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Chapter 8 — Too comfortable ba!

After Ye Nuan escaped out of Ancient Road Solitary Shadow’s attack range on her unicorn, she found the rest of her journey unimpeded. Soon, she returned to the safe zone.

In the safe zone, players could not enter combat mode. Any actions judged to be an ‘attack’ by the system would be forcibly stopped.

Therefore, after returning to the safe zone, Ye Nuan no longer needed to worry about being attacked.

She originally thought others would ignore her while she trained. It now seemed that before her level rose, she must be inseparable from her senior apprentice brothers’ assistance.

At the moment, however, she was more interested in something else. “Quilt, you can actually grow bigger? How big can you grow?”

Quilt heard what was said and immediately changed from a ball into the square shield from before. It stood up with a straight back in front of Ye Nuan.

This shield was a bit taller than Ye Nuan, about a head taller in fact.

Ye Nuan tried to approach and touch it. It was hard, but it was not ice-cold to the touch like she had imagined. It was unexpectedly warm.

“So to this size, can you soften?” Ye Nuan asked Quilt while touching it.

Quilt hesitated for a moment but still did as she desired, softening some.

Ye Nuan felt the change happen beneath her palm. It felt quite mystical. “Soften some more, be like a regular quilt’s softness.”

Hearing this request, Quilt completely relaxed its body, pressing down on Ye Nuan.

Ye Nuan cradled the soft Quilt in her arms, kneaded it —— Wow, this sensation was too comfortable ba!

Fluffy, soft, but also warm.

Quilt did not know why but it felt a bit ticklish from her touch, trembling lightly. It wanted to back away, but Ye Nuan rolled it up, hugging it in her arms as she marched to the inn.

Indescribably experiencing ‘being bridal carried across the threshold by the groom’ Quilt: ???

In fact, at this moment, Ye Nuan was already aware that the time in reality was very late because there were distinctly fewer players nearby.

Although she was not even slightly tired, Master and her senior apprentice brothers were all offline. There was no one to take her leveling, and she did not dare to leave the safe zone by herself and court death.

On the contrary, there were some monsters near the safe zone, but they were all low-level monsters around Level 10. They would not give her much experience, however, and would only use up her weapon durability. There was no meaning in fighting them.

Since it was like so, she might as well look for somewhere to rest for the night and wait for her senior apprentice brothers to go online.

Thinking like this, Ye Nuan held Quilt in her arms as she entered the inn.

Every player could enter the inn lounge and be visible, but upon going into a room upstairs, players could only see themselves.

Only when players team up and enter together would someone else be visible.

This was considered a relatively private space in 《 Second World 》, which provided space for players to do indescribable things.


As Ye Nuan expected, there was a bed but no quilt in the inn room.

Ye Nuan spread Quilt out on the bed and tried to sit on it. —— Wow, really comfortable!

She had never used such a soft quilt in reality!

Quilt: “QAQ”

Ye Nuan ignored Quilt’s protest and lied on her stomach atop Quilt. She sighed in comfort. “Let me lie down for a while, be good~”

Quilt: “TAT”

Ye Nuan: “I will take that as your consent la!”

Once Ye Nuan said this, she felt a bit ridiculous —— what was she doing persuading an NPC ne?

She turned over and clutched a corner of Quilt, hugging it close to her chest.

Not a moment later, her legs also straddled Quilt.

Although she had not meant to go to sleep, lying down like such while doing nothing was unexpectedly quite comfortable.

The main point was that Quilt was really soft ah……

Ye Nuan comfortably laid down while hugging Quilt.

She originally thought it would be impossible for her to fall asleep, wholly not expecting for her to ultimately fall asleep.

Not just fall asleep, but to dream as well.

It was a nightmare……


The next day, Ye Nuan woke up, stared at the cabinet in the inn room, and stayed dumbstruck for a while.

Then, her consciousness returned as well as the knowledge that she was in the game.

She strived to recall what had happened in her dream, but all she could remember was the numbness radiating from her leg.

But she should not be able to feel pain in a dream, right?

Ye Nuan was still soulless, up until she suddenly heard Quilt call out ‘.’ 

It was at this point she realized the quilt that she had wrapped herself around had already disappeared. She was lying down on a very hard bed and felt a bit uncomfortable.

She sat up and turned to look for Quilt, discovering its mana had been nearly emptied —— so, as it turned out, transformation used up mana?

Ye Nuan laughed helplessly. She opened her inventory and fed Quilt a bottle of blue medicine, helping it replenish its mana. She then grabbed the small Quilt from the bed and left the room to go downstairs.

After leaving the inn, Ye Nuan discovered there were still very few players nearby. She guessed it was either very late at night or early morning.

She was still hesitating on whether to go train by herself when she received a message.

System: 【 Player Four Seas Fragrance has sent a friend request. May I ask whether you will accept? 】

Ye Nuan stared blankly and then chose, “Accept.” She felt it was a bit ridiculous —— she thought, after how her second senior apprentice brother lost in the arena PK, that he did not want to have any relations with her ne. She had truly not expected him to take the initiative to come to her door.

She could not help teasing: “Second apprentice brother, did you forget the terms of our bet?”

After her voice faded, she quickly received a reply from Four Seas Fragrance, but it was not a reply to her question. Instead, it was something entirely else. “Junior apprentice sister, where are you? I’ll come find you! I will take you to level!”

“Oh, suddenly so energetic?” Ye Nuan was a bit suspicious, but she still announced her coordinates before she casually asked, “Second apprentice brother, how do you see the real time in the game?”

Four Seas Fragrance: “Fuck, did you not know this? Set it up inside ah, you can set it up yourself.”

“Hmm?” Ye Nuan opened up her settings interface; sure enough, she found a function for setting up the timestamp. To the side, there was a push-button for 「 Automatically Synchronize 」. She tapped on it.

A chrysanthemum spun in place for a while……

System: 【 Synchronization failed. Please try again later. 】 

“Tch.” Ye Nuan really wanted to seize the system and beat it up.

There was nothing to be done, she could only appeal to Four Seas Fragrance. “What time is it right now?”

Four Seas Fragrance: “4 o’clock or so, why?”

Ye Nuan set up the time manually while saying, “Exact time, I’m setting up the clock.”

Four Seas Fragrance: “What fart about setting up ah, click synchronize! Are you stupid?”

Ye Nuan’s face turned dark. She felt her family’s second apprentice brother needed a spanking.

But at the moment, Master, eldest apprentice brother, and third apprentice brother were not online. She could only tackle this difficult job herself and continue requesting help from second apprentice brother. “My synchronization isn’t working. Tell me the time, hurry up!”

Four Seas Fragrance scoffed but ultimately replied to her with some impatience, “Okay ba, it is now……4:24.”

Ye Nuan successfully set the time to 4:24 and then hit confirmation.

This time, there was no ‘system was busy’-and-such response appearing, making her sigh in relief.

—— Her time was finally beginning to flow.

Wrong, wait a minute, 4 o’clock or so?!

Ye Nuan felt there was something wrong after she set the clock to this time.

“……Morning or afternoon?” She still thought it was not as early as 2 o’clock, more along the lines of 6 or 7 o’clock in the morning, but in the end……4 o’clock?!

After Four Seas Fragrance heard this question, he blanked for a moment. He then replied, “Hey,  what do you mean? Are you playing around with me ne?”

Luckily, his IQ was deficient. He did not think much of it and blurted out, “Not morning, can it be called afternoon ah?”

Very good, correct time — get.

Ye Nuan exited the settings interface. In the distance, she could see her second apprentice brother riding over on a unicorn.

She then looked on unfeelingly as he rushed into the safe zone on the unicorn. A second later, the mount was withdrawn by the system. Completely unguarded against this action, he fell to the ground on his gorgeous face.

Ye Nuan: “……”

Her family’s second apprentice brother really was……stupid to the point of exploding.

After Four Seas Fragrance passionately embraced and kissed the ground, he rapidly turned over and scrambled up. He then sprinted over to Ye Nuan and pretended as if nothing had happened. “Yo~little apprentice sister! Senior apprentice brother has come to take you to level!”

Ye Nuan: “……”

Your stupidity made my heart skip a beat…how about we forget about it.

“How come you are up so early?” Four Seas Fragrance finally realized something was amiss. “Don’t tell me you are like me, a part of the workforce, and want to play games before going to work?”

Ye Nuan: “……”

He woke up at 4 o’clock in the morning to play games……this man’s true love was games ah.

Ye Nuan was convinced.

She could not say she was unable to go offline and thus had no choice but to talk random nonsense. “I’m staying at home for vacation. I wake up and sleep whenever while playing games.”

“Oh so it’s like this.” Four Seas Fragrance believed it.

Ye Nuan sized him up from up close. She eyed his red eyeshadow and then the enchanting flower mark on his forehead, her gaze trailing down to fall on his open red ancient robe.

……Really could not connect him to the workforce.

Wrong, that was phrased incorrectly; she verily questioned what he did in reality.

She thus asked, “What is your job ah?” 

Although Four Seas Fragrance was stupid, he was not stupid enough to casually leak real information. He flashed Ye Nuan a crafty smile. “You guess~”

Good, Ye Nuan understood and asked something else, “How old are you?”

Four Seas Fragrance shamelessly said a number. “18.”

Ye Nuan’s face looked at him with disdain —— only the dead would believe that!

“Good la, good la. Tell you, I will tell you.” Four Seas Fragrance did not think his age was so important to hide, so he revealed it simply. Anyway, it was nothing too embarrassing to mention. “26.”

Ye Nuan was stunned —— he was actually older than her.

Really quite mystical. She thought third apprentice brother was very mature, but he was only 20. She thought second apprentice brother had not passed his second year in junior high school, but he was actually 26.

Who knew how old eldest apprentice brother was?

Four Seas Fragrance: “I told you my age, won’t you reveal your age too?”

“24.” Ye Nuan also did not care much about her age and practically blurted it out. She then asked him, “How come you suddenly want to carry me?”

—— Yesterday, weren’t you quite opposed to it?

“Oh right, carrying you!” Four Seas Fragrance looked like he just remembered something. He grabbed Ye Nuan’s hand and ran out of the safe zone. “Eldest apprentice brother said, you must reach Level 20 before he goes online today, or else he will kill me…… Pei, he is so oppressive, it’s killing me. Tch, I don’t want to PK with him anymore. Yesterday, he dragged me to PK all night. I could not injure a single hair on his body! The entire time, he was tyrannically flying in the air!”

“Eldest apprentice brother is very powerful?” Ye Nuan blinked, somewhat curious.

Four Seas Fragrance sighed. “Ah, ranked 2 on the experts list; would you say this is not powerful?”

Ye Nuan: !!!

Huo, this really exceeded her expectations.

Ye Nuan: “Who is ranked first?”

Four Seas Fragrance: “Is a swordsman called One Tree Remaining.”

“Oh.” Ye Nuan responded. She had not heard of this ID, so she was not that interested.

In comparison, she was more interested in something else. “Second apprentice brother, why are you dressed so much like a lovely scene of blossoming plants swaying in the breeze ah? Do you know? Like this, you look like you came out of some indescribable place.”

Four Seas Fragrance: “……Fuck.”


Pei (呸) — sfx for the sound of spitting (in contempt), similar to pah! bah! pooh!

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