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Chapter 44: To Be Honest and Open

It was as if he did not recognize tiredness and could not be satisfied. He kept the Emperor in his arms and kissed him deeply. Because their tongues and mouths were too tightly intertwined, breathing became hard, but he still refused to let go of the Emperor.

Seeing Ling Xiao this way, the Emperor frowned and broke the kiss with him. His breathing was also a bit chaotic. He didn’t expect that the drug would be this strong. The Emperor glanced at the empty bowl on the table with a gloomy expression.

This Concubine Ran was becoming increasingly impudent!

Dissatisfied with the Emperor breaking off the kiss, Ling Xiao struggled to get up. The Emperor used one hand to grab both of Ling Xiao’s wrists and pressed them above his head as he straddled Ling Xiao’s waist. He leaned over Ling Xiao and using some force, he held Ling Xiao’s chin.

Ling Xiao groaned in discomfort, his eyes somewhat clearing.

“Your… Your Majesty…” Ling Xiao called out in a daze. The heat in his body agitated him, and his body begged for comfort. His lower body felt an incomparable itch. He wished that he could find something to rub against it.

Ling Xiao struggled and moaned unbearably, the lower corners of his robes already showing a small tent.

By chance, Ling Xiao happened to look down and see the condition of his lower body, causing him to startle and with a somewhat clearer mind, he hurriedly crossed his legs, carefully hiding that erect object between his legs. However, who knew that with these actions, that thing was unexpectedly comforted and swelled even more.

The other unexpected thing was that following what he just felt and due to that, his body also went limp and he could only pant.

Ling Xiao bit the tip of his tongue trying to resist this feeling of ecstasy. He could only wonder, just what was going on with his body? Why was it so sensitive?

Staring at Ling Xiao’s confused face, the Emperor narrowed his eyes and kindly answered Ling Xiao’s question.

“The swallow nest congee you just drank was prepared by Concubine Ran specifically for Us.”


The food a harem concubine sent to the Emperor in the middle of the night!

Ling Xiao silently wailed in grief. He knew that nothing good would happen when the Emperor fed him food!

What that Concubine Ran liked to do most, was send food mixed with drugs to the Emperor at night. In his past life, Ling Xiao had seen it a few times when he went to obtain some information on the Emperor!

The Emperor of his past life never ate anything from Concubine Ran. Ling Xiao once wondered, if the Emperor knew of Concubine Ran’s dirty trick and just didn’t bother to pay much attention to it.

The truth was just as he suspected. The Emperor had used the fact that she tried to drug him causing Concubine Ran to lose power.

The Emperor already knew of Concubine Ran’s dirty trick in his past life. Even if you beat Ling Xiao to death, he would not believe that this time, the Emperor did not know that there were drugs added to the swallow nest congee!

He knew there were drugs in it, yet he still fed it to Ling Xiao!

No, isn’t it because he knew that there were drugs in it that he fed it all to Ling Xiao without sparing a single bite?!

The Emperor was determined to win him today!

Ling Xiao clenched his teeth. He felt his chrysanthemum tighten and had a tragic feeling that he would not be able to maintain his chastity.

What made it worse was that his mind showed him those improper scenes from before making Ling Xiao’s body go limp and his waist to feel weak. It was as if he had climbed into bliss; the feeling of comfort spread to every corner of his body.

He was unexpectedly carrying in his mind faint expectations for what would happen next.

Startled, Ling Xiao hurriedly shook his head to throw off those thoughts. But who knew that with this movement, his skin would rub against the bedding and once again give him the feeling of going limp and numb.

“Hnnn…” Ling Xiao bit his bottom lip, preventing the moan from exiting as his brows knit tightly together while he endured the fatal pleasure.

The Emperor watched, his eyes darkening at the little eunuch below. His peach-like face, his eyes full of surging lust that was overflowing with charm; every movement was enticing him. He frowned slightly as a hint of endurance showed on his face.

His hands that were holding down Ling Xiao’s wrists tightened, causing Ling Xiao to cry out in pain and open his eyes to look sadly at the Emperor.

The Emperor pursed his lip and coldly said: “We will take pity on your injury and give you your last chance. Be honest with Us and We can get the imperial physician to get rid of the drug in your body. We will also gently wait for you. What do you choose?”

Ling Xiao opened his eyes in shock. The Emperor’s words meant that not only did he want Ling Xiao, he also want Ling Xiao to be honest? Was he not letting Ling Xiao off at all?

Out of the two choices he gave Ling Xiao, he wanted to obtain both!

Ling Xiao bit his lips, the Emperor wanted to obtain both, but he didn’t want to give either.

Seeing Ling Xiao not saying a word, the Emperor gazed pensively down on him while approaching Ling Xiao, gently leaving a kiss on his lips.

Ling Xiao was so scared that he jumped from the action, but he only felt a feather-light caress on his lips, which brought about another round of limpness and ticklishness. It was so unbearable that he wished someone would ruthlessly kiss and wantonly ravage him. He bore with the difficult sensations and raised his head, but even biting his lip tightly could not stop the unceasing moans that flowed out of him.

The Emperor narrowed his eyes, grasped Ling Xiao’s chin and quietly asked: “How about it? Have you thought it over?”

A wisp of the Emperor’s breath landed on Ling Xiao’s sensitive cheek, and pleasure ran through his erection. Ling Xiao gritted his teeth, enduring it while his inner depths roared like a hungry and thirsty little beast, wanting to obtain more.

Before today, it never crossed his mind how handsome the Emperor was.

He looked away, distressed, not daring to look at the Emperor again.

This movement of Ling Xiao’s looked like refusal from the Emperor’s point of view. His expression became cold and anger rose in his heart. The atmosphere around him completely changed, and there was a terrifying brutalness in his eyes.

He used more forced and caused more pain to Ling Xiao.

“It looks like you want to defy Us no matter what?”

He smiled coldly and tore off the upper portion of Ling Xiao’s outer garment. There was no longer any gentleness in his eyes, only anger.

“We cherished you and pitied you, so We gave you enough time and chances, yet you did not treasure them.”

Seeing his upper garment being rid of, Ling Xiao stared blankly for a moment before violently struggling. His secret was still hidden in his pants, so how could he let the Emperor do this?

Ling Xiao’s heart was flustered. With his bare skin exposed, his body gave out an honest reaction to the emperor’s touch, giving rise to a small trembling bump. A hot warmth spread all over his body – he felt like he was suffocating from lack of oxygen, which caused him to take voracious breaths.

He wanted to move away from the Emperor’s touch, yet his body was unconsciously catering to the Emperor’s movements.

Ling Xiao panted coarsely and heavily for breath. His awareness floating away bit by bit while the desire within him intensified.

Sinking and floating under pleasure, he only heard the Emperor’s words vaguely, “Ling Xiao, do you believe that the numerous matters in the palace could be hidden from Us?”

Ling Xiao’s mind was shocked and his whole body cooled, taking away some of the burning heat. His reason also returned. Since the Emperor said it in this way, did it mean he already knew everything?

Perhaps, He already knew everything! He once said that he only had one question for Ling Xiao; Why did he hate Mo Qi so much?

All his conducts and deeds within the palace were known to the Emperor. This could be the reason why the Emperor would only have one question for him!

Wasn’t the Emperor often like this? Knowing everything yet keeping silent. Waiting until he needed to deal with the person before he unfolded everything. He treated Lan Wei like this, treated Mo Qi like this, and also treated the Household of the Prime Minister like this. He would now treat Ling Xiao like this as well…

Ling Xiao clenched his teeth. He kept his silence and closed his eyes. Since he already knew everything, then what else did he need to be honest about? Did the Emperor want his honest thoughts?

How could he say those things?!

When the Emperor finished speaking, he only watched Ling Xiao’s expression and did not move at all.

Ling Xiao was spread out on the bed, gasping softly for breath and abnormally quiet. His heart was very complicated when he suddenly felt a coolness down below. After a moment of silence from the Emperor, he finally noticed that the Emperor had taken off his pants and therefore Ling Xiao was showing everything!

Startled, Ling Xiao clamped his legs, but it was already too late. The Emperor had already seen his secret…

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