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Chapter 48: The Soul of the Deceased Has Not Yet Dispersed

“Neigh!” The carriage suddenly swayed once and immediately stopped.

The voices of the chamberlains asking for instruction could be heard coming from outside.

“Your Highness, we arrived at the tavern.”

“I understand.” Fu Yujun replied and raised his hand to wipe the blood from his mouth. Giving Ling Xiao a glance, he took the lead and walked out.

Ling Xiao held his wound and pushed aside the curtain, walking out as well.

The moment he got off the carriage, he saw Fu Yujun waiting for him not too far away. He stared blankly, then strenuously and slowly walked, catching up to Fu Yujun.

Fu Yujun suddenly raised his hand and threw a small bottle to him. Ling Xiao caught it in a flurry and looked at it, it felt strangely familiar.

But when he thought about it some more, he had no particularly impression of it.

“The Mu Country Emperor wanted me to give you that and told me to tell you to take care of your body.”

Just as Ling Xiao felt confused, Fu Yujun jokingly said in front of him, light like a feather.

Ling Xiao staggered and almost fell on the ground. Luckily, Fu Yujun had good eyes and supported him, “Hearing that the Mu Country Emperor is so caring toward you, you almost fell from happiness?”

Ling Xiao raised his head to look at Fu Yujun, his mouth twitching. Which of Fu Yujun’s eyes saw that he was happy?

He was obviously horrified!

It was already out of his expectations that the Emperor would chase after him. What was even stranger was that the Emperor chased and gave up halfway!

The Emperor Ling Xiao knew, either doesn’t make a decision or will not change it easily once he made one.

Just what kind of agreement did Fu Yujun make with the Emperor, causing him to give up the chase? Furthermore, this medicine…

Ling Xiao tightly held the medicine and hid it in his sleeve. This medicine was clearly the one used to smear on his private parts. He originally couldn’t recall, but once the Emperor was mentioned, Ling Xiao remembered…

Just what was this Emperor thinking?! He even had Fu Yujun hand him this medicine!

Why is it that even now, when he has clearly left the palace, it felt like the Emperor was still by his side…

Ling Xiao pursed his lip, silently shaking off Fu Yujun’s support and slowly walked to the tavern.

Entering the tavern, Ling Xiao made straight for the second floor to wash himself. However, what he did not know was that his whole body was covered in hickeys and traces of ruthless love and only learnt of it once his clothes were removed.

Even with all that, his body was rather vigorous. He thought that with the injury on his body and being treated the way he was, he wouldn’t be able to crawl out of bed. But aside from the unbearable pain from when he first woke up, he was slowly getting better.

The only problem was that smearing that area behind with the Emperor’s medicine, still did not make it easier to bear. Sitting and standing all caused a lot pain.

At first, he was going to sleep. But who knew that after he finished washing himself up, Fu Yujun would pull him downstairs.

Ling Xiao also remained silent, he let it be. Since he was reborn, all his injuries healed quickly. This Fu Yujun was obviously injured, but he still acted as if he wasn’t injured at all.

He seemed to have sensed Ling Xiao’s doubts and answered his question, “What I have is an internal injury. Relying on rest won’t make it better.”

Alright then.

Ling Xiao rolled his eyes and followed Fu Yujun to a seat near the window downstairs. Fu Yujun ordered some dishes and set about pouring Ling Xiao a cup of tea.

Ling Xiao raised it and drank a mouthful. He then saw Fu Yujun who was resting his chin on his arm, lovingly watching him, his sight extremely touching and gentle. A burst of chills went through Ling Xiao and he placed down his teacup, uncomfortably asking him, “Why are you looking at me like this?”

“I am thinking about how really different you are from when you were in the palace.” Fu Yujun smiled as he watched Ling Xiao without blinking, as if he was staring at a rare item, full of pleasant surprise.

Ling Xiao couldn’t keep his eye from twitching, and asked, “What’s so different?”

“In the palace, I have seen you a few times. You were always trembling, cautious and solemn. Although it was interesting, it was not conspicuous. After getting out of the palace, look at yourself, just where do you still look like a servant?”

Ling Xiao raised his eyebrow, his gaze on Fu Yujun as he said, “I wasn’t your servant in the first place.”

“Yeah.” Fu Yujun lightly smiled, “Your identity is no longer simple.”

A flash of light flitted through Fu Yujun’s eyes as he said that, and was coincidently seen by Ling Xiao. Ling Xiao asked suspiciously, “What do you mean?”

“Have you guys seen the announcement? Our Emperor is going to choose a King Consort!” the voice of a man suddenly was heard from the next table.

Ling Xiao was stunned. The Emperor was going to establish a King Consort?

His attention shifted from Fu Yujun to the next table in a moment.

Three youthful men sat there, all wearing plain cotton clothing. One man lifted his teacup with the other two sitting in front of him, full of astonishment on their faces. The one that spoke was precisely the one that lifted his teacup.

Ling Xiao looked at him and he heard him say, “In a month time from today, will be the day the Emperor confers the title of King Consort. The Emperor is excusing us from taxes for one year!”

“This is a good thing.” One of the men couldn’t help but smile when he heard that they were relieved of taxes.

“This is our Mu Country’s first King Consort.” Another man interrupted, “I wonder who’s the one who became the Emperor’s favored one.”

“Hm… I think the name was Ling Xiao.” One man remembered.

Ling Xiao heard this and almost dropped the teacup in his hand. His expression was one of amazement, as he then saw Fu Yujun teasingly watching him.

Ling Xiao cleared his mind and looked at Fu Yujun who was not the least bit surprised, clenching his teeth, “You knew already?”

“The Mu Country Emperor told me of that before.” Fu Yujun drank his tea, “He… really is determined to bring you back.”

Ling Xiao went silent and Fu Yujun propped up his chin while watching him. This small servant’s worry was written on his face. His dispirit appearance with his head hanging down was not lively like before. Fu Yujun pursed his lips, consoling him, “You don’t need to be too worried. I do not believe that he would still be able to snatch you back after you enter the Shao Country.”

“Snatch?” Ling Xiao’s mouth twitched. Was he an item?

Ling Xiao sneered. Since he was now out of the palace, he also did not need to stay by Fu Yujun’s side. He would rather leave at the first opportunity…

“That’s right, they forgot to say something. The Emperor announced to the whole country, that the Eunuch Steward Ling that dared to lie to him was already executed.” Fu Yujun suddenly said.

Ling Xiao once again raised his head in shock.

Dead? Isn’t he Steward Ling? He died? But next month the Emperor would be conferring him the title of King Consort?

What is the Emperor calculating?

Ling Xiao lowered his head, his hair covering his expression so Fu Yujun could not know what he was thinking about right now.

“Your Highness.” Suddenly, a soft cry arrived by his ear, the voice was so familiar it made people not dare to believe it. He abruptly raised his head, his gaze rooted at where the sound came from.

A body clad in pink clothing, sweet attitude with a beautiful appearance and a seductive gaze. It was someone he was so familiar with he couldn’t ever mistake them. The person who should have been dead—Mo Qi!

Ling Xiao suddenly stood up, his face full of disbelief, “You… you…”

He pointed at Mo Qi, unable to say anything for a long time. Mo Qi suddenly grabbed his hand, approaching his ear and tenderly laughed out, “It’s me, Ling Xiao. I have returned from the netherworld!”

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