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Chapter 33 — Have a child?

“There are only us two here,” Wen Xiao said.

Subtext: No need to be clothed.

Before Ye Nuan could respond, he added, “Also, I simply came on to see you and will go offline quickly.”

“Really too busy.” Ye Nuan couldn’t help but roast.

Wen Xiao felt a bit apologetic. He reached out and embraced her waist. “Lonely?”

“That’s not true,” Ye Nuan replied.

The number of times Wen Xiao returned home had decreased more and more since his research made progress. Ye Nuan rarely had the chance to see him.

However, he would always reply to each message she sent whenever he was free.

If she said she missed him and insisted on him returning home, even if it was just for one night, he would exhaust any method available to return.

With this kind of husband, Ye Nuan honestly could not find any faults.

Compared with being lonely, she was more distressed.

“I recently learned a few dishes. Some other time, I will cook and bring them to you,” Ye Nuan said all of a sudden.

Wen Xiao smiled and bowed his head to kiss her face. “Okay.”

Frankly, after officially getting together with Ye Nuan, Wen Xiao had some regrets.

Not that he did not like her; on the contrary, he very much liked her. Otherwise, he would not have changed his idea of being single for a lifetime for her.

It was because he liked her too much that he was afraid he could not give her what she wanted.

After all, to Wen Xiao, research was something he absolutely could not give up; it was a lifetime career. This undoubtedly would take up the majority of his life, to the extent that he could not accompany Ye Nuan at all times.

Fortunately, Ye Nuan understood him enough and never complained about this aspect of his. In fact, she always supported his career quite a lot.

This made Wen Xiao relax while also making him like her more.


Research was an endless road.

Wen Xiao’s research really yielded results, four years later.

That year, BWRE had two people earn Nobel Prizes. One was that doctor who cultivated Ye Nuan’s body. The other was Wen Xiao.

Wen Xiao’s contribution to all of mankind was ‘brain wave extraction and conversion technology.’ This was not solely the results of his research, but rather him and his team’s great efforts.

Meanwhile, that doctor’s contribution was ‘human body reconstruction technology,’ also known as ‘human body cloning technology.’ It could clone a human living body that was not controlled by brain waves.

These two technologies were mutually linked and could allow a person’s lifespan to be doubled.

Naturally, the cost was extraordinarily expensive; at present, the price was only affordable by a few of the richest families in the world.

As such, the country could only place a priority on prolonging the lifespans of the domestic outstanding talents.

Ye Nuan, as the first person in the world to successfully have her lifespan prolonged and even successfully ‘revived,’ was undoubtedly looked into by the vast majority of media.

—— Yes, that was right; after four years, her existence was made public.

The benefit of making it public was her being able to justly and honorably host a makeup large-scale wedding ceremony.

The downside was, there would inevitably be some antisocial people in the world who wanted to launch attacks on high-profile existences —— Ye Nuan’s existence had not been made public for more than a few days before she suffered attacks from strangers. Fortunately, she responded fast enough. Not only did she hastily avoid the other party’s attack, but she also made an instinctive counterattack, captured the attacker, and then pressed them onto the ground.

After the event, Wen Xiao was frightened within an inch of his life after learning about this incident. He no longer allowed Ye Nuan to go out on the streets alone. He even applied for a group of bodyguards to protect her personally.

Although Ye Nuan felt it was inconvenient, she also did not refuse.

Their wedding ceremony was held in the second month after Wen Xiao returned to the country.

Held twice.

Once in reality, once in the game 《 Second World 》.

The ceremony in reality was broadcasted to many countries; it felt more like a performance rather than a ceremony.

—— The Nobel Prize recipient and his ‘little white mouse’ were together. Their two identities alone had people’s imaginations roaming, inevitably becoming curious.

As for the ceremony in the game, Wen Xiao and Ye Nuan had decided to hold a private ceremony and did not tell anyone in advance.

Wen Xiao, as the sole pet to have sentience and a soul within 《 Second World 》, was bestowed many functions players could use one after another.

He no longer had to pretend to be a true mage player within 《 Second World 》.  He could directly use the interface to put on his equipment and could fight in the arena.

Of course, he could also marry other players.

The two of them set foot in the wedding hall, hand in hand. News of their marriage was announced on all servers at that moment, causing all servers to explode — nearly collapsing.

【 Warm Light at Night! Isn’t she that Ye Nuan?! 】

【 WTF! Then shouldn’t Quilt be…… 】 

【 Holding a wedding ceremony during the day in reality, marrying in the game at night, very possible! 】 

【 I want to go participate in their wedding ceremony! No one can stop me! 】 

In the wedding hall within the game, anyone could participate as long as they paid a large enough ‘monetary gift.’

Shortly after, Ye Nuan and Wen Xiao’s area within the wedding hall was swamped by players, to where not a single drop of water could trickle through.

Ye Nuan had not anticipated so many people coming. Even more than that, she had not anticipated that the people on her friends list went online on one after another, not long after, as if they had notifications.

Among which was her Master and fellow apprentices. 

Several experts, those who had proved themselves by ranking among the best on the experts list, squeezed through the vast crowd over to Ye Nuan and gave their blessings one after another.

“Wow, not sending Master an invitation when getting married!” Chaotic Reputation’s smile was the same as before, radiating sunshine all around yet also thoughtless. “You are such a rebellious follower!”

Ye Nuan flashed him a somewhat helpless smile in return. “Master, follower knows her mistake.”

“Haha, there is no greater good than recognizing your mistake and reforming yourself; still, wishing you both happiness!” Chaotic Reputation patted Ye Nuan’s shoulder as he spoke. “Sure enough, every one of my apprentices are very excellent, and you are the most excellent among them!”

Just as his voice fell, he heard all kinds of dissatisfied voices be his side.

“Fuck! It’s Chaotic Reputation!”

“Chaotic Reputation, you fucking still dare to go online for daddy!”

“If you have the skill, come fight another guild war! See if our eight large guilds can’t beat you to death after joining hands!”

Ye Nuan did not know whether to laugh or cry —— she did not expect that after a long time, the influence of her family’s Master was still so grand.

In the confusion between Chaotic Reputation and the other players. Hundred Miles Uncrystallized appeared by Ye Nuan’s side.

Appearing before her at the same time was the person Hundred Miles Uncrystallized married, his apprentice.

His apprentice was an Elf assassin. She wore the same white attire as he did, and looked very attractive when she smiled.

She rushed to give her blessings before Hundred Miles Uncrystallized. “Hello, Auntie Master~ wishing you both a long and happy life together, give birth to a child soon!”

“Thanks!” Ye Nuan replied to her with a slight smile.

Afterward came Hundred Miles Uncrystallized’s blessing. “Congratulations, wishing you both happiness.”

Ye Nuan thanked him equally. Wen Xiao also smiled and nodded toward him.

Speaking with Demons came forward with Uninhibited. Now, the two of them worked at the same company, rented a house near the company, and lived together. Who knew who heard the news first and told the other. After, they came together.

In reality, Uninhibited was a chatterbox. In the game, he immediately assumed the identity of an assassin and became a man of few words. “Congratulations, wishing happiness.”

In comparison, Speaking with Demons’ words were quite plentiful. “Sister, why didn’t you tell me you were getting married in the game? Too lacking in meaning ba!”

Ye Nuan snorted. “Why on earth should I tell you?”

Speaking with Demons: “Ah, you’re the type of woman to choose lust over her younger brother!”

Ye Nuan did not know whether to laugh or cry.

These words would cause people to assume Yan Mingshi was her biological younger brother ne.

But that was basically true too.

Their two families had not moved at all, so they knew each other since they were young and had frequently played together.

In the past, they had run all around the neighborhood together. Later, they had played all kinds of online games together. The feelings between them were truly not ordinary.

But exactly because it was unordinary, when they faced each other, anything could be said, not requiring any second thoughts at all.

Yan Mingshi’s mouth labeled Ye Nuan as ‘choosing lust over her younger brother’ as well as ‘fickle and lacking justice,’ but ultimately, he patted Wen Xiao’s shoulder and very seriously said, “Take good care of my older sister ah. Treat her as if she’s a goddess, understand?”

To this, Wen Xiao also responded very seriously, “I do.”

On the other hand, Ye Nuan actually could not help ridiculing, “What the hell is treat her as if she’s a goddess? I don’t want to become that type of person ne!”

Four Seas Fragrance was the last one to arrive. “Fuck, I was asleep. My wife shook me awake……Tell me, what craziness are you two playing in the middle of the night after tying the knot during the day?”

“Oho, you have a wife la~?” Ye Nuan blurted out.

Four Seas Fragrance: Hey, you are a bit too much. Don’t you know how handsome I am in reality……”

“Does your wife know what kind of style of dress you have in the game?” Ye Nuan was very curious.

Four Seas Fragrance wanted to vomit blood. He had gone online to participate in Ye Nuan and Wen Xiao’s wedding with kind intentions, but the result was the moment he walked up, Ye Nuan pierced him with two blades……

“She knows, okay ba?” he said helplessly. He also could not do anything to Ye Nuan ah…… Ultimately, he could only look at her and Wen Xiao, who was standing beside her, and give his heartfelt blessings. “You both should be well ah. Wishing you both happiness and bliss, healthy bodies!”

“Thanks, you too~” Ye Nuan replied with a smile.


When they left the game, it was already very late.

Whether it was Ye Nuan or Wen Xiao, both were not very tired.

Ye Nuan laid beside Wen Xiao and hugged his arm. Soon, she could not help reaching out to caress his body. “Xiao ah, many people wished for us to give birth to a child soon. You speak; should we have a child?”

Wen Xiao conscientiously pondered this for a long time. “If you want a child, and think you can take good care of them, take responsibility for them, then let’s have a child.”

Ye Nuan immediately understood what he meant. “Mn, I will bring them up well after giving birth; you don’t need to worry.”

“Sorry.” Wen Xiao reached out to embrace Ye Nuan’s waist and kissed her tenderly. “I’m married to you, but I cannot accompany you at all times.”

“Not your fault.” Ye Nuan responded, “Besides, aren’t I very happy every day?” She said this and then suddenly realized something. She was distracted for a bit before promptly adding, “Don’t misunderstand. I do not want a child because I am lonely. Rather……” She moved closer to Wen Xiao’s ear and whispered, “Your genes are so good; it is too unfortunate if no one inherits them~”


The author has something to say:

(Commenter) Cold Depths: These two days, I have been soy sauce on Jinjiang and found it very difficult to comment. Ai, Lord, I want to see a little Quilt side story ah!

Author’s Response: You are sofa! Little Quilt side story……is a bit difficult ah. Wen Xiao now has no reason to become Quilt (laugh-cry)


(Commenter) Word Battleaxe: Want to see a wedding ceremony

Madam, can you write a wedding that is something special

Just that kind of very characteristic wedding?

Author’s Response: Given, the wedding you wanted. But I really could not think about anything special…… (Even went online to research, and could not find anything that jumped out to me orz)

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