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Side Story: Children 2 — Having you in this life, that is enough.

During Chinese New Year, Wen Xiao and Wen Xiaonuan finally returned from BWRE.

Ye Nuan cooked an entire table full of dishes for them in advance.

Her husband and daughter were returning, so Ye Nuan was undoubtedly happy. However, her mouth still could not help complaining. “You two still know to come home ah? Why don’t you just straightforwardly sleep there and be done with it?”

Wen Xiaonuan immediately said, “We really do sleep there ah~”

Just as these words left her mouth, she was honored with Ye Nuan’s eye roll x1.

Wen Xiao smiled helplessly and gave Ye Nuan a hug. He then lightly kissed her face. “Missed you.”

These two words instantly soothed all the resentment in Ye Nuan’s heart.

To the side, daughter and son hissed. Ye Nuan coughed and pushed Wen Xiao away. “Both husband and wife are still very lovey-dovey……”

“Right, I brought my husband with me too,” Wen Xiaonuan said all of a sudden.

Ye Nuan’s heart went ge—deng. She looked in the direction of the doorway. Sure enough, she saw that doctor who saved her from the game back then.

He was called Xiao Yeran.

He and Wen Xiaonuan had stealthily received a marriage certificate without anyone knowing, not even holding a wedding ceremony.

Wen Xiao was not concerned after learning after the matter, but Ye Nuan nearly burst with rage.

She did not oppose the two getting married (even if there was a near 30 year age discrepancy between them). However, they did not consult her in advance about such an important matter, which made her heart especially upset.

Nevermind Wen Yu; Wen Xiaonuan was the child she carried for ten months and had painstakingly given birth to!

Marrying so suddenly, it was simply not considering her as a mother.

But afterward, Ye Nuan let it go —— Wen Xiaonuan had always been like this, walking her own path, a willful nature. What could be done?

At that time, didn’t she also ignore her parents’ suggestions to be a teacher or civil servant, willfully becoming a designer?

In some form of sense, they truly proved themselves to be mother and daughter.

Xiao Yeran’s mood was also very complicated when seeing Ye Nuan.

They had already not seen each other for a very long time.

After Ye Nuan, Xiao Yeran helped many others cultivate bodies, but from the very beginning, he had regarded Ye Nuan as special.

Inexplicably feeling like his own daughter had changed shape in a single shake, becoming his mother-in-law —— what was this sourness?


The five people sat together to share a meal, and the mood was considerably harmonious.

Wen Yu asked Wen Xiaonuan when she would make him an uncle. Wen Xiaonuan frankly stated, “I don’t intend to have children ah.”

Ye Nuan — who had just drank some water — nearly did a spit-take.

Wen Xiao patted her back and helplessly glanced at Wen Xiaonuan.

However, Wen Xiaonuan had always spoken straightforwardly. “I am busy researching with Yeran and basically have no time to look after a child, so I won’t have any.” After she said this, she did not forget to drag in her own father. “Father should be able to understand how right this is.”

Wen Xiao did not know whether to laugh or cry —— he did understand, but he could not openly support his family’s daughter in front of Ye Nuan ah. Did he no longer want to live?

Ye Nuan rolled her eyes. “You and your dad simply share one morality and conduct, desiring research over life.”

Wen Xiaonuan: “Wrong! Research is a part of our lives! A very important part! Father, say, am I right or wrong?”

Wen Xiao: “……Talk less, eat.”

Ye Nuan knew she would not be able to obtain a grandchild from Wen Xiaonuan and could only prod her family’s son. “Yu ah, you are not young anymore. It is time for you to date.”

Cough……” Wen Yu guiltily used his chopsticks to dig up rice. Finally, he summoned up his courage to say, “I don’t plan on marrying for the time being……”

Ye Nuan was speechless.

Yes, it seemed that she would not be able to hold her grandchildren in this lifetime.

Wen Xiaonuan did not care. “Want what grandchild ah? Are we not obedient enough, or father not handsome enough?”

Wen Yu promptly agreed. “Sis spoke correctly. Mom can just have another child with dad ah!

Ye Nuan glared at the two. “I have another child with your dad, is that better than a grandchild? Are the two the same thing?”

However, just after she spoke, she immediately added, “Forget about it, forget about it. If you don’t want children, then don’t have children bei. In any case, I took care of you when you were kids, and looking after kids is tiring. Why on earth would I make myself suffer through the pain.”

Hearing these sentences, Wen Xiaonuan and Wen Yu both sighed in relief.


After dinner, Wen Xiaonuan and Xiao Yeran returned to BWRE. Wen Yu helped Ye Nuan wash the dishes.

Wen Xiao stood behind the two and suddenly broke out into laughter.

“What’s up?” Ye Nuan did not look back as she said, “Not washing the dishes, don’t stand here being a disturbance; is the kitchen a lounge ne?”

“No, I just feel that having you here is very good,” Wen Xiao said.

Before meeting Ye Nuan, Wen Xiao had never imagined such a scene now before him.

He thought he would be single his entire life, devoting his entire life to scientific research, and thus never marry. It was even more needless to mention having children and having a family.

But, after meeting Ye Nuan, he had it all. He felt as if he was the happiest person in the world.

Speaking of miracles, the two had never quarreled once since they had met until now.

Their characters seemed to fit together perfectly like gears, driving each other forward without any malfunctions occurring.

This made Wen Xiao feel very comfortable.

Ye Nuan felt the same.

Although Wen Xiao had limited time to accompany her, each time they met made Ye Nuan especially satisfied.

In front of her son, Ye Nuan felt too embarrassed to speak.

However, that same evening, when she got into the same bed as Wen Xiao, she hugged his arm and whispered softly into his ear, “Having you here is also really nice.”

What was happiness?

Everyone had a different definition.

Some might feel it is having too much money to spend.

Some might feel it is achieving their life’s dream.

At this moment, Ye Nuan felt that happiness was having everything around her be very harmonious and beautiful.

The one she loved, loved her in return. Even if they rarely saw each other, he could also accompany her until they grew old. She would never be lonely.

Wen Xiao did not speak and directly turned around to kiss Ye Nuan.

Ye Nuan immediately kissed him back.

They were husband and wife. They were not as passionate when hugging and kissing as when they were young.

But this did not mean the affection between them had grown weak.

On the contrary, the affection had been replaced with love. The passionate lust had become an even deeper bond, tightly connecting the two together — inseparable.

They still loved each other like before, a love as deep as the night.


That same evening, Ye Nuan had a dream, a bitter dream about that explosion ten years ago.

She dreamed that she was floating in the air as a soul, looking on helplessly as she watched her car explode — as she crawled out of her car, drenched in blood.

There were passersby nearby, different cars too.

The great majority, upon seeing this explosion, instinctively chose to run away.

There was only one white car that stopped beside hers. The man walking out was very handsome.

—— It was Wen Xiao.

He rushed to her side as fast as he could. After determining she was in the car alone, he carefully carried her away from the flaming car and examined her state.

She was indeed gravely injured. There was basically no need to examine carefully; a single look implied there was no chance of living.

Thereupon, Wen Xiao directly carried her to his car.

This scene changed. Ye Nuan found herself sitting within Wen Xiao’s car.

She sat in the front passenger seat. If she turned her head, she could see Wen Xiao’s profile.

His brows were tightly furrowed. As he drove, he dialed a number. “I need your help! Come over quickly! Must arrive within 5 minutes!”

Ye Nuan blinked —— from what she remembered, this was the first time she heard Wen Xiao speak so anxiously.

Soon, the car stopped, in front of BWRE.

Some people were wearing white coats waiting outside the door. When the car stopped, they immediately brought a stretcher to the car. After Wen Xiao exited the car, he moved the dying Ye Nuan out of the car and over to them. “Be careful! Lighter! Steadier!”

Suddenly, someone amidst the crowd frowned and said, “It is impossible to save her from this degree of injury.”

“How do you know if you don’t try?!” Wen Xiao roared loudly.

Ultimately, several people listened and obeyed Wen Xiao’s commands and lifted Ye Nuan to where she should go.

When they prepared to treat Ye Nuan, someone amidst the group suddenly realized, “What’s up with your arm?”

These words were said to Wen Xiao.

Ye Nuan subconsciously looked at Wen Xiao’s arm. She discovered his clothes were bloodied and could not help but become absentminded.

She remembered the first night they laid together. Ye Nuan had stroked the scars on Wen Xiao’s arm and had curiously asked what had happened.

At that time, Wen Xiao had responded automatically without thinking, “Accident.”

“What accident?” she had questioned closely.

Wen Xiao had smiled and used a hand to swipe at her nose. “An accident that was shaking to the core and yet was sweet as well.”

As it turned out, this was what he meant.

However, at this very moment, the scene before Ye Nuan was not ‘sweet,’ only ‘shaking to the core.’

“There are car fragments inside! You need surgery!”

“Ignore me, save her first!”

“Your life will be endangered!”

“No matter how you look at it, she is in more danger ah! Save her first!”

“She’s like this, saving is impossible!”

“How do you know if you don’t try?!”

Confronting the doctors’ worries, Wen Xiao’s manner had been very unyielding from beginning to end.

He just endured the pain as he turned on the brain wave apparatus.

Little did he know, at this time, floating by his side was Ye Nuan, sobbing.

She knew this was a dream.

Since this was a dream, it naturally was not true; perhaps this was simply her imagination.

But, no matter what, it was a fact that Wen Xiao saved her.


The next morning, Wen Xiao got up at 5 o’clock. He wanted to return to BWRE before 6 o’clock, so he could continue his previous research.

He absolutely did not expect Ye Nuan to rise even earlier than him, before 5 o’clock, to make breakfast for him.

When he climbed out of bed, a bewildered look on his face, she very naturally said, “Go brush your teeth and wash your face. Breakfast is on the table.”

Wen Xiao instinctively complied, only to then react to her words. He could not help smiling.

He finished eating breakfast at home and then hugged Ye Nuan before he left. “If you miss me, send me a message. We can meet up in the game.”

Ye Nuan: “Okay, okay. Speaking so much nonsense……leave quickly ba.”

Wen Xiao grinned.

Ye Nuan saw his grin and could not help smiling too.

Suddenly, she softly said, “Xiao, I love you. You must always be well.”

Wen Xiao was stunned for a moment. He then seemed to realize something and tenderly raised a hand to caress Ye Nuan’s face. “You too. I love you.”

A theater full of children and grandchildren falls short of warmth compared to you.

Having you in this life, that is enough.




Author has something to say:

This is really finished. I don’t plan on having any more side stories.

The next series is 《 You Use a Gun, I Use a Bow [E-Sports] 》. It’s danmei (BL),  read after clearly understanding the inclination and bookmark oh~

Thank you to all the little angels who have accompanied me the entire journey, love you all, muah!

See you again in the next novel~

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