think ah, we have already hugged, and I also laid down on your body.”

Wen Xiao coughed and looked at her somewhat helplessly. “…….I have been seen completely by you.”

Ye Nuan: “Right, I have seen all of you.”

The two of them stopped speaking, looking at each other face to face. A brief period of silence later, they both could not help bursting into laughter, not at all feeling embarrassed. Instead, they felt it was a little ridiculous —— looking back on such things, they were already quite ‘familiar.’

“However, a number is a number.” Wen Xiao said to Ye Nuan, “I am your attending doctor, while also nominally being your pet. As a result, I will do my best to offer you assistance, regardless of whether I like you —— even if I do not like you, I will still assist you.” He paused. “But, if you want to date, we really need to understand each other first before carefully considering it thoroughly. From our three views to our everyday life habits, to see if they are in agreement.”

“Oh, you’re speaking as if we are immediately getting married?” Ye Nuan could not help mocking his speech.

Wen Xiao said, deadpan, “Love without the purpose of marriage is simply playing rogue.”

Ye Nuan did not know whether to laugh or cry. She felt that Wen Xiao was too serious.

But she approved of his words.

——  She did not think much when confessing to Wen Xiao, but she really did have feelings for Wen Xiao. She also sincerely hoped that she could walk together through life with him, all the way to the end.

It was just that she might be more free and at ease than Wen Xiao, so she was indifferent to breaking up due to incompatibility. Breaking up was breaking up. After all, love and marriage were things she regarded as nonessential.


Suddenly, Ye Nuan took note of the words floating above Wen Xiao’s head.

Warm Light at Night’s Pet

Quilt (Level 50)

Afterward, she then looked up at the words hanging above her head.

Chaotic Reputation’s Fourth Follower

Warm Light at Night (Level 50)

They were both white, and the format was the same too. At first glance, there was basically no differentiation between player and pet.

Ye Nuan suddenly had an idea.

She opened Wen Xiao’s information interface and activated ‘refuse other player’s examination.’ She then set it to ‘hide title.’

Like this, the words floating above Wen Xiao’s head were simply his ID and level.

Wen Xiao, from beginning to end, was calmly watching her, allowing her to fiddle with his information interface as she wished.

He knew what she was doing —— she wanted him to pretend to be a player. He could then walk around outside absolutely unrestrained like this.

After Ye Nuan finished adjusting everything, she took note of Wen Xiao’s mana and discovered that his mana bar had not decreased.

She was flabbergasted for a moment and opened his skill to take a look, discovering that of his skills, only ‘transformation’ consumed blue. The two special skills ‘telepathy’ and ‘anthropomorphism’ did not use up mana.

In other words, Wen Xiao could maintain human form as long as he wanted to.

Ye Nuan and Wen Xiao looked at each other. She looked at his beautiful face — which was so beautiful it caused people to be resentful — and could no longer bear it. She reached out to touch it.

But she knew propriety and only touched it once before withdrawing her hand. She then explained while under Wen Xiao’s bewildered gaze, “You’re really very handsome.”

Wen Xiao: “……”

“Say, you can now go out together with me. Do you want to go out and look around?” Ye Nuan probingly asked.

Wen Xiao was just about to say “Okay,” but then he recalled his naked lower body……

“……In principle, it’s okay, but can you first help me buy trousers? As well as shoes?” Wen Xiao looked at Ye Nuan helplessly. “As well as a headband……although I don’t know how to use it.”

Ye Nuan looked at his pitiful appearance and could not help laughing. Her laughter was very thoughtless, which was rewarded with Wen Xiao’s eye-roll x1.

“Okay.” Ye Nuan smiled as she answered, “Then you change back first; I will take you shopping.”

Wen Xiao gave a “Mn,” and then changed back to a little quilt.

The snow blue robe he was wearing just now fell instantly, falling onto the bed.

Ye Nuan lightly pushed the clothes off of her family’s little Quilt and cupped him in her palm. After putting away the clothes, she headed out the door. As she walked, she said, “A Level 50 still wearing the novice outfit, isn’t that too awkward? Your specialization is in Magic; so how about I purchase Mage clothing for you to try on?”

“Oh, sure.” Wen Xiao had no opinion.

“If you can wear clothes, could you possibly wield a weapon……oh, that’s right. The pet breeding teacher over there sells skill books. I’ll go see if there are any skills similar to that of a mage and let you learn a few ba.”

“Okay.” Wen Xiao had no opinion x2.

Consequently, this trip outside, Ye Nuan bought a full Level 50 Mage equipment set. She then went to the pet breeding teacher and carefully selected two skills that could pass off as Mage skills. She then let her family’s Quilt learn them and then added all his skill points to them.

Like this, the skill column of her family’s Quilt was rich for the first time:

Existing Skills:

Basic Skill: Fireball Technique (Level 20)

Basic Skill: Light Shield (Level 20)

Ultimate Skill: Transformation (Level 10)

Special Skill: Telepathy (Cannot Upgrade)

Special Skill: Anthropomorphism (Cannot Upgrade)

After returning to the inn, Ye Nuan first set her family’s Quilt back onto the bed and then continued to toss piece after piece of the equipment she purchased onto the bed: clothes, trousers, shoes, gloves, rings, necklace, magic staff, as well as a headband.

She bought the basic Level 50 Mage outfit, the full set, so the coloring was quite harmonious, a deep violet.

Although she felt Wen Xiao was better suited to wear simple and elegant clothes, to walk outside absolutely unrestrained, the novice outfit certainly would not do.

After tossing out all the equipment that should be tossed out, Ye Nuan turned around so her back faced Wen Xiao. “Okay, you change ba.”

“Why is there also a necklace and ring?” Wen Xiao was somewhat flabbergasted.

After all, he was not a true Mage player, so it was not necessary to put on the necklace and a ring, right?

He also did not know if these equipments’ attributes would affect him……

Thinking like this, he used the skill ‘anthropomorphism,’ taking human form again. Afterward, he carefully picked up the Mage coat—— Mn? Why does it feel short? The sleeves are also long and wide?

He tried on the clothes and then looked at his exposed navel, not wanting to speak……

He immediately put on the trousers and then looked at his exposed mermaid line, not wanting to speak……

—— Why were these clothes so revealing!

Ye Nuan did not hear movement behind her and probingly asked, “Good?”

Wen Xiao hesitated for a moment but ultimately gave a “Mn.”

As a result, Ye Nuan turned around and looked at Wen Xiao, who was sitting on the bed.

Only, she saw this gentle, jade-like, beautiful man, adorned with a two-piece deep violet robe set, exuding an indescribable sexiness and charm.

These clothes completely covered the back, but from the front……Ye Nuan’s gaze fell onto Wen Xiao’s exposed, bare abdomen. For a long time, she did not speak.

Taking note of where her gaze fell, Wen Xiao somewhat uneasily covered his stomach with his hand. “Don’t look, still looking……”

Ye Nuan: “I at last know why Mage players all wear the clothes dropped from instances.”

Wen Xiao: “……”

Ye Nuan: “But it doesn’t matter. We’re in a game anyway……you’re still handsome like this, trust me.”

Wen Xiao: “……”

Ye Nuan did not say this to comfort Wen Xiao; rather, she sincerely felt that Wen Xiao was very handsome wearing this —— sure enough, a really handsome man could master whatever strange clothes he wore.

She laughed and then walked over to sit down beside Wen Xiao. She moved his head so that the back of it faced her. Underneath his gaze that’s brimming with complaints, she then  softly moved his long, silky hair. “Don’t move, I’ll tie your hair for you.”

Hearing this sentence, Wen Xiao instantly froze, obediently sitting in place and allowing Ye Nuan to fiddle with his hair.

Ye Nuan worked in a game company. She frequently had colleagues cosplay game characters, and she had been pulled over to help quite a lot. As a result, she was very familiar with binding hair. Less than a second later, Wen Xiao’s hair was arranged well.

The headband was also a deep violet color, the embroidery as golden as the embroidery on the clothes. Half of it was hidden within his hair, with only the tails exposed at the ends of his hair. This added a somewhat noble and mysterious air to Wen Xiao’s figure.

After helping Wen Xiao bind his hair, Ye Nuan picked up the ring from the bed and got up to walk in front of Wen Xiao. She grasped his left hand, and under his somewhat confused gaze, she gently slipped the ring onto his middle finger.

Wen Xiao stared blankly. He had yet to react when he heard Ye Nuan say, laughter in her voice, “Good, putting on my ring, you are now my person~”

Wen Xiao: ovo……?

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