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Chapter 12 — Senior apprentice sister will avenge you.

Chaotic Reputation said he would not go offline, and he truly didn’t.

He said he wanted to take revenge for his apprentice, so he really did shout about this into 「 Ambitious Hegemony 」 before sending a group of members to kill that ID called Westerly Wind.

Ye Nuan did not participate. She stayed in the inn and watched the World Channel with glee.

【 World 】 Westerly Wind: Chaotic Reputation is at the job change town! Come quickly, kill him!

【 World 】 Chaotic Reputation: Shout ah! Keep shouting! Shout until your throat is sore, I still won’t let you off! I, your father, will throw down these words today! If I don’t kill you back to Level 1, I will go on B Site and live broadcast crossdressing while doing a handstand!

【 World 】 Westerly Wind: Go ah! Go on B Site and live broadcast crossdressing while doing a handstand ah!

【 World 】 Chaotic Reputation: Fuck! If you have the guts, come out of the safezone!

【 World 】 Westerly Wind: I won’t come out! Won’t come out! I won’t come out this lifetime; don’t think about killing me back to Level 1 this lifetime! Better go to B Site and live broadcast crossdressing while doing a handstand as soon as possible ba!

【 World 】 Chaotic Reputation: If you really have the ability, then hide in the safezone this lifetime and don’t come out! If you dare to come out, I dare to kill you back to Level 1! I won’t give up until you’re killed back to Level 1!

Well ba, Ye Nuan at last understood. As it turned out, this ‘If I don’t kill you back to Level 1, I will go on B Site and live broadcast crossdressing while doing a handstand’ pledge had no time limit, which translated to —— Live broadcast crossdressing while doing a handstand? Never happening, I will sooner or later kill you back to Level 1 one day!

Her family’s Master was truly shameless ah……

Just as she thought of this, she heard a system notice.

【 System 】 Guild has a new mission, please take note.

Ye Nuan automatically opened the guild mission interface. Sure enough, there was a new mission:

Mission Type: Bounty Mission

Mission Time Limit: Continuous

Mission Content: Kill Westerly Wind

Mission Reward: 1 Gold Coin/1 Time

Ye Nuan: ……

Yes, this was really like Master.

After this, Chaotic Reputation once again began making noise in the World Channel. He led guild members to Westerly Wind’s location to slaughter him. After pulling the hatred of the entire guild, he suddenly recalled that he still had to boost accounts and straightforwardly went offline.

Guild members of「 Ambitious Hegemony 」 were long used to keeping calm in the face of the unexpected. When the guild leader went offline, they immediately dissolved, every one of them leaving.

And those guilds slaughtered by 「 Ambitious Hegemony 」 went on the World Channel again to curse out 「 Ambitious Hegemony 」 as well as Chaotic Reputation for no less than an hour.

Ye Nuan finally knew why Chaotic Reputation was so hated.

This mama bear protectiveness was also too savage ba orz

After Chaotic Reputation went offline, Ye Nuan recalled little apprentice brother’s existence and promptly sent him a voice message. “Junior apprentice brother, do you want senior apprentice sister to take you to level?”

“No need.” Little apprentice brother spoke in a very tsundere[1] tone.

A second later, Ye Nuan heard a system notice about him being killed……

Fortunately, Master was not online. If he was online, she reckoned he would once again explode.

She felt that because Chaotic Reputation got into a dispute with all the players, all the players glared like a tiger watching its prey at Chaotic Reputation himself, Chaotic Reputation’s guild, and Chaotic Reputation’s followers.

Ye Nuan sighed and went downstairs to leave the inn.

In any case, she had promised Master to take little apprentice brother leveling; she could not go back on her word.

After Ye Nuan went downstairs, she made a beeline for the safezone. Sure enough, she saw little apprentice brother just be revived.

Little apprentice brother had long silver hair tied back into a ponytail. He was currently watching the people nearby vigilantly.

Ye Nuan followed his gaze and immediately saw the people who had just killed him, a Level 22 warrior who was also staring fixedly at Speaking with Demons. Clearly, this person intended to wait for him to leave the safezone before killing him again.

Ye Nuan looked around quickly. After confirming that the only one who wanted to kill Speaking with Demons was that Level 22 swordsman, she laughed. “Junior apprentice brother, you wait, senior apprentice sister will avenge you.”

Speaking with Demons froze for a moment, instinctually turning his head to look at Ye Nuan. The first glance left him dumbfounded. He was unable to retract his gaze for a long time.

Ye Nuan did not take note of his strange reaction. After she finished speaking, she left the safezone.

She was currently Level 21. That person who killed Speaking with Demons was Level 22.

Although she was a level lower than the other party, the other party was only one person. Ye Nuan did not think she would lose.

In her opinion, a level lower was in fact a good thing. Because of this, she could use herself as bait and lure the other party to leave the safezone to kill her.

After all, she was also Chaotic Reputation’s follower.

Sure enough, the other party saw her come out of the safezone and brandished his sword, chasing after her to kill.

Ye Nuan laughed ostentatiously and turned around to thrust her dagger forward, stabbing the other party in the stomach and drawing a layer of blood.

The other party probably thought since he was a level higher than Ye Nuan, moreover, a warrior facing a small crispy skin assassin, he had nothing to fear. Therefore, he was not intimidated by Ye Nuan’s attack and once again slashed at her with his sword.

Ye Nuan lowered her body, nimbly evading his sword, before immediately grabbing his arm in a shoulder throw!

The game did not say players could only use job skills and could not use wrestling moves ah~

After Ye Nuan threw him to the ground, she seized the opportunity to use all her skills, killing the other party in one breath.

Because the other party was a red name, he dropped an explosion of equipment after dying.

Ye Nuan impolitely picked up all his equipment and discovered that there was a Level 15 assassin equipment within the pile. She guessed that this must have been a drop from her family’s little apprentice brother. She then walked over to Speaking with Demons and exchanged it back to him.

Because Ye Nuan had killed him so fast, the people nearby did not take note of it.

Speaking with Demons saw the entire process with his own eyes. His gaze toward Ye Nuan became more complicated.

After Ye Nuan exchanged the equipment back to him, she finally sensed his peculiarity.

This expression of his……

Did not resemble the look of having one’s breath taken away after seeing a beauty.

It also did not resemble the worshipful gaze toward a god.

Moreover, it did not resemble the proper thankfulness of seeing someone help take revenge.

On the contrary, it resembled the look of seeing an old friend.

Ye Nuan was startled by her own thinking and carefully examined Speaking with Demons’s face. She thought it was strange; this was not a face she recognized.

His expression was too fervent, which caused Ye Nuan to ask helplessly, “Have we met somewhere?”

Speaking with Demons was stunned. After his consciousness came back, he looked away. “No.”

Ye Nuan blinked, feeling doubtful about his response. “Truly haven’t?”

“No.” This time, Speaking with Demons responded a little bit more firmly. After that, he did not wait for Ye Nuan to respond before speaking again. “Thank you, senior apprentice sister, for taking me to level ba.”

“Ai?” Ye Nuan thought she had misheard. “Didn’t you just refuse to have me take you to level?”

Speaking with Demons turned around and brushed past her, leaving the safezone. “After seeing senior apprentice sister’s skill first-hand, I think senior apprentice sister is super-amazing. You won’t drag my hind legs, so I changed my mind!”

Ye Nuan: “……”

Ye Nuan tilted her head as she looked at Speaking with Demons’s back. She felt her family’s Master had misunderstood the meaning behind the word ‘cute.’

This little apprentice brother, where was he cute!

What she did not know was, as she caught up with little apprentice brother’s steps and prepared to take him to a Level 20~ training map to level, her family’s Quilt had climbed out of her belt with its two corners and was eyeing Speaking with Demons’s back as it sank into contemplation.

This man shouldn’t possibly be……someone who knew Ye Nuan in reality ba?


[1] Tsundere to present as unfriendly and blunt, but being warm and tender inside

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