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Chapter 16 — Everyone must go fight in the arena!

In the end, that morning, Four Seas Fragrance only focused on completing his mission. All the experience he gained was due to Ye Nuan carrying him. Who was taking who leveling?

When Four Seas Fragrance went offline, he was Level 41. Ye Nuan was Level 38, two levels off from Level 40.

Not long after Four Seas Fragrance went offline, little apprentice brother Speaking with Demons went online. The first thing he saw after he went online was Ye Nuan’s level. Seeing it be a full 8 levels above his own, he nearly vomited blood!

He barely maintained a calm tone as he sent Ye Nuan a voice message. “Didn’t I make you rest well in the inn?”

Ye Nuan: “……”

It was ‘rest well in the inn’ and not ‘rest well offline’ —— Ye Nuan vaguely realized something. Not responding to him, she asked her family’s Quilt. “Xiao ah, say, does little apprentice brother know about my situation?”

Wen Xiao heard that ‘Xiao’ and had yet to react to that Ye Nuan was asking him something, up until he heard her finish her question. At this point, he realized she was talking to him and responded, “I also think so.”

When Ye Nuan received a message, Wen Xiao — as her pet — could also receive it, so he could clearly hear every word Speaking with Demons said to Ye Nuan. He determined that this man not only knew Ye Nuan’s situation, he even intended to help Ye Nuan.

Therefore, he was positive that this man knew Ye Nuan in reality.

“Do you have a younger brother?” Wen Xiao asked.

“No, I am an only child,” Ye Nuan replied.

Wen Xiao: “Younger male cousin, from either your father’s side or mother’s side ne?”

Ye Nuan: “A younger female cousin from my mother’s side.”

After Ye Nuan answered, she realized what Wen Xiao was thinking. She probingly asked Speaking with Demons, “Do you know me? In reality.”

Speaking with Demons conspicuously froze for a while before replying. “No.”

Ye Nuan: “Then you taking care of me so much……I want to level so I go train. Senior apprentice sister’s level being higher than junior apprentice brother’s level is only in accordance with heaven’s law and earth’s principle ma?”

Speaking with Demons: “You even surpassed third apprentice brother!”

Ye Nuan: “Oh, right. But a number is a number……if you have the ability to train to a higher level than me, then go ahead.” 

Ye Nuan said this without thinking much. She did not expect Speaking with Demons to take it to heart —— for a very long period of time later, Speaking with Demons did not speak more than half a sentence to her. He crazily completed missions, crazily killed monsters, and crazily trained. He did not even go to eat lunch.

Ye Nuan watched him level up — ceng ceng ceng, her chin nearly fell to the ground in shock. “Little apprentice brother, hey, little apprentice brother!”

Speaking with Demons naturally ignored her and continued to fight monsters to level.

Like this, when Ye Nuan ascended to Level 39, Speaking with Demons was Level 35.

When Ye Nuan ascended to Level 40, Speaking with Demons was Level 38.

When Ye Nuan ascended to Level 41, Speaking with Demons was Level 40.

Ye Nuan: “……”

Hence, when Uninhibited went online in the afternoon and saw their levels, his facial expression was like this: o.o

When Four Seas Fragrance came online in the evening and saw both of their levels, his facial expression was like this: TAT

After that night, practically staying up all night to train, they ascended straight to Level 45 in the morning the next day.

Eldest apprentice brother Hundred Miles Uncrystallized had not gone on for a day. When he went online the next day, his facial expression was like this:  

black person question mark face.jpg

Hundred Miles Uncrystallized: “……what are you both doing, not fighting in the arena?”

Four Seas Fragrance: “Junior apprentice brother and sister’s levels have caught up; as second apprentice brother, how can my level be lower than their levels ne QAQ”

Uninhibited: “I want to raise my level more, to protect little apprentice sister.”

Ye Nuan: “Senior apprentice sister’s level is higher than little apprentice brother’s, is that not in accordance with heaven’s law and earth’s principle ma.”

Speaking with Demons: “My level must be higher to protect senior apprentice sister!”

Hundred Miles Uncrystallized remained silent for a moment. He then glanced at his own level —— Level 50. He too was only higher than junior apprentice brother and sister by 5 levels.

He immediately ordered, “Starting today, no one is allowed to level up; everyone must go fight in the arena! Whoever does not breach the top 30 before reaching Level 50 will be expelled from Master’s door!”

Ye Nuan did not know whether to laugh or cry, saying in her heart, You simply do not want our levels to surpass yours, right?

Four Seas Fragrance probably suffered under Hundred Miles Uncrystallized’s tyranny for a long time, so he basically saw, heard, and obeyed. “Fight! Immediately go fight in the arena!”

Uninhibited also thought nothing of it and replied with an “Okay.”

Only Speaking with Demons voiced a question on the spot. “Shouldn’t Master have the final say on being expelled from Master’s door ba? If you say expelled from Master’s door, is it expelled from Master’s door?”

Hundred Miles Uncrystallized did not say anything and directly dragged him to the arena tyrannically. After three successive matches, Speaking with Demons was oppressed with cuts and bruises all over.

However, Speaking with Demons was still stubborn about this. “Come again! I don’t believe I can’t defeat you!”

—— He was then abused for five more matches.

Speaking with Demons: “Fine ba, I concede that you are very powerful, but your strength does not allow you to make decisions on behalf of Master. Why do you want to drive me out of Master’s door?”

Hundred Miles Uncrystallized: “……”

Tch, he had never seen such a stubborn man, refusing to obey despite being beaten?

Hundred Miles Uncrystallized could only use reverse psychology. “Ah, it seems that you think it is impossible for you to enter the top 30 of the experts list?”

Speaking with Demons: “What a joke! I’ll immediately go fight so you can see!” After he spoke, he immediately found a match in the arena.

Hundred Miles Uncrystallized: “……”

Ye Nuan: “……”

A true fact: for some people, words are more effective than being beaten N times.

However, for some people. They need to be beaten N times.

After Hundred Miles Uncrystallized abused Speaking with Demons, he immediately dragged Four Seas Fragrance away.

Four Seas Fragrance: ???

Four Seas Fragrance: “No, I did not provoke you…… I shall go to fight in the arena ah? What are you doing dragging me?”

Hundred Miles Uncrystallized: “With your current ability, you won’t reach the rank in a year. I will teach you how to fight.”

Four Seas Fragrance: “No ah ah ah ah ah——” 

Ye Nuan watched as her family’s second apprentice brother was dragged away by eldest apprentice brother, waving Quilt at him tearfully.

What to say ne. Instead of directly expelling second apprentice brother from Master’s door, eldest apprentice brother is personally training him. Eldest apprentice brother was not as cold-blooded and ruthless as he appeared ba……

Only, she really did not know how he taught. He taught for so many days, yet Four Seas Fragrance’s rank not only did not rise, people even surpassed it?

Right now, Four Seas Fragrance was ranked 47 on the experts list.

Ye Nuan shrugged, not feeling like paying much attention to it. She returned to town to turn in the flying mount mission.

Already Level 45, she could at last leave that somewhat desolate class change town and head to the core of 《 Second World 》’s map ——  Shining Glory City.

This was the largest city in 《 Second World 》. Inside its walls, all kinds of facilities and NPCs existed — everything that should be there was there.

On the stone-paved road, players and NPCs strolled around, very lively.

Ye Nuan had precisely received the flying mount mission in Shining Glory City.

Originally, she had finished the mission at Level 40, but in order to compete with her fellow apprentice brothers level-wise, she had simply tossed it to the side until now.

Wen Xiao, in regards to her and that group of apprentice brothers, had nothing to say. “If your level is a bit lower, others can protect you. What is wrong with that?”

Ye Nuan: “Compared to being protected, I like to protect others.”

Wen Xiao: “……I can see.”

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