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Chapter 51: Unceasing Demon

He had already followed and learnt from Fu Yujun for over half a month. In this timeframe, Ling Xiao turned from never having any foundations of martial arts to being able to withstand one of Fu Yujun’s bodyguard.

Although it was just one bodyguard, it has already made Ling Xiao content.

And his secret was naturally told to Fu Yujun.

Since he has already left the palace, there was no meaning in hiding whether he was a eunuch or not. Ling Xiao still remembers Fu Yujun’s face of amazement when he told him he wasn’t a eunuch, causing him to stare at his lower body and wish that he could inspect and verify the point himself.

Of course, Ling Xiao did not let him check it. As for the other question, Ling Xiao cleverly used his body’s secret and told Fu Yujun that it was because Mo Qi wanted to castrate him, so he hates her and wishes for her to die. This kind of excuse made it quite easy for Fu Yujun, who was also a man, to accept.

Now that the two matters were explained, Fu Yujun roughly knew the reason why Ling Xiao had to leave the palace.

Immersed in his thoughts as he stared at Ling Xiao, another question formed in his mind. Did the Mu Country and this servant actually…

Seeing the hickies on the little servant’s body at that time, he guess that they should probably already be like ‘that’. Then, wasn’t his secret found out by the Mu Country Emperor in the end?

Since the Emperor already knows, then there was no reason to continue hiding this secret.

At this moment, Fu Yujun was finally aware that he had been played by Ling Xiao!

He grudgingly laughed lightly, then sighed at Ling Xiao’s craftyness. But when he saw the little servant’s face that was full of hope and waiting to hear his answer, his heart soften.

Ultimately, Fu Yujun still told Ling Xiao his wish of wanting to find that dancer from that day, and asked Ling Xiao if he knew who she was.

With a face full of astonishment, Ling Xiao could only stiffly claim that he was not clear so that Fu Yujun’s suspicions would not fall on him.

Luckily, Fu Yujun seemed to be recalling the scene from back then and did not take note of Ling Xiao’s stiffness. So the matter passed just like that.

Today, Ling Xiao habitually went to the front courtyard. This was where Fu Yujun practiced his martial arts and was also where he was teaching Ling Xiao for the meantime.

Usually around this time, the courtyard would only have some servants to serve Fu Yujun and him. However, Ling Xiao found that there were many chamberlains when he entered the front courtyard today.

Ling Xiao approached in confusion and then found a man that looked extremely similar to Fu Yujun sitting at the pavilion and chatting with him. Those chamberlain were clearly here because of him.

He had heard that Shao Country’s Royal Family only consist of Fu Yujun who was the Second Prince and his older brother, the First Prince. These two men look so similar, could it be this is the legendary absurdly and lecherous First Prince, Fu Shangjun?

Strange, he heard that these two princes did not get along. So why did this First Prince come here?

Ling Xiao thought and approached the pavilion just in time to hear the First Prince say.

“Imperial Younger Brother, aren’t you being too cruel? There is such a beauty hidden in this house yet you didn’t tell your Imperial Brother about her.”


Ling Xiao’s eyes went dark. Who was Fu Shangjun talking about?

Fu Yujun also seemed very puzzled, he asked, “Which beauty would Imperial Brother be speaking of?”

“Imperial Younger Brother, don’t act stupid with me! You shouldn’t hide this beauty. Also, that beauty would always be in the back courtyard doing odd jobs, it is such a waste!”

Fu Shangjun somewhat pointed at Fu Yujun while a single person emerged in both Fu Yujun’s and Ling Xiao’s mind—Mo Qi.

Someone that is doing odd jobs in the back courtyard and could arouse this lecherous prince, there was no one but her.

He didn’t know just how she hooked up with this Prince, and looking at his attitude, he was here for her.

Ling Xiao coldly smiled and walked forward two steps, causing the chamberlain around the two princes to take note of him and to stop him. Ling Xiao thought for a bit and stayed in his place as he cleared his throat and saluted, “Ling Xiao seeks an audience with the prince.”

Fu Shangjun frowned and was just about to speak, but Fu Yujun spoke quickly before him, “Let him come over.”

But the chamberlain clearly only listened and obeyed Fu Shangjun and appeared as if they hadn’t heard Fu Yujun’s order. Ling Xiao glanced at the person before him who blocked his way like a boulder and then raised an eyebrow to look at Fu Yujun. His look seemed to say, “Your prestige as a grand Shao Country’s Prince is only so much.”

Fu Yujun’s face went dark and he coldly said to Fu Shangjun, “Imperial Brother, what is the meaning of this?”

Fu Shangjun closed his eyes and thought for a bit, before roguely smiling, “This… Imperial Younger Brother, I came here to talk about old days with you. How dampening to the spirits it would be, if an outsider comes here! Why not have him leave?”

Pursing his lips, Fu Yujun’s face showed how unhappy he was. But after a while, he seemed to have thought of something and narrowed his eyes, smiling, “Imperial Brother is right, why not have him leave?”

Fu Shangjun looked at Fu Yujun strangely and was just about to wave his hand to make Ling Xiao leave when Fu Yujun continued, still smiling, “However, Imperial Brother, that beauty you were talking about wasn’t hidden by me. She is a servant girl from the Mu Country and she followed her master to Shao Country.”

After those words, Fu Yujun looked at Ling Xiao somewhat pointedly.

“And her master is Ling Xiao. He had saved my life once before, and is my honored guest.”

“Wha…” Fu Shangjun looked at Ling Xiao with a face full of astonishment.

Ling Xiao lightly smiled and looked straight at Fu Shangjun, neither servile nor overbearing, as he cupped his hands, “Greeting Your Highness, the First Prince.”

Fu Yujun softly laughed, “If Imperial Brother is thinking of that beauty, then you can ask him. I have no privilege to get involved in it.”

“This…” Fu Shangjun continued to stare at Ling Xiao in astoundment.

Ling Xiao looked straight at Fu Shangjun’s astounded expression and then he looked back at Fu Yujun’s hinting face. A trace of craftiness flashed through his eyes as he narrowed them, smiling and cupping his hands, “It was Ling Xiao’s rudeness to disturb the two Royal Highnesses from reminiscing. Ling Xiao will leave immediately.”

With those words, he slightly bent his waist and saluted, then turned around to leave with his head high and chest out. His rather proud look made Fu Yujun lightly smile. Give this little servant a little and his attitude gets bigger, yet it was still extremely adorable.

Fu Yujun’s mood was extremely good as he watched Fu Shangjun stand up and reached out his hand behind Ling Xiao’s back, urging him to stay, “Wait…”

Fu Yujun followed him up when he saw that. Holding Fu Shangjun’s hand, which was trying to stop Ling Xiao, he slyly smiled, “Isn’t Imperial Brother here to talk with your Imperial Younger Brother about the past? With him, an outsider around, it will only dampen one’s spirits, so why are you trying to detain him? Let him leave first.”

With those words, Fu Yujun pulled down Fu Shangjun to sit and said, “Here, Imperial Brother, try tasting it. This is the osmanthus flower wine your Imperial Younger Brother brought back from Mu Country. It is extremely fragrant…”

The sounds of the conversation faded and became quieter until he could no longer make out what they were saying. Ling Xiao knew that he had already walked far from the front courtyard.

Thinking of the First Prince’s purpose of coming, he stopped walking and an unbearable anger rose from his heart.

Just because he had not paid close attention to Mo Qi when he was practicing martial arts, she already started to make trouble again!

Ling Xiao pursed his lips and walked back to his own courtyard. He then called out, “Call Mo Qi over!”

“Yes.” The ones that accepted the order was Ji Xiang and Fu Kang. Ever since they had honestly confessed to him, Ling Xiao has left them by his side.

Not long after Ling Xiao gave the order, Mo Qi entered his courtyard, trembling as she carried a tray.

Her clothes were now shabby while her appearance was thin. With her current sorry figure, it lessen her overbearingness and looked a bit more pitiful.

Especially right now when she is trembling with fear at the entrance, appearing extremely prudent. Any men that looked at her would feel tenderness toward her.

Fortunately, Ling Xiao was someone who had suffered by her hand and therefore had no pity and only hatred for her.

He coldly laughed once and walked in front of Mo Qi.

The coldness on Ling Xiao’s face gave birth to fear from the bottom of Mo Qi’s heart. She weakly knelt on the ground in front of Ling Xiao.

Ling Xiao raised an eyebrow. This Mo Qi could be so tactful now?

Just when he had those thoughts, Ling Xiao saw Mo Qi raise the tray in her hand until it was before him, and she spoke while trembling, “Ling Xiao… no… master, this is the swallow nest congee from the kitchen… I was wrong before. I should not have opposed you and even worst, I shouldn’t have harmed you. You’re a great and generous person. Drink this bowl of congee and forgive me please?”

Swallow nest congee?

Ling Xiao twitched his mouth. Recalling the swallow nest congee he ate before and his face turned black like the bottom of a pot.

He sneered, took the tray and stared at the snow white congee. He stared at it for a long time.

Suddenly, he picked up the congee and threw aside the tray. Eying Mo Qi who was sneakily peeking at him, he flatly said, “I did not say I would drink the congee.”

Mo Qi quietly said, “I was afraid that you were hungry and got it from the kitchen. I want to beg forgiveness from you. I was wrong, can you forgive me?”

Beg for forgiveness?

Mo Qi is begging him, Ling Xiao for forgiveness? That’s pretty uncommon!

However, from Mo Qi’s voice, Ling Xiao couldn’t hear any remorse or sincerity.

Afraid she was just feigning, Ling Xiao sneered and suddenly reached out to firmly grab her hair, then he pulled it back hard.

Mo Qi cried out from the pain. Her gaze, which was forced to look at Ling Xiao, was filled with resentment. Ling Xiao was even more certain he had guessed right before.

He brought the congee to Mo Qi’s mouth and she looked somewhat alarmed. Ling Xiao examined her, his eyes gradually growing cold as he said in a low voice, “I am not hungry at all. I think you are hungry though, why don’t I confer this bowl of congee to you?”

Mo Qi violently shook her head, her mouth shutting even tighter.

When Ling Xiao saw that, he already knew, yet still acted as if he was surprised and asked her, “Why are you so scared? Could it be, you put something in this swallow nest congee?”

Mo Qi’s face went white at his words and she shook her head, denying it.

Ling Xiao smiled. He glanced at the swallow nest congee and lightly laughing as he said, “Of course, this was the swallow nest congee you personally brought in, so why would it have a problem? Here, you’re hungry, I will feed you, open your mouth.”

Mo Qi’s head was like a rattle-drum shaking. Her eyes gradually misting and within the resentment was also fright and panic. Ling Xiao coldly smiled in his mind at the sight, but did not stop the movement of his hand.

He wanted to feed Mo Qi the bowl of congee by force.

Mo Qi violently struggled, her hands and feet shoved away Ling Xiao. Ling Xiao wasn’t cautious enough and got pushed aside a little. Mo Qi took this chance to abruptly screech, “Ling Xiao, you dare!”

Ling Xiao coldly said, “What would I not dare!”

“Fu Yujun said you cannot take my life!” Mo Qi threw out Fu Yujun.

Ling Xiao feign being confused, “I just want to let you drink a bowl of swallow nest congee you prepared yourself. How is this taking your life? How would this tiny bowl of swallow nest congee hurt you?”

“……” Mo Qi was at loss for words.

Ling Xiao eyed her with disdain and shouted toward the door, “Servants.”

“Steward Ling.” Ji Xiang and Fu Kang were the one who heard him and came in.

Ling Xiao turned his gaze on the two of them before pointing a finger at Mo Qi, “Hold her down.”

“Yes.” Ji Xiang and Fu Kang accepted the order and came forward to carry it out. Mo Qi was quickly held down by the two in front of Ling Xiao.

Her hair went messy as she struggled so much causing her to be battered and exhausted and there was also a good deal of dust on her face. As if she believed someone would take pity on her, she looked frightened and her eyes, which were slightly red, have also became moist.

However, none of the people present would take pity on her.

Ling Xiao bent down, approaching Mo Qi. Mo Qi glared hatefully at Ling Xiao, gnashing her teeth.

Ling Xiao saw that and reached out a hand to rub Mo Qi’s hair using the same gentleness that she was used to in her past life. Mo Qi looked somewhat distracted while Ling Xiao moved her messy hair behind her ear, his finger following her cheek down then suddenly, tightly grasped her chin.

Mo Qi cried out in pain. She suddenly roused and bit her lips as she glared at Ling Xiao, not saying a word. Her eyes that were full of resentment and malice seemed to be warning Ling Xiao that if he dared to do something to her, she will make him pay the price.

However, Ling Xiao didn’t care about that kind of threat at all. He grasped Mo Qi’s chin and contemptibly said, “Mo Qi, you really are naive beyond words. Where do you get your confidence? Thinking that if you killed me, I would still forgive you? And why are you so confident that I would still eat your bowl of congee after dying from the poisoned wine you gave me?”

“Hm?” Ling Xiao pulled open Mo Qi’s mouth and forced the congee down her throat.

Mo Qi’s face went deathly pale in a second. She started to crazily wrestle and finally, even managed to struggle free. However, she shrieked silently when she notices that half of the congee was already drank, making her dig at her throat, but nothing would be vomited out.

Ling Xiao coldly smiled and couldn’t help but say, “You are bringing disaster upon yourself!”

Mo Qi viciously glared at Ling Xiao, her sight seemed to want to swallow Ling Xiao whole.

She intentionally said, “Just you wait Ling Xiao, just you wait! Even if I die, I will pull you down too, just you wait!”

Ling Xiao’s face went cold. He turned his gaze to the two servants who were just standing there and hatefully said, “What are you two still standing there for? Catch her, I will make her go to hell now!”

Ji Xiang and Fu Kang suddenly returned to their senses and walked over to Mo Qi. Mo Qi suddenly got up and fished out something from her bosom, then facing Ling Xiao’s group of three and threw it.

Surprised, Ling Xiao automatically used his sleeve to block the object, but it was a fine white powder that was light as feather and it scattered through the air in moments.

When Ling Xiao returned to his senses, Mo Qi had already disappeared without a trace. And now, the minds of the three people who breathe in the fine powder, were starting to become murky…

This was knockout drugs?

There was someone in the household who was bribed by Mo Qi…

This was the last thought Ling Xiao had as he fainted.

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