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Chapter 19 — Quick, look at the experts list!

Ye Nuan, with barely a thought, refused. Moreover, she felt this man had an illness.

They did not know each other at all, what damn dating?

In Ye Nuan’s opinion, this thing called romance was something better to have nothing of.

She felt that she was doing very well alone and did not care about having a boyfriend.

If you want a boyfriend, you must choose someone you admire or someone who makes you feel comfortable when you’re interacting with them.

A single sentence from One Tree Remaining made Ye Nuan feel too uncomfortable. Secondly, his arrogant and conceited tone made it seem like the entire world belonged to him.

Even if he was truly a CEO, Ye Nuan would dislike people like him.

After all, Ye Nuan considered her character to be quite intense —— two intense people being together would not have a good outcome!

In short, no matter what he wanted, suddenly demanding her to be his girlfriend, she absolutely refused!

The other party grabbed her hand and did not let go. “Do you know who I am? Be my girlfriend, and you can get whatever you want.”

“……” Ye Nuna was speechless and could not regain her voice for a long time. “Big brother, are you looking down on me or looking down on yourself ne? Do you think I cannot get what I want without you, or do you think if you do not use conditions to entice me, you have no charm whatsoever that can attract me?”

Not waiting for One Tree Remaining to respond, Ye Nuan shrugged and added, “Indeed —— your nature has absolutely no appeal to me. If you really want to date me, first change your tone ba!”

One Tree Remaining furrowed his brows. He was silent for a moment before spitting out, “Fascinating.”

Ye Nuan: “……”

One Tree Remaining: “You are the first woman whose heart did not move upon seeing me.”

Ye Nuan rolled her eyes, not feeling like accompanying him as he performed a handsome high-powered businessman act. Seeing that he still did not let go, she firmly bent over and twisted her arm free, throwing his grip by force.

He instantly reached out to grab her again, but she promptly summoned her four-winged warhorse and commanded it to take her high into the sky.

“Don’t go to the safe area. He is Level 99; his speed is faster than yours.” Suddenly, Wen Xiao called out a reminder to her.

Ye Nuan was briefly distracted. Emergency braking in midair, she looked down. Although that guy was still standing in place, he had raised his head to look in her direction, his eyes brimming with that same radiant ambition hunters had when chasing prey.

Ye Nuan frowned and immediately changed directions, flying toward the space above the inn. When her mount withdrew, she leaped down and entered the inn.


One Tree Remaining, Level 99 Warrior of the Demon race,

After returning to the inn, Ye Nuan finally recalled where she had seen this ID —— she opened the experts list; sure enough, in the first row, wasn’t it this ID?

Ye Nuan had not checked out One Tree Remaining’s information for long before she received a friend request from the other party.

She directly dragged this man into the blacklist and then began venting to Wen Xiao, “Say, do you think he has watched too many TV shows or was that his true character?”

This question was beyond the scope of Wen Xiao’s knowledge. “Don’t know ai.”

Ye Nuan: “How come he has so much self-confidence? Just because he is number one on the experts list?”

Wen Xiao: “Oh, probably because he is wealthy?”  He paused. “I know you are not this type of person, but you cannot deny that women indeed like him because he is wealthy.”

“Then don’t describe it as they like him; describe it as they like his money,” Ye Nuan corrected. “What you said is right; there are indeed people like that, but another person’s money still belongs to that person. How about instead using my own money to support myself?”

Wen Xiao laughed. “Do you know? I had an old classmate, a man, who was being pursued by a girl in the same class. She chased after him seven times, and he refused seven times. Until that day we graduated, and the girl invited the entire class to her home for a meal —— a luxury car picked and dropped us off at her private villa. At dinner, that man drank a lot of wine. He later knelt down all of a sudden and hugged that girl’s leg, saying he wanted to take her as his wife.”

Ye Nuan: “……”

“Really exaggerated, no? But it’s real.” Wen Xiao said, “This is practically—— the right person is the one who will give you less years of struggle and the pleasure of a beautiful life others could not enjoy.”

Ye Nuan remained silent for a moment before giving her response. “I don’t know how to describe the ‘right’ person, but I only want to live a life together with someone I genuinely like. I think that is already beautiful enough.”

Wen Xiao: “Mn, this way of thinking is quite good.”

Ye Nuan fell silent again, suddenly feeling a bit curious as to Wen Xiao’s opinion on this. She probingly asked, “So, if you had a rich and powerful Miss Perfect propose to you, would you accept?”

“No.” Wen Xiao both wanted to and didn’t want to let reply slip out.

Ye Nuan raised a brow. “Why?”

Wen Xiao: “I am not short of money.”

Ye Nuan: “……”

Fuck, too true.

“I also only want to date and marry someone I like,” Wen Xiao said.

Ye Nuan was a little curious about what type of person Wen Xiao liked, but she felt that continuing this subject would be a little ambiguous. She thus ultimately did not ask.

Wen Xiao also did not ask Ye Nuan about what type of man she liked.

Immediately after, Ye Nuan hugged Quilt to her and rested in the inn for a while. After verifying that warrior called One Tree Remaining had left, she left the inn worry-free and went to level up.

The next day when Four Seas Fragrance went online, he saw that Ye Nuan had once again leveled up twice, reaching Level 47.

“What the fuck, do you not need to sleep?” Four Seas Fragrance could not help cursing. “Even if you got up earlier for a day or two, logging in before me every day — do you not fear sudden death? Say, how come the system is not ejecting you out ne?”

Ye Nuan earnestly responded, “Are you Warm Light at Night’s friend? Sorry, I am a power leveler. If you have something to say to Warm Light at Night, you can leave a message.”

Four Seas Fragrance: “……”

Wen Xiao could not help laughing, thinking that Ye Nuan was very quick-witted.

She had said she was not good at acting ne, yet wasn’t this performance very good?

Four Seas Fragrance clearly believed it and no longer disturbed Ye Nuan.

Ye Nuan inwardly sighed in relief and continued to train.

Not long after Four Seas Fragrance went offline, eldest apprentice brother Hundred Miles Uncrystallized went online. Seeing Ye Nuan’s level, he frowned and immediately interrogated, “Did I not order you to go fight in the arena?”

Ye Nuan was bested at her own game. “It wasn’t me leveling. It was a power leveler I found. I forgot to tell her yesterday. I’ll leave her a message after I get offline today and make her stop helping me level.”

Hundred Miles Uncrystallized fell silent for a moment, seemingly reflecting.

Clearly, he was not as easy to fool as second apprentice brother, but he carefully thought it over and indeed felt that no one could persevere playing for so long without the system kicking them out. Therefore, he judged that Ye Nuan should be speaking the truth.

Tsk, it seemed that he had to take advantage of his lack of assignments at the moment to hurry up and level. Otherwise, would it be okay if he was surpassed by little apprentice sister?


Ye Nuan was a little curious about Hundred Miles Uncrystallized’s online time —— he was not like second apprentice brother and third apprentice brother, who had a fixed time for going online. His online time was extremely casual, sometimes in the morning, sometimes in the afternoon, sometimes online all day, sometimes missing for an entire day. She truly could not figure out what he did in reality.

Since eldest apprentice brother was online, then Ye Nuan naturally could not go sneakily level and could only return to the inn to fight in the arena.

Originally, she could not fight anyone to fight in the arena, so she had gone to train due to boredom.

Since everyone was online now, then she naturally could go fight.

Ye Nuan fought a hundred matches in one breath. From morning to afternoon, she won 2000 points; adding the 6000 bonus points, her rank on the experts list was rank 97!

—— Not only did she surpass her family’s Master, she even breached the top 100!

So to say, when Ye Nuan breached the top 200 ranks, only neighboring players within the same bracket as her, as well as some idle and bored players flipping through the experts list, would take note of her.

As such, after she breached the top 100 ranks, more and more people took note of her at last.

After all, the first page of the experts list displayed 100 names. As she was rank 97, she was on the first page and was easily found when flipping through.

Besides, humans were the type of life forms to like sharing interesting news the most.

“Holy shit! Can you guess what I found!”


“Quick, look at the experts list!”

“What the fuck! A woman is in the top 100 of the experts list? Awesome ah!”

Like this, one spoke to ten, ten spoke to a hundred.  Soon, the majority of 《 Second World 》 knew there was a female player in the top 100 of the experts list.

When Four Seas Fragrance went online again and saw this rank of Ye Nuan, he suddenly felt a type of profound crisis.

For the first time, he took the initiative to seek out eldest apprentice brother Hundred Miles Uncrystallized. “Please train me ruthlessly!”

Hundred Miles Uncrystallized was also astonished by Ye Nuan, but he was not astonished at her rank. Rather, he was astonished at how fast she could rise in the ranks.

Do not look at Four Seas Fragrance’s rank 47; he had fought for no less than a month, and his winning streak had broken several times.

Uninhibited’s winning streak had also broke, but that was because he naturally courted disaster himself —— neglecting his level, he knew and understood only half of the skills available. He considered the arena as a training ground to practice.

Ye Nuan’s ability to rise through the ranks so fast was clearly because her winning streak had not broken yet. It indicated that her learning speed and mastery of the skills were beyond the level of an ordinary player.

He had never seen a female player with such a strong gift for gaming……

Hundred Miles Uncrystallized suddenly was interested in Ye Nuan.

He did not acknowledge Four Seas Fragrance and instead tried to send Ye Nuan a voice message. “How old are you?”

Ye Nuan: “……”

Shouldn’t he deserve to be eldest apprentice brother? Asking so straightforwardly, direct and efficient, a straight guy operation……

Ye Nuan helplessly said, “If you want to know my age, you say yours first.”

Hundred Miles Uncrystallized: 27.”

Ye Nuan: “Oh, I’m 24.”

After Ye Nuan gave her answer, she waited for eldest apprentice brother to respond, but quite a while passed without him saying anything.

Ye Nuan blinked. She wondered what on earth he was thinking.

Suddenly asking for her age, and then fleeing after asking — was he doing a census?

However, while she was confused with a lack of understanding, Hundred Miles Uncrystallized began talking again. “Continue fighting in the arena; when you reach a bottleneck, come find me. I will teach you how to fight.”

Ye Nuan: “Oh, okay.”

Ye Nuan responded and then waited a while again. Determining that Hundred Miles Uncrystallized did not have anything else to say to her, she switched off the private message channel and went to vent to her family’s Quilt. “Say, what on earth was he thinking?”

“Interested in you,” Wen Xiao blurted out.

Ye Nuan froze for a second. “How do you know?”

Wen Xiao: “Eh, asking for your age, was wanting to determine whether your age fell within his range of acceptance, right? After regarding you as a possible target, he then tossed to you an opportunity to be in a world of only two people with you and to increase your good opinion of him.”

Ye Nuan had been pondering still and felt that this made sense.

However, this manner of  ‘pursuit’ was also too roundabout ba……

“What if I want to take initiative?”

Suddenly, Ye Nuan spoke this inner thought of hers aloud.

Wen Xiao blanked out. A good long while later, he replied, “You and him……”

“But I’m already dead.” After Ye Nuan realized this fact, she closed herself up for a while, thinking that she must not tease someone still alive.

Beyond her imagination, during her self-imposed exile, Wen Xiao was also in self-imposed exile.

—— Strange, what was this feeling of despondence?


Author has something to say:


(Commenter) Cold Depths: 2333, Quilt, you have successfully attracted my interest, would you like to try dating me?

Author’s Response: First things first — it’s a Quilt (facepalm)


(Commenter) Poplar Tree nice: hahahahahahaha, how come the female lead is not paying attention to how old you are?

Author’s Response: Blind student, you have found a Watson spot![1] (Female lead only asked those she was interested in hahaha)


(Commenter) Word Battleaxe: Madam, you are too cute ba

And the ‘jī’s are just as cute

The handsome domineering CEO falls in love with me script is coming ma

Author’s Response: Ye Nuan expresses that she will not read this type of script (puts hands on hips)


[1] The original line is “Watson, you have found a blind spot.” It is said by Sherlock Holmes, whenever Watson find a hole in the story/deduction. It got spoofed and reversed into “Blind student, you have found a Watson spot.”

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