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Chapter 24 — I am her boyfriend.

Wen Xiao froze for a moment and did not respond. He then heard Ye Nuan speak once more. “Okay la, just joking. Whatever you want to buy, buy. No white, no wearing white.”

As she spoke, she took the necklace off the bed and placed it around Wen Xiao’s neck as well, without any explanation.

Wen Xiao instinctively reached up to touch the necklace around his neck.

In reality, he did not like wearing any accessories. There was only a wristwatch adorning his body from top to bottom, so he was not used to having something suddenly around his neck.

It inexplicably felt like an illusory dog collar……

However, it was already on, and he also did not feel like taking it off.

Since Ye Nuan wanted him to put it on, he would put it on ba. In any case, he also did not care much about this.

Thinking like this, Wen Xiao took neither the necklace nor the ring off. When he spoke up, it was about something else. “Would there really be no problem if I go out like this?”

—— Sure enough, he still felt that these clothes were too revealing.

“No problem ba. After all, this is a game. Compared to you, second apprentice brother wears……” Ye Nuan stopped halfway, suddenly remembering something. “Ah, wait a minute, there seems to be a cloak too.”

She immediately opened her inventory as she said this. Indeed, she found that the Level 50 Mage equipment set also had a cloak that she had forgotten about in the corner. She promptly tossed it toward Wen Xiao.

Wen Xiao shook it open and draped it over his shoulders, finding that this cloak was very large and could cover his entire body. This gave him a sense of security.

“Okay like this ba?” Ye Nuan asked Wen Xiao.

Wen Xiao gave a “Mn,” and did not say anything else.

“Then do you want to go out and look around?” Ye Nuan asked him again.

Wen Xiao replied with a “Okay.”

However, as he was not a genuine player after all, instead being Ye Nuan’s pet, Wen Xiao felt a little nervous as he gripped the magic staff and followed Ye Nuan downstairs and outside the inn. He was completely following Ye Nuan’s lead.

After Ye Nuan went downstairs, she deliberately slowed down her steps, wanting to wait for Wen Xiao to catch up. After waiting half a day and not seeing him, she puzzledly turned around to take a look.

In the end, she discovered Wen Xiao was obediently following right behind her as if he had enabled the auto-follow mode.

Ye Nuan did not know whether to laugh or cry. “You relax a bit ah. No problem, no one will see a flaw.”

Wen Xiao gave a “Mn,” and tried walking beside her. Then, he walked forward together with her.

As a result, not even a few steps later, they ran into One Tree Remaining.

Ye Nuan: “……”

Although the sun was shining brightly in the game, without a cloud for thousands of miles, it was very late at this time, still quite aways from dawn.

Eldest apprentice brother Hundred Miles Uncrystallized and second apprentice brother Four Seas Fragrance were both offline, and Uninhibited, who stayed up late every day, as well as fifth apprentice brother Speaking with Demons were both still leveling.

She absolutely had not expected she could run into One Tree Remaining at this time.

Wen Xiao looked at him, frozen, somewhat at a loss.

Before he could react, Ye Nuan shielded him behind her. “You are truly chipping away at a task and not abandoning it ah?” she said to One Tree Remaining.

One Tree Remaining expressionlessly looked at her. “You are also very unwavering.”

Ye Nuan: ???

Ye Nuan discovered that she could not talk with others who do not share three views similar to hers.

But, if she did not take advantage of the opportunity to make things clear with One Tree Remaining, this man would certainly continue to nag her.

Thinking like this, Ye Nuan coldly stated, “I’ll say it again. I do not like you. Please stay far away from me.”

One Tree Remaining narrowed his eyes. “It seems that my sincerity is not enough.” He ceased speaking. He proposed a trade with Ye Nuan and then placed within the transaction window a pile of uncommon equipment, as well as a generous amount of gold coins.

Specifically how many gold coins, the logarithm was not sure. In any case, it was a string starting with 1 and using a dazzling number of 0s to end……

Ye Nuan closed the transaction window with almost no thought, without saying anything to this person called One Tree Remaining.

Did this man think he could buy anything in the world with money?

“If your sincerity is measured by money, forgive me, I cannot accept.” Ye Nuan resisted the urge to press One Tree Remaining to the ground and beat him up. “Also, I have someone I like.”

She thought, since directly refusing got her nowhere, then she would put out a suitable reason.

As a result, One Tree Remaining blurted out, “Tell me who he is. I’ll give him a sum of money that will make him not need to worry about clothes and food for the rest of his life.”

Ye Nuan: “……”

Really…..could not communicate.

Since she could not communicate, Ye Nuan did not feel like in the mood to continue talking to him and grabbed Wen Xiao’s hand, pulling him along to leave.

Originally, One Tree Remaining had not taken note of Wen Xiao’s existence, but now seeing Ye Nuan’s action, he finally paid attention to him in passing.

Instinctually, he wanted to look at his information, but……

System: 【 The other party has activated privacy settings. Unable to look at their profile page. 】 

One Tree Remaining narrowed his eyes and then tried to send a friend application to Wen Xiao. As a result, he waited for quite a while without receiving a reply.

—— He received no notice about acceptance or rejection.

He was……ignored?

Unexpectedly, someone would dare to ignore him!

One Tree Remaining frowned and strode over to Ye Nuan. He grabbed her hand and questioned, “Who is he?”

Ye Nuan, at the end of her patience, rolled her eyes and said without turning her head back, “You’re asking who he is? I want to ask you, who do you think you are? Are you my father or my mother? Or my distant relatives? Do you care so much?”

One Tree Remaining remained unmoved and once again asked with a raised voice, “Who is he?!”

Ye Nuan exerted effort to shake off his hand and then turned around to face him.

If not for them being in a safezone, if not for her level being too low compared to his, Ye Nuan really would have beat this person before her eyes into a corpse lying on the ground!

However, before she could flip out, Wen Xiao suddenly spoke up from behind her. “I am her boyfriend. May I ask, is something the matter?”

A gentle voice, cordial tone, without a hint of aggression and intimidation — the contents of what was said left both One Tree Remaining and Ye Nuan stunned.

One Tree Remaining’s gaze shifted to him. “How much money do you want? State a price.”

Wen Xiao let slip, “I am not short of money.”

One Tree Remaining: “……”

Wen Xiao: “May I ask, is something the matter?”

One Tree Remaining sank into silence, supposedly thinking what he should to about Wen Xiao.

To the side, Ye Nuan eyed Wen Xiao, slightly wanting to laugh.

This man appeared weak, yet who would imagine at such a critical moment, he would still step forward bravely?

Also, back when she was nearly killed, he in Quilt form had grown in size to protect her.

By the way, he had just minutes ago said love needed caution, right? In respect to this, she had not admitted to One Tree Remaining that the one she liked was him. As a result, he now stood and said he was her boyfriend?

One Tree Remaining was silent for a while. He then recalled a method to deal with Wen Xiao. “Come to the arena to PK!”

—— He nearly forgot that apart from money, he still had skill ah!

In the end, Wen Xiao admitted, “I cannot defeat you.”

One Tree Remaining: “……”

Wen Xiao saw One Tree Remaining’s doubting life appearance and kindly helped him sort things out. “I am not short of money, and my skill is not as good as yours. I am Warm Light at Night’s boyfriend —— May I ask, is there anything else that needs to be added?”

After he finished speaking, he gave One Tree Remaining 3 seconds to reflect on life. Not waiting for the other to respond, he continued, “It seems there isn’t. Like this, I am asking you to not disturb us again in the future. As a member of the ‘upper class,’ intruding on the affections between others as a third party, isn’t it not so good?”

“What was the word? Describing this vulgar behavior.”

“Low ah.” Ye Nuan competed to be the first to answer the question.

“Right, it is low.” Wen Xiao’s tone, from beginning to end, was insipid, but what he said was quite heavy. “Too low, so, I advise you to not.”

The two traded sentences, scolding One Tree Remaining until he was dumbstruck and unable to reply, ashamed and unable to show his face.

Ultimately, he had nothing to say and choked on a bellyful of anger before going offline on the spot.

Thereupon, he did not know that after he went offline, Ye Nuan and Wen Xiao both released sighs of relief.

Afterward, Ye Nuan hooked an arm around Wen Xiao’s neck. “Okay ah, you! The flies that I could not drive away were driven back by you!”

Wen Xiao did not know whether to laugh or cry. “What are you saying……”

It sounded like he was far weaker than Ye Nuan.

Although he indeed had no fighting technique and had not fought with anyone since he was a child till now, it was not because he was the type to swallow his anger.

His colleagues all said he resigned himself to adversity, but in fact, it was simply because his temperament was very chill. Most things he did not take to heart, nothing more.

When necessary, he could still resist.

“Right, didn’t you want to look at yourself in a mirror?” Ye Nuan suddenly recalled. “There are no mirrors in this game, but a water reflection should be clear enough. I know there is a pool nearby. I’ll take you to look?”

“Okay,” Wen Xiao agreed, allowing Ye Nuan to grab his wrist and pull him along to a nearby pool.

There was a fountain, but because the river was very gentle, the water in the pool did not ripple much. Using it as a mirror in the game was completely possible.

Wen Xiao stood in front of the fountain and, somewhat apprehensive, stretched his neck forward. With a glance, there was recognition —— wasn’t this his face……

When players entered the game, the virtual reality cabin could automatically scan the player’s entire body and import it into the game. Afterward, when the player established their character’s appearance, they could use their true appearance as the base and adjust it further. 

Ye Nuan’s avatar was imported and adjusted by Wen Xiao.

He did not pinch the face, so Ye Nuan’s avatar only had a beauty filter added.

He absolutely had not expected that his own appearance would also use the same style of being imported into the game, without any actual adjustments made at all……

For a moment, Wen Xiao’s mood was somewhat complicated.

While feeling anxious, he also felt relieved —— he was anxious that his face could attract unnecessary troubles, but he would not feel at ease with the face of a stranger.

It really was fairly complicated.

But this was easy to handle.

He asked Wen Xiao, “Can you help me buy a mask? Like your third apprentice brother’s?”

Ye Nuan clearly understood what he meant when she heard this. “You really look like this in reality?”

Wen Xiao shrugged, declining to comment.

“But masks are assassin equipment ai? Mage’s equipment……” Ye Nuan recalled, “Right, veil!”

Wen Xiao: ???

“Wait, I’ll go buy it for you!” Ye Nuan said this and then dashed to the equipment store.

Wen Xiao hesitated for a moment before catching up with her steps, an inexplicable feeling of worry swelling within him……


Author has something to say:

Sure enough, cannot set flag……but I did not update last night because I went to join my mother’s classmate gathering orz

Today, I will update a chapter first, and I should be able to post a make-up chapter in the afternoon.

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Author’s Response: In fact, this novel will indeed not be written too long, so the romance plotline will not have twists and turns, is precisely sweet sweet sweet the whole journey~

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