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Chapter 47: First King Consort

Startled, Ling Xiao jumped back to the mattress. His gaze vigilantly watching Fu Yujun, like a wildcat that was threatened, baring its fangs and brandishing its claws at the secret enemy.

However, the wildcat’s claws weren’t threatening at all. This action, not only was it not threatening Fu Yujun, it rather made him think that Ling Xiao was really too interesting.

He teased him in a good mood, “You have no courage, don’t tell me you’re a rat?”

TL Note: “He’s talking about zodiac year.

Ling Xiao’s eyes twitched, then gave Fu Yujun a glance and countered, “Then perhaps Your Highness is a fox, since you act like one? ”

“Fox?” Fu Yujun laughed, “You’re actually the first one who would dare to call me that to my face.”

To his face? Why is it to his face?

As if sensing Ling Xiao’s question, Fu Yujun answered, “After all, there aren’t many people like you who don’t want their life.”

“……” Ling Xiao had no words to say.

He, Ling Xiao, cherished his life very much. This was the first time he heard someone say he didn’t want his life. Ling Xiao rolled his eyes, he only felt that Fu Yujun’s way of speech is way too disorderly.

Observing Ling Xiao’s appearance, which did not acknowledge what he said, Fu Yujun laughed and did not continue speaking.

He lied back down on the mattress and closed his eyes to rest. Seeing that Fu Yujun was not going to talk anymore, Ling Xiao frowned and couldn’t endure the urge to ask, “Didn’t Your Highness say you would answer my questions when you woke up?”

Fu Yujun slowly opened his eyes, a blank expression on his face. Ling Xiao’s lips twitched, “Perhaps Your Highness wants to renege?”

Fu Yujun slightly smiled, narrowing his eyes to hide his mood and spread his hand, pretending to be helpless as he said, “Alright, ask away. I might not necessarily know the answers to everything though.”

Ling Xiao’s eyes flashed. But just when he was about to ask, he remembered the scene from last night and was a bit too embarrassed to mention it…

The shameful liquid was still left in his behind since it wasn’t cleaned up by anyone. It meant that when Fu Yujun brought him out, perhaps it was after he and the Emperor were…

As he thought of those things, Ling Xiao lowered his head, feeling his face heat up. He was too shy to look at Fu Yujun in the eyes now.

The pale face of the servant in front of him was lit crimson and his moist eyes were even more rippling with light. He lowered his head, trying to hide his appearance. No matter how he looks, it was adorable.

Fu Yujun laughed with a “pfft”.

When Ling Xiao heard that, his face burned even hotter, but he was not willing to admit defeat. He raised his head and gave Fu Yujun a ferocious glare.

This glare should originally be imposing. But with Ling Xiao’s red face, this kind of gaze, not only was it not threatening, but caught people’s attention and left Fu Yujun breathless.

He couldn’t help but approach Ling Xiao, cornering him to the nook and braced both hands on either side of Ling Xiao. His gentle and soft eyes watched Ling Xiao, “Little servant, since you have come out, why not forget that Mu Country Emperor and be together with me?”

Ling Xiao’s heart jumped when he heard that, his expression turning dark.

Fu Yujun lifted Ling Xiao’s hair, placing it below his nose and smelling it as he softly said, “I will not treat you worse than that Mu Country Emperor. At least, I will not do that kind of thing with you when you’re injured.”

Ling Xiao went blank and stared at Fu Yujun, stunned and stuttered, “You… you… you saw… you saw it all?”

Ling Xiao felt that in this lifetime, he had lost all face!

Too shy and ashamed to show his face, the little servant’s red face was truly an interesting sight to see. Fu Yujun couldn’t endure it and nodded his head.

But the truth was, when he went in to save Ling Xiao, the Mu Country Emperor had already put clothes on him. So he didn’t really see anything at all.

However, when he took Ling Xiao and fled, he had saw his wound bleeding again. Wanting to put some simple medicine on him, he saw that Ling Xiao’s upper body was covered in hickeys, and what happened before wasn’t hard to guess.

It was just something that puzzled Fu Yujun. Since this small servant was already this intimate with the Emperor, why did he want to escape?

Fu Yujun curiously looked at Ling Xiao, who gritted his teeth in embarrassment, “Haven’t you seen enough!”

“Heh…” Fu Yujun gave a light laugh and was just about to reply when his chest suddenly started to hurt. He frowned and groaned, holding his chest as he backed away from Ling Xiao.

Ling Xiao stared in surprise and followed after him. Then he unexpectedly saw a thin trace of blood flowing from the corner of Fu Yujun’s mouth.

“You…” Ling Xiao was stunned. From what he knew, Fu Yujun’s martial arts was not any weaker than Lan Wei’s and he was able to come and go from the palace unobstructed. Just who can injure him to this degree?

Perhaps it was… the Emperor?

Ling Xiao widen his eyes, his mind full of doubt. He couldn’t help but look at him and ask, “Just how did you manage to bring me out?”

Fu Yujun forced a smile. He originally wanted to hide it from Ling Xiao, but this injury of his cannot be hidden anymore, so he could only helpless blurt out, “I got injured, and even had to bring my subordinates to run away that very night, with the Emperor and his soldiers following behind us and trying to kill us. Besides snatching you, what other ways do you think I could have?”

When Ling Xiao heard his words, his mind was stunned and confusion filled his eyes. The Emperor did not use his strength lightly in front of people, but his skills were deep and unmeasurable. Plus, they were still within Mu Country’s border, if Fu Yujun snatched him and fought, how was he able to take him out of the country?

Fu Yujun seemed to sense Ling Xiao’s doubt and he laughed, “I naturally did not go head to head with him. For an ordinary man to go against someone strong, I obviously had to use a knockout gas against the Mu Country Emperor. It is different from your shoddy knockout drugs. This is a colorless and tasteless wonder drug, and just inhaling a bit can cause a person to sleep for three days and three nights.”

Speaking to that point, Fu Yujun sighed, “Pity though, that Mu Country Emperor cannot be harmed by hundreds of poison and even that knockout gas didn’t have the same effect on him like on a normal person. He was only knocked out for half a quarter, but that was enough time for me to get you on the carriage.”

Fu Yujun spoke to this point and continued with a teasing tone, “In order to get you out this time, I had to use my hard-earned savings.”

Ling Xiao’s eyes flashed and he replied, “Ling Xiao will remember Your Highness’s kindness as long as this one lives. Please nurse your injury well, if the Emperor chases after us again…”

Seeing Ling Xiao’s worried appearance, Fu Yujun said to pacify him, “Although I am injured heavily, that Mu Country Emperor isn’t any better. He was hit by the knockout gas, although he managed to get back his consciousness early, his skills were suppressed. Plus, we had already reached an agreement, he will not chase after us again.”

Speaking to this point, Fu Yujun halted, his expression turning strange.

He did obtain a serious injury from the Emperor. After all, it was within the borders of Mu Country and if the Emperor wanted to keep chasing, they wouldn’t have the chance to run away either. Although now wasn’t the right time, Mu Country can always start a war without a worry. Even under those advantages, the Mu Country Emperor had unexpectedly reached an agreement with him, and did not ask for his small servant back. This really was something incomprehensible.

Furthermore, there was something, which the Mu Country Emperor said that Fu Yujun really minded.

Before he left, he said, “We will trouble Shao Country’s Prince to take care of Our King Consort for a while.”

This Mu Country Emperor had called keeping his little servant by Fu Yujun’s side ‘taking care of’?

Could that Mu Country Emperor feel like he could still get the little servant who had followed him to Shao Country back one day?

Was the Emperor always such a big talker or does he really have the capability to do so?

Fu Yujun narrowed his eyes, he had felt a foreboding sense.

This Mu Country Emperor is a really hard to deal with enemy…

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