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Chapter 22 — What about clothes?

Hearing this system notice, Ye Nuan and Wen Xiao both blanked out.

Anthropomorphism……was it the definition they understood?

Ultimately, it was Wen Xiao who first hesitantly asked, “What does it mean? I can take a human form?”

“Don’t know,” Ye Nuan replied, at last reacting at this moment —— Wen Xiao’s team certainly must have contacted the game company, so they could have this sort of ‘special skill.’

First was ‘telepathy,’ and then ‘anthropomorphism’……

In fact, Ye Nuan felt that ‘telepathy’ was enough to use. After all, Wen Xiao was now her pet. If he took human form while going outside with her, it would be difficult to avoid other people seeing him, leading to disturbances.

Imagining that scene, Ye Nuan voiced a reminder to Wen Xiao. “This skill, don’t use it here; return to the inn to use.”

“I understand,” Wen Xiao answered, his mood somewhat subtle. 

Indescribably excited yet even more uneasy and doubtful —— he did not know what appearance he would assume when taking human form in the game. He also did not know why the system allowed him to learn this skill.

After pondering the reasons, he realized that this skill was superfluous.

Only if……

His team found that he could not be saved and intended to have him continue living his life in the game……

Thinking of this possibility, Wen Xiao could not help sighing.

Rather than this option, it would be better to just give him a new account ne.

However, if they gave him a new account to use, his brain waves must temporarily be exported from the game. Like this, not only was there a risk of his brain waves being damaged, it would further digitize his brain waves, making it even harder to export them back into a human body.

Thinking like this, Wen Xiao ultimately did not say anything and obediently laid in Ye Nuan’s palm. He held onto her hand as he was brought back to the inn.

After returning to the inn, Ye Nuan set little Quilt onto the bed and then said, “Okay, you can now try it.”

Wen Xiao hesitated for a moment. “Is there a mirror?”

Ye Nuan looked all around. “No.” Afterward, she said, “It’s fine. I am very accepting. If you change into a frog, I would not care. She paused and then calmly added, “At best, you just won’t change form in the future.”

Wen Xiao: “……”

Wen Xiao silently sat on the bed, seeming to be in contemplation.

A period of time later, he seemed to have decided something and said to Ye Nuan, “Okay, I’ll try ba. Learned a new skill; it is the same anyway……then I’ll use it?”

Ye Nuan nodded. “Use ba.”

As a result, Wen Xiao hesitated once again before he closed his eyes and recalled that feeling from when he changed into a large quilt. He used the skill 「 Anthropomorphism 」.

Afterward, he felt his body begin to grow bigger. He felt his legs extend beyond the range of the bed. He touched his skin, which felt very smooth but had no temperature. —— In the end, it was somewhat different from reality.

He wondered how he looked?

Was he uglier than his handsome self in reality?

Or was it a carbon copy of his real body?

Wen Xiao somewhat nervously opened his eyes and sat up on the bed. Sitting on the edge of the bed, his line of sight fell onto his bare thighs, causing him to blank out for a moment —— Mn? Hold on, wasn’t there something wrong?

Right……what about clothes?!

Wen Xiao stared in disbelief at the space between his thighs. He then shifted his increasingly stunned gaze to see Ye Nuan’s reaction.

Ye Nuan forced her gaze to move away from the space between Wen Xiao’s legs and raised her head to look at his face. She did not have time to look for long before Wen Xiao suddenly shrunk, turning back into a little quilt.

After Wen Xiao changed back into a little quilt, he laid on the bed and pretended to be dead.

Fuck……why were there no clothes?!

He absolutely did not expect to be naked!

And then to be seen completely naked by Ye Nuan?!

In reality, Wen Xiao, apart from the unsensible period of primary and secondary schooling during which he learned to curse and use profanity, no longer cussed after entering senior high school.

At the moment, he really had the urge to curse out several lines of profanity with alacrity!

He even suspected his team and the game company joined hands to pit him!

Ye Nuan also had not foreseen that after Wen Xiao took human form, he would be without clothes. However, she had said she was very accepting —— even if it was really awkward, she was not scared or anything.

She just felt a bit sorry for Wen Xiao.[1]

“……Don’t care, we’re inside a game.” She tried to console Wen Xiao. Sitting down on the bed, she used a finger to poke at his soft little body. “You’re thinking too much; you have been touched by me all over and slept with. Does it matter if I also saw you naked?”

Wen Xiao: ……you really can comfort people.

Wen Xiao truly did not know what to do because of this unexpected situation, but rather than being shy, he was blaming himself even more. He felt that he had allowed Ye Nuan to see something that should not be seen.

However, he did not want to make Ye Nuan think he was weak enough to collapse at a glance if he was seen nude, so he quickly rearranged his mood and tranquilly responded, “Sorry, I scared you.”

Ye Nuan: “Oh, it’s okay.”

In fact, Ye Nuan wanted to say, Wen Xiao’s human form had a pretty good stature……

“I’m all right.” Wen Xiao tried his best to maintain his tranquil tone. He sat up on the bed, his two small corners unconsciously twisting together and ending up in a stance where his arms crossed his chest in self-protection. “Why are there no clothes? Is it a bug or something?”

Ye Nuan thought about it. “After you took human form, can you use the transformation skill to change into clothes?”

“Can’t.” Wen Xiao replied, “Transformation can only change my shape. Moreover, it seems to clash with anthropomorphism. Only one of the two skills can be used at a time.”

If this method didn’t work?  Then change it.

After Ye Nuan found a problem, she would attempt to resolve it. She would never give up, even if it was left unresolved. “I’ll go to the clothing store and buy men’s clothes. You can try wearing them.”

Ai?” Wen Xiao originally wanted to say no need, he did not want to take on the human form again, had a psychological shadow……but, before he could speak up, he was seized off the bed by Ye Nuan. By the time he reacted, Ye Nuan had already carried him downstairs and outside the inn.

Wen Xiao: “……”

He had never seen anyone as swift and decisive as Ye Nuan.

In the end, Wen Xiao did not say anything and looked on helplessly as Ye Nuan bought him clothes and went back to the inn with him.

Afterward, she placed him back on the bed and then took the clothes she bought out of her inventory, tossing them onto his body.

She bought the pre-class change outfit that all classes could wear, a snow blue novice robe — with merely a Level 5 restriction.

However, there was meticulous silver embroidery on it, and the crafting was not skimped on at all.

“You try it on.” Ye Nuan turned around, showing Wen Xiao her back after she said this.

Wen Xiao struggled out from under the clothes and looked at Ye Nuan, discovering that her back was to him. This caused him to sigh in relief.  He then tried to take on a human form again.

Ye Nuan did not see Wen Xiao, but she could hear the light sound of clothing rubbing against skin emerging behind her.

Wen Xiao was not a player, so he could not have the system exchange clothes for him. He could only fumble and put the clothes on himself.

He had not worn traditional clothing[2] and such before, but fortunately, he was intelligent enough and did not take long to find the trick, successfully putting the clothes on.

He then looked at his bare legs and fell silent.

Ye Nuan did not hear any movement behind her and asked him in puzzlement, “Okay?”

Wen Xiao hesitantly opened his mouth. “What about trousers?”

Ye Nuan: “……”

Okay ba, her pot[3] — she forgot that the all-class clothing equipment and trousers were separate pieces.

Fortunately, Wen Xiao did not mind much. He sighed and adjusted the robe so it covered down to his knees. “Forget about it; it’s not important. Just like this ba…… I’m fine.”

Thus, Ye Nuan turned around to face Wen Xiao.

Seeing the man with a flawless build act reservedly on the bed, long black hair neatly draping behind his back, fair skin hidden by a snow blue robe —— this person emitted a very pure sort of feeling.

His face had uneasiness written all over it, with even his brows furrowing slightly, but this did not diminish how beautiful his face was at all. His face felt as if it was polished with the utmost care, each part appearing as exquisite as jade.

Ye Nuan unknowingly gaped.

Previously she had only taken note of Wen Xiao’s build. She had only taken a light glance at his face and did not pay it any attention.

Yet now, after carefully scrutinizing him, she could not help exclaiming in admiration at the supernaturally fine craft of his face……she also wondered which god pinched[4] it?

Because Wen Xiao was not wearing trousers, he did not dare to move from his seat on the bed, fearing that his clothes would slip and expose a part that should not be exposed.

When Ye Nuan turned around, he unconsciously averted his gaze and looked to the side. At this moment, he finally summoned his courage and turned his head to look at Ye Nuan.

His face was beautiful to the point of being inconceivable. His Adam’s apple lightly trembled before he opened his mouth to sound her out. “Not ugly ba?”

Ye Nuan heard his voice and came back to herself at that moment. She responded, “Not ugly……really handsome.”

She suddenly felt that his voice perfectly matched his face — there was not even the slightest dissonance.

Wen Xiao’s voice was originally gentle as jade. Paired with his body’s temperament, the man gave off a one of a kind gentle scholar feeling……

Ye Nuan suddenly felt very skeptical. This face of Wen Xiao, was it actually pinched, or —— he really looked like this in reality?

Ye Nuan probingly asked, “What do you look like in reality?”

Hearing this question, Wen Xiao could not help laughing. “If I say, you might not believe it. I was the most handsome boy at my university oh?”

“No, I believe.” Ye Nuan responded very definitely, which made Wen Xiao unwittingly distracted.

Afterward, Wen Xiao seemed to become aware of something. He raised a hand to touch his face. Unfortunately, he could not rely on the judgment of touch to determine what he looked like at the moment……

But, he was certain that he had short hair in reality.

“Xiao ah.” Suddenly, Ye Nuan called out to him with such a special, suggestive tone.

Hearing her address him like this, Wen Xiao subconsciously looked up at her. “What’s the matter?”

Ye Nuan straightforwardly said, “I suddenly feel that it doesn’t matter if a man’s ability is no good. All matters are settled if he’s good-looking enough.”

Wen Xiao: ???

“Are you short of a girlfriend?” Ye Nuan asked, smiling slightly.


Author has something to say:

Last chapter’s sofa……still ‘Cold Depths,’ congratulations, this novel’s sofa has already been contracted to you (laugh cry)


(Commenter) Word Battleaxe: Finally, the male lead is entering the scene.

This time, we will shout loudly: wWomen’s clothes! Women’s clothes!! Women’s clothes!!!

Author’s Response: Good thinking!


(Commenter) Zuo Siwang: Immediately dead

Author’s Response: 2333[5] wait for me to finish writing another novel; this one will be updated a lot more.


(Commenter) New Name: Human Quilt! Will they still sleep together? (wuwuwuwuwuwuwu[6] the train has passed)

Author’s Response: They must ah!


[1] Kiseki: something nsfw related-ish. Either its missing, too small, or too big; have fun imagining

[2] like this

[3] aka her blame, carrying the pot = carrying the blame/fault

[4] aka altered it using the character customization tech

[5] variations of 233 (with as many 3s as you want) means LOL

[6] crying sfx

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