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Chapter 6: Face Smacking Mo Qi (II)

A person slowly walked out from behind the tree. He had a pair of long and narrow eyes, and a straight nose; a white and fair person. The eunuch attire on his body could not hide his clean, fresh, and cool temperament.

“Ling Xiao?” Mo Qi slightly released a breath, seeing the smile on his face, and cast away the frown on her lips, “What are you laughing at?”

“Is it that even you are mocking me?!” Mo Qi glared at him displeased.

Ling Xiao lightly smiled, his long and narrow eyes slightly narrowing, making him appear very charming. Mo Qi swallowed her saliva, feeling that this kind of Ling Xiao was somewhat dazzling. She slightly knitted her brows, not bothering to talk to him anymore as she rolled her eyes and turned around, preparing to leave.

Ling Xiao stopped her with a call.

Mo Qi was impatient as she turned her head around, “What?”

Ling Xiao’s pupils darken and he approached her and said, “I heard what you said just now.”

Mo Qi feeling somewhat guilty, grasped her shaking hands as she stared at Ling Xiao, saying, “So… so what?!”

“You have a lot of complaints toward Elder Lin?” Ling Xiao asked a question, already knowing the answer.

Mo Qi sneered, “So what if I do?”

Ling Xiao lowered his head, “You have to rely on her while you’re in the palace.

Mo Qi looked blankly at Ling Xiao. Ling Xiao’s gaze was very gentle and he was wearing a smile on his face. The man in her memories seemed to have returned once more. She doubtfully blinked, the expression on Ling Xiao’s face still looked real, and her heart was delighted as she ran over.

“Ling Xiao, does this mean that you’ll help… you’ll help me… does this mean… you… you’re not angry anymore?”

Mo Qi happily smiled while Ling Xiao slowly nodded. The corner of his mouth was neutral, and he carried a distinguished and accomplished air.

Mo Qi laughed happily, “I just knew! I just knew you loved me the most! And that you definitely don’t want me to be grieve, don’t want me to be sad and don’t want me to be bullied!”

Saying this, Mo Qi complained, “You were angry for too long this time!”

Ling Xiao controlled his eyes, “If I don’t teach you a lesson, will you really remember?”

Mo Qi twitched her mouth, “But you wouldn’t come out even when I was being bullied.”

Ling Xiao evilly laughed, “But aren’t I out now?”

Mo Qi smiled and pulled Ling Xiao’s hand and shook it around, “I just know you’re the best to me.”

Ling Xiao bore it, resulting in him not throwing off Mo Qi’s hand that was dragging him. It was just his expression that was slightly sluggish.

Immersed in her happiness, Mo Qi didn’t notice and only asked, “So? What do you think I should do, Ling Xiao? You were always smarter than me, help me think of something.”

What Ling Xiao wanted to hear was this sentence from Mo Qi. Of course, it made him really happy to see Mo Qi hit a wall everywhere she went, but that wouldn’t allow Mo Qi to truly fall into an impasse, nor would it accomplish his revenge soundly. Therefore, Ling Xiao decided to turn back into the old him, and “help” Mo Qi. Of course, this “help” wouldn’t be the same help as before.

Besides using that face of hers to confuse men, Mo Qi didn’t have any other good points. She was somewhat careful, but that was only when in front of men, where she would act pitiful in order to exploit them. Furthermore, she was very confident in her appearance, believing that those that loved her, would love her forever, no matter what she did. As a result, Mo Qi would certainly believe that Ling Xiao’s lack of anger now was to compromise with her and not because he had ulterior motives.

In fact, it was just like Ling Xiao had thought. Mo Qi did not doubt him at all, her face even clearly carried arrogance…

The more Ling Xiao looked, the gentler his smile became.

“Elder Lin is an Elder of the palace, an Elder of Chu Xiu Palace. Even if the Palace Women she had contacted before aren’t thousands, they still number at least a few hundreds. So why would you be special in her eyes?”

“I am the prettiest among the Palace Women!” Mo Qi would not accept it.

Ling Xiao sneered, “Yes, you are the prettiest, but she isn’t a man, so what does you being pretty have to do with her?”

“I…” Mo Qi had nothing to say and muttered in a low voice, “Why must I be special in that old witch’s heart? It’s not like I’m trying to be her imperial concubine.”

Ling Xiao replied, “There is still a period of time before Emperor Li chose an imperial concubine. In this time, you have to stay in Chu Xiu Palace to depend on Elder Lin’s face. You still need to curry favor with her. When you get out of Chu Xiu Palace and become the master, wouldn’t you be able to create difficulties for her then?”

Mo Qi thought about it a little, it seemed to make sense, but she was still not resigned and unwillingly asked, “Then tell me, what should I do?”

“First, Elder Lin is a person. People cannot escape from ‘desires’. Desire for power, money, or lust, it is very clear that you have neither the former or the latter. As a result, you can only count on money.”

“You… you want me to bribe her to curry favor with her?” Mo Qi’s expression was somewhat queer, “I have never had to curry favor with women.”

Ling Xiao thought a little and lightly laughed, “If you don’t want to go, that’s fine too. Since you’re only staying in Chu Xiu Palace for a short time, you can just endure it a little.”

“Eh? Endure it?” Mo Qi felt wronged, “Is there no other way?”

Ling Xiao spread out his hands, and Mo Qi frowned, “Then forget it, I’ll just endure it! She only scolded me a little today, I’ll just pretend I didn’t hear it. This bit, I can still endure. But that Palace Woman He…”

Mo Qi gazed at Ling Xiao, her eyes full of grievances. This look meant that she wanted him to help her vent.

Ling Xiao coldly laughed in the bottom of his heart, but on the surface, he placatingly said, “The matter with the He Palace Woman is already in the past, it is inappropriate for me to personally appear now. Just forget about it this time and wait for me to go warn her a little. How about this, I’ll help you out next time if she bullies you again?”

Mo Qi was not too satisfied with Ling Xiao’s argument, but after being coldly treated by Ling Xiao for the past few days, she didn’t dare to force Ling Xiao to do anything either.

With no other alternatives, she could only feel disappointed and leave.

Ling Xiao coldly sneered as he gazed at her back. Didn’t Elder Lin only scold her a little?

However, all was not like it seemed. In his last lifetime, Elder Lin really disapproved of Mo Qi, but because she came from the Prime Minister’s House, she had no way out, and could only substitute for the Prime Minister’s House to nurture Mo Qi. She trained her every day in standing, sitting, and walking. She even deliberately chose remote places away from the sun.

Mo Qi could not bear being tired, so Ling Xiao had bribed Elder Lin in private for her and had Elder Lin revise her view of Mo Qi. Furthermore, it was because of that Palace Woman He that Elder Lin’s attention was dispersed, letting her escape Chu Xiu Palace’s torment.

In this lifetime, without his help, Ling Xiao wanted to see just how long Mo Qi could support herself.

Mo Qi didn’t even persevere for a few days, as she came crying to Ling Xiao the next day. Tearfully, she listed her grievances since she was scolded by Elder Lin again.

Ling Xiao calmly listened, saying a few comforting words from time to time, but made no other moves.

Mo Qi discontentedly raised her head and sobbed, saying, “Ling Xiao, I really got bullied this time! Are you not going to help me?”

“I already helped you a long time ago.” Ling Xiao’s complexion did not change at all as he said, “I told you the day before yesterday that you need to bribe Elder Lin, but you didn’t want to.”

“But…” Mo Qi was unreconciled as she bit her lip, “But why!”

Ling Xiao sneered, “Because she can pressure you on the surface.”

Mo Qi went silent and pulled out a bright-colored jade pendant from her bosom and clenched her teeth as she said, “I brought this jade pendant in from outside. It’s my favorite. She can count herself lucky!”

Saying that, she lifted her foot and walked away.

Ling Xiao watched her leave, lightly laughing as he fiddled with his palms.

Elder Lin was an Elder that was accustomed to seeing the rare treasures of the Palace, what kind of treasure hadn’t she seen before? How would she even notice that top-quality counterfeit jade pendant that was bought at the stalls outside?

Ling Xiao could already imagine Elder Lin’s angry appearance in his mind.

With her wrinkly face overflowing with rage, she’d smack Mo Qi’s mouth, staring at her and pointing at her in anger, “Are you taking me for a beggar!”

Ling Xiao laughed at his own imagination. Mo Qi only had a sheep jade pendant that had been given to her by Lan Wei, but because she disliked that it was simple, she threw it to him in passing. In his past lifetime, he had used that to bribe Elder Lin.

This time, though, it remained calmly in his possession. Ling Xiao turned it around in his hands, finding that the more he looked at it, the more he liked it.

As Mo Qi did not have anything of value on her, he allowed her to go attempt to bribe Elder Lin. Elder Lin was very sensitive about saving face. If Mo Qi used those things to try and bribe Elder Lin, she would only feel that Mo Qi was looking down on her. As a result, there was no way Mo Qi would be successful.

The bridge between Mo Qi and Elder Lin was linked at last.

Ling Xiao was in a great mood as he held the jade pendant in his hand.

He raised his head and lied down on the ground, allowing himself to relax and experience the temperature of the sun for once. Suddenly, the sunlight was obstructed by a shadow. Squinting his eyes, he only saw a black robe embroidered with golden threads. In this Palace, there was only one person who loved to wear black robes.

Struck dumb, Ling Xiao quickly stood, before kneeling on the ground.

In his heart, Ling Xiao ridiculed him. Why was it that no matter where he was or what he was doing, he would always meet this Emperor?!

Was he really idle?!

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