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Chapter 25 — Take you as a wife ah!

Ye Nuan arrived at the equipment store and very carefully selected a Mage veil to purchase.

The frame of the veil was golden, curving in a good-looking arc. Both ends could be hooked around the ears.

Due to considering Wen Xiao’s current outfit that mainly consisted of deep violet and gold, Ye Nuan chose a black veil, the fringe decorated with a few golden details.

After she bought the veil, she took it out of her inventory and turned around to put it on Wen Xiao.

Wen Xiao was startled by her movement and shrunk back. But after realizing she was putting a veil on him, he obediently stayed still and waited in place.

The veil covered up the bottom half of Wen Xiao’s face, but it also made the upper half of his face more prominent.

Long lashes cast an attractive shadow, covering up long and narrow, yet gentle as water, eyes. Ye Nuan was stunned with just a look.

She suddenly felt that the definitions of handsome and beautiful had become somewhat ambiguous.

Wen Xiao was handsome, but compared to handsome, it seemed that beautiful was a more suitable description.

Ye Nuan suddenly wanted to do something. She reached out a hand to grab the hood of Wen Xiao’s cloak and placed it on his head.

Wen Xiao blinked, looking at her in confusion.

As a result, Ye Nuan laughed to herself and teased, “Western beauty oh~”

After putting on the veil and hood, Wen Xiao appeared increasingly mysterious.

A man with a very gentle as jade appearance was wrapped up as mysterious and enticing Western beauty.

Ye Nuan laughed the more she thought about it. She could not help stop herself. “You really……what kind of feeling do you think you give people wearing clothes like this ah?”

Wen Xiao somewhat helplessly looked at her. “You also can —— the Western beauty equipment, you deserve to possess.”

Ye Nuan: “Hahahahaha!”

Wen Xiao amused Ye Nuan, but with great difficulty, she stopped. “Walk, accompany me to train.”

With Wen Xiao, she no longer needed to team up with anyone.

Just as Wen Xiao voiced “Okay,” he saw Ye Nuan summon her four-winged warhorse.

Ye Nuan flipped over and sat astride the horse before extending a hand to Wen Xiao.

Wen Xiao naturally gripped her hand and borrowed her strength to climb onto the horse behind her. Afterward, he hesitated before grabbing hold of Ye Nuan’s belt.

Ye Nuan could not help breaking into laughter. “You could hold onto my waist; it’s fine.”

This was the second time Ye Nuan rode a horse with someone. This was the first time there was someone behind on while riding a horse. The first time, it had been her sitting behind someone. The experiences were completely different.

She liked the feeling of her being dominant; she also liked the feeling of someone accompanying her.

Accompanying her was Wen Xiao, which made her even happier~

Wen Xiao ultimately tried to hug Ye Nuan’s waist, allowing his body to stick to Ye Nuan’s back. He felt his heartbeat become slightly unstable.

Ye Nuan did not think much about it. After making sure he was seated stably, she then commanded her four-winged warhorse to fly.

The black warhorse unfurled its four wings and surged up with a powerful wave of air, soaring high into the sky. It flew the two people to a Level 50~ training map.

The wind tore off Wen Xiao’s hood, exposing his long hair tied back by the headband.

He blinked, sensing a fantastical tactile sensation as the veil lightly brushed against his cheeks. He also felt the presence of someone in his embrace. He nearly could imagine the happiness currently on Ye Nuan’s face.

It could be seen that Ye Nuan liked to fly because she yearned for freedom, yearned for no one to tie her down, no nothing to tie her down — a free and easy life.

Therefore, after she graduated from a major in literature, she refused her parents’ suggestions for her to be a teacher, to be a civil servant, and wholeheartedly threw herself into work related to games. Every day, she dealt with digital tablets, pressure-sensitive pens, as well as all sorts of drawing software. She was devoted to using the painting brush in her hand to create a gorgeous game world.

What a pity, after creating 《 Second World 》, she did not have the chance to enter and experience it for herself.

In this sense, this accident to Ye Nuan could really be regarded as ‘profiting from a disaster.’

“If you could really leave the game and return to reality……” Wen Xiao suddenly started to talk, asking Ye Nuan, “What do you plan to do?”

Ye Nuan thought it over. “Naturally have my murderer executed first.”

Wen Xiao: “And then after?”

“After……” Ye Nuan unknowingly thought of something and laughed. “Take you as a wife ah!”

Wen Xiao froze for a moment. Helplessly smiling, he said, “Love first, and then marriage.”

Ye Nuan: “This course is correct, but I was clearly joking just now ah. Why are you so serious?”

Wen Xiao: “Marriage is a very grave matter and should not be joked about.”

“Okay ba.” Ye Nuan shrugged. “Listen to you.”

Wen Xiao: “Also, I will not go and join my wife’s family. Therefore, this taking a wife would also be me taking you as a wife.”

Ye Nuan did not know whether to laugh or cry.

Reasonably rearranging Ye Nuan’s marriage talk……no, it was after ending the subject related to marriage, Wen Xiao once again began speaking.  “I wanted to ask what field you planned to work in. Are you planning to continue working as an Environmental Game Designer?”

Ye Nuan was startled. At this point, she realized —— Right ah, if she really could return to reality, that meant she had to face reality’s residents and affairs once more.

She slightly missed her parents and couldn’t let go of her half-finished project, but she thought about how she might not have any time to play games. She felt somewhat reluctant.

Not waiting for her to respond, Wen Xiao continued talking. “Although this sentence is shameless, I am your life benefactor……”

Ye Nuan: “You are of course my life benefactor ah? Your face is still there, be at ease.”

Wen Xiao: “……cough, listen to me finish.”

Ye Nuan: “Okay~”

Wen Xiao: “Although I am your life benefactor, there is another meaning behind this. You have offered fairly large support and assistance to my research, pushing forward my research progress by a substantial amount. It is reasonable to say that I should pay you a sum of money as remuneration. This sum of remuneration should be enough to allow you to live the rest of your life without having to worry about clothes and food.”

These words made Ye Nuan recall One Tree Remaining, and she felt between laughter and tears.

However, for some unknown reason, despite similar words coming out from Wen Xiao’s mouth, it did not make Ye Nuan feel disgusted at all.

Perhaps it was because Wen Xiao’s manner of speaking, or because she deserved this sum of money and not him stuffing her with it.

Wen Xiao: “Actually, what I want to say is that after returning to reality, if you do not want to work, it doesn’t matter. You can completely go do what you genuinely like to do.”

“Oh, it sounds very beautiful ah?” Ye Nuan responded.

Her view of work, to tell the truth, was somewhat complicated.

She liked games and also liked drawing and designing. Therefore, when she designed game environments, she had always taken pleasure from it.

However, everyone’s aesthetics were different. She was not the boss, so she did not have the final say in everything. As a result, she received all sorts of bizarre and even deliberately provocative feedback and alteration suggestions.

Often during this time, she would always angrily think about quitting her job.

Therefore, Ye Nuan may feel slightly regretful about giving up work, but it would not be impossible for her to consider.

“Let’s talk about it more when the moment comes ba.” Ultimately, Ye Nuan gave this sort of response. “When I really can leave, I will carefully think about what I actually want to do.”

Wen Xiao gave a “Mn” in response.

“You as well ah, don’t always think so much about the long-term. It is very easy to neglect the beautiful scenery by your side if you think like this.” Ye Nuan spoke as she indicated for Wen Xiao to lower his head. “Look down, see the sea of flowers?”

Wen Xiao subconsciously bowed his head and saw in the distance a nearby sea of flowers.

That part of the sea was completely made up of flowers. Flying past it, countless petals were plucked by the wind, fluttering in the air. It was an indescribably poignant beauty.

Wen Xiao unknowingly stared in rapture. He had yet to respond when he heard Ye Nuan say, “This sea of flowers, I had redrawn my first draft ten times. Because I liked pink, and the boss liked blue and disliked pink. As a result, even though I turned all the majority of the flowers white and blue, leaving only a bit of pink mixed in, the boss was still dissatisfied.”

Wen Xiao recovered his consciousness. He took note of the color of the sea of flowers —— white, pink, purple, blue, four colors harmoniously interweaved together, giving people a dream-like vision to experience.

“Then how did you finally convince the boss?” Wen Xiao asked her.

Ye Nuan laughed and said, “You might not believe what I say. I quarreled with the boss, nearly resigned, and left my job. In the end, the boss had no choice but to compromise. Not only that, the total authority on the color of the flowers was given to me to decide. My wages also increased.”

Wen Xiao: “……Amazing.”

For some things, Ye Nuan could compromise on. For some things, if she made a firm resolution, eight elephants could not hold her back.

“Look, pink is very pretty ah,” Ye Nuan said.

Wen Xiao did not know whether to laugh or cry. “……Is very pretty.”

Ye Nuan: “What color do you like?”

Wen Xiao thought for a moment. “Gray ba.”

Gray seemed very soft, very comfortable. But the most important thing was —— dirt-resistant.

“Pink and gray matches very well.” After Ye Nuan said this, she suddenly recalled something. “Ah, you say, could the person who killed me:, be my family’s boss ba?”

Wen Xiao: “……Think too much.”

Your family’s boss hated the idea of you resigning, so how could he be willing to kill you?

Was the murderer someone on the staff? No, she was a legendary tree that sheds money when shaken ah![1]

Ye Nuan thought it over, and also felt that this was not a very likely possibility.

Because of this, she felt it was strange —— Everyday, she only moved between two points, running back and forth between company and home, and basically had no time to socialize. In the end, did she unintentionally offend someone, who hated her to the point where they could not help killing her ne?


[1] source of easy money, cash cow

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