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Chapter 13 — Attempting to protect his senior apprentice sister in vain!

Ye Nuan’s level was not that much higher than Speaking with Demons, so while she fought monsters, Speaking with Demons did not stay idle and fought alongside her.

During this time, many people wanted to kill them. Eldest apprentice brother rode his four-winged warhorse over and stood beside them, making those people immediately scatter like birds and beasts.

Ye Nuan turned her head to look at eldest apprentice brother. She was not sure whether this man came to protect them or to see little apprentice brother.

Or it could be both.

At noon, the two of them went offline.

When they came back online, Ye Nuan continued to take Speaking with Demons to train for a while.

At around 4 in the afternoon, second apprentice brother Four Seas Fragrance came online!

Just as he came online, he was carried over Ye Nuan and Speaking with Demons by eldest apprentice brother. After that, eldest apprentice brother indifferently said a few words. “Battle to test.”

He meant he wanted second apprentice brother to fight with little apprentice brother in order to test little apprentice brother’s skill.

Four Seas Fragrance instantly recalled his bitter memories of being oppressed by Ye Nuan. Naturally, he disagreed strongly. “I refuse! I won’t do it even if you kill me! Why do I always have to do it? Don’t I have self-respect ah?”

Hundred Miles Uncrystallized looked at Ye Nuan. “Then you……”

Ye Nuan bluntly said, “Rejected.”

The so-called ‘burden of proof’ would naturally fall to the one who wanted to test little apprentice brother’s skill and thus be the one to take little apprentice brother to PK. What did this have to do with her ah?

Hundred Miles Uncrystallized once again threatened Four Seas Fragrance with a few sentences, but Four Seas Fragrance was not moved.

Unable to follow through with his death threat, Hundred Miles Uncrystallized had no choice but to do it himself. Speaking with Demons fell to the ground, dead, in less than a minute.

After watching the battle, Four Seas Fragrance felt that he could do it!

“I’ll try! Eldest apprentice brother’s skill is inhuman! Being number 2 on the experts list is no joke! Little apprentice brother, you come fight with me ba!”

He proposed a PK to Speaking with Demons as he spoke. Speaking with Demons expressionlessly accepted, and then in the arena, he beat his family’s second apprentice brother to the ground in less than a minute.

Four Seas Fragrance constrained himself. 

He sensed that this world had profound malice towards him!

—— Unexpectedly, the little apprentice brother Master just accepted was more ferocious than him……so he was now at the one at the bottom of the food chain?!

Four Seas Fragrance expressed: I am too distressed…… (wipes tears)

After inspecting little apprentice brother’s skill, Four Seas Fragrance was carried off by Hundred Miles Uncrystallized.

Four Seas Fragrance spent almost the entire journey crying as they disappeared out of Ye Nuan’s sight. He knew he was going to be abused by his eldest apprentice brother again in the arena.

There was nothing to be done. Eldest apprentice brother was someone who paid particular attention to rewards. He would not allow second apprentice brother to continue languishing at rank 46 amongst the competitive rankings.

Ye Nuan observed a moment of silence in tribute to Four Seas Fragrance. After that, she asked whether little apprentice brother wanted to continue leveling, to which little apprentice brother declined.

Ye Nuan then returned to the inn to continue fighting in the arena.

She absolutely did not expect that when she reached the top 500 and rested for a moment, conveniently glancing at little apprentice brother’s level while doing so……his level had actually surpassed her, reaching Level 22!

Ye Nuan: ???

Didn’t you say you weren’t going to level?!

Ye Nuan had originally thought that she was finally not the one with the lowest level. She did not expect that while she fought in ten matches in the arena, her family’s little apprentice brother’s level would surpass hers. Truly……

Ye Nuan naturally refused to accept this as final ah. She decided to invite her little apprentice brother to fight in the arena. “Little apprentice brother.”

Hearing her voice, Speaking with Demons quickly sent a reply. “Here, what’s the matter, senior apprentice sister?”

Speaking with Demons had first given Ye Nuan the impression that he was very cold and detached, not someone who would be easy to interact with. For some unknown reason, he was now especially obedient to Ye Nuan. If sent a message, he would reply. If he had to call her senior apprentice sister, he would call her senior apprentice sister. Even though his level was higher than his senior apprentice sister, he was also not arrogant or hot-tempered.

Regarding this, Ye Nuan was very satisfied. She could not help softening her tone. “You can fight in the arena once you reach Level 20. Before you finish your apprenticeship, you must breach the top 30 rankings. Otherwise, you will be expelled out of Master’s door.”

Speaking with Demons thought for a moment. “What level is the apprenticeship over?”

Ye Nuan responded, “Level 60.”

Speaking with Demons: “Oh, that’s still early, not urgent.”

Ye Nuan: “……”

Like this, it was quite reasonable.

Ye Nuan was unable to refute. What could she do? She could only go and level as well ah!

Otherwise, when her family’s little apprentice brother was ahead of her by dozens of levels, who would be protecting who in the end?

She put her thoughts into practice.

Ye Nuan scooped Quilt into her arms and ran downstairs.

As a result, when she ran out of the safezone, she received a system notice.

System: 【 Your third apprentice brother Uninhibited is online! 】 

Ye Nuan looked at the time. It was already 6 in the evening. Third apprentice brother really did go online late at night.

At this time, eldest apprentice brother and second apprentice brother went offline one after the other, perhaps to eat dinner.


What Ye Nuan regretted the most after ‘resurrecting’ in the game was not about not knowing who killed her, but was instead her inability to enjoy fine food.

In the game, she did not feel fatigued or drowsy. She also did not feel pain nor any physiological needs. Inevitably, this would perpetuate the illusion of ascending to immortality……

However, when she thought about being unable to enjoy fine food, she felt that something was lacking.

Not allowing her to sigh with sorrow for long, third apprentice brother took the initiative to poke her. “Little apprentice sister, where are you? I will take you to level.”

A familiar, tender, slow, and a bit hoarse voice — hearing it was very comforting, even giving off the sense of being surrounded by sunshine.

Ye Nuan had no choice but to admit that she liked Uninhibited’s voice.

Master’s voice was very frivolous, eldest apprentice brother’s clear but chilling, second apprentice brother’s artificial……little apprentice brother’s voice was very pleasant to hear. He sounded more mature than he looked, but it always felt a bit aggressive, similar to a not quite tamed small wild beast.

Only third apprentice brother’s voice — gentle, soft, brimming with magnetism, made people feel as if they were cleansed by a spring breeze.

It would be nice if all of Master and her apprentice brothers’ strong points could be combined into one person.

With Master’s high attractiveness, eldest apprentice brother’s good skill, second apprentice brother’s bluntness, third apprentice brother’s tenderness, little apprentice brother’s stubbornness……

—— This kind of person would unavoidably be too perfect; this person should not exist ba.

Ye Nuan informed him of her coordinates and then summoned little apprentice brother to her side, making Uninhibited take both her and little apprentice brother to a Level 30~ training map.Uninhibited hurried to Ye Nuan’s side and then fixed his gaze onto Speaking with Demons, who was beside her, for a long while. Ultimately, he did not say anything and turned around to leave the safezone.

Speaking with Demons looked at his back and blinked. “Acting as if I don’t exist?”

“No, no, no.” Ye Nuan smoothed out his hair. “Third apprentice brother simply does not like to talk, that’s all.”

This was the truth. Uninhibited really did not like to talk —— he took the two to a Level 30~ training map and spent four hours killing monsters, only saying a few sentences the entire time.

First sentence, spoken to Ye Nuan: “Be careful, stand here.”

Second sentence, still spoken to Ye Nuan: “Stand a bit farther from me, safer.”

Speaking with Demons: ……

He truly felt as if he did not exist right now.

Four hours later, Ye Nuan and Speaking with Demons rose two levels, reaching Level 29. Uninhibited rose to Level 35 as well.

Afterward, Uninhibited said he was going to go offline to rest for an hour before returning. After receiving Ye Nuan’s affirmation, he went offline. She then continued to train in the Level 30~ training map with Speaking with Demons, reaching Level 30 in one breath.

Ye Nuan asked Speaking with Demons, “You’re not going offline to rest?”

Speaking with Demons remained silent for a moment before replying, “Then you’re not allowed to train either. I’ll send you back to the inn.”

Ye Nuan: ???

Ye Nuan: “Why?”

Speaking with Demons: “Your level cannot be higher than mine.”

Ye Nuan: “……why?”

Speaking with Demons: “Why what?! Your level cannot be higher than mine. How else can I protect you?!”

Ye Nuan: ???

Okay ba.

Master protected children selfishly without making any allowances for the needs of his family.

Eldest apprentice brother had strict demands for his fellow apprentices, but he also had a faint tendency to be overprotective.

Second apprentice brother’s aesthetics caused people to be underwhelmed, everyday foolishly showing off his lack of IQ.

Third apprentice brother spoke as few words as possible, but what he said was astonishing, unintentionally teasing.

And now there was this little apprentice brother, who despite being the youngest apprentice, was not even slightly aware that he was the youngest apprentice! Attempting to protect his senior apprentice sister in vain!

As senior apprentice sister, Ye Nuan’s good intentions were exhausted.

—— My fellow apprentices are all pampering me, what to do? Waiting online, urgent.

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