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Chapter 50: Starting to Learn Martial Arts

Mo Qi pursed her lips. Knowing that she went out of line, she closed her mouth, not daring to say anymore.

Ling Xiao peered at Mo Qi’s appearance and laughed a bit. Did Mo Qi also undergo rebirth? Then it would not be strange for her character to suddenly go through such drastic changes.

After all, the past her was personally taught by him.

This is also good!

The one who harmed him was the Mo Qi of his past lifetime. Although he was always going against Mo Qi in this lifetime, Ling Xiao still restrained himself against the completely ignorant Mo Qi.

But now, his past lifetime’s Mo Qi also crossed over, so he can avenge himself against the true culprit!

Ling Xiao smiled darkly which gave Mo Qi an indescribably chill. She stared at Ling Xiao, who had an appearance that was itching to turn her into ash, and trembled in fear.

Seeing Mo Qi’s current pale appearance, the Ling Xiao of the last lifetime would probably have been greatly distressed. However, when he saw her, this lifetime’s Ling Xiao was filled with pleasure.

Ling Xiao grasped her chin tightly, coldly smiling, “You said you had foreseen this, then why did you need to poison me to death back then?!”

Mo Qi shook when she heard those words. With a disbelieving face as she stared at Ling Xiao, she stuttering out, “Don’t tell me… you too…”

Ling Xiao gave a slight smile and did not deny it.

Realization suddenly filled Mo Qi’s face, “I understand now. You are holding a grudge against me for poisoning you to death. Your target from the beginning was me, you want to take revenge!”

“Realizing it now is too late!” Ling Xiao sneered, throwing her aside in disdain.

“I agreed to Fu Yujun request to not take your life, however, I have ten million ways to slowly torment you.”

Ling Xiao fixed his gaze on Mo Qi, his expression was just as fierce as a poisonous snake, causing Mo Qi to shift back a few steps.

Her face was frightened white. She bit her lips hard, but was still unable to stop the shudder that ran through her body.

Ling Xiao narrowed his eyes in satisfaction at the sight. To be honest, just killing Mo Qi isn’t enough. However, it will surely bring much delight to Ling Xiao if he had her endure torment!

“Servants!” Ling Xiao called loud enough to be heard outside while he kept his eyes on Mo Qi.

Because Mo Qi took the identity of Ling Xiao’s personal servant girl in order to enter the mansion, the ones that were living with her were the two maids from the palace, who entered the same way as well.

Ji Xiang and Fu Kang.

Ling Xiao’s call was also heard by these two first.

They respectfully entered the door and did not look surprised when they saw Ling Xiao. Perhaps Fu Yujun had told them before to continue to serve Ling Xiao.

Ling Xiao raised an eyebrow as he stared at the two kneeling on the ground. Just when he was about to speak, the chamberlains arranged by Fu Yujun arrived.

“Master.” They saluted to Ling Xiao.

Ling Xiao’s sight turned from the two maids to the chamberlains and he curbed his mood. He glanced at Mo Qi at the side and ordered, “This person, she made me unhappy. Toss her somewhere that needs people.”

Ling Xiao then turned back his gaze at the chamberlains, “Remember, don’t let her be too idle.”

“Yes.” the chamberlain accepted the order and was just about to drag Mo Qi when Mo Qi returned to her senses and gnashed her teeth as she stared at Ling Xiao, “Ling Xiao, my biggest mistake was not finishing you off!”

Ling Xiao coldly smiled and replied, “That is also what I am regretting the most!”

Mo Qi bit her lower lip at his words, her cruel gaze staring at him. Her gaze seemed to be telling him that she will one day retaliate.

Ling Xiao watched unblinking as Mo Qi was dragged out, the corner of his mouth turning down.

This Mo Qi was harder to deal with than before. She had even accepted his order.

If it was the Mo Qi before, even if her life depended on it, she wouldn’t even fight!

However, this one was after all, the one he personally instructed.

Ling Xiao sighed. If he reincarnation due to being poisoned to death in his past lifetime, then what about Mo Qi? Wasn’t she living well in the past, so why was she also reborn?

Perhaps the past her also died?

“Ste…Steward.” A timid voice interrupted Ling Xiao’s train of thought.

Ling Xiao looked at where the voice came from and saw the two maids were shoving each other to reply.

The two of them lowered their heads when Ling Xiao turned his questioning gaze on them and begged, “Steward, please spare us two servants, we will never leak out your secret!”

“Yes, please spare our lives Steward, and let us two servants continue to serve you. Please don’t send us out to serve in other places. If we were to go serve somewhere else, us two servants who have no parents and reason in this Shao Country, then isn’t that…”

“Wait.” Ling Xiao frowned and interrupted the two, “When did I say I will also be sending you out?”

The two were stunned and raised their heads, then remembered their role and hurried lowered their heads again.

“You… made Palace Woman Mo… no… Mo Qi…”

“She is she, you are you two.” Ling Xiao once again interrupted the stammeringly speech from the two.

The two maids clearly heaved a sigh of relief when they heard that. Ling Xiao tilted his head, “Go ahead and stand up you two.”

“Yes.” The two rose and deferentially hung their heads in front of Ling Xiao.

Ling Xiao asked, “You guys said you will not leak my secret… so you two really saw it?”

The two maids went pale again when they heard the question, but thought of something and their faces pinked. This change of white to pink was very marvelous, but they did not dare to not reply to Ling Xiao. They could only tremblingly nod their heads.

Ling Xiao continued, “You two said you will not leak my secret, don’t tell me you haven’t told Fu Yujun?”

The slight traces of shyness and flush thoroughly disappeared at those words and they immediately knelt, shaking their heads, “Steward, us two servants know that this matter is very grave, so how would we dare to irresponsibly talk about it!”

Ling Xiao suspiciously looked at the two, “How could Fu Yujun not ask you two? You two would probably not be able to kneel before me if you have not told him yet, right?”

However, Fu Yujun really didn’t look like he knew, at least, he had not mentioned this matter.

Ling Xiao’s eyes were filled with confusion.

The two hurriedly explained, “Steward, us two servants were indeed questioned, but when Xiu… Mo Qi arrived, us two servants were able to get away.”

“Oh?” Ling Xiao’s inquiring gaze watched both of them with his eyebrows raised.

The two continued without being told, “Shao Country’s Prince originally wanted to ask about your secret, but the Emperor had… Mo Qi’s dead body delivered to the Shao Country Prince’s residence.”

“The Shao Country Prince was occupied with seeing off the eunuchs that delivered the dead body. Afterwards, he spoke with Mo Qi about something and no longer paid attention to us two servants.”

“What dead body, it was actually a living person.” Fu Kang auspiciously interrupted and reported, “That Mo Qi had got up when those eunuchs left. Us two servants were hidden at a secret place and saw it with out own eyes.”

Ling Xiao went silent. When the Emperor says one, he will not mean two. Since he said to kill Mo Qi, then he definitely had her killed. So it looks like Mo Qi had reincarnated after her dead body was delivered.

The crucial point was still, just why did Mo Qi also reborn?

“Yo, looks like I came at a bad time?” A teasing voice suddenly came through from the entrance.

Ling Xiao looked over. It was the exotically dressed Fu Yujun with gold pieces hanging from many parts of his body and even his ears had golden leaves that were flickering and shining.

Ling Xiao walked forward two steps and told the two kneeling before him, “Enough, leave.”


“Hey, don’t leave so urgently!” Fu Yujun looked at the two people who were leaving, pretending to urge them to say. The two stopped and didn’t know if they should stay or continue to walk away.

Ling Xiao grabbed Fu Yujun firmly, “Your Highness is here to find me right? There is no need for irrelevant people to stay behind.”

Fu Yujun’s eyes light up and gently looked at Ling Xiao, “So, you want to have a private conversation with me. Then I have no reason to not accept.”

Fu Yujun waved his hand back after he spoke those words.

The two hurriedly ran out the door when they saw that.

Ling Xiao’s eyes twitched and he seamlessly retreated, keeping himself a distance away from Fu Yujun.

Fu Yujun watched with amusement and repeated approached him until Ling Xiao was forced into the corner. He raised his hands to block Fu Yujun, hurriedly shifted the topic, “Your Highness, are you looking for Ling Xiao for something?”

Fu Yujun raised an eyebrow and trapped Ling Xiao between him and the wall. Staring at the rather attractive and intelligent person before him, “There’s nothing really, I just came by to take a look. Are you satisfied with this courtyard?”

“Ling Xiao is very satisfied and thanks His Highness for the care.” Fu Yujun’s puffs of breath didn’t feel nice on Ling Xiao’s face, causing him to frown as he wanted to get some distance between him and Fu Yujun.

As if he had sensed Ling Xiao’s unwillingness, Fu Yujun took two steps back.

Ling Xiao let loose a breath.

Fu Yujun eyed him, some unhappiness in his heart, “Looks like you are only used to that Mu Country Emperor’s touch.”

Fu Yujun felt that the words he just said were a bit too sour, he frowned and changed the subject, “I heard that you had Mo Qi sent out to work?”

“Your highness had said that I can handle Mo Qi as I pleased.” Ling Xiao automatically blocked what Fu Yujun said before and coldly replied.

Fu Yujun said, “For you to handle.” When he said that, Fu Yujun seemed to have remembered what his subordinate just reported back and he repeatedly warned, “Make sure to be careful and don’t play Mo Qi to death. I still have some things I need to hear from her mouth.”

Hearing that, Ling Xiao eyed Fu Yujun suspiciously. This Fu Yujun has always said he needed to know something from Mo Qi. Just what does he want to know?

Ling Xiao was curious and couldn’t help but ask again, “Your Highness, just what do you want to know from Mo Qi?”

Fu Yujun laughingly looked at him. He remembers telling this little servant to not ask again, yet Ling Xiao still asked about it. This little servant doesn’t learn his lesson!

Fu Yujun dangerously narrowed his eyes. Ling Xiao keenly felt it and hurriedly explained, “Ling Xiao grew up with Mo Qi. What Mo Qi knows, this Ling Xiao pretty much knows as well. Why not tell me just what is it that you want to know, Your Highness? Perhaps this Ling Xiao can tell you?”

Fu Yujun was astounded, “You know?”

“If His Highness doesn’t tell me what it is about, how could I know if I know it or not?” Ling Xiao coerced Fu Yujun step by step.

Fu Yujun lightly laughed when he heard that. This little servant really has a sharp mouth, trying to rope him in bit by bit.

Forget it, it isn’t some secret anyway.

Thinking of that, Fu Yujun said, “I can tell you, but I also have something I want to know.”

“Tell me.” Ling Xiao firmly spoke.

Fu Yujun extended two fingers and spoke, “First, why do you hate Mo Qi so much? And second, just what secret are you hiding on you?”

“Your Highness, this isn’t fair. You are asking me two questions while I am only asking one.” Ling Xiao calmly haggled.

Fu Yujun lightly smiled, “Then you can ask me another one too.”

Ling Xiao closed his eyes, thought a bit and an idea flashed through his mind. He smiled and said, “I don’t really have anything to ask His Highness, but I do have a small request I would like to make.”

The expression of the little servant in front of him was lively, and the calculating look, which could be seen by Fu Yujun, really made him feel that the small servant before him demanded for happiness a lot. He couldn’t help but laugh again, his laugh filled with delight that he wasn’t aware of.

“Tell me.” With his raised eyebrows, he gently said to Ling Xiao.

Ling Xiao slightly smiled and said, “I’ve heard that Your Highness is unrivalled in martial arts. At the age of ten you could defeat three opponents. At fifteen, you could easily defeat ten soldiers. Nowadays, you are seventeen, you probably don’t have any worthy rivals left in Shao Country?”

Fu Yujun raised an eyebrow and nodded. This little servant understood things clearly enough. Fu Yujun also knew what he was thinking of, however, he still wanted to hear him say it.

He led around the little servant to continue speaking, “And so?”

Ling Xiao’s mouth twitched. This Fu Yujun was fully aware of what he wanted, yet he was still forcing him to say it!

He was really, really bored.

Thinking, Ling Xiao still opened his mouth and asked, “How about His Highness teach Ling Xiao martial arts?”

Ling Xiao thought that knowing martial arts will help him to no be so passive when he met the Emperor again, Lan Wei or even this Fu Yujun in front of him..

Fu Yujun laughed in satisfaction, craftily said, “Good! However, since I am teaching you martial arts, I am considered your teacher. Call me Master.”

“Master!” Ling Xiao firmly called out once, such bluntness really shocked Fu Yujun.[1]

However, he then saw the sincere gaze of the little servant in front of him and his respectful attitude.

Fu Yujun sighed, oh well. Although it will waste some time,  it might actually be a pretty good decision if it’s this little servant.


vI think I never explained, but the Master used by Servants is Zhu Zhi while the Master used for Teachers is Shi Fu.

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