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Chapter 39: Secret Exposed


Ling Xiao confirmed over and over again that he did not mishear, and his face couldn’t help but darken. He hastily turned his head away to escape Fu Yujun’s grasp.

Fu Yujun raised an eyebrow, and faintly felt disappointed as he withdrew his hand. “You can’t… give me a chance?”

A foreign prince, handsome and bright, using a loving gaze to look at him, an absolutely infatuated look. If he himself weren’t a man, if Ling Xiao didn’t know what kind of man Fu Yujun was from his past life, he might have really been moved by his expression.

But alas, Ling Xiao already completely understood Fu Yujun from his past life

This man’s natural disposition was romantic.As long as there was a woman that looked somewhat good, he could assume a deeply emotional appearance and speak the sweetest words of love in the word. It would look like he had placed his heart in his hand and could send it to his beloved person in the blink of an eye.

However, behind his romantic ways was fickleness, when he was interested in them, he would be afraid of dropping the lover that was in his palm, but once his interest faded, his former lover would be abandoned by him like a shoe.

His romantic ways and fickleness were infamous in Shao Country.

It was also because of this, in his past life, Ling Xiao had tried over and over again to prevent this prince and Mo Qi from meeting. He was afraid that Mo Qi would be cheated by this guy. Luckily, Mo Qi’s heart was mostly with the Emperor and didn’t make it troublesome for him in his past life.

Their negotiation with this Shao Country Prince wasn’t too deep either.

It’s just that, back then, Mo Qi’s remarkable beauty, as well as that silhouette dance, caused this Shao Country Prince to often tangle with her. Ling Xiao also used quite a bit of effort to deal with him before.

He didn’t expect that in this lifetime, this Fu Yujun would even be able to get it up for a man! Rather, he could even lift it up for a eunuch who wasn’t even a man! Ling Xiao’s eyes twitched a little.

He understood that this Shao Country prince was just interested for the moment, amenable to coaxing but not coercion.[1] Ling Xiao took a deep breath to push down his anger and slowly, quietly said, “Your Highness, you don’t need to play a joke on this servant.”

Looking at the small eunuch in front of him, whose face turned from clear to black, then from black to red, and finally red to clear. It was truly a wonderful sight, causing Fu Yujun to laugh out loud with a “pfft”.

He really wanted to tease this little servant some more. However, this place was the imperial palace of Mu Country, he could not go too far. With those thoughts, Fu Yujun smiled and no longer talked to Ling Xiao. He merely stared lovingly at Ling Xiao, just like before.

Ling Xiao couldn’t suppress it and his eyelid kept twitching. His gaze shifted back a bit, “Your Highness, didn’t you come to ask what this servant wanted?”

Fu Yujun nodded, and smiled, “You thought of something?”

Ling Xiao went silent. He wanted to say yes, but he was in a rather dangerous situation right now. Now was the time to ask for Shao Country’s Prince for help.

However, Ling Xiao had a matter he needed to confirm.

Before he fainted, he had faintly heard that Mo Qi was already executed by the Emperor.

But he didn’t know if it was true or not…

Ling Xiao felt that he had to clarify things. His sight went back to Fu Yujun and he mulled for a bit before asking, “Before that, can I ask Your Highness a few questions?”

Fu Yujun raised an eyebrow with interest, his hands crossed over his chest. “Let me hear them.”

“Mo Qi… Palace Woman Mo, what happened?”

Fu Yujun looked down when he heard that, deeply thinking about something. After a while, he finally looked back up and answered, “Dead, dead on the Emperor’s orders.”

Ling Xiao’s eyes brightened. The bit of cheerfulness that leaked out did not escape Fu Yujun’s eyes. Fu Yujun looked at Ling Xiao thoughtfully.

This Ling Xiao has hatred against Mo Qi?

“Then where is her body at?”

Just as he thought of that, he heard Ling Xiao ask the next question. Fu Yujun propped his jaw, his gaze considering it for a moment and smiling, “This question, well, you shouldn’t ask me, but the Mu Country’s Emperor. He was the one who ordered her death, the handling of her body and whatnot are also his problem.”

Ling Xiao heard and his eyes flashed. Fu Yujun’s words were said as freely and indifferently as the wind, as if he wasn’t the person being assassinated back then. It was like the executed Mo Qi also had no relation with him.

Ling Xiao frowned while some suspicions nagged at him, so he probingly asked, “That, Your Highness… you don’t have any objection to it?”

“Objection?” Fu Yujun laughed as if nothing had happened. “The Mu Country Emperor helped me get rid of a woman that was plotting my death. Naturally, I only have heartfelt thanks. From here on out, I have nothing to care about.”

“You… didn’t you like her a lot?” Ling Xiao continued to probe him.

Ling Xiao could remember that although this Fu Yujun was loose (romantic), if there was a woman who had his interest and was being liked by him, then he would meet the standard requirement of a lover and do all he could to be good to the other in every way possible. This was also the reason why, although he was romantic and fickle, he still received a lot of women’s love in Shao Country.

Fu Yujun shouldn’t be so unconcerned about Mo Qi’s death if she had his heart. Even if she schemed against him, she didn’t really injure him. At minimum, Fu Yujun should know where her corpse was.

Fu Yujun seemed to have heard some kind of joke and sneered at it. But his words did not deny his fondness toward Mo Qi. “No matter how much I like her, it is not as important as one’s life. Am I not right?”

Ling Xiao nodded at those words. Life was the most important after all. In his past life, his impression of Fu Yujun was that the other was romantic and fickle most of the time, very unruly. But now, it looked like he was also someone who cherished life.

Ling Xiao sighed a long, drawn-out sigh. Ling Xiao knew from Fu Yujun’s tone that he couldn’t obtain any news on what he wanted, so he no longer bothered himself over it.

It’s just that, he was thinking about whether he wanted to put his request forward before Mo Qi had been determined to really be dead…

Ling Xiao covered the wound on his chest, frowning while at a loss.

This time’s injury was much more serious than the ones before.

He felt his strength completely drain away after only doing this much. His body became heavier, and even if he leaned against the bedframe, he was still unsteady…

Ling Xiao wanted to look down and check himself, but when he lowered his head, his eyes widened.

His wound had already been treated, his upper body was wrapped with layers of gauze, but on top of the gauze was brand new white clothing.

They weren’t his white clothes that had a hole torn through them and were covered in blood, but rather, a brand new set of Chinese gown.

His clothes had been changed!


[1]Meaning he goes for easy things, not hard things.

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