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Chapter 45: Leaving the Palace

As if someone had dumped a whole bucket of cold water on him, Ling Xiao chilled completely.

The secret he was always hiding was exposed in front of the Emperor!

Ever since the lower thing of Ling Xiao was exposed to the Emperor, he stared at it. He stared at it so much Ling Xiao felt even more shamed.

But beyond feeling ashamed, there were also an uncontrollable heat and excitement in his body. That thing under the Emperor’s gaze even bounced a little, shamefully hardening even more. The pleasure and weakness that passed through his body, made Ling Xiao gasp for breath.

The Emperor slightly raised an eyebrow. Ling Xiao’s face was so red from shame, but even so, since the drug made his body more sensitive, it made Ling Xiao even more excited.

Extremely embarrassed, Ling Xiao instinctively wanted to hide from the Emperor’s line of sight, turning his body and facing his back toward him, while his legs pulled together.

When the Emperor saw that, he pulled Ling Xiao and turned him over, then used his knee to open Ling Xiao’s legs before maneuvering himself between them. His hands were propped on the sides of Ling Xiao’s head as he lowered his head and with his eerie gaze stared at Ling Xiao.

Ling Xiao was intimidated by those eyes and coldness crept from his heart.

Yet, under the Emperor’s action his body shuddered and craved for more. Ling Xiao silently moaned, his gaze blurring.

As he panted, Ling Xiao frowned and resisted this bone-deep feeling of ecstasy, he bit down on his tongue. The taste of blood and the stab of pain temporary cleared his head, calming him.

The Emperor said he already knows everything about him now, yet his face was so unsightly…

Could it be that the Emperor only knows all he has done in the palace and not this secret of his?

Once he became aware of that, Ling Xiao’s face went pale and his heart was thoroughly chilled. The Emperor will not allow any existence that lies to him.

The Emperor already had an idea of those things that he have done before, and might have let him go.

Otherwise, the Emperor would not have given him another chance when his idea of escaping the palace was seen through, demanding him to be honest with him.

However, this secret of his was already outside the Emperor’s expectations, since this is a challenge toward his imperial might and his high position as the Emperor. It is a lie to the ruler that has genuine significance!

Ling Xiao can already imagine the ending that awaited him…

It would definitely not be an ending he wanted.

Ling Xiao’s body went soft and the scene before his eyes blurred, he almost fainted.

The Emperor stayed silent for a long time before slowly approaching Ling Xiao.

His double-pupils were dark like ink, a hint of brutalness within them as he approached, bit by bit, before Ling Xiao’s eyes making his whole body tremble.

“Your… Your Majesty…” He softly called, praying that he could call back some of the fondness within the Emperor.

But it was very clear that he failed, because the Emperor’s gaze only became colder.

Ling Xiao trembled, his mind in a complete mess as he tried to think of the most favorable way out for himself.

He opened his mouth trying to delay things, “Your Majesty, this servant can explain.”

The Emperor heard his words and slightly paused, his face was undetermined as he watched Ling Xiao. Ling Xiao hurried said, “This servant did not undergo purification when this one entered the palace and knew that it was a grave crime. In order to keep this one’s life, this one had no choice but to lie to Your Majesty a few times…”

While he was saying that, Ling Xiao’s mind was already trying to think of a way to escape. But he couldn’t think of a single one that he considered practicable. His anxiety caused cold sweat to form on his body as he tried to shift it back a little.

Because of his body that was over-sensitive due to the drug, he felt a burning heat and weakness when he lightly rubbed the bedding. With the cold sweat that was frighten out of him by the Emperor, it gave Ling Xiao the illusion of being between fire and ice.

His face went red and then white repeatedly, sweat appeared from his forehead and flowed down his temple, dropping onto the pillow beside him and creating a small damp spot.

From start to finish, the Emperor’s gaze stayed on him with an expressionless and serene face.

The more serene he was, the more afraid Ling Xiao felt. He did not know what the Emperor was thinking about nor what he would do.

Right now, Ling Xiao secretly asked himself in his mind; Life or integrity, which was more important?

In the end, Ling Xiao made a decision, clenched his teeth and as if he wasn’t afraid of death, he took the initiative to approach the Emperor.

He mustered up his courage to cup the Emperor’s face, sincerely looking into his ice-cold brutal eyes and trembling spoke, “Your Majesty, this servant has made many mistakes and cannot ask for your forgiveness, but the feelings this one has toward you, has always been real…”

With those words, Ling Xiao tilted his head and kissed the Emperor’s thin lips, rubbing against him.

Ling Xiao was already under the influence of the drug, and every inch of his was extremely sensitive. With those moves of his, his temperature that just went down, shot back up. His cheeks were lit with crimson, his eyes damp, gradually blurring his sight.

The Emperor felt the little eunuch’s soft lips and saw his chaotic expression. The deep black color in his eyes was darkening endlessly.

He suddenly reached up and pulled Ling Xiao’s hair, and with one forceful tug, pull him off of himself.

Ling Xiao called out in pain, but within the pain was also pleasure. He opened his mouth with difficulty, urgently gasping for breath, his gaze becoming more and more enticing.

Some perseverance gradually appeared on the Emperor’s forehead, and soon, as if venting his anger, he covered Ling Xiao’s lips with his own, giving a devastating kiss as his tongue went through the small crack between Ling Xiao’s mouth, boring in and taking his sweetness like it was the immortal nectar of Jade Lake.

“Ahhh… ahhhh…. Hnnn…”

Ling Xiao softly moaned from the pleasure, acting like a spoiled kitten as he stuck to the Emperor’s chest and was teased. The sounds that came out of him as the response were extremely seductive.

“Hnnn…” being incited by Ling Xiao’s current condition, the Emperor patiently endured and frowned, but he also slightly moaned a sound. Immediately after, the Emperor shook and with his dark expression watched Ling Xiao. Clenching his teeth, he grabbed Ling Xiao’s hand and pressed it down, dropping rough kisses the whole way down.

“Ahhhhhhhh….” Ling Xiao moaned loudly. Because of the excitement, his body felt, his voice continued to leak out.

That night, Ling Xiao did not know when his behind was taken. He only knows that he had been flipped over and that many warm kisses were scattered on his back. Then his behind gradually hurted and in that unspeakable place, a burst of pain and weakness passed through that made him shudder all over. It also made him feel an unprecedented pleasure. He has no clue on what happened after that…

When he woke up again, his body was in an unbearable pain, but there still was some soreness and pleasure in that place that made him weak. He turned with difficulty to look, only to see that the Emperor was…

He couldn’t take it anymore and begged for forgiveness, but the Emperor’s expression was blank and completely ignored his plea.

The sky outside was already brightening, the Emperor and him had actually spent the night together…

Ling Xiao was thinking about his agreement with Fu Yujun all this time. Fu Yujun would be waiting for him outside the imperial palace with dawn, but how would he even be able to leave the palace now…

Holding those kinds of thoughts, Ling Xiao bit his lips. His body was in an unbearable pain and also in such pleasure that tormented him so much, the scene before his eyes started to blur again. He didn’t know if it was because he was wishing to leave the palace too much, or if it was an illusion from being tormented too much, but before him, a figure gradually appeared.

A body clad in white foreign clothing, a head wrapped in white cloth, thin gold pieces hanging on his body and his hands held across his chest. It was unexpected that person who is always smiling yet not smiling, Fu Yujun…

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