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Chapter 49: Face Smacking Mo Qi

The Mo Qi before him was beautiful and smiling, none of the suffering from before could be seen by Ling Xiao. What was even stranger was her serene eyes that were filled with smiles. Ling Xiao could not make out her mood at all.

Ling Xiao felt an indescribable chill ran through his spine and he took a step back.

Mo Qi saluted toward Fu Yujun then walked behind him, looking obedient and docile.

Ling Xiao was so astounded that his eyes almost fell out from staring at Mo Qi.

That Mo Qi who believed herself infallible and that all men would love her, how does she have such good etiquette? Furthermore, she would unexpectedly wait behind Fu Yujun obediently…

Just where was the problem?

Ling Xiao’s questioning gaze turned between Fu Yujun and Mo Qi. Fu Yujun had a hint of a smile that really didn’t give people any clues at what he was thinking.

Ling Xiao dangerously narrowed his eyes. Could it be that these two had came to an agreement earlier?

Fu Yujun took note of Ling Xiao’s enmity and he frivolously smiled for a long time before lightly shaking his head, saying to the person behind him, “You can leave first.”

That voice did not count as especially gentle, but there wasn’t much hatred in it either.

Ling Xiao’s enmity became stronger when he saw that.

Sensing Ling Xiao’s enmity, Fu Yujun forced a smile, a trace of doubt as he asked, “You really hate Mo Qi so much? Can you not tolerate her on my account?”

Ling Xiao’s mind was filled with surprise when he heard that. Mo Qi had once tried to assassinate Fu Yujun, although she didn’t really want to kill him, she still tried to do it. Yet Fu Yujun is still putting up with her nowadays?

After Mo Qi gave Lan Wei the waters of oblivion, did she then make Fu Yujun drink it?!

Ling Xiao coldly smiled in his heart, but did not show any of it on his face, “Don’t mention it Your Highness. Now that Mo Qi is under your wing, how would Ling Xiao dare to wanton, so why speak about me tolerating her?”

Ling Xiao pretended that his wound was hurting and covered it, “…This Ling Xiao’s injury isn’t actually that serious, just some blood flowing the whole time and causing pain for several days. Any close and it would have hit this one’s heart. But this is unimportant since this one still hasn’t died yet. If Mo Qi once again becomes violent, Ling Xiao can at least still take the hit for His Highness again.”

Hearing those words, Fu Yujun couldn’t quite keep up the smile on his face.

Those words from Ling Xiao were clearly telling him that he had been injured for him yet he decided to pardon the main culprit…

Not only did it made him look extremely stupid regarding him, he was also followed by the danger of being attacked again. Moreover, it is extremely unfair toward Ling Xiao who helped block a strike for him.

The words spoken by this little servant are all of the same pattern.

Fu Yujun attentively watched the little servant that was still talking non-stop and gnashed his teeth.

“Your Highness, why are you looking at me like that? Don’t tell me you think Ling Xiao is wrong?” Ling Xiao watched Fu Yujun from the corner of his eye, a trace of craftiness flitted by.

That fleeting light made the little servant before Fu Yujun look very lively and he couldn’t help but be distracted by this, his gaze becoming deeper.

After a long time, he sighed and raised both hands, surrendering, “Alright alright, I’m in the wrong. It’s just that this Mo Qi really is useful to me.”

Ling Xiao frowned and stared blankly, “What kind of use?”

Fu Yujun struggled for a moment, frowning with his lips pursed, “There’s something I want to ask her.”

When he mentioned that, a scene from the Mu Country banquet flashed through his mind. His daydreaming brought back memories of that paper-cut silhouette dance that took everyone’s breath away…

No matter what, he wanted to find that person!

A trace of seriousness was on Fu Yujun’s face and since this side of Fu Yujun was rather rare, it caused Ling to be surprised. He very curiously asked him, “What do you want to ask her?”

“About that…” Fu Yujun returned to his senses and with a hint of a smile, considered Ling Xiao, but did not say anymore of the matter to him. He shifted the subject, teasing him, “You seem to care about me a lot?”

Ling Xiao’s mouth twitched, a face of despise directed at Fu Yujun.

Fu Yujun lightly coughed once, “In short, I still have a use for that person. You can rest assured, I will not let her have the chance to do anything. If you feel that she is dangerous, I can give her to you and you can go break the tendons in her hands and feet, or do anything else you wish. I only need her to be able to speak.”

Fu Yujun wore a smile as he said that, as if Mo Qi’s life was just like an ant in his eyes. Ling Xiao felt an indescribable chill.

However, letting him handle Mo Qi is still very attractive, so Ling Xiao relaxed himself, “Then I shall take Your Highness’s suggestion.”

Fu Yujun nodded with a smile.

“That’s right, you saved me. Have you thought of what you wanted as your reward?” Fu Yujun resumed asking.

Ling Xiao stared vacantly, full of doubt as he asked, “Didn’t the Prince already give me what I wanted?”

Fu Yujun shook his head, “Saving you was my own wish. Your wish was to have me wait outside the palace so I can take you to my country and did not require me to get you out of the palace. It doesn’t count since this is me saving you, making me your benefactor.”

Thinking that this train of thought was rather strange, black lines filled Ling Xiao’s head and he loosely said, “Then one favor for another, you don’t owe me and I don’t owe you.”

“No.” Fu Yujun shook his head, “The reason I saved you was because I have a request.”

“……” Hearing that he had a request, Ling Xiao went on guard.

Fu Yujun lightly smiled when he saw that, “You don’t need to be so nervous. What I want to request is something you said you wanted to do before.”

“What?” Something he wanted to do? Ling Xiao couldn’t think of anything.

Fu Yujun explained, “Come with me to Shao Country, stay at my home and do not run around.”

The reply was unexpected, but he had said before that he would come to Fu Yujun’s home and follow him. However, that was just out of convenience since Ling Xiao’s original idea was to use Fu Yujun to leave the imperial palace.

Even though the Emperor has conferred a title of King Consort on Ling Xiao, he still never thought about taking a refuge in Fu Yujun’s home. He thought at most that he would follow him to Shao Country and then think of another plan.

He never told anyone his objective, including Fu Yujun. But since Fu Yujun raised this request, it clearly showed that he knew about his plans.

Ling Xiao scowled. There really isn’t one among them that is easy to fool.

With that reasoning, Ling Xiao asked in thought, “Your Highness, for what purpose are you bringing me to your home?”

Fu Yujun raised an eyebrow, his face overflowing with a smile. He smiled so much that Ling Xiao felt a chill behind and hurriedly stopped him as Fu Yujun was just about to reply, “Your Highness, why don’t you take it as inviting this Ling Xiao as a guest in your home? After all, this one had saved you before.”

Fu Yujun raised his eyebrow with some disappointment, replying, “You’ve been a servant for too long so now you want to try being a master?”

“Hey, it’s just a guest, what master. The master is still Your Highness.” Ling Xiao threw back, once again interrupting him, “Or does His Highness think that Ling Xiao is just a small servant, and even if I saved your life, I cannot be your guest?”

Fu Yujun’s smile went stiff at his words, noticing Ling Xiao’s eyes that carried some complaint.

This little servant grew a mouth just to run against him?

Ling Xiao accepted Fu Yujun’s gaze, which was pitch black and had the corner of his eye was  twitching. In the end, he silently glanced at him.

“The Prince does not need to look at me like that. Since Ling Xiao has already followed you out, then I will listen to the Prince’s arrangements.”

After all, Mo Qi still has not died so he will not leave yet. He might as well follow and take a look, moreover, as long as he follows, Mo Qi will be handled by him one day. This was more attractive to Ling Xiao than anything else.

In the end, Fu Yujun used the identity of an honored guest in order to bring Ling Xiao into his residence.

On the way, Ling Xiao did not try to find Mo Qi. The first reason was that with this many people on the road, he couldn’t move about as easily. The other reason was that he wanted to see, just what is going on with Mo Qi.

Through these past few days of observation, Ling Xiao discovered that Mo Qi seemed to have completely changed into another person. Educated and well-balanced, gentle and honest. It was just like the appearance Mo Qi assumed in his past life.

This appearance gave Ling Xiao the misconception of returning to his past lifetime.

Today, he arrived at the Prince’s residence and Ling Xiao was arranged into an independent small courtyard. This courtyard, which was provided for him to reside in, had servants and a quiet and secluded environment.

Fu Yujun also did not break his promise of arranging Mo Qi to live in the small courtyard and have Ling Xiao handle her as he wished. Along with Mo Qi were the two maids that he had asked Fu Yujun to hide before.

One was called Ji Xiang and the other was called Fu Kang. Their identities for entering the courtyard was being his personal servant girls.

What was even out of his calculation was the identity Fu Yujun used for Mo Qi to enter his courtyard, it was a personal servant girl.

This kind of arrangement caused Ling Xiao to smile.

In his past lifetime, he had followed Mo Qi with no complaints, doing everything she asked and she went out of her way to assert that he was her servant.

In this lifetime, Mo Qi quietly retreated and became his servant girl.

It really is fortune rises and fall, making people very delighted!

Ling Xiao thought as he then arrived at the servant girl’s resident. Mo Qi was currently organizing her small number of things and stared blankly when she saw Ling Xiao had arrived.

Then, she stood up.

Ling Xiao walked in front of her and overlooked her, coldly saying, “What, you don’t understand how to kneel and salute when seeing your master?”

Mo Qi clenched her teeth. Unwillingness and humiliation appeared on her face, but it turned into an enduring and calm expression at the end. She knelt in front of Ling Xiao.

Ling Xiao stared blankly, frowning. How could Mo Qi kneel before him? She believed that those who love her, will love her to death, always asking for this and that. How could she kneel this easily…

“Ling Xiao, can I get up?” Just as he was thinking about those things, Mo Qi’s voice came from below.

Ling Xiao pursed his lip, lifting his foot to kick her and angrily said “I did not allow you to speak. Also, I am your master. How can you call your master’s by his name?”

Mo Qi was kicked to the ground and cried out in pain. Staring at Ling Xiao with her eyes full of hatred, she gnashed her teeth, “Ling Xiao, don’t be too excessive!”

“Heh!” Ling Xiao sneered, squatting down to look straight at her, “I am just so excessive, what can you do about it!?”

Mo Qi’s sinister gaze, full of killing intent landed on Ling Xiao, “You will one day pay the price of what you did to me today! Ling Xiao, you will regret this! Like you regretted to death in your past lifetime!”

“Past lifetime?” Ling Xiao shook, his gaze landing on Mo Qi for a long time.

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