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Chapter 11 — Take up duty as senior apprentice sister.

Ye Nuan considered her family’s eldest apprentice brother and felt that this man’s age probably did not reach even 20.

She ignored him and kept walking away.

In the end, wherever she walked to, eldest apprentice brother killed a path open, really now allowing her to receive even the slightest bit of damage.

Ye Nuan’s anger gradually disappeared. She gave Quilt a red potion, and after its blood was restored, she lightly stroked its small body.

Quilt responded to her actions with a ‘jī.’

Ye Nuan turned to look at Hundred Miles Uncrystallized , who was still killing monsters everywhere. Feeling that the atmosphere was somewhat awkward, she could not help but open her mouth once again, her tone a lot milder than before. “Eldest apprentice brother, you don’t have to work?”

Hundred Miles Uncrystallized did not realize the pitfall in Ye Nuan’s words and let slip, “Temporarily not on duty.”

Temporarily not on duty? Then he did have a job lo?

So to say, he should be around 20 years old.

She felt that it was a little like flexible employment, the type with no fixed schedule.

“When do you usually go online?” Ye Nuan continued probing.

Hundred Miles Uncrystallized gave a few words in response. “Depends on the situation.”

Well, it seemed that his work was not fixed.

Ye Nuan did not investigate in-depth, intending asking about something else. “When do second apprentice brother and third apprentice brother usually come online? And Master?”

Whether because he felt apologetic to Ye Nuan or not, Hundred Miles Uncrystallized did not become very impatient toward Ye Nuan’s questioning. Rather, he replied very cooperatively. “Ah Seas’ online time is relatively fixed; either before 7 in the morning or after 3 in the afternoon. Uninhibited likes to stay up all night, normally not coming on during the daytime. He would occasionally come online in the afternoon and then play until very late. Master depends on his mood.”

Depends on his mood……

Her family’s Master was really laid-back ah.

Ye Nuan suddenly felt it was predestined for her to run into Master’s trumpet.


Some time later, Ye Nuan leveled up, rising to Level 21.

The moment she leveled up, she had yet to realize the matter when she heard eldest apprentice brother Hundred Miles Uncrystallized’s voice. “Good, I’ll send you back.”

Ye Nuan: “……”

He said level up once before returning, so he really did wait for her to level up once before returning……

Ye Nuan watched as Hundred Miles Uncrystallized summoned his four-winged warhorse, the corners of her lips suddenly twitching.

Immediately after, she received Hundred Miles Uncrystallized’s invite to ride together. She hesitated for a moment, but she still chose to accept.

It was rare for someone to take her to a training map of this level. Leaving without leveling five times was a bit of a pity.

However, recalling how her family’s Quilt had nearly died, Ye Nuan still decided to return early to fight in the arena ba. When second apprentice brother, or possibly third apprentice brother, came online, she would have them take her to level.

Ye Nuan sat behind Hundred Miles Uncrystallized, holding onto his waist like she had done previously.

Unfamiliar at first, but well accustomed soon enough — the first time she held him, it felt a bit awkward. The second time she held him, Ye Nuan already had no thoughts about it.

Hundred Miles Uncrystallized sent her back to that town she originally stayed in. Afterwards, he rode off on his four-winged warhorse, without another word.

Ye Nuan, already used to his cold, detached manner, paid it no mind and instead focused on arranging her inventory. She then studied her skills and added points to them before returning to the inn.

—— Although players could enter the arena from anywhere, she still felt it was safer to stay in the inn.

But, before she went to fight in the arena, Ye Nuan sat on the edge of the bed. Quilt clasped in both hands, she probingly asked, “Are you a real person?”

Quilt did not expect Ye Nuan to suddenly ask this and could not help being stunned. It motionlessly stood there in Ye Nuan’s palms before drooping.

“How come other people’s pets can be stored away, but you can’t? How come you clearly understand me, yet won’t obey my every order? How come, even if I do not give an order, you can protect me of your own accord — each time doing it so timely?”

With so many instances, Ye Nuan had long felt something was fishy, but she had not taken them to heart. She had thought this game’s pets were simply that advanced.

Until she heard Hundred Miles Uncrystallized say that pets could be stored away……

Her circumstances were special, so she could not go offline. Quilt could not be stored away, so did that mean there were some special circumstances as well?

—— Ye Nuan truly was horrified because of these thoughts.

“If you are a real person, nod your head?” Ye Nuan cautiously asked.

Quilt was still staring blankly at her. A moment later, perhaps because it got tired standing there, it plopped down onto her palm and pretended to be dead.

Ye Nuan looked at the motionless Quilt laying in the palm of her hand and once again began contemplating. She felt like she was thinking too much.

How could pets possibly be real people……but it could not be stored away; maybe it was due to her influence?

However, once there was some doubt, it was incapable of easily being dispelled.

Ye Nuan hesitated for a while before speaking up once again in caution. “Quilt, grow bigger, let me sleep for a while.”

Hearing this sentence, the originally feigning dead Quilt shifted. It stood up in Ye Nuan’s palm and grew bigger on the spot. It pressed Ye Nuan down onto the bed, covering her face.

Ye Nuan: “……cough.

That caught her off guard.

Ye Nuan did not pay it much mind and rapidly adjusted her position. She shifted so that Quilt was pressed down beneath her body, and then hugging its corner to her chest, her entire body relaxed down onto it.

Oh, it truly was too soft, too comfortable~

Because it was too comfortable, Ye Nuan’s brain could not help but be completely empty for a while.

She laid motionless on Quilt for more than ten minutes, until she discovered that its mana consumption was too quick and unsustainable. This caused her to react —— Tch, what on earth was she doing?! Didn’t she say she was going to fight in the arena ne?

Ye Nuan promptly had Quilt change back. After restoring its mana, she finally stopped indulging in flights of fancy and concentrated on fighting in the arena.

In one breath, she fought another 20 matches, all victories. In a flash, her points increased sharply to 1000, at last appearing amongst the top 800 in the experts list.

Master’s rank was 125, with 6000 points.

Ye Nuan made some calculations. If she won 250 matches, she should be able to surpass Master. She felt she could possibly do so within two days?

Just as she thought of this, a system notice echoed in her ear. 【 Your Master Chaotic Reputation is online. 】 

Master was online!

Ye Nuan was stunned for a moment, somewhat in awe. She thought she would not see her Master for several days ne.

After all, her Master was already at max level and did not need to train. He did not go challenging the experts list, and neither did he choose to foolishly play around.

Plus, his enemies covered all land under heaven……

Therefore, to intentionally go on his main account, what should be the cause?

Ye Nuan was a bit curious. She then switched 「 Currently Accepting Matches 」 to ‘No’ and sent her family’s Master a message. “Morning, Master ah. How come you’re online?”

Yi? Obedient apprentice, you’re on ah?” Chaotic Reputation’s timbre gave Ye Nuan a sense of liveliness. “Just in time, Master will give you a task later~”

Ye Nuan raised a brow and pondered over Chaotic Reputation’s words for a bit. Almost effortlessly, she inferred the reason behind his online presence. “You accepted a young apprentice brother? And are now instructing me to take him to level?”

“Yo, radical, how did you know that?” Chaotic Reputation asked, full of interest.

“Because Master, you are max level and do not need to train. The experts list is also beyond saving. It’s not necessary for you to go on your main account ah. You most likely came online to accept an apprentice ba. You said you wanted to give me a task. Thus, accepting an apprentice has the highest probability,” Ye Nuan responded.

Chaotic Reputation did not know whether to laugh or cry after he finished listening. “How come you’re saying the experts list is beyond saving? Can you speak?[1] Master wants to hide his strength and doesn’t want to be too high-profile, understand?”

Ye Nuan could not help laughing. “Mn, not high-profile. Slaughter ranking number 1, hatred ranking number 1, not even slightly high-profile.”

“Daring to mock Master, your courage is not small ah, apprentice.” Chaotic Reputation’s mouth was like this, but his tone contrarily did not blame Ye Nuan at all. “You wait a moment ah, I’ll first accept your young apprentice brother. I found you a very vivacious, cute little apprentice brother~”

Ye Nuan hummed in approval but did not trouble her family’s Master any longer. She quietly waited for a system announcement.

She did not expect to be a little apprentice sister yesterday, but take up duty as senior apprentice sister today.

Say, vivacious and cute?

Ye Nuan could not imagine how the temperament of her family’s little apprentice brother would turn out to be.

A while later, a system announcement appeared before Ye Nuan. Ye Nuan finally learned her family’s little apprentice brother’s ID.

【 Player Chaotic Reputation accepted Speaking with Demons as an apprentice. Congratulations Speaking with Demons for becoming Chaotic Reputation’s fifth follower. 】 

Speaking with Demons.

This ID, at first glance, alluded to the Demon race, yet the player unexpectedly chose to play an Elf assassin?

Ye Nuan tried to send this ID a friend request, which was accepted instantly.

She carefully examined the profile. It really was an Elf assassin, just Level 15.

Then, Chaotic Reputation once again contacted her. “As Master continues to help others train la, I will give little apprentice brother to you ha!”

Ye Nuan could not help asking him, “Master, is your full-time job helping others train?”

“You could say that ba.” Chaotic Reputation actually did not even intend to conceal this and very magnanimously responded, “I accept any jobs related to games. What, do you also want to boost as a full-time job?”

“Well, no. I just asked due to curiosity.” Ye Nuan now felt that helping others train was out of the question……

Chaotic Reputation originally intended to go offline, but before that, he casually flipped through the experts list. He wanted to take a look at how his male apprentices were progressing. As a result, he saw the ID Warm Light at Night; she already breached the top 1000 rank. He could not help but cry out in surprise. “Yo, you’re ascending the rankings of the experts list fast ah! Fought 59 matches, winning streak 100%……fierce, I really did not see wrongly!”

Ye Nuan froze. She did not expect that he would go search. She laughed in response. “Many thanks for Master’s praise. I will continue to work hard.”

Chaotic Reputation: “Mhmm, refuel! Master will go off.”

Ye Nuan: “Bye!”

After Ye Nuan said this, she planned to continue fighting in the arena, only to suddenly receive a system notice.

【 Your fifth apprentice brother Speaking with Demons has been killed by Player Westerly Wind in Fae Blossoming Ocean! 】 

Ye Nuan: ???

Chaotic Reputation: !!!

“Shit, what happened?” Ye Nuan had just considered asking her family’s little apprentice brother about what happened, but before she could ask, she heard the voice of her family’s Master.

Chaotic Reputation: “Westerly Wind, I @#¥%…… I, your father, just accepted a young apprentice, and then you killed him like this?! Is I, your father, a vegetarian? I fucking can’t go offline! If I don’t kill you back to Level 1, I, your father, will go on B Site[2] and live broadcast crossdressing while doing a handstand! Without wearing underwear!”

Ye Nuan: “……Master, calm down.”


[1] “Can you speak?” — basically calling her judgment into question, saying she cannot judge a situation properly (low EQ)

[2] B site — bilibili, a Chinese video sharing site

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