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Chapter 43: Seeing Through the Ruse

With Ling Xiao’s early preparations, the Emperor had already inhaled a lot of calming incense and now that he consumed cartilage powdered medicine, Ling Xiao could see that the Emperor seemed uncomfortable. Not even a moment later, he fell onto Ling Xiao’s shoulder.

“Your Majesty… Your Majesty…”

Ling Xiao felt the weight and reached out to grab the Emperor’s shoulder, slightly pushing him and called out a few times probingly.

Seeing that the Emperor did not react, Ling Xiao felt pleased and made his way to the bed with the Emperor with some effort.

“Mu Chong Xuan, don’t blame me, I just want to live. If I really did as you said and was honest with you, you would definitely not put up with my lies and exploitation, I had no choice but to make a plan.”

He mumbled those words to himself as he fumbled around the Emperor’s body to find something. Soon, he found a gold-gilded command plate near the Emperor’s waist.

Delighted, Ling Xiao placed the plate in his own bosom.

Seeing the shadows of the chamberlain and eunuchs reflected in the window, Ling Xiao’s eyes glinted, and he touched the command plate before walking out and opening a small crack in the door.

Xiao Lizi from outside immediately went up to Ling Xiao to meet him, though he looked slightly surprised, he still immediately saluted and greeted him once, “Steward Ling.”

Ling Xiao nodded his head, saying, “The Emperor is resting at my place today, you can all retire. There is no need to do the night vigil.”

“……” Xiao Lizi was flabbergasted, then immediately said happily, “Then, Steward, you and the Emperor are finally…”

Xiao Lizi was full of smiles as he looked at Ling Xiao, strongly hinting at something that caused Ling Xiao to shiver a bit and lightly kick him, “Only you are so happy. Since you know, then take the people and leave.”

Hearing this, Xiao Lizi paused before shaking his head, “We can’t do that, Steward. Even if the Emperor is resting in his own Qin Palace, we servants still need to keep a night vigil. Otherwise, if the servants have all retired and the Emperor calls out for something, what would he do if he can’t get someone?”

Ling Xiao stared at Xiao Lizi, whose face held a trace of doubt. He kept trying to peer into the room behind Ling Xiao, but unfortunately Ling Xiao’s body obstructed Xiao Lizi’s view.

Xiao Lizi frowned, his doubt growing even stronger. Seeing that, Ling Xiao sneered and fished out the command plate from his waist, coldly saying, “What? Even if you don’t believe in the Steward’s words, you should recognize the command plate the Emperor gave me, right?”

Xiao Lizi raised his head to look at the gold-gilded plate. Under the light, its brightness was quite dazzling, startling him. Xiao Lizi took the lead to kneel down in front of Ling Xiao, who coldly said, “Hurry up and leave.”

“Yes.” Xiao Lizi no longer dared to tarry and left, taking the others with him.

Ling Xiao walked out and looked around. Seeing that there wasn’t anyone left, he felt proud of himself and walked back inside to change into a eunuch’s clothing.

Looking at the Emperor whose clothes he had pried open and laid casually on the bed, Ling Xiao became worried that he would catch a cold and went back to cover him with a blanket, leaning over to tuck in the sides. Facing the unconscious Emperor, Ling Xiao sighed rather sorrowfully and couldn’t help but quietly whisper his goodbyes, “Goodbye, my Emperor.”

After he finished speaking, Ling Xiao rose and turned around, about to walk out the door without the slightest hesitation.

Suddenly, his wrist was grabbed and his world spun, making Ling Xiao cry out in alarm. As he was pushed down onto the bed, the wound on his chest flared up, causing him to cry out once again, but in pain. Looking up, he saw that the person pressing him down was actually the Emperor who he had thought was unconscious…

The Emperor’s face was completely black with rage, his ice-cold gaze directed at him, and his lips pressed together tightly. His entire body was emitting a terrifying atmosphere, intimidating Ling Xiao so much that he couldn’t move at all.

“Your… Your Majesty…”

Although Ling Xiao would have normally been able to say all sorts of things, right now, he couldn’t even stammer a single complete sentence.

He was finished!

This was the only thing Ling Xiao could think.

The Emperor’s chilly gaze swept over Ling Xiao’s entire body, finally fixing itself onto the command plate at his waist. Reaching out, he took the gold-gilded command plate, his eyes staring at Ling Xiao eerily.

“So, the reason you invited Us over was to run away from the palace.”

The Emperor’s voice was cold like fine jade, sending chills through Ling Xiao’s entire body when he heard it.

“This… this servant…” Ling Xiao really wanted to quibble, but he was unable to think of anything to say in his defense.

In his anxiety, Ling Xiao suddenly felt dizzy and everything before his eyes grew hazy as his just chilled body gradually became burning hot.

Ling Xiao shook his head, in an attempt to see the scene before him with clear eyes. However, all he saw was the sharp eyebrows, glittering eyes, straight nose, and red lips of the Emperor, his every expression and movement carrying a fatal bewitchment.

When his lips parted, they released a deadly sex appeal that gave Ling Xiao the urge to capture them. He swallowed, his breathing gradually becoming coarse and heavy.

As the Emperor watched, the little eunuch’s cheeks slowly turned red and his brows wrinkled slightly, his eyes unfocused as captivating gasps were released from his slightly parted lips.

His heart began to itch as that enticing gaze met his, the other’s eyes full of desire, like a silent invitation.

The Emperor’s gaze darkened and a terrifying appetite gradually surfaced in his eyes. Even so, he continued watching Ling Xiao like before, not moving an inch, as if waiting for something.

Ling Xiao was desperate to get relief as his body heated up more and more. That thing on his lower body also kept swelling until he couldn’t bear it and rolled, rubbing his lower body against the bedding as he bit his lower lip.

“What is… ahhhh…” he exhaled a scorching breath when his body brushed against the Emperor’s skin as what he was saying in puzzlement immediately turning into a resounding moan.

It… it feels so good…

Ling Xiao’s whole body went limp, and he laid weakly on the bed, urgently gasping for breath. He never knew that just skin contact could feel so good.

Ling Xiao turned and moved a bit, staring at the Emperor’s exposed chest, his eyes bright and displaying an intense desire. His expression was like a wolf that saw meat, crying noisily while wanting to swallow it up.

He struggled to get up and used both hands to gently stroke and caress the Emperor’s exposed skin, fascinated by the power he could feel in his pectorals, almost crazily kissing his skin.

“Hnnn…” The Emperor lightly groaned and turned, pressing down Ling Xiao a bit roughly, which caused Ling Xiao’s chest wound to twinge. The stab of pain returned a trace of Ling Xiao’s reason, and he stared blankly at the Emperor, unable to understand, “I… what is wrong with… hnnn…”

His words were swallowed by the Emperor as he captured his red and swollen lips, wreaking havoc within his mouth and teasing him until he gasped for breath and moaned without end.

In the beginning, Ling Xiao had struggled, but finally, he gave in to his emotions.

His hands that were pushing the Emperor wrapped around his neck and drew him closer, contradicting his previous words, before he finally tangled with the Emperor.

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