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Chapter 27: The Eve of the Wind and Rain

Could it be that the reason why the Emperor questioned him was because he smelled like cosmetics?

Ling Xiao hurried sniffed himself and he really did smell of them.

Black lines appeared on his face, and his mind flashing back to when Mo Qi clung to his back. Unable to help but feel nauseous, he threw the clothes aside and hurried found someone to draw water for a bath.

Since he had just moved into this palace, there was no one in it besides the two people in charge of cleaning.

However, when Ling Xiao went out, he was welcomed by a group of maids and eunuchs led by Xiao Lizi.

Ling Xiao raised an eyebrow, when the Emperor was here this Xiao Lizi wasn’t by his side, but when the Emperor left, he appeared. This was rather strange.

Xiao Lizi respectfully walked toward Ling Xiao and saluted, “Steward Ling.”

Ling Xiao made a sound of acknowledgment as he looked at the two rows of eunuch and maids behind Xiao Lizi, asking, “What’s going on?”

Xiao Lizi replied, “Steward, these servants have all been given to you by the Emperor. They are responsible for guarding and cleaning this palace every day.”

As if he was afraid of Ling Xiao’s dissatisfaction, Xiao Lizi explained, “These were all personally selected by the Emperor, and every one of them is very useful. So please rest assured, Steward.”

Ling Xiao hid his frown, the Emperor really was treating him as the King Consort!

“Steward… the Emperor wants to be good to you.” Seeing no reaction from Ling Xiao, Xiao Lizi smilingly approached Ling Xiao and whispered.

Ling Xiao gave him a glance after that whisper and turned around worriedly, walking back inside, “Get me a bucket of hot water, I want to bathe.”

“Yes.” Xiao Lizi accepted the order with a salute.

Soaking comfortably in the water, Ling Xiao repeatedly sighed.

The maids and eunuchs sent by the Emperor were naturally undeniable, but if this continues, he really would be no different from a King Consort besides the title…

Was the Emperor really interested in him? Or was it that he was just moved by his “sincerity”?

Could it be both???

Ling Xiao shook his head. The more he thought about it, the scarier it became, so he patted his own head as he decided to stop thinking about it.

Quickly washing up, he put on his clothes and went to the Emperor’s Imperial Study as he had been ordered.

The Imperial Study only had two eunuchs guarding it, and Xiao Lizi did not follow him, so Ling Xiao could only knock on the door himself.

Once he was given permission from the Emperor to enter, he found that the Lord Prime Minister was also inside with him.

Ling Xiao was slightly surprised for a moment. Wasn’t the Prime Minister not allowed to meet him? Even if his heart was full of doubts, Ling Xiao did not show it on his face and calmly saluted to the Prime Minister once as he quickly walked behind the Emperor’s back.

Because the Steward Eunuch’s clothing were not made yet, Ling Xiao was dressed in all cyan with his hair combed with some draped and scattered over his shoulders. Since he had also come in a hurry, his cheeks were also flushed red, he really looked like an elegant and attractive youth.

The Prime Minister eyed his clothes, his face ugly, “Your Majesty, this…”

The Emperor followed the Prime Minister’s gaze to Ling Xiao and carefully looked at his dressment. Following that, he narrowed his eyes in satisfaction, turning his head to stare imposingly at the Prime Minister and ask: “Is there any problem Prime Minister?”

“Your servant… doesn’t.” The Prime Minister was clearly choking on it for a moment. Although the Prime Minister knew that Ling Xiao was deep in the Emperor’s heart and the Emperor even had the intention of making him a male concubine, he didn’t expect that the Emperor would also spoil Ling Xiao this kid in such a strict place as the Imperial Study.

The Emperor moved away his gaze from the sweating Prime Minister and leaned back into his chair, “The matter that We wanted you to take care of, have you taken care of it?”

The Prime Minister bowed and bent his waist in salute: “Replying to Your Majesty, the preparations have already been completed. The Prince of Shao will arrive in only five days.”

Five days later? Ling Xiao was astounded, the date was early than before.

However, since it would happen in just five days shouldn’t there have been some movements by now? Why did he not know until now? Wasn’t he supposed to do the organizing?!

The Emperor stroke his palm in satisfaction: “Very good.”

“Your Majesty, when the important guest from Shao Country arrives, the banquet will be held in the Imperial Garden that night…”

“The Prime Minister does not need to worry, this matter is already being dealt by someone assigned by Us.”

Ling Xiao was even more astounded and his face was full of confusion. He did not receive the Emperor’s order, so who was the one responsible for the banquet?

The Prime Minister lowered his head, expressing that he understood.

The Emperor relaxed his brows and said: “If there is nothing else, then the Prime Minister can retire.”

“Your humble servant shall retire.” The Prime Minister saluted to the Emperor and slowly left.

Once he saw that the Prime Minister left, Ling Xiao quietly approached and reached out to massage him, but the Emperor covered his hand with his own to stop him: “Didn’t We say that since your hand isn’t healed, you do not need to attend Us?”

Ling Xiao bowed and smiled: “Seeing that Your Majesty is tired, your servant couldn’t bear it and always want to help Your Majesty do something.”

The Emperor’s mouth slightly twitched and he patted Ling Xiao’s hand: “Come back and help Us when you’re better.”

The Emperor’s gaze was very soft, a happy expression on his face. Seeing that his mood was pretty good, Ling Xiao grasp this opportunity and asked: “Your Majesty, the welcoming banquet in the Imperial Garden, why did this servant not hear about it?”

The Emperor raised an eyebrow at his question and withdrew his hand: “The day that you lost consciousness, We have assigned this matter to Xiao Lizi. You are only responsible for attending Us.”

“……” Alright, it wasn’t that the Emperor didn’t issue the order, it was that he was unconscious at the time. No wonder Xiao Lizi was so busy even his figure couldn’t be seen these days, nor could he been seen by the Emperor’s side.

However, this is also good. He had more time and energy to go think about Mo Qi’s matter.

So there are only five days left? Five days is enough.

The Emperor started to go through his documents again. One batch after another until it was past midnight. Ling Xiao waited behind the Emperor, swaying back and forth as he tried to beat back drowsiness.

He didn’t know if it was because he had been drinking medicine every day, Ling Xiao’s spirit wasn’t too good. Once the night fell he was immediately drowsy. Before today, the Emperor had understood how his body was and had allowed him to take care of his body before coming to night duty again so Ling Xiao could go back and hide in his room to sleep once night fell. But today, he couldn’t do that. The Emperor personally told him to come over and attend to him, so Ling Xiao did not dare to slack.

But his eyelids were still going down bit by bit, and finally, in his dazed state he leaned against the pillar of the Imperial Study and fell asleep.

When the Emperor finished looking through and approving the memorials, he had found that this little eunuch had fallen asleep against the pillar when he called for him.

His hair was messy, a few strands scattered across his face, bringing out a unique sense of beauty. The beautiful cyan silk robe he was wearing made him seem rather graceful. His overall appearance was charming, and his face was bright and cheerful. Although he was not even slightly feminine, the Emperor’s heart was still moved. He felt that this single person was much more beautiful than all the other concubines in the palace.

The Emperor felt that he should berate him a little for daring to fall asleep in the Imperial Study, but seeing Ling Xiao like that, he couldn’t bear to wake him. This man had even made a solemn vow to be his servant. The Emperor shook his head in helplessness and picked him up by the waist.

In his sleep, Ling Xiao felt that he was floating up and down, occasionally experiencing a few bumps. In one moment, he seemed to be leaning against something very soft and comfortable, but in the next second he seemed to be pressed down by something, making him unable to breathe smoothly.

He hazily opened his eyes, but the scene before him was unbearably terrifying.

The Emperor’s handsome face was above his, with barely a hair’s breadth between them. As Ling Xiao was still lying down, his head was trapped between the Emperor’s propped up arms. With the current position, it seemed like the Emperor had pushed him down!

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