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Chapter 7 — Really could change!

Ye Nuan went from primary school to junior high school, then to senior high school followed by university, going to work after graduation. She had been confessed to by countless people.

This was very normal —— good-looking and able people are popular no matter the location.

Therefore, she originally thought she was already an expert in dealing with the opposite gender.

She could now see that when facing this deadly earnest third apprentice brother, she was suddenly feeling quite pressured.

She had really never met someone like her third apprentice brother, someone who so plainly did not have any affection yet could tease others to the point of confusion and disorientation.

Ye Nuan always had well-defined likes and dislikes. She did not like ambiguity, so she thought it over and still decided to speak straightforwardly. “Senior apprentice brother, don’t you think your words are a bit ambiguous?”

Uninhibited was silent for a moment, seeming to reflect.

After he probably arrived at an answer, he opened his mouth to sound out his thoughts, yet actually just repeating his words. “I will protect you.” He paused. “What ambiguity?”

Ye Nuan: “……”

Okay ba,  it was she who easily thought crooked.

But she still wanted to ask, “Why protect me?”

Uninhibited, seemingly uncomprehending, tilted his head. “You are my little apprentice sister.”

Ah, this reason, was indeed irrefutable.

“Well, I understand.” Ye Nuan smiled helplessly.

Forget about it, forget about it; instead of urging senior apprentice brother to not be so ‘ambiguous,’ it was better if she adapted to his ‘ambiguity.’ In any case, his ‘ambiguity’ was harmless to her. After she decided on this point, she truly did not need to care about it so much.

“Walk, continue leveling,” Uninhibited said.

Ye Nuan hummed in agreement and followed behind her family’s third apprentice brother, acting as a beautiful flower vase.

Sometime later, when it probably reached a very late hour in reality, Uninhibited said he was going offline.

Before he disconnected, he returned Ye Nuan to a safe zone. “Tomorrow, I will carry you again.”

Ye Nuan: “Good.”

Uninhibited: “You also rest early.”

“Mn.” Ye Nuan agreed, shrugging a bit helplessly —— she actually wanted to go offline, but could she?

After Uninhibited went offline, Ye Nuan called out to the system again, still unresigned. “I want to go offline, disconnect.”

System: 【 Command received, executing…… System is busy. Please try again later. 】 

Sure enough.

Ye Nuan kneeled to Buddha.[1]

It seemed that she really was going to stay in this game for an awfully long time.

Then because she was living in the game for an indefinite amount of time, would she be living in this game until it shut down one day?

She truly did not know how she would solve the case in reality.

Because it was a game, 《 Second World 》 did not have a day and night cycle. As a result, Ye Nuan had not known whether it was day or night in reality. 

She merely knew that she did not feel sleepy. Therefore, after exchanging items and equipment in the town, she decided to sell off what she could. After buying more medicine, she resolved to go level up by herself.

Before she set off, she felt something around her waist tickle. Reaching down to grope at the area, she recalled Quilt’s existence.

Little Quilt had been stuffed into her belt for a long time and was a bit deformed. It lay in her palm, as if at death’s door, only trembling unsteadily.

Ye Nuan stroked it, laughter involuntarily bubbling from her lips. She allowed her left pinky to draw near. “If you don’t like being stuffed in my belt, hold onto my pinky.”

Also, if it held onto her left pinky, it would affect her the least when fighting.

Quilt clearly understood and extended two corners in the direction of Ye Nuan’s pinky. After successfully embracing it, it extended its other two corners to nuzzle it, the entire quilt wrapped around Ye Nuan’s pinky.


Ye Nuan was very satisfied with how well-behaved her pet was. She then recalled that Uninhibited did not seem to carry any pet along…… How exactly did he put away his pet?

When he next came online, she would look for the opportunity to ask ba.

Thinking like this, Ye Nuan stopped dawdling and summoned her unicorn. Sitting astride it, she rode off to the Level 20~ training map.

As she was now Level 18, killing monsters 2 levels higher was still okay.

However, she absolutely had not expected that just as she reached the Level 20 training map and had yet to put away her unicorn, an arrow flew directly toward her face.

The arrow was not a released skill, so Ye Nuan swiftly caught it, not allowing it to do her any harm.

Because of this action, the system also judged that she had entered combat mode and automatically unsummoned her mount.

Ye Nuan fell from the air but steadily landed on the ground. She then looked in the direction the arrow came from and unexpectedly saw the player ID Ancient Road Solitary Shadow — he was a Level 26 archer, and was amongst those who had tried to kill her earlier.

Ye Nuan raised a brow. “Didn’t you say you would not inconvenience me?”

“Who said this?” Ancient Road Solitary Shadow tossed back.

Ye Nuan thought for a moment. “Oh right, the one who said this was indeed not you. So what on earth do you want? Killing me?”

Ancient Road Solitary Shadow: “Either make your Master return my equipment, or I will chase after and kill you. Do as you see fit!”

“What equipment?” Ye Nuan was a bit confused. “My Master is Level 99, what level are you? He would rob you of your equipment?”

“Your guild members robbed, tantamount to your Master robbing!” Ancient Road Solitary Shadow did not spend much time arguing and once again shot an arrow at Ye Nuan, this time using a skill.

Ye Nuan evaded with a sidestep, her eyes narrowing.

She vaguely guessed that the other party simply wanted to kill her, nothing more. What equipment, it was all just an excuse.

Just because she was Chaotic Reputation’s apprentice?

Or so to say, because she was an Elf assassin? Still only Level 18?

When that party had tried to kill her, she had seen them clearly hesitate when confronted by Uninhibited.

They were obviously both Chaotic Reputation’s apprentices, obviously both Elf assassins, so why did they only yell and attack her and not Uninhibited?

Was it because Uninhibited was Level 29?

Ye Nuan clicked her tongue —— some players in this game truly liked to take advantage of the soft and fear the hard ah. No wonder Master wanted to set up a guild solely for assassins.

Since there were such reasons, then there was no need for her to act leniently, right?

Thinking like this, Ye Nuan no longer paid attention to the other’s nonsense and decisively pulled her dagger out from her waist. She had thought it over, in fact. She was a Level 18 assassin, facing a Level 26 archer. In the end, she wanted to see to what degree she could fight.

Hearing the sound of her pulling out her dagger, Quilt hugged her finger tightly with clear strength. Who knew if it was afraid of the situation or worried about her.

However, at this moment, Ye Nuan really could not spare the effort to comfort it. “Open slaughter mode.”

System: 【 You have opened slaughter mode! 】 

Upon hearing this system notice, Ye Nuan resolutely rushed at that archer!

“Worthy of being an assassination guild member, your murderous spirit is truly too heavy ah!” Ancient Road Solitary Shadow sneered, quickly knocking his bow.

This time, he shot out three arrows in one breath. Ye Nuan evaded while charging him, stooping to avoid the first one, jumping sideways to avoid the second one, but the third arrow nicked her leg. She had successfully approached that archer, though, and her dagger stabbed directly at him.

Tch, not fast enough.

Ye Nuan thought internally, frowning.

As expected, Ancient Road Solitary Shadow near-effortlessly used his bow to block her dagger; he then used his other hand to grab an arrow and stab it at her chest.

Ye Nuan backflipped to open some distance, grabbing the arrow aimed at her body and tossing it toward the ground.

In the game, players felt no pain, but there was a sensation of touch.

An arrow’s piercing blow felt very unpleasant.

Quilt hugged Ye Nuan’s pinky with even greater strength.

Ye Nuan also realized her ignorance —— she had not expected an 8 level gap to actually be so obvious!


But if she ran, could she escape?


In any case, first try to escape and see.

In the wake of Ye Nuan’s command, her unicorn materialized beneath her body. She then rode off in the direction she came from.

Ancient Road Solitary Shadow saw her run off and promptly used a ranged skill —— ten thousand arrows flew out simultaneously!

In the blink of an eye, countless light arrows flew after her. She simply was not able to evade them at all.

Ye Nuan gripped her dagger tightly and turned around to watch the unceasing light arrows draw near.

She did not know how much blood would be drawn when these arrows hit their mark, but she knew that if a light arrow did hit, the system would judge her to be in combat mode and once again withdraw her mount.

At this time, Ancient Road Solitary Shadow was already chasing after with his mount.

Ye Nuan pursed her lips, thinking that she would not be able to escape.

Yet, just as she thought she would certainly die, she felt the grip on her pinky loosen.

Ye Nuan: ???


Ye Nuan thought her family’s Quilt had fallen down. Before she could react to this, she saw the palm-sized Quilt suddenly grow bigger, rising steeply from the ground. In but a split second, it became an immense, square shield!

This snow white shield blocked all the arrows attacking Ye Nuan, even blocking Ancient Road Solitary Shadow’s way.

“Shit, what the fuck is this?!” Ancient Road Solitary Shadow momentarily got distracted and forgot to slow down. The next second, rider and mount collided with this shield and discovered it was not as hard as it should be!

Ye Nuan turned around, looking shocked when she saw her family’s ‘Quilt.’ She clearly had not expected that it would suddenly change into a shield.

She sounded out, “Quilt?”

The snow white shield replied with a ‘jī.’ 

Very good, it was her family’s Quilt, appraisal completed.

Ye Nuan could not help breaking into laughter. “I didn’t expect you to be so useful? Walk over.”

Quilt replied again with ‘jī’ before transforming again. The entire quilt shrank, transforming into a snow white ball. With great effort, it swerved its body around and rolled over to Ye Nuan.

Ye Nuan could not help laughing again. This time, she could not help cursing too, “What the hell!”

Quilt: “QAQ”

Actually, when it had been stuffed into Ye Nuan’s belt, Quilt had not been idle. It had continuously studied how to use its skills.

He tried to utilize his mind to make himself grow bigger, grow smaller, soften, harden, and discovered that he really could change!

He then wanted to know, was there a limit to his changes? To what extent could he grow bigger? How hard?

Just now when Ye Nuan encountered danger, he wanted to protect her while simultaneously seizing the opportunity to experiment.

After making a firm resolution, he released Ye Nuan’s finger and then used his fastest speed to grow bigger and harden.

He then discovered that there was indeed a limit to how big and how hard he could become —— he had just reached his limit a moment ago.

He could not grow especially big, but at the very least, he had successfully protected Ye Nuan!

Ye Nuan saw that Quilt could ‘walk’ on its own and could not help but feel gratified —— her family’s Quilt was at last no longer a useless quilt!

Afterward, Ye Nuan rode her mount toward a safe zone and could not help think —— if Quilt could grow bigger, then when she goes to sleep, would it not be able to actually cover her like a real quilt?


Author has something to say:

Quilt: Finally, I have a scene ovo


[1]  In slang, (佛了) means reluctant acceptance, despite still being unconvinced, in a very sarcastic manner. Literally, it is translated as ‘Buddha,’ so here, it is translated as ‘kneeling to Buddha’ to give the impression of forced acceptance.

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