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Chapter 20 — You’re really courting death.

Wen Xiao did not understand why he suddenly felt despondent.

Before he could think and understand, Ye Nuan went back to fighting in the arena.

And kept at it until Speaking with Demons came online.

The first thing Speaking with Demons did after coming online was to look at Ye Nuan’s level and rank. As a result, he discovered that not only did she surpass him by two levels, her rank was also very far above his.

—— She had fucking fought to the first page of the experts list!

“Weren’t you supposed to wait for me?!” Speaking with Demons was perturbed.

Ye Nuan blushed with shame figuratively. “I had not agreed……” Afterward, before Speaking with Demons could respond, she then probed, “Oh, by the way, I seem to know who you are.”

Hearing this sentence, Speaking with Demons was instantly distracted. For a long time, he did not say anything.

Ye Nuan did not directly say her answer and patiently waited for his response.

A period of time later, Speaking with Demons sighed, accepting misfortunes as decreed by fate. 

‘Sure enough, I can’t conceal anything from you.”

“……You are ignoring who I think you are?”

Ye Nuan was also unconvinced. Her family’s little apprentice brother was a bit pure ah. If she had known he was so pure earlier, she would have swindled him for information as she had wished. Wouldn’t she not need to think of the answer herself?

Anyway, it was exactly because he was pure that she could recognize him so fast.

“Ah Shi, is it you ba?” Ye Nuan tested.

Speaking with Demon was silent for a moment before humming in resignation. “Sister Nuan……”

Ye Nuan: “Why on earth did you pretend not to know me?”

“All sorts of reasons la…….” Discovering that he had been exposed, Yan Mingshi’s tone softened all of a sudden, changing from the tsundere little apprentice brother into a soft, cute little milk dog.[1]

“Sister Nuan, don’t be angry ah. I didn’t do it on purpose……No, I did it on purpose……But no, ah, in short, I was told not to contact you rashly. I was super worried about you, so I could not help entering the game……Not good, I can’t say so much!”

Ye Nuan: “……”

Wen Xiao: “……”

Ye Nuan: “This person will not survive one episode inside a spy war drama.”

Wen Xiao: “You spoke correctly.”

“Mn? Sister Nuan, who are you speaking to?” Yan Mingshi was confused.

“No, you misheard.” Ye Nuan’s face did not change as she spoke. She then continued, “I understand. You probably were warned about not contacting me rashly, to avoid leaking something that will upset me. Therefore, you do not need to keep talking. I’ll ask you questions, and it’s fine if you just reply ‘yes’ or ‘no.’”

Yan Mingshi thought it over and felt that this should be doable. He nodded. “Okay, ask away ba.”

Ye Nuan: “Did you see me in reality? Or perhaps my corpse?”

Yan Mingshi: “……No.”

Ye Nuan: “Then do you know that I am already dead?”

Yan Mingshi: “You’re not dead. You…… Okay ba, yes, they told me such things, said you died.”

Ye Nuan: “It’s fine if you just answer ‘yes’ or ‘no.’”

Ye Nuan: Is there any way for my brain waves to come out at the moment?”

Yan Mingshi: “Oh, they told me that there is a way. It’s very easy for brain waves to come out, but it’s hard to manufacture a body for you to control flexibly……Ah! I said so much again!”

Ye Nuan: “……I take back what I just said. This person will only live one second in a spy war drama.”

Wen Xiao: “……You spoke correctly.”

Ye Nuan was unconvinced and felt that since Yan Mingshi could not shut his mouth, she might as well ask to gain a more thorough understanding of things. “To what degree do you understand about my matter? For example, what is my situation right now? What do those people you mentioned intend to do about me?”

Yan Mingshi also knew his mouth was not tightly sealed and straightforwardly gave up the treatment, responding, “I only know about the issue of your body in reality. For the time being, you can only live in the game. After that, they intend to help make you a body that you can operate yourself in reality. The rest, I don’t know about.”

Ye Nuan contemplated for a while —— it sounded like Yan Mingshi seemed to know nothing about Wen Xiao courting death to observe her in the game?

Then she naturally would not hastily reveal the matter of Wen Xiao.

Wen Xiao heard this bit clearly. “For now, don’t mention my affair. This guy’s mouth has no door……”

Ye Nuan’s response was naturally, “Yes.”

Wen Xiao added, “What he said was right. It is not difficult to transmit brain waves at all, and manufacturing a body is actually not difficult either. The true difficulty is how to give you the ability to control the body freely.”

Ye Nuan turned off her private message channel with Yan Mingshi and asked Wen Xiao, “Then what about you?”

Wen Xiao hummed, failing to understand why.

Ye Nuan could only make her question clearer. “Your brain waves can also be transmitted out ba?”

“If it’s possible, it’s doable, but……” Wen Xiao spread out his two small quilt corners, adopting a very helpless appearance. “It is possible to export to an android body, but not to a real body. After all, a real body does not have a socket ah.”

Ye Nuan: “You really courted death.”

Wen Xiao: “My life is a great contribution to science.”

Ye Nuan: “You actually can joke about it.”

Wen Xiao did not know whether to laugh or cry. “What gave you the illusion that I am joking?”

Ye Nuan had nothing to say. She felt that Wen Xiao, this person, was a bit too much.

However, this point gave her something to care about. “The human body has no socket, so how did you transmit my and your brain waves into the game at that time? How come it could be transmitted out but not back in?”

Wen Xiao: “ This involves some specialized knowledge. I used the latest, most accurate scientific instruments, called the electric-wave induction capture storage system. Naturally, this instrument should not be used directly on a person, so I tested it on myself……”

“Can you get to the main point?” Ye Nuan had the illusion that she heard ‘jījījī’ again. It was probably the so-called bird language.

“The main point is —— this instrument could only seize electric waves and store it into electronic equipment. It cannot release electric waves back into its original form. In other words, this process is irreversible.” Wen Xiao once again spread out his two small quilt corners. “Originally, I thought there would be no problems if my brain waves linked to your system. I didn’t expect……When I reacted, my brain waves had already been stripped and placed into the game. I guess, in reality, I should now be a human vegetable.”

Ye Nuan: “……You really courted death.”

Apart from this, Ye Nuan did not know what else she could say.

——- In order to save a stranger that was originally impossible to bring back to life, he sacrificed himself; it was worthless to think about this further.

Contrarily, Wen Xiao, the person himself, did not feel anything. “I can’t return to reality, but I can use an android body too. I can still be your companion.”

Ye Nuan: “……”

Wen Xiao: “Eh, Sorry, did I offend you?”

“No.” Ye Nuan replied, and then feeling reluctant to accept this, she added, “I don’t know if there is a day we will leave the game and return to reality ne.”

“In fact, accompanying you in the game is also okay.” Suddenly, Wen Xiao’s tiny voice said this line.

Ye Nuan froze for a moment, not responding. Seeing her private message channel flash, she subconsciously opened it.

Yan Mingshi: “Sister, are you all right ba? Sister, are you feeling unwell anywhere? Don’t ignore me ah, Sister QAQ”

Ye Nuan did not know whether to laugh or cry. “I’m fine. I was just thinking about……forget about it. Let’s just say today did not happen. I will continue fighting in the arena.”

Yan Mingshi: !!!

Yan Mingshi: “Not allowed to fight! Wait for me!”

Ye Nuan: “……The way I am, did you forget about competing with me for superiority?”

Yan Mingshi: “That’s not a horse of the same color![2] I will not lose to you when playing games! You wait, I will immediately fight my way to the first page of the experts list! I will not go to sleep tonight!”

Ye Nuan remained silent.

Did this person forget that he was just kicked out by the system yesterday?

Seeing Yan Mingshi had gone to fight in the arena, Ye Nuan did not disturb him again and went to look at her fellow apprentices’ current expert list rankings.

Eldest apprentice brother Hundred Miles Uncrystallized was still No. 2.

Second apprentice brother Four Seas Fragrance was beaten back down to 46, not easy ah……

Third apprentice brother Uninhibited once again rose in rank, currently ranked 24.

Little apprentice brother Speaking with Demons was ranked 321.

As for herself, she was currently ranked 95.

Ye Nuan closed her friends list and opened up the experts list to take a look. She saw, hanging in first place, One Tree Remaining, and narrowed her eyes.

She admired people with good ability, but she disliked One Tree Remaining’s character. As a result, even though he was first on the experts list of 《 Second World 》, she did not admire him one bit. She only thought about beating him down.

Sooner or later, the day would come when she fought to first on the experts list and seize his seat. She would force him to know who the daddy is.

However, before that happened, she needed to be more familiar with the assassin class skills and figure out more combos. 

Furthermore, as the saying went: Know yourself, know your enemy. Only then can you come unscathed through a hundred batters. She needed to collect some intelligence about One Tree Remaining.

Thinking like this, Ye Nuan tried to poke Hundred Miles Uncrystallized. “Eldest apprentice brother, have you exchanged blows with One Tree Remaining?”

Hundred Miles Uncrystallized did not expect for her to suddenly poke him and ask this. He stared blankly for a while before responding. “Fought, what’s up?”

Ye Nuan: “Is he stronger than you?”

Hundred Miles Uncrystallized frowned. He very much wanted to say that he was stronger, but the rankings on the experts list were iron-clad facts. Therefore, he finally could only give an apathetic “Mn.”

Ye Nuan: “How strong?”

Hundred Miles Uncrystallized: “A lot.”

“Really.” Ye Nuan pursed her lips. “It seems that, before defeating him, I first need to defeat you.”

Hundred Miles Uncrystallized: ???


Author has something to say:

(Commenter) Cold Depths: Quilt: Self-exiling……

Author’s Response: Quilt is eating vinegar~[3]


(Commenter) FFF: Is eldest apprentice brother a professional player looking for talented people?

Author’s Response: This way of thinking is quite good ai, but I did not plan to write about virtual reality e-sports and such settings for this novel.


(Commenter) Word Battleaxe: Hahahahahaha This despondent feeling is self-exile ah, little quilt ‘jī.’

But if it was me, I might respond ai. I want to find a spendthrift fool to help me buy krypton gold to draw cards. Could this be considered as phishing ah (:∇:). I am too distressed. I always feel like the game krypton gold has already eaten my conscience.

Author’s Response: The experience of keyboard games and virtual reality games should be very different ovo


[1] Little Milk Dog: obedient, tender, loyal male youth (aka like a little fresh meat but softer/cuter/more submissive)

[2] (Idiom) That’s a different matter; one thing at a time

[3] (Slang) Feeling jealous

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