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Chapter 32 — Put clothes on!

Within the case, to her shock, was an engagement ring,

Ye Nuan stared at the diamonds glittering under the bright radiance of the sun, becoming absent-minded for a spell.

Actually, she had simply been asking casually; she originally thought Wen Xiao’s reply would be after a period of dating’ and such.

She absolutely had not expected he would actually propose directly, even buying a ring in advance.

However, thinking about it, although they had known each other for less than two months in reality, in the game, they had been codependent for two full years.

During these two years, it was enough for them to progress from acquaintances to dating to love.

Ye Nuan looked at the ring and could not help smiling. She nodded, voicing, “Mn. I do.”

Thereupon, Wen Xiao took the ring out of the case and grasped Ye Nuan’s hand. Gently, he slid the ring onto her finger.

Although he had not gone down on one knee, every movement of his was considering and cherishing her, as if he was treating a fragile treasure,

After putting on the ring, Ye Nuan raised her hand to eye-level.

Her skin was originally fair, but it seemed even fairer with the diamonds off-setting it like the gems were radiating light.

The ring’s size was just right, neither loose nor tight. It seemed like it had been measured in advance, very harmonious.

Once Ye Nuan finished examining the ring, she turned into a sort of octopus a second later, giggling as she threw herself at Wen Xiao.

Wen Xiao conveniently caught her and spun her around, also unable to hold back his laughter.


Not many days passed before the case made headway.

While arresting E Ying’s older brother too, the police also detected explosive materials similar to those found at the crime scene within his home. 

Originally, this case was investigated as ‘illegal trading of flammable and explosive goods,’ but the police knew this case possibly had something to do with Ye Nuan’s car explosion. After arresting them, the first thing the police said was not ‘you are suspected of the illegal trading of flammable and explosive goods,’ but rather ‘you are suspected of murder.’

E Ying’s older brother instantly panicked. He then heard the police say several sentences. ‘The crime of intentional homicide, according to circumstances’ degree of severity, might receive the death penalty sentence.’ ‘Actively cooperating with the police’s investigation might receive a reduced sentence.’ After such words, he did not retain a taut face for even a second. Crying, he sold out his dear younger sister.

During the interrogation, and later the subsequent court trial, Ye Nuan was not present.

After all, apart from BWRE and her parents, no one knew she was still alive. To the outside world, she was ‘someone already dead;’ even her funeral had been conducted. Suddenly appearing onscene would inevitably cause chaos.

But the interrogation was transcribed, and the court trial was recorded. Ye Nuan could have a look if she wanted.

After looking, she regretted —— why on earth did she take a look!

“What so-called snatching her job, snatching her man?!” Ye Nuan exploded on the spot. “If she had the ability, she would have completely no problem changing positions so that I would be the assistant ah! I would be happy to be so idle ne! As for her man?  I don’t even know who her man is; how could I snatch from her?!”

“Calm down, calm down.” Wen Xiao somewhat helplessly embraced Ye Nuan, raising his hand to stroke her hair. 

Ye Nuan did not resist and nestled into Wen Xiao’s chest, sulking. “Still wanting to splash me with dirty water after killing me, how can you do such a thing ne? I kindly delivered her to the subway station, but she secretly poured fuel on my car! No wonder she did not have me send her off that day!”

Wen Xiao did not know whether to laugh or cry. “Let her splash ba, in any case, those who know you all know what kind of person you are. They won’t be misled by her.”

Ye Nuan: “Fortunately I was alone when the car exploded. What if I happened to have other people in my car? Then wouldn’t other people be involved and die with me?!”

“Right, you spoke correctly.” Wen Xiao lightly pinched Ye Nuan’s face, inexplicably thinking her angry appearance was a bit cute. “So she paid for her actions and received appropriate punishment. The rest of her life will be spent in prison —— isn’t it a lot easier to think of it like this?”

Wen Xiao’s voice was very gentle and soft from start to finish, matching his steady manner of speaking. With no difficulty, he soothed Ye Nuan’s agitated state.

Ye Nuan glanced at him, somewhat helpless. She really could not get angry when seeing his beautiful, divinely crafted, beautiful to the point of angering others, face. Soon, her previous sulky appearance changed. Approaching him, she lightly kissed his lips.

After the kiss, she subconsciously pulled back, but Wen Xiao cradled the back of her head to stop her.

Before she could respond, Wen Xiao’s kiss covered her lips.

Unlike her kiss just now, akin to a dragonfly lightly touching the water, he dove into this kiss, kissing very deeply yet still tenderly.

Sometimes, Ye Nuan felt that Wen Xiao really did resemble a quilt; he could give her boundless warmth and a sense of security, forever keeping her from being harmed.

Ye Nuan closed her eyes, passionately responding to him, indulging in this kiss.

She felt Wen Xiao’s hand begin to shift downward. She paid it no mind.

Just as she thought about reaching out to touch him in return, she heard an anxious voice. “You too, stop before going too far! Your bodies are not well enough, so don’t mess around!”

The corner of Ye Nuan’s mouth twitched. She pulled away from Wen Xiao and turned her head. Sure enough, she saw that doctor she saw when she had just returned to reality.

That doctor rushed over in a single stride instead of three, stopping in front of Ye Nuan. He protected her behind him fiercely, as a mother did for her children. He glared at Wen Xiao. “Do you not know what situation your body is in? Do you not know what situation her body is in? Who will take responsibility if there is a problem?”

Wen Xiao truly felt very wronged. “……I did nothing.”

“What?! I did nothing! Where were your hands just now ne? If it were not for me blocking, what were you going to do? Fly to the sky?!”

Wen Xiao did not know whether to laugh or cry.

Ye Nuan, from behind the doctor’s body, poked half her head out and exchanged glances with Wen Xiao, small messages being sent back and forth.

—— Caught by the doctor on the spot!

“You too!” After the doctor finished scolding Wen Xiao, he began scolding Ye Nuan. “Girls must be reserved! Must understand to protect themselves! You should have kicked him between the legs!”

Ye Nuan’s face was much thicker than Wen Xiao’s, so she immediately replied, “Right, right, right! You spoke correctly! Too correctly! Nextime time, I will definitely do as you say!”

This time, the doctor did not know whether to laugh or cry.

Ye Nuan knew that the doctor before her created the body she was using. Although this doctor did not say it, he already considered her to be half his daughter in his heart. He could not bear her receiving the slightest bit of harm.

The scene of him guarding against Wen Xiao was exceedingly similar to a mother discovering her child’s puppy love.


After Ye Nuan and Wen Xiao continued rehabilitation for a few more months, all of their bodies’ functions finally reached a standard level for humans.

However, before they could carry out regular human exercise, the doctor still gave the two repeated warnings to not exercise fiercely. Even if they wanted such strong exercise, they also could not do so for too long.

The two of them naturally agreed without the slightest hesitation. Later, that very same evening, they began regardless of the law and natural morality……

But they should not be blamed; after all, they had held back for way too long.

Because Ye Nuan’s current existence was quite special, they could not publicly hold a wedding ceremony. However, they had secretly received a marriage certificate several days ago and were thus lawfully husband and wife. Naturally, they could make love.

That night, they genuinely embraced each other for the first time.

Unfortunately, happiness was always short-lived —— after that night, Wen Xiao threw himself back into his previous research, becoming increasingly busy — busy to the point where he did not return home at all.

At first, he returned three times a week, then once a week, then once a month……

Fortunately, Wen Xiao did not oppose Ye Nuan visiting him at the laboratory in the slightest. He would also patiently tell her what she could and couldn’t touch. Ye Nuan was very cooperative from beginning to end.

But on occasion, Ye Nuan also took advantage of there being no one in the laboratory to push Wen Xiao up against the wall and eat him thoroughly.

Wen Xiao, after she gnawed on him to the bone until there was nothing left, would tenderly hold her and helplessly whisper into her ear, “Just this one.”

And she would always laugh and reply, “Next time’s matter, discuss again next time.”

But this matter, after all, was only occasional.

Ye Nuan was not a clingy person, unable to exist without Wen Xiao. Therefore, for the majority of the time, she would pursue her own things like Wen Xiao. She would go off to do what she wanted to do as well.

There were only two things she wanted to do — one was to design; one was to play games.

At present, she did not need to work, so she did not need to design things for others. This meant she could design some things for herself.

For example, house layout, wardrobe model design, body pillow image design……

After getting tired of designing, she could go into the virtual reality cabin and play all sorts of games.

The games Ye Nuan played were not limited to just 《 Second World 》, but 《 Second World 》 was something she regarded as different in the end.

Within this world were people she knew, her Master and fellow apprentices, who took up two full years of her memories.

After Ye Nuan climbed onto the game, she discovered that she was residing in an inn within Shining Glory City.

She summoned Quilt —— it was still very small, white, and soft.

Unfortunately, it was no longer sentient.

It was no longer the Quilt that she loved……

Ye Nuan used a finger to poke her family’s Quilt. It became dumb, not reacting at all no matter how she poked it.

She poked and poked, her heart inexplicably feeling depressed. She sighed and withdrew her hand.

Just as she was about to put away Quilt, all of a sudden, a familiar voice echoed within her ear. “How come you’re not poking?”

Ye Nuan: ???

Ye Nuan looked at Quilt in disbelief. She had yet to react when Quilt suddenly grew bigger, changing into a large quilt. He used a soft quilt corner to embrace her.

Immediately after, he took human form.

Long-haired Wen Xiao sat beside Ye Nuan, but unlike reality, he was only a head taller than Ye Nuan.

Ye Nuan stared blankly at him, her expression a bit dull. She was not sure whether the man before her was really Wen Xiao, or……some prank?

Before she could ponder as to why, she then heard Wen Xiao speak once again, clarifying the doubt within her heart. “I received a notice that you logged into the game. I just happened to feel a bit tired, so I wanted to rest for a bit and casually climbed on to take a look.”

Ye Nuan: “Why did you……”

Wen Xiao: “Don’t worry, I climbed on via a virtual reality cabin that can be considered a backdoor given to me by 《 Second World 》.” 

Hearing this sentence, Ye Nuan released a sigh of relief.

She had originally thought he once again courted death and transmitted his brain waves into the game ne……

After sighing in relief, she moved her gaze downward and unavoidably saw……she immediately withdrew her gaze and raised her head to face Wen Xiao. She said with a somewhat helpless voice, “Put clothes on!”

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