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Chapter 46: Carriage

Ling Xiao had fainted and once again woke up.

His whole body limp and his mouth dry as the place where he was laying, though soft, was shaking and he could feel it faintly swaying. The swaying did not make him feel any better, but luckily his body was cushioned by the soft mattress, which lightened some of the burden.

He tried to laboriously support his body up, but doing so caused him to feel an extreme pain, as if his body was being crushed. That embarrassing location behind was also scorching, a suspicious liquid flowing out.

He looked distractedly as the scenes from yesterday night appeared one by one in his mind and he shook, his face burning hot.

In the end, he was still… by the Emperor…

Ling Xiao lowered his head and thought of last night. He naturally remembers that his secret was exposed to the Emperor, however he was unclear on how the Emperor will handle it now.

While he was processing that, he raised his head to inspect his surroundings. Everything before his eyes was unfamiliar, and the space he was in was narrow. This seemed to be… a carriage?

Then, the swaying Ling Xiao felt was the carriage’s movement?

Ling Xiao was taken aback, where was he then?

Whose carriage is this? And where were they going?

Ling Xiao became even more confused as he supported himself up. As he wanted to raise the curtain, which blocked the outside, so he can take a look, the tip of a black shoe suddenly appeared under it.

Then, the curtain was pushed aside.

Ling Xiao returned to the soft mattress, since among everyone he knew, only the Emperor loved to wear black.

Concluding in a few moments who the person behind the curtain must be, Ling Xiao lowered his head, without delay, and respectfully called out, “Your Majesty.”

“Heh…” A laugh came from behind the curtain and then a person entered with a smile.

“I am not your Emperor.”

With a voice that held some laughing and teasing, somewhat familiar yet it was not the Emperor. Ling Xiao went blank and raised his head to take a look. The one he found in front of him was Fu Yujun, dressed entirely in dark clothing and he asked, startled, “How is it you?”

“What’s wrong? You’re really disappointed that I’m not your Emperor?” Fu Yujun arrived before Ling Xiao and appeared quite tired as he leaned against the soft mattress.

Ling Xiao shook his head, frowning as he said, “Just really surprised.”

Fu Yujun smiled and shook his head as he heard his words. He bent down to remove his shoes and lied down within the mattress. Startled, Ling Xiao stood up like he was shying away.

Ling Xiao’s appearance was like a frightened kitten, jumping three steps away. The result though, was that because he had done it too suddenly, he overlooked the pain his body was in and on the third step, grimaced and clenched his teeth to endure the ache.

Fu Yujun laughed with a “pfft”, “I say, why are you so nervous? Don’t tell me you think I would do something? Or perhaps you want me to do something to you?”

Fu Yujun propped his head as he lied on the mattress, staring at Ling Xiao as if he harbors evil intentions. His eyes were full of excitement at the novelty and Ling Xiao went stiff at being stared so much, his face black.

Fu Yujun engrossed himself in watching him, the corner of his mouth maintained an upward curve, “Although I do not love men, but if you want…”

“I don’t want!” Ling Xiao directly interrupted Fu Yujun’s words, making him raise an eyebrow as he continued to speak, “Can Your Highness explain to me what is the situation right now?”

Fu Yujun closed his eyes, covering the discontent that flitted through his eyes as he stretched and lied down, “I’m tired, how about waiting after I wake up?”

He did not wait for Ling Xiao’s response and directly turned his back to him, closing his eyes and putting on an appearance of already falling asleep.

Ling Xiao’s lips twitched, wishing he could stare a hole in Fu Yujun’s back as he looked.

The carriage swayed, and with Ling Xiao’s injuries, it didn’t take long for him to tire as he stood. But this carriage only had one mattress, and on top of it, Fu Yujun was lying…

Ling Xiao gritted his teeth. For his life, he had even sacrificed his integrity. There was no reason that now that he had his life back, he should still mistreat himself!

With those thoughts, Ling Xiao sat back on the mattress while puffing with anger. The mattress was narrow and Fu Yujun was also lying on it, so Ling Xiao could only pull himself into a corner.

Fu Yujun’s sleep was restless. After Ling Xiao sat down, he had placed his legs on Ling Xiao. Ling Xiao had a good temper and just shifted him a little, but after a while, the legs were back on him.

After two to three tries, Ling Xiao was also enraged and pushed Fu Yujun aside, then using his own legs, he pushed down Fu Yujun’s legs. This way, even if Fu Yujun randomly moved about, he would be inhibited.

After observation for a moment, he saw that Fu Yujun finally settled down and Ling Xiao heaved several sighs. He leaned against the carriage, sitting on the soft mattress.

Since Ling Xiao relaxed, he did not notice that Fu Yujun, who was supposed to be asleep, had suddenly squinted open his eyes. Seeing Ling Xiao’s helpless appearance as he sat, he unexpectedly smiled…

The carriage carried on. Ling Xiao did not know how long the carriage had been moving, he also didn’t know where the carriage was going. The injury on his chest had been changed, but the one on his behind wasn’t handled. His back was sticky and felt very uncomfortable, and Fu Yujun had not woken up at all.

After a period of time, Ling Xiao lifted the curtain obstructing his view, in order to look outside. Outside was Fu Yujun’s chamberlains, riding horses and winding around the carriage’s surrounding.

What he saw outside, was in no way possible the scenery from the capital. They had left the capital?

That’s right. Since he was with Fu Yujun, it was also a proof that he had left the Emperor’s side.

And that night, he had a faint memory of seeing Fu Yujun.

Only that, just how did Fu Yujun get him out? The agreement between them, only needed him to wait outside the palace. For Fu Yujun to come find him himself, taking on an unneeded risk by entering and taking him out of the palace, so why did he still…

“Xiao Feng, what do you think His Highness is planning? He had unexpectedly stole someone from the Mu Country Emperor, and even taken us to escape the capital that very night!”

Voices suddenly came from outside the carriage, Ling Xiao perked his ears to listen.

“That’s right! Xiao Feng, we came for peace talks this time. With this kind of falling out, isn’t the relationship between our two countries will become even more tense!”

“Moreover!” Xiao Feng laughed and said, “Did you not feel that after His Highness has left for a while, when he returned, Mu Country’s Emperor did not send anyone after us anymore?”

“…When you say it this way.” Someone thought about it and said in wonder. “It really is like that…”

Xiao Feng said with pride and confidence, “Our Prince has settled the problem!”

Saying that, Xiao Feng sighed, “Don’t think too much of it, just guard High Highness well! We will be back in our Shao Country in a few days, then we will be safe.”

In a few days, they will arrive within Shao Country’s border?

Ling Xiao was entranced by those words when a faint breath blew on his ear, and a laughing voice sounded.

“What, you like what you’re hearing?”

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