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Chapter 31 — When are we getting married?

Bright fluorescent lights shined through Ye Nuan’s closed lids.

The distinctive odor of disinfectant, which could not be perceived in-game, entered her lungs with each breath, causing Ye Nuan to furrow her brows in discomfort.

Still not understanding what happened, she felt two fingers pry open one of her eyes. A flashlight shined, causing her pupil to contract.

“Can you hear my voice?”

An unfamiliar male voice echoed around her ears. Ye Nuan’s gaze gradually cleared, at last seeing a face covered by a surgical mask. It seemed that he was in the middle of observing her situation.

Not waiting for her to reply, that man used his fingers to pry open her other eye.

The flashlight shined, and Ye Nuan instinctively turned her head to the side in avoidance. “……Don’t shine.”

Her voice was somewhat hoarse, and there was a strange flavor she could taste in her mouth. It made her especially want to rinse her mouth with water……

But before that, she suddenly realized —— hold on, she returned to reality? Moreover, not in an android body?

She sensed her body was lying down on a very hard bed, perhaps an operating table.

Afterward, she sensed a very refreshing sensation enveloping her entire body from head to toe. It was like she had just been fished out of some water and wiped dry.

These sensations were very exquisite and profound, impossible to be sensed through an android.

Ye Nuan tried to raise a hand, raising it up to her eyes.

Sure enough, it was a human hand.

In addition, it was a very delicate, even somewhat soft and immature hand.

She turned her head, her gaze shifting toward that doctor just now. Only, she saw that he had already put away the flashlight and had taken off his mask to ask her, “Do you know who you are?”

“Ye Nuan.”

“Give a simple introduction of yourself. Relax, like an interview sort of.”

Ye Nuan, while roasting him in her heart, How can you be relaxed during an interview, responded to the doctor with, “Ye Nuan, age 24, Game Environmental Designer. Also……an only child, father and mother are both healthy and alive.”

“Very good.” The doctor seemed to loosen up. “Describe what you last saw before you woke up?”

Ye Nuan thought back for a moment. “I was in an inn at Shining Glory City, caressing Quilt.”

“……Good, seems there are no problems.”

“I’ll help you sit up ba.” After the doctor said this, he extended a hand to Ye Nuan and gently supported the back of her head. “Take it slow, no hurry.”

With his assistance, Ye Nuan slowly sat up on the operating table and felt a cold chill brush up her back. She discovered that her body was naked, and there was only a white cloth covering her.

Fortunately, just as she sat up, that doctor draped a large white gown over her body.

Ye Nuan instinctively thanked him before suddenly feeling dizzy in the head. She couldn’t see anything clearly, making her unavoidably worried.  “I feel a bit dizzy……”

“Oh, there will be a little dizziness. Sit up first and rest for a moment. If you are still dizzy after two hours, you must tell me.” The doctor’s voice was very gentle and soft, but it was not as pleasant to hear as Wen Xiao’s.

Ye Nuan looked at him hesitantly. “What about Wen Xiao?”

“His situation is different from yours. He has returned to his own body. At present, his body is not so healthy, so it is somewhat difficult for him to awaken. After he regains consciousness, he will need to undergo rehabilitation……of course, you also need this.” While the doctor replied, he opportunely tidied up a pile of bottles and jars.

Ye Nuan soon took note of the important point of his words. “He returned to his own body, but what about me?” She took advantage of the doctor’s lack of attention to stealthily grope her body, feeling the skin was smooth beyond imagination. “Whose body am I using?”

“Mn……why is that?” The doctor soon packed up all his things and turned around to look at Ye Nuan.

Before he could organize his words, Ye Nuan had already taken note of a nearby cylindrical receptacle —— very huge, and definitely capable of holding a person.

There was also still some blue liquid remaining in this receptacle.

Perhaps because of her woman’s sixth sense, Ye Nuan intuitively knew her body had stayed in there the moment she saw that receptacle.

Sure enough, the doctor shortly said, “We used your cell culture to build you a new body. Mn…..As for the specific details, due to the patent issues regarding the technology used, I cannot say. It’s fine as long as you know you smoothly returned to reality.”

“Okay,” Ye Nuan obediently responded.

Two hours later, her head was no longer dizzy. The doctor made her undergo a detailed examination, ensuring all her bodily functions were no different from a regular person’s. It was only because of the lack of exercise that her body was relatively weak and could not walk more than a few steps without feeling exhausted. She would need to steadily progress through some rehabilitation training.

Being unable to see Wen Xiao on the first day she returned to reality made Ye Nuan somewhat disappointed.

But she did not clearly understand her and Wen Xiao’s current situations, so she could only follow the doctor’s instructions fully. Basically, whatever the doctor had her do, she did — very cooperative.

On the second day of her return to reality, Ye Nuan saw her parents.

She felt that her parents had aged a lot in a short while.

Her mother almost began crying the moment she walked through the door and saw her. She ran over and hugged Ye Nuan, embracing tightly and not letting go for quite a while.

Ye Nuan also missed her parents very much, but she was simply too stretched taut to cry.

In the end, she subconsciously looked up at her father and discovered her always staunch to the point of obstinate father, the father who never cried in front of her, was also holding back tears at the moment.

This glance caused Ye Nuan to also be unable to restrain herself, her nose feeling sour as tears plopped down, but she still smiled in comfort. “Everyone, don’t cry. Did I not return ma?”

“Nuan Nuan…… My Nuan Nuan……” Her mother wept and called out her pet name while hugging Ye Nuan. She kept repeating, “Return is good, a return is good.” Apart from this, who knew if she could say anything else.

Her father was silent from beginning to end and stayed to the side, until he was asked by the doctor to leave. He then said to Ye Nuan, “Listen to the doctor’s words, recuperate well.”

Ye Nuan wiped her tears dry and smiled in response.

Rehabilitation was an extremely long process.

At first, the rehabilitation was carried out indoors, from the most basic stage of walking and stretching out all four limbs, and then jogging —— this process continued for roughly a month.

A month later, Ye Nuan was permitted to leave the room at last and go outdoors to exercise.

However, the second she opened the door, she met a pair of eyes as gentle as water.

Ye Nuan was stunned on the spot.

She almost instantly recognized the person before her as Wen Xiao, but the impression she had of his appearance was completely different.

—— The man was significantly taller than in her impression, to the extent that she needed to tilt her head back to see him.

Moreover, his skin was also not as good as in the game.

Even so, she also could not ignore his exquisite face. 

Wen Xiao in reality was, undoubtedly, handsome.

Different from the long hair in the game, he stood in front of Ye Nuan with his short hair cut in a neat and refreshing style. His attire, from head to toe, was a spacious, large white gown. He looked at Ye Nuan with a slight smile. “Long time no see.”

“Long time no see,” Ye Nuan responded, the look in her eyes slackening instantly —— ah, it was a voice she knew well, still so pleasant to hear.

But, unlike in the game, hearing his voice in reality made her soul tremble, and she could not even say why.

Before she could react, she heard Wen Xiao say something. “Can I hug you?”

Ye Nuan did not respond and instead directly raised both hands to hug Wen Xiao’s waist.

Different from what the naked eye could see, Wen Xiao’s waist was very thin. Her hugging him like this completely caved in the large white gown in the middle.

Wen Xiao froze for a moment before smiling helplessly. He tenderly hugged her in return.

She deserved to be the person he liked —— still so spontaneous, so direct and efficient.

In the game, the two hugged quite often, but this was still the first time they hugged in reality.

Ye Nuan hugged Wen Xiao and sensed his heartbeat. She breathed in his scent, having never felt such satisfaction.

Suddenly, she wanted to bodily exercise together with him……but before that, they both needed to undergo rehabilitation for a while.

Thereupon, for a very long time, their rehabilitations would be carried out together, each urging on the other, each encouraging the other.

Then, inevitably, Ye Nuan asked about the matter of the murderer. “Has the murderer been found?”

Wen Xiao hesitated and then replied, “In fact, the culprit has already been identified, but because of the lack of conclusive evidence, they cannot convict the suspect at the moment.”

Ye Nuan frowned, clearly unable to accept this outcome.

Wen Xiao immediately added, “But that conclusive evidence, the police already has a direction to hunt and arrest.”

Hunt and arrest?

Generally, there had to be a person to be hunted and arrested.

—— Who were they hunting and arresting?

Ye Nuan was somewhat puzzled. “What conclusive evidence?”

Wen Xiao: “I also heard from people over there and did not directly communicate with the police. It seems when thoroughly investigating the reason behind your car exploding, they then investigated that assistant of yours……called something I forgot.”

Ye Nuan: “E Ying.”

Wen Xiao: “Right, they found out her older brother was involved in illegal transactions of flammable and explosive goods.”

“Fuck……” This, Ye Nuan did not know about. She did not even know E Ying had an older brother.

She had never heard E Ying mention it.

“Let the police solve the case ba, our country’s police are very reliable,” Wen Xiao said.

Ye Nuan hummed. “Mn.”

Even if she did not hand it over to the police, she could do nothing anyway ah.

Unless she disguised herself as a ghost in the middle of the night and went to scare E Ying ba?

…… Yi, maybe this was really possible?

Ye Nuan had looked in the mirror as early as the first day she returned to reality and confirmed this was her face.

This face was indeed hers, yet not hers at the same time —— it was significantly younger than hers, more like her face when she had just entered adulthood.

However, the real age of this body she inhabited was actually only a few months old.

For a split second, Ye Nuan wanted to disguise herself as a ghost and go scare E Ying in the middle of the night.

But she soon gave up on this idea.

Was the police unreliable, or Wen Xiao not handsome enough? Wasn’t staying here good? Why was she looking for trouble and a fight?

Thinking like this, Ye Nuan looked at Wen Xiao and smiled. “When are we getting married?”

Wen Xiao did not expect her to be so direct, but luckily, he had long made preparations.

“Hold on.” After saying this, he stopped training and went indoors. Soon, he returned with a small case. Then, under Ye Nuan’s gaze of disbelief, he opened the case and handed it over to her, smiling tenderly. “Marry me, yes?”

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