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Chapter 37: Scheming Again

Ling Xiao raised his eyebrows in astonishment.

Fu Yujun was the Prince of Shao Country, so refusing would be harmful to the two countries’ relationship. This was also the reason why he and Lan Wei were so sure the Emperor would not refuse. However, from what Xiao Lizi was saying, that Emperor really refused?

Ling Xiao looked at Xiao Lizi. Getting the hint, he hurried to continue, “Steward, that Prince of Shao Country’s purpose wasn’t genuine. Mo Qi—Palace Woman Mo is someone the Emperor personally ordered into the Cold Palace. He even ordered that she is not to be let out in her entire lifetime.”

Xiao Lizi did not continue speaking after that, but Ling Xiao was clear on what he meant. Fu Yujun trying to invite someone that belonged to the Emperor. If the Emperor had agreed, then it would be like invalidating his order from before. It was the same as slapping his own face.

Between his own face and the relationship between the two countries, the Emperor chose to protect his own face.

No, that’s not right. Ling Xiao understood the Emperor.

The Emperor would not hit his own face, but also wouldn’t spite the relationship between the two countries.

The Emperor must have done something, it was impossible for him to disagree and leave it at that.

Just as he was thinking of that, Xiao Lizi continued, “But because the Prince of Shao Country is an important guest; even though the Emperor did not agree, he did concede.”

“Concede? How did the Emperor do that?” Ling Xiao curiously asked.

Xiao Lizi heard him and answered, “Steward, the Emperor said that if the Prince of Shao Country liked Palace Woman Mo a lot, then both Palace Woman Mo and the Cold Palace could all be given to the Shao Country’s Prince.”

Surprised at what he heard, Ling Xiao flabbergastingly asked, “…With the Cold Palace?”

Xiao Lizi answered, “The Emperor said that this Palace Woman Mo was someone he personally ordered into the Cold Palace, never leave it in her lifetime. As such, as long as Palace Woman Mo is in the Mu Country, then she cannot leave the Cold Palace. If the Prince of Shao Country liked her, that’s fine. The Emperor hopes for him to obtain his beauty. However, the Emperor deigned the Prince of Shao Country to the Cold Palace to obtain his beauty.”

Hearing this decision that was outside of his expectations, Ling Xiao involuntarily laughed. However… Ling Xiao was doubtful at the same time, “That Cold Palace is in the imperial palace, so isn’t this the equivalent of giving the Shao Country’s Prince the freedom to come and go as he pleases?”

Xiao Lizi shooked his head at his words, enduring the urge to laugh as he said, “Steward, how could the Emperor allow the Prince of another country the freedom to come and go in the imperial palace? The Emperor sent people to make a small door to the Cold Palace that directly leads to the storage. By the storage place is a side door that allows one to exit the palace. If the Prince of Shao Country wants to see Palace Woman Mo, then he needs to use the side door of the storage place, and then go through the small door and meet with Palace Woman Mo. This road normally has guards, so we also will have no need to fear that the Shao Country’s Prince will try something.”

“A grand Prince that represents Shao Country’s image going through the side door?” Ling Xiao looked at Xiao Lizi, who was enduring a laugh, and also couldn’t help but laugh.

This move of the Emperor really was malicious!

Xiao Lizi replied, “Isn’t that just the way it is. Back then, this servant saw the Prince of Shao Country’s entire face turn black, but the Emperor had already conceded. That Shao Country Prince wanted Palace Woman Mo, the Emperor also conferred to him, so Shao Country also doesn’t have much to say about our Mu Country.

In his head, Ling Xiao was crowing in delight! Mo Qi wanted to rely on Fu Yujun to escape the Cold Palace? She still had to see if the Emperor agreed!

The order the Emperor placed down this time, he liked it.

“However…” Xiao Lizi turned the conversation, still having more to say.

Ling Xiao was not patient, and frowned at Xiao Lizi’s hesitation, “Just say it if you have something to say.”

“Yes.” Xiao Lizi replied, “This one had originally believed that the Shao Country’s Prince would take into consideration his country’s image, even if he didn’t take care of his own, and never see Palace Woman Mo again, but who knew that this Shao Country Prince was a loose person. That night, he went to where Palace Woman Mo was and stayed in the Cold Palace until dawn.”

Ling Xiao raised an eyebrow when he heard that. In this life, just which part of Mo Qi attracted Fu Yujun?

He had obviously killed their intersection, so how did they end up together? Ling Xiao sank into his thoughts.

“Steward Ling.” A cry from the entrance passed through and Ling Xiao looked over, a small maid was kneeling at the entrance.

Ling Xiao indicated for her to come in, and the maid quickly walked in front of him, handing him a slip of paper. “Steward Ling, this is from the Qi Lun at the storage rooms. He asked this servant to give this to you.”

Qi Lin? One of the eunuch’s he had risked his life to save from the Emperor’s hands?

Ling Xiao walked towards the entrance. As expected, he saw a somewhat older eunuch waiting at the entrance.

Ling Xiao opened the slip of paper and swept through the contents. In a split second, his eyes widened and he once again read it carefully.

Was Mo Qi personally giving him information to blackmail her with?

Restraining his excitement, he had the maid call in Qi Lin.

After Qi Lin entered and saluted him, Ling Xiao walked in front of him, holding the slip of paper, and asked, “Everything written on this paper is true?”

Qi Lin looked at the slip of paper, distracted, then hurriedly lowered his head and answered, “Your servant does not dare to fool Steward. The storage place is now already connected to the Cold Palace. Originally, this servant and Xiao Laizi were in charge of delivering food to Palace Woman Mo, she had just gave that to this servant and Xiao Laizi. She said she would give the pearl necklace in her hand to whoever would do what she had written on the paper for her. That Palace Woman Mo has the Shao Country Prince’s support nowadays, so this servant also didn’t dare to refuse and could only use an excuse to return and prepare. Xiao Laizi seems to have agreed, though.”

Ling Xiao coldly smiled at what he just heard. Mo Qi was attempting to seek victory within the danger!

“Steward, this…” Xiao Lizi walked forward and asked in doubt.

Ling Xiao turned his head to look at him and gave him the paper.

Xiao Lizi hurriedly opened and read it, his eyes growing in amazement, “This… this… this Palace Woman Mo is too brazen! To actually… try and get someone to assassinate the Prince of Shao Country in secret! Does she not want her life anymore?!”

Doesn’t want her life?


Ling Xiao remembered a plan that he had made for Mo Qi before—injuring oneself to gain the enemy’s confidence.

In his past life, even though Mo Qi had him to help make the Emperor happy when she had first entered the palace, the Emperor’s mind was complex, and he wouldn’t really trust her sincerely. At that time, Ling Xiao had helped Mo Qi develop a trick: to plan an assassination attempt on the Emperor and have Mo Qi block the attack for the Emperor.

However, the Emperor of his past life wasn’t as difficult as the current one. The results of that trick really were quite outstanding, though, because after that, the Emperor sincerely doted on Mo Qi.

The contents in this paper right now clearly consisted of the trick of injuring herself to gain the other’s confidence.

The content on this paper was: don’t hit him near the heart. If she really wanted Fu Yujun to die, then why would she say that? Furthermore, Mo Qi had no reason to kill Fu Yujun.

However, Mo Qi really was quite stupid. She would unexpectedly just randomly find two people. Were Fu Yujun’s martial arts just for show?

Just based on that, whatever Xiao Laizi’s martial art prowess was, he would have already been killed by Fu Yujun before he got close! In this case, how would she still be able to pull off the trick?

However, she also didn’t have any other way. After all, she couldn’t find anyone else besides these two eunuchs.

It looked like Mo Qi was really impatient to leave the Cold Palace as she was so anxious to display herself before Fu Yujun….

However, how could Ling Xiao take away Mo Qi’s wish!

“That’s not right, this assassination of the Shao Country Prince is a mortal crime, how could that Xiao Laizi agree to this matter?” Xiao Lizi doubtfully asked, trying to get his answers from Qi Lin.

Ling Xiao also followed his gaze to look at him.

Although Qi Lin cowered somewhat under the gazes of the two people, his face was full of honesty: his eyes were steady and didn’t dart around. This paper must be real, it was just lacking an explanation from Qi Lin.

While thinking this, Ling Xiao saw Qi Lin bend down and salute as he answered, “Steward, that eunuch is dying for money with his attempt. This Xiao Laizi only entered the palace because his house was poor, and he has not entered the palace for long. He still hasn’t broken his connection to his family outside. There is also another younger sister in his family that has fallen ill, and they’re relying on him to send money monthly.”

Ling Xiao finally understood: that Xiao Laizi was betting his life. If it was like this, even if he was found out, he wouldn’t out Mo Qi and would assassinate Fu Yujun. With Mo Qi present, he could even do so from within. Her plan might actually work.

Ling Xiao’s eyes darkened.

He had obtained another piece of blackmail on Mo Qi, so he should have been happy, but right now, Ling Xiao only felt really restless and apprehensive.

If the Emperor didn’t have the heart to kill Mo Qi, then no matter how much blackmail he obtained, it would be useless.

And if Mo Qi was successful in freeing herself this time and obtained Fu Yujun’s protection… It would be even harder to do anything to Mo Qi.

“If it’s like this, then he isn’t really risking his life!” Xiao Lizi said in shock, flinging his whisk, he continued, “This cannot do, Steward, we need to notify the Emperor! If the Shao Country Prince was attacked at the imperial palace, then the relationship between our Mu Country and Shao Country will become more tense.”

Xiao Lizi faced Ling Xiao and said.

Hearing that, Ling Xiao frowned and thought about it, his mind calculating.

He raised an eyebrow as he looked at Xiao Lizi. Xiao Lizi’s face, besides holding respect had a cheerful atmosphere that he was constantly trying to cover up. If this matter was true, he would gain a considerate amount of contribution if he informed the Emperor. What Xiao Lizi was aiming for was this point. As a result, he was really eager and wanted to go inform the Emperor.

Ling Xiao coldly smiled in his heart, though none of it showed in his face, “Xiao Lizi is right, as the Steward, I will give you the opportunity to obtain achievements. Take the paper and go find the Emperor right now and fully explain the matter to the Emperor. I will go to the Cold Palace to stop Xiao Laizi.”

“Yes.” Xiao Lizi replied and impatiently took the paper and left.

Ling Xiao watched as Xiao Lizi excitedly left and then waved his hand at Qi Lun, who walked forward a step.

Ling Xiao asked him, “Do you still remember who saved you in the beginning?”

At the unexpected question, Qi Lin stared blankly and then knelt down in front of Ling Xiao, “Steward saved this one’s life, this servant does not dare to forget that.”

“Very good.” Ling Xiao narrowed his eyes in satisfaction, “Then right now, this Steward will have you go do something.”

“Steward, please order this one as you please.” Qi Lin saluted and answered.

Ling Xiao raised an eye, “Just based on that Xiao Laizi, it is not possible to harm the Prince of Shao Country. Go help him a little.

“Wha…” Qi Lun’s eyes widen in shock.

Ling Xiao turned around and used a finger to block Qi Lin’s mouth, causing Qi Lin to swallow his cry of alarm. Ling Xiao looked around him, seeing that there were no one around, he went near his ear and explained, “Find some way to give Xiao Laizi a warning, to give that Shao Country Prince cartilage powdered medicine first. It’s only like this that he would be able to injure the Shao Country Prince.

Qi Lun cleared the shock off his face and asked full of endless puzzlement, “Steward, you also want to kill that Shao Country Prince?”

Ling Xiao sneered and shook his head, “I don’t have that intention. As for what I, the Steward wants to do, you have no need to know.”

Seeing Qi Lin’s hesitating and confused appearance, Ling Xiao bent and patted his shoulder, “Don’t worry, this will not involve you. You only need to help Xiao Laizi make a plan. The person to take responsibility for it would still be Xiao Laizi…”

Ling Xiao’s eyes brightened, his face cheerful. Since he had reached his goal, he got up and said, “If you do well, as the Steward, I will not treat you unfairly.”

“Thank you, Steward Ling.” Qi Lun saluted to Ling Xiao.

Ling Xiao waved his hand, “Alright. Go, go before the Emperor makes it to the Cold Palace.”

“Your servant understands.” Qin Lun replied and retreated.

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