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Chapter 26 — You’re really special.

Ye Nuan commanded the four-winged warhorse to descend and jumped off first. She then helped Wen Xiao off the horse.

Wen Xiao originally wanted to say he could do it himself, but seeing Ye Nuan extend a hand out to him, he instinctively placed his hand in her palm.

After the two stood firmly on the ground, Ye Nuan withdrew the mount and said, “I’ll pull monsters, you can use your skills according to your mood; be careful to not OT.”

“According to my mood……” Wen Xiao did not know whether to laugh or cry. “By the way, what is OT?”

Ye Nuan saw that he had never played games and without any better option, she began to explain from the start. “After I enter the monster’s aggro range, the monster will come to attack me. At this time, the monster’s aggro will be focused on my body. If you release a skill before I attack the monster, and it hits the monster, the monster’s aggro for you will exceed my aggro. It will then switch its attack target to you —— this is called OT.”

“Okay, understood.” Wen Xiao’s learning speed was very quick. “Anyway, it’s okay if I stop the attack when I find something wrong, right?”

Ye Nuan: “Mhmm.”

After explaining what should be explained once through, Ye Nuan drew her dagger and launched an attack at a nearby monster.

Wen Xiao earnestly observed her movements. Seeing which monster she attacked, he helped her attack that monster.

The direction the magic was cast toward, as well as the angle, was controlled consciously, so it was relatively easy to adjust.

—— Wen Xiao only missed the first two fireballs. Afterward, the fireballs all smoothly hit the target.

When all was said and done, he was a pet, and his skills were not topped up, so the damage he could cause to the monster was very touching……

Ye Nuan shrugged. She originally had no hope that Wen Xiao could help her and merely wished for someone to accompany her as she leveled, nothing more. As a result, she did not issue any opinions about this.


As fighting monsters to level was quite boring, they naturally began chatting la.

Ye Nuan began checking Wen Xiao’s household before she had killed more than a few monsters. “How many people are in your family?”

Wen Xiao did not pay it much mind and obediently answered, “I live alone. My family has my parents, and then I also have an older brother. He is currently a university professor.”

“Amazing,” Ye Nuan exclaimed in admiration. She thought that she must not allow Wen Xiao to look too deeply into her family situation. She thus took the initiative to explain her circumstances. “I am an only child. My parents only have me as a daughter, and they do not often communicate with our relatives.” After she finished speaking, she immediately asked, “Have you had a girlfriend before ba?”

“No.” Wen Xiao responded, “But many people had confessed to me. I rejected them all, mainly because I had no time.

Ye Nuan was stunned.

Not because he did not like and refused, but rather because he had no time……she suddenly felt a crisis. “Then you haven’t rejected me, simply because you now have time?”

Wen Xiao was silent for a moment and then acknowledged frankly, “On one hand, this is the reason. On the other hand……you’re very special.”

Ye Nuan voiced, “Mn?”

“I have never met such a candid yet strong girl like you.” Wen Xiao said, “Those people who confessed to me, they all looked hopefully up at me, while you……you stare at me as an equal.”

Wen Xiao nearly blurted out ‘looked down at’……but truthfully speaking, he sincerely felt Ye Nuan had always ‘looked down at’ him.

This ‘looked down at,’ however, did not mean she despised him, rather —- Wen Xiao felt that in Ye Nuan’s eyes, he was a weakling who needed to be protected.

For a long time now, men were always required to take care of women. The vast majority of women also believed men should take care of them as a principle. Indeed, the men are inherently stronger than women. This was an indisputable fact.  For a long time now, Wen Xiao always, as proper and expected, took care of and protected the women by his side.

However, Ye Nuan was different.  In Ye Nuan’s eyes, she cared and protected all those by her side, regardless of gender.

Wen Xiao began to revere her strength, but later, he began to appreciate her self-reliance. At the same time, he also felt that she gave him a strong sense of security like this.

By her side, he did not need to show off or attend to the separation between men and women. He could relax and be himself.

So much so that he could shamelessly depend on her.

Perhaps it was a problem in temperament. Wen Xiao did not at all resemble the great majority of men who cared about reputation and dignity. He took care of the women by his side not because he wanted to demonstrate his gentlemanly behavior, but rather because he was truly taking into consideration these people. He could reap the feeling of accomplishment from their joy.

On occasion, it also could feel very tiring acting like this.

Who said only women wanted to be held in the palm of their significant other?”

In any case, Wen Xiao had become a little quilt, and when he was held in Ye Nuan’s palm, for a split second, he truly felt especially at ease and cozy — feeling as if he had found a home.

Hearing Wen Xiao call her special, Ye Nuan was undoubtedly happy.

She cheerfully responded, “You are also special. Your temperament allows me to feel very comfortable.”

Ye Nuan was someone who attached great importance to good looks and someone who appreciated those with better skills than her, but when picking a boyfriend, she ultimately looked at temperament.

She felt that Wen Xiao’s temperament resembled white jade, gentle, soft, immaculately clean, and flawless.

However, this temperament of his also made Ye Nuan feel very worried. “If there really comes a day when we can leave the game, you cannot act recklessly, do you hear?”

Wen Xiao stared blankly, naturally knowing what she was referring to —— the incident when he entered the game to observe her, resulting in being caught in the matter as well.

Wen Xiao smiled helplessly and wanted to say he did not regret it, but he was afraid Ye Nuan would not be happy and ultimately nodded in agreement. “Okay, I promise you.”


The two of them trained until nightfall, returning to the inn to rest for a few hours before continuing to level. Within three days, the two of them rose to Level 59 —— still 1 level short of finishing the apprenticeship!

Second apprentice brother Four Seas Fragrance still had yet to break into the top 30 of the experts list, so Ye Nuan could not finish the apprenticeship yet. She could only return to the inn and continue fighting in the arena.

At this time, she only had one skill she had yet to learn, but she had already practiced with this skill in the arena until she gained familiarity. Therefore, this had absolutely no influence on her.

After three days, Wen Xiao changed back into a little quilt once again.

Once again being cupped in Ye Nuan’s hand, he could not help feeling deeply moved.

He laid on his stomach in Ye Nuan’s palm, using his small, soft body to rub twice against her finger. “When I think of not being able to be held in your palm when going outside, I suddenly feel a little reluctant.” 

Ye Nuan could not help breaking into laughter. “I didn’t expect you would be this kind of quilt.”

“Also cannot cover you.”

“It’s fine, you can still be pressed down by me,” Ye Nuan responded.

Wen Xiao: ……

Unexpectedly, there is nothing wrong?

Ye Nuan gave Wen Xiao and her palm enough time to ‘reminisce’ and then stuffed him back into her belt. She opened the competitive matchmaking interface and began fighting in the arena.

This time, she was rushing toward first place on the experts list, so she was fighting each match very seriously, very incisively, very savagely.

Several days later, the eldest apprentice brother Hundred Miles Uncrystallized, who had been missing during this time, came online and looked at Ye Nuan’s level and rank on the experts list. He simply did not dare to believe his eyes!

Warm Light at Night, Level 59 Elf Assassin, Experts List Ranked 3.

—— Ye Nuan, having thoroughly adapted to the game 《 Second World 》, once again regained the glory belonging to those days she was called God.

In fact, when Ye Nuan fought her way into the top 30 of the experts list, people had already recognized her, adding her as a friend and asking whether she was Cold Night.

However, thinking about her circumstances in reality, Ye Nuan could only shake her head and deny.

After Hundred Miles Uncrystallized went online and saw Ye Nuan’s level and rank, he remained silent for a long time.

He could see that Ye Nuan’s skill was not at all inferior to any of the other apprentices, but he did not expect she would be able to fight to such a high rank.

At the moment, she was only a dozen or so points behind him, the difference of a single fight.

Originally, he was waiting for her to reach a bottleneck and come to him for guidance, but in the end, at present, it seemed like he was powerless to defend himself……?

Just as he hesitated on whether to poke Ye Nuan and what to say after poking her, he had yet to think much about it when Ye Nuan took the initiative to poke him. “Eldest apprentice brother, do you have time mie?”

Hundred Miles Uncrystallized was silent for a while before responding, “Have, what’s up?”

His voice was still as chilling as before, but Ye Nuan was already used to it and did not pay it much mind. “I want to PK with you once, a private spar, so it won’t influence your points.”

Hundred Miles Uncrystallized once again fell silent for a moment. He struggled somewhat, but ultimately replied with an “Okay.”

This probably was the first time Hundred Miles Uncrystallized felt this thing called ‘panic,’ something called ‘apprehension,’ something called ‘crisis.’

He had been outdone by One Tree Remaining many times. He recognized that his skill was as good as the other person; there was nothing to say.

As for the person originally ranked 3, the person had challenged him many times but suffered defeat time after time. At present, the person had not logged into the game for a very long time.

Hundred Miles Uncrystallized had nearly forgotten when was the last time he fought such an ‘unpredictable’ battle and what feeling accompanied it.

Before accepting Ye Nuan’s PK request, he opened up Ye Nuan’s detailed profile to take a look. Sure enough, the arena victory rate column showed an impressive 100%.

This was something he could not accomplish, yet a female player accomplished it with a light and easy flick of the hand —— at this realization, Hundred Miles Uncrystallized’s mood was inexplicably enigmatic.

Originally, he held an appreciation for Ye Nuan’s mentality and wanted to develop his relationship with her one step at a time. Now, he felt as if he was facing a great adversary.

The hunter had suddenly become the prey —— this crisp sourness, thinking about it, it was really ironic.

Hundred Miles Uncrystallized took a deep breath and then closed Ye Nuan’s profile interface. Facing the small window of the PK request, he clicked ‘accept.’


Author has something to say:

Last chapter’s sofa is ‘Word Battleaxe,’ muah!


(Commenter) Word Battleaxe: ‘jī’ accept misfortunes as decreed by fate ba, you are so cute, you naturally would have been chosen to be married off ah 23333

Author’s Response: 2333 you spoke correctly~


(Commenter) 23628220: I feel that gray is very foreshadowing

Author’s Response: I’ll say that it’s not mie orz


(Commenter) Cold Depths: Might have forgotten to comment……

Author’s Response: No matter, muah!


(Commenter) Water Spirit Dark Blue Sea: Lord, give me some clues bei, there are too few people on stage to guess who the murderer is

Author’s Response: 2333 guessing the murderer is not as important as dating~


咩 (mie) — final particle which transforms statements into questions that indicate doubt or surprise

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