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Chapter 6 — Not seeking love, don’t tease!

In regards to those of the opposite gender who express such abrupt goodwill, there would always be harbored suspicions and vigilance.

Ye Nuan silently pulled her hand away from Uninhibited’s grasp, her gaze towards him now brimming with inquiry.

She felt her family’s third apprentice brother was a bit abnormal, but now, it seemed like the only one who could take her to level was him?

Therefore, she hesitated for a moment before quickly giving Uninhibited a reply. “Good, wait for me to buy medicine.”

After Ye Nuan visited the pharmacy to buy medicine, she followed Uninhibited to a Level 25~ training map.[1]

Uninhibited was currently Level 25, so he could not take her to a map too high in level.

Level 25 monsters were easy for Uninhibited to manage. For Ye Nuan, it was a bit thorny.

Her technique was good, but her level was also too low. Since she was only Level 13, she could only trail behind Uninhibited, automatically following like a doll whose purpose was simply to be a flower vase.

In fact, before Uninhibited took her to level, Ye Nuan wondered why Uninhibited was so good to her.

The most probable cause was simply because it was incredibly rare to see a decent female player in games, so he wanted to hook up.

At this moment, Ye Nuan was staring at Uninhibited’s back, tilting her head in confusion. —— Since this man began fighting monsters, he had not once turned back to look at her, as if she did not exist.

Taking her to level, was truly just taking her to level.

No suggestions, no flirting, not even the simplest of dialogue……

After Ye Nuan followed behind Uninhibited for a while observing, she reached Level 16 and could no longer bear it. She spontaneously brought up a topic. “I just PKed with second apprentice brother and beat him. Will that influence his competitive ranking?”

“No,” Uninhibited responded quickly, clearly remembering her existence still. “Yours was private sparring. Competitive ranking is another concept.”

Ye Nuan: “What do you mean?”

Uninhibited: “After you reach Level 20, you can go to the arena matching function and automatically be paired with an opponent of a similar level to PK. Victories reward points; losses deduct points. The more points, the higher you rank.”

“Oh, so it’s like this.” Ye Nuan understood.

No wonder she could not find that function right now. It was because she was not Level 20 yet?

“Senior brother, what rank are you right now?” Ye Nuan was a bit curious.

Uninhibited used his slightly hoarse voice to serenely spit out, “29.”

Ye Nuan: Startled?!

The arena opened at Level 20. Uninhibited was currently Level 29, and had already reached rank 29?

What Daoist Immortal senior apprentice brother was this?

However, Uninhibited then added, “Fought for half a month, a little tired, so now I went to level.”

Ye Nuan: “……”

These words……held so much information ah?

After reaching Level 20, he fought in the arena for half a month. In other words, he had not leveled for half a month?!

What kind of devilish senior apprentice brother was this……

Ye Nuan once again confirmed —— her family’s senior apprentice brothers were not normal.

At least, second apprentice brother and third apprentice brother were both abnormal.

One dressed like a lovely scene of blossoming plants swaying in the breeze from the ancient times, as if he came from some indescribable scene.

One did not level for half a month to fight in the arena……

As for eldest apprentice brother, Ye Nuan thought back to her impression of Hundred Miles Uncrystallized. Her first impression was him being very aloof. After hearing him speak, she felt he attached a great deal of importance to the game rewards.

In comparison, he was a bit more normal than senior apprentice brother and third apprentice brother?

While she was making comparisons in her head, she suddenly heard a system notice.

System: 【 Player Unwavering Killing Strike opened an attack of hatred against you! 】 

Immediately after, four more sounded.

System: 【 Player Fallen Hero Thriving opened an attack of hatred against you! 】 

System: 【 Player Westerly Wind opened an attack of hatred against you! 】 

System: 【 Player Ancient Road Solitary Shadow opened an attack of hatred against you! 】 

System: 【 Player Seizing Life opened an attack of hatred against you! 】 

The fuck, what is happening?!

Ye Nuan had yet to react when Uninhibited grabbed her by the wrist. “Run.”

Ye Nuan passively ran after him. She soon heard voices coming from behind her and understood why she was being manhunted.

“It’s her! Chaotic Reputation’s newest apprentice!”

“Fuck, a woman?!”

“Who cares if she’s a man or a woman, kill her! Chaotic Reputation’s apprentices, if I see them, I must kill them!”

“Wait a minute, isn’t that Uninhibited?”

Several men’s voices drew closer and closer. Realizing she could not escape, Ye Nuan shook off Uninhibited’s hand and took out her dagger from her waist, turning around to face the five men behind her.

This was a small five-person party. The captain was Unwavering Killing Strike, a Level 27 warrior.

His party had two mages, an archer, and a priest, all around Level 26.

After Uninhibited was cast off, he promptly turned around and blocked Ye Nuan with his body. “I’ll hold them off, you run.”

Clearly, at this critical juncture, his voice was still very serene, not the slightest bit panicked. This made Ye Nuan somewhat appreciative.


“I’m not running.” Ye Nuan helplessly said, “My level is too low, agility not high enough. Fleeing them would merely lead to fleeing from nearby monsters.”

“Like this.” Uninhibited thought it over and felt it made sense. “Then let’s kill ba.”

System: 【 Your teammate Uninhibited opened slaughter mode! 】 

Suddenly hearing this system notice, Ye Nuan froze, not yet responsive when Uninhibited dashed for the priest standing in the rear of the five enemies. His displacement and damage skills were used continuously. In a brief second, he had encircled that priest several times, leaving only afterimages in his wake. After he finished his attack, he used a skill to withdraw and pull apart from the party of five. That priest’s blood had already been wiped clean, falling to the ground pitifully.

Ye Nuan: !!!

Holy shit, her family’s third apprentice brother was that awesome?!

Although he had the level advantage, he lashed out to the point where the opponent could not react at all. This was a very difficult realm to reach.

Competitive rank 29 was indeed not an empty title!

After Uninhibited killed the enemy priest, kills began ringing out unbridled as he killed to his heart’s content.

The five-person party had no major auxiliary and treatment skills. It was the same as losing their moral pillars; they died like rats covering their heads and sneaking away — ignominiously.

The two mages were little crispy skins who practically died before they could release any skills, simply falling to the ground instantly. The archer was too nervous; his arrows flew who knew where. Uninhibited closed in from behind, and the archer couldn’t resist even slightly. He looked on helplessly as he was killed and fell to the ground.

Only a few minutes passed, but the opposing party of five had dwindled with the captain being the sole survivor standing.

And this lone person standing, in the next second, fell back a step before collapsing to the ground. “I-I-I—, I was mistaken! I was mistaken, big brother!”

In the game 《 Second World 》 , after players killed someone, they would temporarily have red names.

Hovering above Uninhibited’s head was a blood-red ID. With his dagger in his hand, he approached that swordsman. For a split second, he gave off an indescribable déjà vu feeling of a big villain preparing to kill a cannon fodder.

However, unavoidably speaking, Uninhibited was a bit handsome like this.

Especially as he walked toward that swordsman, using an extraordinarily serene tone to say, “Later, if you have a problem with me, don’t touch my little apprentice sister.”

That swordsman with the ID Unwavering Killing Strike nodded repeatedly. “Yes yes yes! I absolutely won’t seek to inconvenience you! Thank you big brother for mercifully not killing me!”

After he spoke, the person ran away, practically rolling and crawling off.

Uninhibited watched him leave before turning around to glance at Ye Nuan. With nothing left to say, he went back to fighting monsters.

Ye Nuan thought it was a bit ridiculous —— This person’s ID, was it not too misleading about his character? Where was he ‘uninhibited?’

She saw how he valiantly fought to protect his family’s little apprentice sister, even leniently dealing with the final enemy — such a family-oriented, considerate, and protective senior apprentice brother.

Ye Nuan felt like she had been provoked, but after she looked it over, Uninhibited was not deliberately provoking her.

Invisible provocation was the deadliest……

She could not help but seize this chance to step forward. “Senior brother, how old are you?”

Uninhibited: “Twenty.”

Oh, so young ah?

Ye Nuan was twenty-four this year……

She did not like dating guys younger than her.

Okay ba.

Ye Nuan promptly dispelled her thoughts about returning the provocation and instead asked, “Those people who attacked me, is it because of Master?”

“Mn.” Uninhibited answered while fighting monsters, “Master probably killed them.”

Ye Nuan: “Eh……why did Master kill them?”

Uninhibited: “In order to protect guild members.”


This reply was completely not what Ye Nuan anticipated. Killing to protect?

Killing so many people?

Killing to the point of being number one on the slaughter ranking?

Uninhibited patiently explained, “Go to our guild, look at the guild members.”

Ye Nuan opened the guild interface, at first glance not seeing anything unusual. She rapidly took note of an unimaginable thing, however —— the entire guild were all assassins!

Uninhibited then continued nonchalantly, “Our guild only accepts assassins, but not because Master likes assassins. He instead wants to protect assassins.”

Pausing for a moment, he then said, “Assassins in 《 Second World 》 have little blood, low defense, and no ability to attack from a distance; it is a class with extremely low survivability, especially Elf assassins. The base blood amount is an entire chunk lower than other races. Other races easily bully them. Master wanted to protect assassins, so he established the guild 「 Ambitious Hegemony 」.

“After he established this guild, if a guild member was killed, he thus could help the guild members kill them back. If others kill us once, we kill them twice-fold. Therefore, our slaughter value could be so high.”

Uninhibited stopped for a while. After explaining the story of the guild’s establishment, he once again took the initiative to explain other things.

“Upgrading the guild requires capital. Our teams do not have priests. We cannot defeat large group instances. Continuously unable to save enough funds to upgrade the guild, Master thus thought of another way —— accepting assassination missions.”

Ye Nuan: ???

“Pay attention to the mission panel of the guild interface ma.” Uninhibited said, “Due to our guild killing a truly tremendous amount of people, we occupy the first three pages of the slaughter ranking. Therefore, word of our guild’s heavy murderous spirit had disseminated outward. Players then came to Master to do business, using all kinds of material and funds as remuneration to hire our guild members to assassinate other players.”

Ye Nuan: “Master agreed?!”

“Mn, agreed.” Uninhibited’s tone from beginning to end was indifferent, clearly not thinking that there was a big problem. “In order to upgrade the guild, he had to agree. From then on, our guild could receive all kinds of assassination missions. Completing assassination missions, members and the guild could both receive rewards.”

Ye Nuan has nothing to say.

So, she jointed an assassination guild ah?

Carefully thinking about it, though, there was nothing wrong. Her class, was it not precisely ‘assassin?’

Good ba, she conceded that she was comforting herself……facepalm.

Tch, Chaotic Reputation was truly a capable individual — originally intended to protect all the assassin players in the game, ultimately establishing in the end, such a notorious guild of assassins. He pushed all assassin players into a pit of fire with his own hands.

She really should have carefully learned about the power distributions before picking a class.

But, if she had not chosen to be an assassin, then she would not be pulled into the guild by Chaotic Reputation nor accepted as an apprentice. She also would not have met these three senior apprentice brothers with totally different, completely individualistic styles.

Thoroughly thinking it over, she actually did not have any regrets.

“When I’m not online in the future, you must train in a safe map.” Suddenly, Uninhibited spoke up, turning around to face Ye Nuan directly.

Ye Nuan could not help staring.

In her memory, this was the first time Uninhibited fully looked at her since he took her leveling.

Not waiting for her to respond, Uninhibited added, “I will protect you.”

Ye Nuan: “……”

My god, this senior apprentice brother……not seeking love, don’t tease!


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[1]  The ~ mark indicates that the training map is for levels around the specified number, not at only the number stated.

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