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Chapter 10 — Caressing Quilt.

Ye Nuan did not expect eldest apprentice brother to agree to carry her, even more so to agree so bluntly.

She stood in place for a moment; eldest apprentice brother really did ride over on his four-winged warhorse.

A familiar scene, but this time, he came alone.

When the four-winged warhorse landed, Hundred Miles Uncrystallized did not dismount immediately, and instead, sent Ye Nuan an invite to share his mount. Ye Nuan hesitated for a moment before ultimately accepting.

The moment she accepted, she appeared behind Hundred Miles Uncrystallized’s body.

Hundred Miles Uncrystallized: “Hold on.”

Hold on?! Hold on where?!

Ye Nuan had not even asked this question when Hundred Miles Uncrystallized urged the four-winged warhorse to take flight. Ye Nuan faltered, instinctually hugging his waist.

This position made Ye Nuan feel a bit embarrassed, but since her family’s eldest apprentice brother did not say anything, she could only pretend as if nothing happened.

Quilt cried out ‘jī’ and popped its head out from her belt. Upon seeing how it was getting farther and farther away from the ground, it withdrew again in fright.

The position Ye Nuan was in made it inconvenient to look at it, but she could sense its movement, feeling slightly mirthful.

Soon after, Hundred Miles Uncrystallized guided the four-winged warhorse to take him and Ye Nuan to a Level 45~ training map.

After Ye Nuan dismounted, the first thing she did was grab Quilt from her belt and hold it in the palm of her hand. Little Quilt stood up in Ye Nuan’s palm and looked all around. Discovering that it was no longer in the sky, it inwardly sighed in relief.

Ye Nuan felt her family’s Quilt was more adorable the longer she looked at it~

She could not help but use her finger to stroke it. As a result, perhaps because she was too passionate, Quilt laid down in her palm, terrified, and pretended to be dead.

“What are you doing?” All of a sudden, Hundred Miles Uncrystallized coldly asked this.

Ye Nuan froze and let slip, “Caressing Quilt.”

Hundred Miles Uncrystallized: “……”

“You don’t have a pet?” Ye Nuan tried to place Quilt on her shoulder, but after releasing it, she found that regardless of where she placed it, it was not secure enough. Ultimately, she could only put it back into her belt.

“Pets are too useless, stored it away,” Hundred Miles Uncrystallized responded. He did not feel like continuing to talk about this subject with Ye Nuan and went off to kill monsters.

When Ye Nuan heard the three words ‘stored it away,’ she vaguely realized something was amiss.

Therefore, the reason why she did not see anyone else’s pets, was not because others did not hatch an ‘Ideal Pet Egg,’ but rather because pets could be stored?

Then why could she not store away Quilt?

Ye Nuan opened the pet interface and tried to store away Quilt.

System: 【 System is busy. Please try again later. 】 

Ye Nuan vaguely became aware of something, but she did not dare believe it.

Before she could reflect on it fully, her gaze fell onto Hundred Miles Uncrystallized, quickly becoming attracted to his nimble figure.

Her family’s eldest apprentice brother deserved to be the second ranked god on the experts list. His technique while slaughtering monsters was direct and efficient, without an iota of superfluous movement.

With high agility and footwork, he could unexpectedly kill five monsters simultaneously without being hit even once.


—— For Ye Nuan, who likes games and was fundamentally obsessed with challenging experts to battle, Hundred Miles Uncrystallized’s skill was more attractive than his face.

In that split second, Hundred Miles Uncrystallized’s image stood tall in Ye Nuan’s eyes, his charisma boundless.

Ye Nuan of course wanted to ask, “Eldest apprentice brother, how old are you?”

Hundred Miles Uncrystallized: “You don’t need to know.”

Ye Nuan: “Eldest apprentice brother, what is your year of the animal?”

Hundred Miles Uncrystallized: “You don’t need to know.”

Ye Nuan: “Eldest apprentice brother, what is your astrology sign ah?”

Hundred Miles Uncrystallized: “You’re really annoying.”

Ye Nuan: “……”

Ai, too unfortunate. Clearly, eldest apprentice brother’s skill was better than third apprentice brother. Why was his nature so cold, so difficult to interact with?

Seeing that Hundred Miles Uncrystallized had no interest in her, Ye Nuan had no choice but to shut up and continue to quietly appreciate his beauty as he killed monsters.

In passing, she grew familiar with the skills of the assassin class.

Ye Nuan was distinctly aware that based on her current ability, where she could defeat second apprentice brother, beating over third apprentice brother should also not be too challenging. However, she would definitely be unable to defeat eldest apprentice brother.

Although she was very confident in her gaming ability, she was not familiar with this game’s class skills. Facing eldest apprentice brother by merely relying on her ability and the few skills she knew right now, there was no way she would prevail.

But, there would inevitably be a day when she reached that height where she could beat Hundred Miles Uncrystallized.

She did not forget the reason why she decided to play the game. In the end, her goal was to raise her reputation; with this, she would be able to investigate what happened to her body in reality.

If she could reach the top of the experts list and be ranked number one, one could imagine how large of a commotion this would cause in the game.

Her image would surely be circulated far and wide in reality. Afterward, someone would certainly discover her identity due to how minimally her appearance was changed and try to contact her.

Her mind wandered for a while. Suddenly, Ye Nuan realized Hundred Miles Uncrystallized’s skill had become a bit less to her liking. She was stunned and had yet to snap out of it when she saw this white silhouette brush past her. After that, a monster with remnant blood followed him, charging right at her.

Ye Nuan: ???

I said some annoying words, so you want to kill me to silence me?

Ye Nuan had no choice but to pull out her dagger and try to block the monster’s attack. She had just reached Level 20, while the monster was Level 45; a 25 level gap was no joke!

Ye Nuan discovered that her strength was absolutely no match for that beast, so she could only use 「 Body Flicker 」 to escape in Hundred Miles Uncrystallized’s direction. She did not expect Hundred Miles Uncrystallized to continue running farther away.

“Eldest apprentice brother?” Ye Nuan tilted her head, a look of incomprehension on her face as she looked at him. “Eldest apprentice brother, what are you doing?”

While she labored to say these few words, the monster had already reached her. Soon, its hammer would smash into her body.

At this moment, Quilt struggled out of her belt and jumped, using its fastest speed to transform into a shield and perfectly blocking her body. It helped her defend against this monster’s attack!

Quilt’s hardened state increased its defense profoundly. That was why when it blocked the archer’s light arrows last time, it did not lose a lot of blood.

This time, however, the monster’s level was a full 25 levels higher!

The hammer came crashing down, Quilt’s health directly dropping two-thirds!

“Quilt!” Ye Nuan felt distressed! Her soft, adorable Quilt!

“Quilt, come back!” She could not allow her family’s Quilt to die like this!

Quilt was probably also frightened by the terribly high damage. ‘Jī!’ It changed back to its original size.

Ye Nuan, with swift hand-eye coordination, snatched it and then gracefully leaped up, going as far as to directly jump onto the monster’s shoulder. She then flipped off and landed steadily, fleeing with its back to her.

Just as she was about to summon her mount to escape, she found out she had no time to. She heard the ‘pu’ sound of a sharp blade stabbing into a body.

Ye Nuan turned around, suspicious. She stared blankly at the monster’s collapsed body before it disappeared into specks of light.

After that, standing in front of her, was a white-clad Hundred Miles Uncrystallized.

He looked at her indifferently before turning his back to her. “Continue ba.”

“……Are you not going to explain anything?” Ye Nuan held Quilt in one hand while she used her other hand to softly pacify it. She truly was very distressed.

Probably because of her personality, Ye Nuan was naturally strong-minded. Therefore, whether it was at school or later on work, she had strict demands for herself and would take the initiative to spontaneously protect the ‘weaklings’ by her side, solving the difficult problem for them.

As a result, seeing such a ‘delicate’ Quilt suddenly rush forward to protect her, her heart was touched.

Due to the excessive shock, her heartbeat, till now, was still unsteady……

Don’t think she did not see it; Hundred Miles Uncrystallized’s previous actions were deliberate —— deliberately drawing the monster to her.

Ye Nuan pursed her lips, feeling a bit angry.

Since she had ‘resurrected’ in the game, this was the first time she was so angry. She did not want to lightly brush off the incident just now.

Thus, she caught up to Hundred Miles Uncrystallized and questioned him. “What did you mean just now?”

Hundred Miles Uncrystallized did not turn to look at her as he said, “Testing you. Aren’t you all right?”

Ye Nuan: “What if I was killed by that monster?”

Hundred Miles Uncrystallized: “I would have saved you before that happened.”

Ye Nuan rolled her eyes, her favorable impression of Hundred Miles Uncrystallized turning numb in a flash.

Her secret crush that had just begun to sprout wilted. “Forget about it, take me back ba. I don’t want to level. I’ll go fight in the arena.”

Hundred Miles Uncrystallized’s steps stopped. He stood there silently for a while, seemingly in contemplation.

A moment later, he seemed to have reached an answer. Opening his mouth, he unenthusiastically said, “Level up once and then go back.”

Ye Nuan felt disinclined to cooperate with him.

She summoned her unicorn, mounted it, and then turned it around and rode off in the direction they had first arrived from.

Yet, the nearby monsters’ agility was too high. Soon, she was overtaken.

Ye Nuan was attacked by a monster, so the system judged that she entered combat mode. It immediately withdrew her mount.

With her mount disappearing, Ye Nuan was surrounded by a mob of Level 45 monsters. With no way out, she could only cradle Quilt close to her chest in protection, magnanimously saying, “Dying is just dying. Anyway, it’s in a game.”

Just as her voice rang out, a shadow covered her.

Before Ye Nuan could raise her head to look, she saw a white figure drop from the sky. With frightening speed, he whirled around her, his sharp dagger streaking across the monsters surrounding Ye Nuan — steadily pulling all the aggro.

Ye Nuan raised her head and saw the four-winged warhorse’s afterimage.

Looking back down, her family’s eldest apprentice brother’s back was to her. In silence, he got rid of all the monsters, not allowing her to receive even the slightest bit of harm.

Ye Nuan rolled her eyes.

This eldest apprentice brother, one moment tossing her to the side, the next moment protecting her; in the end, what was he thinking?

Sure enough, not a single one of her senior apprentice brothers was normal……


Ai (唉) — sighing sfx

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