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Chapter 15: The Revenge Begins

“You certainly are bold! You dared to help a Palace Woman send letters, and it was even to a young master outside of the palace!”

“Steward, mercy Steward!”

“Mercy? Although that Palace Woman Mo did not get a title as a concubine, her plate has been turned over by the Emperor. As such, she is still the Emperor’s woman. A matter regarding the Emperor’s woman can only be handed to the Emperor. The Emperor will come to a decision on this.”

“Steward, Steward Ling, aren’t you driving us servants to death like this?”

“If this were to be known by the Emperor, would us servants still have a life?”

Ling Xiao listened to him and sneered, “If this matter was reported to the Emperor, the ones to die are all of you. You guys made the error, you will die for the sin. If I do not report to the Emperor, then it’s knowing things but not reporting. If the Emperor found out, then the one to die will be me, the Steward.”

“Why don’t you say it, why should I risk my life to conceal this matter to His Majesty?”

The meaning of those words hit heavily, hinting to the eunuchs that without benefits, who would do anything?

The eunuchs immediately caught on and looked at each other before one of them came up to beg for forgiveness, “Steward, Steward Ling, if you do not report to His Majesty, then the silver this servant has obtained is all yours, please spare my life!”

Ling Xiao disdainfully replied, “The Emperor has bestowed upon me thousands of ten thousand units of silver. Your bit of money really doesn’t enter my eyes.”

The people kneeling on the floor, all dispiritedly sat on the ground with expressions as if death was near at hand.

Seeing that his purpose of threatening them was almost done, Ling Xiao switched and said, “It’s not like I can’t not risk my life for you all.”

Hearing that there was a way to survive, the eyes of the five people gazing at Ling Xiao, suddenly lit up.

Ling Xiao played with his palm as he said, “This depends on if I can see your sincerity.”

“Your servants are willing to do anything.” Everyone kneeled.

What Ling Xiao was waiting for was just this sentence.

Silver? He didn’t want it, what he wanted was their obedience. He wanted these people to know clearly that if they did not give their lives to him, then he wouldn’t let them live.

As these people’s behavior made him feel very pleased, he dragged it out for a while before replying, “If you want to live, first, you must never pass on letters again. Next, you need to atone for your crimes, so if you find someone passing on a letter, you have to inform me at once.”

Ling Xiao had thought it over. Since there were countless eunuchs in the palace, he could use his memories of his past life to give him the advantage when settling the first batch, but it would be hard to find the second. As a result, it would be better for him to exploit these people in order to find out about Lan Wei and Mo Qi’s communication.

“Your servants shall follow your orders!” The five said and kneeled in front of Ling Xiao.

Ling Xiao narrowed his eyes in satisfaction, “Very good, then you guys can go. Remember, if you find something, you have to notify me immediately. If I find out someone has been hiding something…”

“Your servants are clear!” The five saluted.

Ling Xiao nodded and allowed the group of eunuchs to leave.

When they left, Ling Xiao began to think.

How should he mention this to the Emperor?

The Emperor’s perception was astonishing, so he definitely wouldn’t be able to conceal this matter from him.

To be frank, it was impossible.

Ling Xiao closed his eyes and thought a bit. Getting up, he flicked the dust off of the hem of his robe and headed to the Imperial Study.

He arrived just when the Chancellor was leaving. Inside the study, the Emperor was resting with his eyes closed.

Behind him, Xiao Lizi was massaging his shoulders.

Ling Xiao approached, facing the Emperor with proper courtesy. The Emperor opened his eyes and Ling Xiao signaled to Xiao Lizi with his eyes to go while he, himself, went to massage the Emperor’s thick and broad shoulders.

“Didn’t I already say that you did not have to accompany and serve Us?”

The Emperor said as he comfortably leaned back in the chair.

Ling Xiao replied, “Your servant’s body is already much better, so this servant came because this servant was worried about Your Majesty.”

The corner of the Emperor’s mouth tugged a little, his face carrying a visible exhaustion.

Seeing this, Ling Xiao reached out a hand, wanting to help massage his forehead a little and help him relax, but his hand was suddenly grabbed when it had just touched the Emperor’s forehead.

Ling Xiao was frightened, the hand that was behind held felt somewhat painful and when he looked at the Emperor, he only found that the Emperor’s eyes were icy and deep, gazing at him attentively. In his heart, he was alarmed as his face turned white. Inwardly, he reminded himself to remain calm and paused for a few seconds. Returning to his normal state, he swallowed his saliva and explained, “Your Majesty, seeing you so tired, your servant just wanted to massage your forehead a little and help you relax.”

The Emperor didn’t say anything or release his hand, he merely stared at Ling Xiao to the point that Ling Xiao’s heartbeat seemed like thunder. After staring at Ling Xiao for a good while, the Emperor meaningfully closed his eyes and released his hand, half leaning back against the chair.

Ling Xiao covered the hand that had been grabbed with his other hand, as it still hurt, and quietly released a breath.

Seeing that the Emperor did not express anything, Ling Xiao clenched his teeth and summoned up his courage as he once again reached out to touch the Emperor’s forehead. Ling Xiao had a premonition that if, this time, the Emperor did not oppose him touching his forehead, then Ling Xiao would be even more favored in the future.

Finally, he placed his hands on both sides of the Emperor’s temple. Ling Xiao paused for a few seconds, not daring to move. Seeing that the Emperor didn’t really reveal any drastic reactions, Ling Xiao released a breath and slowly started to massage.

The Emperor sensed his cautiousness, slightly opening his eyes, then immediately closing them.

“Looks like you really are very afraid of Us.”

The Emperor turned his head, moving into a more comfortable position, “We have said before that as long as you do not make an error, We will not take your life.”

Listening to this, Ling Xiao felt himself become somewhat sullen, thinking to himself that this Emperor was a person who really liked blunt temperaments. He couldn’t help but open his mouth, complaining some as he said, “What your servant is afraid of is not knowing what kind of error was done for this servant to lose his life.”

The Emperor lightly laughed, “So you can still have these kinds of silly moments?”

Ling Xiao rolled his eyes, thinking as he opened his mouth, “I do. Like I said just now, your servant doesn’t know where he is wrong.”

He said this cautiously as he stealthily glanced at the Emperor’s expression. The Emperor paused, going silent for a long time before he opened his mouth, “We… are just not used to someone else touching our head. You do not need to mind it.”

He really hadn’t thought he would get an explanation from the Emperor, so Ling Xiao was first slightly astonished, then pleased in his heart. It seemed like the Emperor was showing signs of becoming more frank with him.

This was a good omen.

It meant that he would be able to obtain even more of the Emperor’s favor and trust.

Thinking this and that, Ling Xiao’s enthusiasm was ample, and he used more strength as he massaged.

However, he did not forget the reason he came here.

Even so, he couldn’t help but mull it over a bit as he spoke, “Your Majesty, your servant found out about something that happened.”

The Emperor opened his eyes, “What is the matter?”

Ling Xiao continued, “That Palace Woman Mo and Lan Wei are still in contact with each other.”

The Emperor was distracted, seeming to be thinking about who Palace Woman Mo even was. After a long while, he seemed to have remembered her, but he only coldly snorted once and straightened up.

Ling Xiao promptly kneeled by the Emperor’s side.

“Please calm down, Your Majesty. The eunuchs who were helping them pass on letters were already discovered by this servant.”

The Emperor said coldly, “Execute them all.”

Ling Xiao immediately bowed lower before the Emperor, knitting his brows and clenching his teeth as he said, “Your Majesty, your servant has a presumptuous request. I ask that Your Majesty let this servant handle them. Your servant would like to ensure their lives.”

The Emperor listened and coldly looked at Ling Xiao, going silent for a long time.

Ling Xiao also fell silent with the atmosphere as he broke out in cold sweat. Those people were all servants of the palace, but doing something like this behind the Emperor’s back meant that they had already betrayed him. There was only one result for betraying the Emperor: death. Even so, Ling Xiao was trying to figure out a way for them to survive. Having such a rude request, not to mention the Emperor agreeing, even just mentioning it to the Emperor was very daring.

However, he also couldn’t say nothing!

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