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Chapter 38: Mo Qi’s Demise

After Qi Lin left, Ling Xiao washed up like normal and leisurely left.

This assassination needed to give them a bit of time to prepare. If they went early, they would inadvertently alert the enemy and allow Mo Qi to cowardly retreat. Ling Xiao wouldn’t be able to make up his losses if that happened.

Injuring oneself to gain the enemy’s confidence was a very dangerous scheme. In his past life, Ling Xiao had also prepared it for Mo Qi, strenuously preparing for several months before daring to do it. Mo Qi was so anxious right now that she just randomly found some people. She was destined to fail.

However, Ling Xiao didn’t want to just defeat her, he wanted to beat her into the ground. It would be even better if she lost her life this time.

No, it’s not ‘would be better’, but ‘will be certain’.

Placing his thoughts onto Fu Yujun, Ling Xiao wanted her to take responsibility for the consequences brought about by her own actions.

If Fu Yujun really got hurt due to her scheme, Ling Xiao wanted to see just how this Prince of Shao Country would handle it!

And if the Shao Country Prince was injured in Mu Country, Ling Xiao wanted to see how the Emperor would handle it.

Of course, Ling Xiao also needed to go to the Cold Palace.

After all, nominally he still needed to go prevent the matter from happening. There also needed to be someone at the scene to mess up Mo Qi’s plan, preventing her from actually obtaining Fu Yujun’s favorable impression.

This time, as long as Fu Yujun gets injured under Mo Qi’s scheme, then this matter could not be settled as they wished and Mo Qi will face a catastrophe.

With these in mind, Ling Xiao set foot into the Cold Palace’s main room. Fu Yujun was just downed by the cartilage powdered medicine, lying weakly on the ground with Xiao Laizi holding a dagger and approaching him.

Seeing Ling Xiao burst into the room, Xiao Laizi immediately went all out. He drew his dagger, faced Fu Yujun, and stabbed.

Xiao Laizi’s speed was truly too fast, so fast that Mo Qi didn’t even have the time to react when he stabbed at Fu Yujun. Mo Qi was like a wooden stake, standing motionlessly and blankly by Fu Yujun.

Although Fu Yujun suffered from the cartilage powdered medicine, the foundation of his martial arts were still there. Now that he was seeing the dagger coming toward him, he flipped himself in the direction of Ling Xiao and dodged the dagger.

It’s just that the way he dodged was rather sorry, his white clothes were now stained with mud from the ground, and he lay on the ground, panting.

At this moment, Mo Qi finally reacted and shouted before throwing herself in the direction of Fu Yujun.

And since Xiao Laizi failed, he pointed the dagger at Fu Yujun and stabbed again.

Seeing that Mo Qi’s scheme was about to be staged, Ling Xiao stood between Fu Yujun and Mo Qi. Because his blockage of Mo Qi was too well timed, it was already too late for her. Ling Xiao took the spot a step faster than Mo Qi, acting as a shield in front of Fu Yujun’s body…

A “puchi” sounded by his ear as the sharp blade piercing his body and pain burst from his chest. Ling Xiao’s face twisted in pain.

“You…” Fu Yujun looked at Ling Xiao who shielded him, his eyes widen in shock.

Fresh blood stained Ling Xiao’s white clothing and his hair floated like an immortal beauty. With his chest stabbed by a dagger, the flowing blood dyed his front red, more garish and beautiful than peach blossoms.

His brows were tightly knit, his teeth clenched with his face as white as paper due to the pain. Fu Yujun was clear that he was enduring silently due to the pain, but looking at his face, he felt that right now, Ling Xiao was a sad and beautiful scene. His heart couldn’t help but jump a beat.

His body was obviously lying weakly on the ground without any strength due to the cartilage powered medicine, but right now, Fu Yujun obtained power from out of nowhere and supported himself up. Supporting Ling Xiao, he also used his remaining strength to lift his foot and kick at the dashing and seemingly foolish assassinating eunuch, seizing Ling Xiao into his arms.

“How are you?” Fu Yujun asked Ling Xiao and poked a pressure point, stopping the flow of blood from the wound.

“I…” Pained, Ling Xiao couldn’t speak and his eyes swept the ground. The floor was full of blood from his wound, scattering and sprinkling all over the floor.

So much blood…

He really made a deficit this time, his injury had just gotten better! Not only was he hit by Lan Wei, he even had to help this Shao Country Prince take a hit!

Ling Xiao held his chest, thinking in a daze. His consciousness then because to blur.

In his dim mind, he seemed to have seen the Emperor.

A whole body clad in a dragon robe, his bearing was out of the ordinary. However, his face was pure black, his brows tightly wrinkled and his gaze cold. The atmosphere coming from him was extremely low. Everyone started to kneel while trembling with fear. Even Mo Qi, who worked hard to once again appear in front of the Emperor, knelt on instinct when she saw the Emperor like this, paralyze and shuddering, unable to speak a word.

Naturally, Ling Xiao could also sense the Emperor’s anger, but his consciousness was fading and he recalled that the Emperor hadn’t appeared in front of him in a long time. He couldn’t help but feel sour at that.

Is the person in front of him really the Emperor? Or perhaps… an illusion?

Ling Xiao shook his head, wanting to see clearer when the scene before him suddenly went black and a stab of pain came from his chest. He gasped for breath, silently enduring it, and felt his body being pulled into an even thicker and broad chest. While breathing, Ling Xiao was also familiar with this scent.

“Your Majesty…” Ling Xiao unconsciously mumbled.

The soft and weak voice passed into the Emperor’s ears and teased the Emperor’s heart.

The Emperor looked down at the eunuch in his embrace. The white clothes on him made him seem like an immortal, but his face was even whiter than the clothes on his body, his lips also lacked color. A bloody hole in his chest dyed the front snow white red and brought a sense of bewitchment.

His brows were tight and his general appearance was one that was silently enduring. His pearly white teeth would be exposed from time to time, biting his lower lip, refusing to make a sound of pain, stubborn like a boulder.

The Emperor looked at this kind of Ling Xiao, his gaze dark, and anger rose in his chest. This little eunuch would get injured in front of him again.

The Emperor pursed his lips, bent and picked up Ling Xiao, carrying him as he turned around and left.

Xiao Lizi hurriedly asked for orders while kneeling, “Your Majesty, this Palace Woman Mo and Xiao Laizi…”


With a short word, the low pressure surrounding the Emperor declined while the authority from him spilled out. Pressuring the surround people, everyone had no choice but to bend and bow their heads to show the Emperor their supreme respect for him.

Xiao Lizi showed it even more so. He was the one closest to the Emperor and the dragon might he received was the greatest. While the Emperor was throwing out the order, he had turned to give him a glance. That glance was too imposing, and also extremely icy, like it was forcing Xiao Lizi’s body in place, unable to move at all…

Only after the Emperor left while carrying Ling Xiao did Xiao Lizi go limp and fall to the ground. Sweat flowed from him, and his lower body felt damp. Taking a look, he unexpectedly peed himself.[1]

Fu Yujun lightly laughed when he saw that, but he didn’t blame the eunuch for being so scared. Even he felt the pressure, and he was not much better off…

Fu Yujun raised his hands, looking around at the people who were trembling without end and bitterly laughed.

Was this the dark dragon might of the barely twenty-five[2] years old Mu Country Emperor?

It was really ‘seeing for oneself is better than hearing from many others’.

When Ling Xiao woke up again, he was lying on his own bed. He had been brought back to Ning Xuan Palace.

Ling Xiao slightly moved and felt the pain in his chest. It was difficult to bear and he couldn’t help but groan. The stab of pain slowly eased and Ling Xiao looked around, no longer daring to move his body again. He only turned his neck around to see his surroundings, but he then saw that there was unexpectedly no one around.

Ling Xiao felt it was a bit strange. He was brought back by the Emperor, so where was the Emperor?

Even if the Emperor wasn’t around, where were his chamberlains?

“Were you looking for these people?” Suddenly, a male voice came from the side. Following that, Ling Xiao saw his two maids that were unconscious by his bedside.

Ling Xiao was alarmed and his eyes widened, looking around for who spoke.

That person’s eyebrows were light, his skin was white and he dressed in foreign white clothes. Countless gold pieces hung from his clothing and jingled when he walked.

“Shao Country’s Prince?” Ling Xiao cried out in alarm. He covered his chest and tried to support himself up, but the place he was injured was his chest, so whenever he moved his body, it would pull at the wound, making it hard for him to bear. He tried to move with difficulty, yet it only caused him to be covered in sweat all over.

Fu Yujun hurriedly walked forward and supported him when he saw that, saying, “You’re injured very badly this time, so don’t move around.”

His words carried a tone of concern and worry. Ling Xiao knitted his brows, just what was Fu Yujun trying to do?

Thinking of that, Ling Xiao borrowed Fu Yujun’s strength and supported himself with his arm, managing to lean against the bedframe and settled down. “Your Highness, what is the meaning of this?”

The current Ling Xiao in front of him, with a pale face and beads of sweat dotting his forehead, had a general appearance of tiredness. But his lips were pursed stubbornly, and he forced himself up despite his obvious weakness. Even like this, his vigor wasn’t lowered and he was still on guard against him with probing eyes. Fu Yujun slightly smiled at the sight.

This Ling Xiao, was certainly a bit interesting.

With those thoughts, he softly said, “I wanted to come take a look at my savior, but the Mu Country Emperor hid you zealously, so I had no choice but to do this.”

Seeing Ling Xiao’s gaze fall onto the two unconscious maids by his bed, Fu Yujun rushed to explain, “I just poked their sleep point. After sleeping for a bit, they will naturally wake up. You don’t need to worry.”

Sleep point again? Ling Xiao’s eyes flashed, these martial arts were really useful.

“You saved me, what do you want?” Fu Yujun saw Ling Xiao didn’t speak for a long time and leaned against the bed, asking him.

Ling Xiao stared blankly, gazing at the handsome and exotic male in front of him. Did he come just to say that? Ling Xiao gave it some consideration.

The scene before he fainted played in his mind and he saw Fu Yujun support himself on the bed again, a smile on his face, looking gentle, amiable and humble. From this, it looks like Fu Yujun really came just to see him and ask what kind of payback he would like.

Since it was like this…

The tip of Ling Xiao’s eyebrow moved slightly, a hint of craftiness flashed in his eyes. Although saving Fu Yujun wasn’t his original intention, it was true that he had used his own body to block an attack for him. Wanting to pay him back for it should be natural.

The craftiness in his eyes naturally did not escape from Fu Yujun’s eyes. He looked at the lively Ling Xiao in front of him, suddenly realizing why the Mu Country Emperor had such a special fondness of him. He quietly laughed and approached Ling Xiao some more, asking an irrelevant question, “Are all of Mu Country’s eunuchs so interesting like you?”

“?” Ling Xiao looked at Fu Yujun with a face full of puzzlement.

Ling Xiao locked his pair of bright eyes onto him, his face full of puzzlement. His pale lips were slightly open, as if wanting to ask something, yet unable to find any words to ask and closed again. His expression was sluggish and adorable.

Fu Yujun lightly laughed when he saw that, his mood was much better as he sat by Ling Xiao’s bed. Reaching out a hand and holding Ling Xiao’s jaw, he teased him under Ling Xiao’s startled gaze, “If you don’t like that Mu Country Emperor, then I will pursue you.”


[1]Because of the way eunuchs are (AKA castrated men), they have a much harder time controlling their bladder when they are castrated and it takes them a while to be able to ‘function’ as normal. But even after that, they lose control of their bladder fairly easy.

[2]The raws says nineteen, but I have decided to take liberties and correct the author >_> She wrote before that the old steward served him for twenty years since he was five.

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