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Chapter 31: When Being Favored

The little eunuch’s complexion was pale white, beads of sweat dotted his forehead, revealing a face that was silently enduring the pain.

The Emperor’s heart was gripped by that, and he moved his gaze down, catching sight of where he was stabbed in the shoulder. The wound was still flowing with blood and because Ling Xiao was using his right hand to hold that wound, it was also covered in blood.

The blood flowed down his fair arm, winding like silk It was garish and beautiful, yet unsightly.

The Emperor walked forward seeing that and bent down to take the weak eunuch into his arms.

Everyone was startled and knelt on the ground with the Emperor.

This Steward Ling really was the first one who was able to make the Emperor bend down in spite of his status. Everyone kept their heads low, all of them now slightly afraid of Steward Ling in their hearts.

“Go get the imperial physician.” The Emperor’s cold face said only a single line, which was accepted by Xiao Lizi who was beside him. With his head low, he respectfully saluted and got up from his former bowing position, leaving.

Ling Xiao was stunned at the scene where everywhere knelt and felt the Emperor’s embrace. He was a little stiff and terrified in his heart.

He knew that the Emperor was interested in him, but seeing how the Emperor acted in front of him, Ling Xiao was finally aware of just how important he was in the Emperor’s heart.

While he was terrified, he also understood that this was a good thing for him. At least his action of injuryhimself to gain the enemy’s confidence would allow his next plans to go more smoothly. While thinking of that, Ling Xiao weakly spoke.

“Your Majesty… this servant is fine, don’t worry.”

Hearing Ling Xiao’s consoling words, he gave him a glance and silently pursed his lips before picking him up. He coldly said to the people behind him, “Arrest the assassin no matter what.”

“Yes.” The kneeling imperial soldiers all accepted the order.

Ling Xiao hurried tugged on the Emperor’s sleeve when he saw this and interrupted him, whispering, “Your Majesty, this assassin was trying to save Palace Woman Mo in the Cold Palace. This servant accidently heard their plan and suffered for it.”

Since he had made such a big sacrifice this time, he had to not only get the Emperor to arrest the assassin, he must also make sure Mo Qi couldn’t untangle herself from this matter so that the Emperor would ruthlessly eliminate Mo Qi along with everything else.

Otherwise, he would just be wasting the injuring he suffered…

However, when the Emperor heard it, he looked pensively at Ling Xiao. The penetrating gaze made Ling Xiao fearful, and he shut his mouth.

The Emperor said, “This matter, We will make sure to get you justice, so nurse your wound properly for Us.”

With those words, the Emperor carried Ling Xiao and left for Ning Xuan Palace.

The Emperor’s embrace was really warm and firm, like when he had lost conscious before. This embrace caused Ling Xiao to long for it and also let him feel at ease.

He opened his mouth, wanting to say something, but for now he didn’t want to destroy this short period of tenderness.

Furthermore, within the Emperor’s words, it was not as simple as him nursing his wound, so it would probably be useless even if he said anymore.

Thinking this and that, Ling Xiao silently sank into his thoughts and obediently nested into the Emperor’s embrace.

Outside the banquet palace.

Fu Yujun looked in the direction that the Emperor of Mu Country left in along with the obvious increase of guards. He silently thought about it, rubbing his chin as he looked around.

“Your Highness, this way.”

The banquet had already ended, the small eunuch that guided Fu Yujun hiddenly urged him to depart.

Fu Yujun raised an eyebrow. With a final glance toward the direction the Emperor of Mu Country had left in, he slightly smiled and followed the small eunuch with his men.

Back at the residence.

Fu Yujun was pacing around in his room, no matter what, he could not get rid of the stunning dance from the banquet within his mind. He could not forget that beautiful image on the cotton screen.

He was thinking, just what kind of peerless talent was able to dance like that?

Who was she? What did she look like?

Fu Yujun thought about it a lot, his heart feeling as if it was being gnawed by ants. It both hurt and itched and was really hard to bear.

When that dancer had left in the end, that back figure of hers made him yearn for her day and night.

With how protective the Mu Country’s Emperor was toward her, Fu Yujun knew that he should not be thinking about it, yet he could not control himself back at the banquet. Time and time again he discreetly asked about her, but besides the Emperor of Mu Country, all the other people did not know either.

Because that Emperor of Mu Country intended to hide the dancer from the beginning, many of Fu Yujun’s inquiries were brushed away in a few words.

As a result, Fu Yujun hadn’t been able to get any news pertaining to that dancer.

But the more the Emperor tried to hide her, the more Fu Yujun tried to find her. He really wanted to know the true identity of that dancer!

“Knock knock.” From the door came knocking sounds.

Fu Yujun regained his senses and walked back to the table and sat down. Pouring himself a cup of tea, he yelled toward the door, “Come in.”

The one that came in was a man dressed in brown short clothing, his head also wrapped with a brown cloth and his skin was dark. His mustache was shaped like a 八.

When he came in, he knelt in front of Fu Yujun and saluted once.

Fu Yujun nodded and allowed him to rise. This man was one of his attendants, his name was Xiao Feng.[1]

“Did you get any information?”

Xiao Feng knew a bit of martial arts and also knew how to camouflage himself. He was smooth and evasive. Fu Yujun had had him ask around about what happened tonight in the imperial palace.

“Your Highness, this subordinate has already obtain information.” Xiao Feng had a proud expression as he continued, “Tonight, there was an assassin in the Mu Country’s palace.”

“Assassin?” Fu Yujun raised an eyebrow at that, “That’s strange, if there was an assassin, why would the Emperor hurriedly go over to somewhere so dangerous?”

Xiao Feng hurried explained, “Your Highness does not know, but the reason why the Emperor hurried over, was because the place the assassin appeared had an eunuch.”

Fu Yujun was blank at that reply, with some doubt on his face, he thought about it for a while before asking, “Is there anything special about that eunuch?”

Xiao Feng answered, “Your subordinate is not certain, but there is a rumor that he is the Mu Country Emperor’s First (Male) Consort.”

“Male concubine?” Fu Yujun eyes went slack, slightly flabbergasted, “No, that eunuch also cannot be counted as a man. I did not expect the Emperor of Mu Country had this kind of taste as well.”

Not only did he hide a mysterious and remarkable beauty, he even had an eunuch by his side. That Emperor of Mu Country, his cautious style was unexpectedly incredibly unconventional.

Thinking that, Fu Yujun sneered and shook his head in disdain.

“Then the one the assassin tried to assassinate was that eunuch?”

When he thought of what kind of incredibly unconventional person the Emperor of Mu Country was, Fu Yujun’s tone of voice became more heedless.

Xiao Feng answered, “No. Your Highness, the assassin tonight wasn’t in the palace to assassinate someone, he was here to save someone.”

“Save?” Fu Yujun raised an eyebrow in interest.

Xiao Feng thought over it a bit before asking, “…Your Highness, do you still remember that beauty that ran amok at yesterday’s banquet?”

Fu Yujun nodded, that woman really caused a large ruckus at the banquet. Even if he wanted to forget her, it was hard to.

Xiao Feng continued, “The one the assassin tried to save was her.”

Fu Yujun raised his eyebrows in astonishment, a certain silhouette appeared within his mind at once…

That blue-clothed man from last night’s banquet clearly had an unusual relationship with that woman. He seem to be the Mu Country’s Prime Minister’s son, Lan Wei.

The one trying to save that woman, was it him?

Fu Yujun mulled it over.

Then he heard Xiao Feng continuation, “The assassin met the eunuch by accident and in his panic, the eunuch was stabbed. The moment he was stabbed, it alarmed the Emperor of Mu Country.”

Fu Yujun went back to his thoughts at the additional information. How could an assassin that was able to sneak into the guarded imperial palace allow a eunuch that didn’t even have the strength to tie up a chicken escape? And even alarm the Emperor of Mu Country?

Fu Yujun thoughtfully twirled the tea cup in his head, slightly smiling, “Looks like, this palace of the Mu Country really is interesting.”

Xiao Feng nodded in agreement at his words, then said, “Your Highness, not only that, this Xiao Feng also heard of one more interesting matter.”

“Tell me about it.” Fu Yujun said with interest.

Xiao Feng smiled, “Xiao Feng heard that the woman from before did not stir up trouble deliberately.”

“She didn’t stir up trouble on purpose? Then what?” Fu Yujun found it laughable, it was hard to imagine that that woman didn’t do it on purpose, what was she trying to do, then?

Xiao Feng replied, “I heard that that woman was trying to obtain favor from the Mu Country Emperor, as such, she tried to find a dancer to replace her and switch places with them in the end to steal credit. So she could distinguish herself.”

Fu Yujun was surprised, to think that this woman was that brazen.

Xiao Feng continued, “However, in the end, that dancer played her and did not show up. As such, she could only fail herself at the banquet.”

“What was coincidental was that on the next night, that is tonight, that dancer appeared…”

Fu Yujun stared blankly when he heard that and suddenly stood up, “You’re saying that the dancer she found to take her place was that silhouette dancer that took away everyone’s breath?!”

Xiao Feng dipped his head and answered, “Most likely.”

Fu Yujun sank into his thoughts. After a while, he looked back at him and asked, “What is the name of the woman from that night?”

Xiao Feng answered: “Mo Qi, she was once the Mu Country Emperor’s Palace Woman.”

Mo Qi… Fu Yujun thought over this name, an idea forming in his mind.


[1]Not the little Xiao, his name means “Like the peak of a mountain”

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