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Chapter 55: Crisis After Crisis

Ling Xiao clenched his teeth in silence. Fu Yujun suddenly reached out his hand, but was interrupted halfway by Hong Ye’s call.

Fu Yujun looked at Hong Ye, his gaze cold. She attempted to help Ling Xiao, “Your Highness, Young Master still hasn’t…”

“Leave!” However, Fu Yujun did not plan to listen to what Hong Ye had to say and directly and coldly ordered her to go away.

Hong Ye hesitated a bit, but she could only turn around and leave under Fu Yujun’s authority.

In a moment, only Fu Yujun and Ling Xiao remained in the entire courtyard.

Ling Xiao took a slight step back, keeping himself at a safe distance from Fu Yujun. He took the initiative to explain, “Seeing you admire that dancer so much, it was a bit hard for me to tell you and ruin your fantasy.”

“So you just watched me as I ran around like a headless chicken looking for you?” Fu Yujun’s tone carried anger.

He continued to wear a smile, but because of his anger, an oppressing atmosphere spilled from him, pressuring Ling Xiao to take back another two steps. Ling Xiao reluctantly became aware that even if this man in front of him was amiable and kind to him on any other day, he was still a prince, who had the blood of the Imperial Family, holding the life and death of many people in his hands.

He had a high position and possessed a strong pride. He would not allow someone to lie to him, especially on a matter he cared about.

Ling Xiao frowned. If he doesn’t phrase his words well, they might be his last.

He must be more cautious.

Ling Xiao did not dare to speak and Fu Yujun got impatient from waiting. He approached him, a voice full of displeasure as he asked, “Why are you so far from me? Feeling guilty? ”

He coldly smiled and grasp Ling Xiao’s chin, “The reason why you aren’t speaking, is it also guilt?”

Ling Xiao pursed his lips when he heard that. Fu Yujun’s grip on his chin wasn’t gentle at all and caused some pain for Ling Xiao. He threw off Fu Yujun’s hold and couldn’t help but say, “So what if I’m feeling guilty!?”

Feeling guilty was proof that he didn’t think it would end up the way it did.

However, the way he said it was extremely arrogant, carrying a self-confidence that caused others animosity. For Fu Yujun, Ling Xiao’s words crossed the line. He narrowed his eyes dangerously, “Well, aren’t you rather honest now?”

Ling Xiao bit his lip. He knew that the words he said just now were hard for Fu Yujun to accept. But rather than trying to find an excuse, it was best to be honest.

Although he had a high position and had Ling Xiao’s life and death in his hands, Fu Yujun was not like the Emperor who had a bitingly cold aura around him. Ling Xiao felt like death would be inevitable and trying to escape the city would be meaningless once that aura came out. That was the reason why Ling Xiao could never dare to be honest with the emperor.

Unlike the Emperor’s deathly aura, Fu Yujun’s aura, though frightening, only gave Ling Xiao the desire to gain some distance from it…

Perhaps, Fu Yujun had never thought about taking his life.

Having such thoughts, Ling Xiao finally gathered his courage to raise his head and look straight at Fu Yujun, “It doesn’t matter if you believe me or not. I will just make one thing clear; I didn’t want to hide this matter from you.”

The little servant’s appearance was very noble, his gaze was limpid and bright. With his pure eyes landing on his own twisted appearance, Fu Yujun felt that the Ling Xiao in front of him was a bit hard to face.

Turning his head and trying to hide from the little servant’s line of sight, he found that the little servant’s gaze still glued on his body. Evading the gaze, he turned around and directly ran out of Ling Xiao’s courtyard.

Watching Fu Yujun leave, Ling Xiao was able to relax for the moment as he sat down on the stone bench in the courtyard.

After sitting for a while, the scene of Fu Yujun leaving in a daze played in his mind, causing a bitter smile to appear on his face.

As Fu Yujun should be after learning that the dancer he admired for so long was a man. After all, that by itself should already be a big hit. Furthermore, that man he was looking for was one he knew all this while and was always by his side. To the prideful Fu Yujun that would be really hard to swallow.

It seems now is as good a time as any to consider leaving.

Yet, not knowing what has happened with Fu Yujun’s attempt at capturing Mo Qi by going to the First Prince’s palace, bothered him.

Ling Xiao did not sleep that night. Early in the morning he approached the door.

He had opened it only to see two people keeping watch by his doorstep.

One of them was Hong Ye, who was worried about him the whole night, while the other one was the haggard Fu Yujun.

Ling Xiao’s heart thumped once and he stared at Fu Yujun, flabbergasted.

His expression was full of confusion.

Fu Yujun was also staring at Ling Xiao. His expression too was somewhat complicated as he watched him appear, but his state of mind had visibly calmed down.

Ling Xiao swallowed his saliva, calling out to him from where he stood, “Your Highness.”

“Ling Xiao….”

Fu Yujun called out softly then turned and ordered Hong Ye, “Go and get some servants to fetch breakfast, I will talk with your Young Master.”

Hong Ye was somewhat unwilling, but she still left in the end.

“Ling Xiao.” Once he saw Hong Ye leave, Fu Yujun called out to him and walked closer. Ling Xiao took a step back and somewhat stiffly said, “If you have anything to tell me, it can be said from over there.”

Fu Yujun slightly frowned. He wanted to come closer, but watching the little servant’s vigilant appearance, he also knew that he had frightened him last night. His face returned to normal and he said, “My apologies for last night’s behavior.”

Ling Xiao widen his eyes out of surprise, Fu Yujun was…

This was the first time Fu Yujun had spoke to someone so softly and his face redden, he quietly continued, “I was thinking last night about how you lied to me. While watching me and knowing my deep feelings, you continued to hide the matter from me. My anger just got to me…”

Speaking to this point, Fu Yujun paused and fidgeted, “Anyway, I was wrong. Sorry, I scared you.”

Ling Xiao was stunned. This Fu Yujun really was apologizing to him!

He was so angry yesterday, yet today, he’s willingly apologizing to him. Ling Xiao felt as if Fu Yujun’s thoughts were really a little too hard to understand. Fu Yujun saw that Ling Xiao appeared completely bewildered and undecided, it was truly an adorable look and he couldn’t help but smile, “I had already thought it through.”

He paused slightly as he spoke, he snickered once, “…Actually, it is not that I had thought it through, but that it wasn’t something I needed to think about. Although you had hidden it from me and that made me angry, I am happier with you as the dancer. If it is you, I am quite content.”

“Wh…What do you mean?” Ling Xiao truly felt very confused. The dancer was him, a male, yet Fu Yujun expressed that he was very content?

This was a bit different from what he imagined…

“You know very well what I think about the dancer, then do you understand my thoughts toward you, Ling Xiao?” Fu Yujun did not answer Ling Xiao’s question, instead, he asked him another question.

Ling Xiao turned the question over in his mind. He felt that the answer wasn’t something simple, but he really couldn’t think of anything special. He couldn’t help but stare in doubt at Fu Yujun.

Fu Yujun walked forward two steps and pulled Ling Xiao’s hand, “My thoughts toward you and the dancer are the same.”

“?!” Ling Xiao widen his eyes, startled and hurriedly shook off Fu Yujun’s hand.

Did he not wake up yet and was still dreaming…

Fu Yujun stared at his hand, which was shook off, taking it back somewhat disappointedly. He raised his head and said with a smile, “It doesn’t matter, you will accept me one day.”

“I will marry you.” Fu Yujun suddenly said.

The words exploded through his mind, shattering Ling Xiao’s thoughts into pieces. He gave him a look of insanity, eyeing Fu Yujun while he was out of it the whole time. Fu Yujun gently watched him, like he was trying to drown Ling Xiao with gentleness.

But Ling Xiao was unable to feel Fu Yujun’s intentions, he could only feel a chill spreading from his heart throughout his body. Ling Xiao knew right away that this Fu Yujun was quite dangerous, even more dangerous than last night.

He hated how he could not just leave this place and stay out of Fu Yujun’s horrifying line of sight.

A faint feeling rose from his chest, telling him that if he did not leave now, then he will never have the chance to leave.

Ling Xiao thought this and that before suddenly bursting out into hollow laughter, he bowed his head and quietly said, “I get it now, I definitely opened the door wrong today, let me open it again.”

With those words, Ling Xiao vigorously flung the door, watching Fu Yujun leaving his line of sight. Only then did Ling Xiao’s heart somewhat settled.

However, with a ‘clang’, Fu Yujun suddenly reached out to stop the door, preventing Ling Xiao’s action. He blocked the door and raised an eyebrow at Ling Xiao, “Don’t hide, the things I just said are all true.”

Annoyed at his failure to shut the door, Ling Xiao stared blankly. He took a deep breath and used the kind of gaze one would use to look at a mental case on Fu Yujun. Using a voice that could not hide his disbelief he said, “Just because you know that I am the dancer, you want to take me as your wife? Even if I am a male?”

Just what was going on within this Fu Yujun’s brain!

“I already said it isn’t just because you are the dancer, it is also because you are Ling Xiao.” Fu Yujun’s tone was very firm.

Thinking only how absurd this was, Ling Xiao didn’t feel like arguing with Fu Yujun on this subject and frankly and angrily glared at him, “I cannot agree to it!”

“Listening to your opinion was not part of my plan.” Fu Yujun gave a light smile.

Ling Xiao shook, what did Fu Yujun mean? A faint feeling of unease remained constant in his heart.

With an expression that showed his disbelief and a face of panicking fear, yet appearing very honest, completely different from Fu Yujun’s own shrewd and crafty one, a great desire to protect Ling Xiao rose in Fu Yujun.

Fu Yujun couldn’t endure the desire to reach out and gently rub Ling Xiao’s head at the sight, trying to comfort him.

Ling Xiao slapped away his hand, causing Fu Yujun to take it back in pain, frowning with displeasure.

Ling Xiao lowered his head, deep in thought. He pursed his lips and once more refused, “Your Highness, please stop making things difficult for Ling Xiao, alright?”

Fu Yujun controlled his gaze when he heard that and did not reply to Ling Xiao’s question, rather, he willfully said, “We will get married in three days.”

Ling Xiao frowned in resentment at his words. Just what was wrong with this Fu Yujun! Did he eat the wrong medicine?!

As if he knew what Ling Xiao was thinking about, Fu Yujun started to console him, “Perhaps you can’t accept it right away, but with time, you will get used to it and with that, accept it. I will be good to you your whole life, love you so much you can’t help it. I will give you the most grand marriage celebration and in this lifetime, I will only marry you.”

Ling Xiao’s mouth twitched a bit. He will admit, he really was quite moved by those words. If he were a girl, then he would really be moved to tears and maybe even get married just like that!

But Ling Xiao was a man! He had all the typical the equipment of a man!

How could he possibly get married to another man?

Just what kind of stimulation did this Fu Yujun receive?!

Not only did he suddenly wanted to get married, it was in three days no less. Wasn’t the day set for marriage too soon?

Since he could tell that no matter what words he used to refuse Fu Yujun, the latter will not be convinced, Ling Xiao clenched his teeth and switched tactics. He eased his expression and used a soft voice, quietly persuading him, “This one is indebted to His Highness for the care, Ling Xiao… also… is willing.”

Ling Xiao felt a bit guilty in his heart for saying words against his will with a gloomy face, when he saw how excited it made Fu Yujun. He gave a forced smile, “However, in just three days, isn’t it too sudden?”

Fu Yujun sighed at what he said, “It is sudden, but I cannot wait. I’m afraid you…”

Fu Yujun seemed to have become aware of something as he broke off mid speech, it seems like it was something he didn’t want to remind Ling Xiao of.

But how could Ling Xiao let him off so easily? He questioned him, “Afraid I would what?”

Fu Yujun held Ling Xiao’s hands and said, “I will tell you, but you need to stay calm.”

“Yes.” Ling Xiao nodded, his face impatient.

Fu Yujun helpless shook his head, rather hesitant as he seriously said, “The Mu Country’s Emperor has arrived in Shao Country.”

“……” Ling Xiao had wondered what it was about, so it was just this. He had long knew about it. The question was how did Fu Yujun find out about it.

Receiving Ling Xiao’s questioning gaze, Fu Yujun moved to explain, “When I was waiting outside Imperial Brother’s home for Mo Qi, the result was that I found him instead.”

“You…You met with him?” Ling Xiao was bewildered.

Fu Yujun shook his head, his face solemn. Strictly speaking, it was the Mu Country’s Emperor taking the initiative to contact him and he did not actually see the Emperor with his own eyes. In fact, the Mu Country’s Emperor had only given him a brief note.

On it were a few lines.

[We are indebted to the Prince for taking care of our King Consort. Now, We have come to take him back.]

This short note made Fu Yujun very restless, as such, he had returned back to his home early to see Ling Xiao. It was then that he found out about the dancer being Ling Xiao….

“How do you know he’s here, if you haven’t met him? Has he done something?” Ling Xiao asked by his side, full of suspicion.

Fu Yujun did not want to tell Ling Xiao about the note, so he shifted the subject, “One of his men took away Mo Qi.”

“Wha…What?!” Ling Xiao was surprised, “Weren’t you stalking the First Prince’s place?”

“Yes.” Fu Yujun gritted his teeth, it was because they were there that he got that note, and had ran into the Mu Country’s Emperor’s people. In order to take Mo Qi, they had stalked the place for an entire day.

However, he still wasn’t able to bring Mo Qi back.

Mu Country’s power in Shao Country was already this great!

He must investigate this matter well, but what was most important right now was making this little servant stay.

If this man marries him, then the Mu Country’s Emperor can’t take him away.

The more he thought about this, the more intense and hot Fu Yujun’s gaze was on Ling Xiao

It really made Ling Xiao feel uncomfortable.

Fu Yujun seemed to have sensed Ling Xiao’s bad reaction and he slightly curbed his mood, turning his head away, “I will investigate the matter about Mo Qi and give her to you to deal with. You don’t need to be anxious, you only need to prepare yourself for our marriage.”

“Wasn’t it…” Ling Xiao frowned. Why did the discussion go back to this subject? He must find a way to stop Fu Yujun.

“Servants.” Fu Yujun did not listen to Ling Xiao and called out for his servants.

In a moment, Ling Xiao’s courtyard was covered with sword-wielding chamberlains.

Ling Xiao stared at him in surprise. This Fu Yujun wasn’t trying to imprison him, right?

Receiving Ling Xiao’s blank gaze and looking at his expression that showed trust and dependent on him, Fu Yujun felt it was hard to take and turned his head away, saying one line in a low voice, “I’m sorry.”

In the end, he said one more line, “Just stay here obediently. In three days, I will marry you and set you free.”

With those words, Fu Yujun tenderly gazed at Ling Xiao and landed a kiss on his face while he was not paying attention, promising to him, “I will not mistreat you.”

Fu Yujun directly turned and left the courtyard after that.

Ling Xiao rubbed the place he was kissed. The feeling of Fu Yujun’s warm lips still lingered there, and it was a very hard to bear sticky feeling as if a greasy insect was crawling on his skin. Ling Xiao viciously wiped it and only stopped when the skin there turned red.

Why did he hate Fu Yujun’s kiss so much when the Emperor’s was just fine?

Perhaps… he had started to like the Emperor?!

Ling Xiao widen his eyes, stunned before promptly shaking his head, preventing himself from thinking any deeper on that topic.

What was important right now was not thinking about that, but how to escape this cage…

That night, the lights of each house were gradually extinguished while Hopeful Spring Tavern was brightly lit.

The Emperor sat within a private room on the second floor, coldly staring at the red-clad Hong Ye kneeling below.

“Did you say, Fu Yujun wants to take Our King Consort as his wife?”

That voice was cold like ice, smashing into Hong Ye’s heart and freezing her all over. Her lips trembled as she answered while being pressured by the power it carried, “Ye….Yes.”


Hong Ye seemed to have heard laughter. She raised her head instinctively, stunned as she watched her Master. Ever since she was young, she had followed her Master. In her impression of him, she had never heard him laugh before, which caused her to be amazed.

However, right now, she was seeing her Master laughing. Although his lips were clearly raised, it did not touch his eyes and did not give anyone the feeling that he was smiling.

It only contained a pressuring power and coldness.

The pressure surrounding the Emperor was very low. The dragon might he emitted caused the temperature in the room to drop. Under this imposing aura, Hong Ye shuddered from the chill, only able to feel how eerie and horrifying that smile was.

She was so frightened she didn’t dare move; she even forgot to avert her gaze.

The Emperor spared her a glance at her impudence. It was barely a glance, yet Hong Ye felt like she had walked into misfortune.

Hong Ye couldn’t even remember how to lower her head. All she knew was that she never wanted to see that scene again in her life.

It was too frightening…

Fear engulfed Hong Ye’s body and mind. She had long forgotten, that the man before her was the Emperor she had vowed her loyalty and devotion to, and also the Emperor she had admired since young.

In just a few years since she had not seen him, that youngster that would cause her heart to pound had matured into a Sovereign King that all feared.

And had gradually gotten further away from her…

“If he wants to marry him, then let him.” The Emperor’s words were light, followed by his mirthless smile.

Hong Ye was stunned, unable to quite understand what he said. The Emperor unhurriedly drank his tea, sighed and narrowed his eyes, coldly stating, “That is if he can do it.”

The Emperor’s voice was bland and carried no emotions, but it still gave people the feeling of might and faith.

Hong Ye knew it after she heard that, it was impossible for Fu Yujun to marry Ling Xiao.

She closed her eyes and kept her head low, this was an extremely deferential and convinced attitude.

She thought a bit before adding on one more thing, “Your Majesty, there is one more matter. Hong Ye…. is already under suspicion.”

The Emperor slightly raised an eyebrow, “Was it Fu Yujun?”

“Young Master was also a bit suspicious.” Hong Ye replied.

“No matter.” The Emperor answered, “You don’t need to worry about it, just stay by his side and protect him.”

“…Yes.” Hong Ye answered back and bowed, leaving.

After Hong Ye left, the Emperor held the teacup in his hand and coldly humphed when he thought back about her report. With a burst of strength, the teacup in his hand cracked and turned to dust.

How can Our King Consort be someone another can think about?

“An Ya.” The Emperor let go of the teacup’s detritus and it scattered in the air, causing a slight white fog. The white fog gradually drifted as a figure appeared out of nowhere.

The figure was dressed in black sturdy clothing, his long hair tied in a ponytail. Behind him was a long sword, he had the appearance of someone who was a martial artist. He respectfully knelt before the Emperor, giving his greetings, “Master.”

“Shift the plan earlier.” The Emperor leaned back into the chair, lightly fiddling with his palm.

“Yes.” An Ya did not hesitate at all and answered at once. As long as it was the order made by the Emperor, he will not care about the reason.

An Ya left and the Emperor closed his eyes.

Three days?

Then he will take back the little eunuch in three days.

The Second Prince’s Residence.

Ling Xiao had already been locked inside for a day now. Besides the two servant girls, Ji Xiang and Fu Kang, Ling Xiao could not meet anyone else, including Hong Ye.

And as there were guards keeping watch at his door and windows, he was also unable to leave his room

Ling Xiao may have learned some martial arts, but there is no way he could go against so many of them.

He could only be locked in here.

However, Ling Xiao wasn’t a person that would just sit still. Since his escape plan was wrecked, then Ling Xiao’s mind started considering Fu Yujun.

He was thinking of using Fu Yujun to run away.

That is why today, Ling Xiao had told Ji Xiang very early to invite Fu Yujun over.

However, when Ji Xiang had came back, she stated that she did not see Fu Yujun. She heard that he had left very early to the palace.

Apparently something had happened with the Shao Country’s Emperor.

With no other way, Ling Xiao could only wait for Fu Yujun to come by. However, Fu Yujun only returned in a hurry at dusk. When he returned to his residence, without Ling Xiao even inviting him, he directly dashed to Ling Xiao’s courtyard.

Ling Xiao stared at him in surprise. Fu Yujun cut a rather sorry figure right now, sweat moistened his lapel and his face was rather pale. Ling Xiao stood out of shock as Fu Yujun speedily walked in front of him.

And then he pulled Ling Xiao out the door.

Ling Xiao frowned, and moved his hand so he was the one pulling on Fu Yujun’s arm, “What happened?”

Fu Yujun frowned and awkwardly looked at Ling Xiao, opening his mouth to speak yet no sound come out of it. In the end, he pulled Ling Xiao toward himself, rather vexed as he pushed him toward Xiao Feng who stood at the entrance, “Xiao Feng, take all the men in the courtyard to hide and protect him in the secret room.”

“Your Highness, you…” Xiao Feng droop his eyes, trying to speak, but Fu Yujun shook his head at him, “I can settle this myself, just protect him well.”

“Wait…” Ling Xiao couldn’t make heads or tail of the situation, “Just what happened?!”

Fu Yujun looked at him with a complicated face and did not answer his question. Rather, he forced a smile and approached him, “I’m afraid the date of our marriage has to be postponed a little.”

Ling Xiao’s eyes brighten, rejoicing over it.

Fu Yujun’s smile became even more bitter at the sight. He raised his head to tousle Ling Xiao’s hair, “But what I promised I would do, I would definitely do it.”

‘It’s okay even if you can’t do it.’ Ling Xiao answered silently in his mind. But seeing Fu Yujun so earnest, he simply couldn’t say those words.

He silently raised his eyes, looking straight at Fu Yujun.

Fu Yujun lovingly watched Ling Xiao, like he was trying to imprint Ling Xiao’s appearance into the bottom of his heart, filled with determination and reluctance to leave.

Ling Xiao shook all over. Ever since he had met this man, Fu Yujun’s gaze carried all kinds of deep emotions, intentionally or otherwise. His sight conveyed a deep and loving touch he had seen many times. However, he felt as if, for the first time, it had more meaning.  

This touching and fond expression seemed to be bidding him farewell. Ling Xiao had a faint feeling he was going to lose something, as he unconsciously reached out and pulled Fu Yujun.

Fu Yujun restrained himself, looking down at Ling Xiao tugging on his arm and was slightly distracted. Then, he gave a light laugh, “Being able to see you try to make me stay and to be able to feel your concern is already enough for me.”

Fu Yujun released his arm out of Ling Xiao’s grasp and comforted, “It’s alright, I can settle the matter. You just need to keep yourself safe and wait for me…”

Fu Yujun turned around and determinedly ran outside, not before giving Ling Xiao a final look, which held his reluctant to leave.


Ling Xiao went silent. What was this indescribable feeling of unease? He held his chest, frowning as he watched Fu Yujun’s back.

“Young Master, let’s leave.” Xiao Feng started to urge Ling Xiao.

“How can I leave when you guys don’t tell me what is happening? Are we escaping for our lives?”

With the subject being avoided by Fu Yujun so many times, Ling Xiao was also a bit angry. This kind of situation, where he was protected without even knowing what was going on, didn’t help calm him down nor did it help make him feel secure.

Xiao Feng frown at the question and awkwardly answered, “This… since His Highness didn’t tell you about it, he probably doesn’t want you to overthink it. Therefore, it is not my place to speak about it. ”

Ling Xiao coldly smiled, “How could I not overthink this now?”

Xiao Feng frowned and shook his head, “Young Master, Please don’t make things difficult for this subordinate.”

“I won’t leave, if you don’t tell me!” Seeing that trying to reason with him wasn’t working at all, Ling Xiao started to act shamelessly.

Xiao Feng was helpless. Checking around him, seeing that there wasn’t anyone, he got closer to Ling Xiao’s ear and said in a quiet voice, “The current Emperor suddenly passed away. His edict indicates that his successor for the throne is the Second Prince. However, we don’t know how, but the First Prince got hold of the Army Seal and now wishes to rise a rebellion…”

“Wh…What?!” It stunned him, “Just how could such a big thing happen?!”

“Young Master, let’s leave and continue to talk later.” Xiao Feng was anxious.

Ling Xiao was now clear about the seriousness of the situation and hurriedly followed Xiao Feng to hide in the secret room that Fu Yujun mentioned before.

The room was pretty big and was able to accommodate the dozens of bodyguards from the courtyard, Xiao Feng and the two servant girls Ji Xiang and Fu Kang, with still plenty room left.

There were water and food within, there was also a place to make a fire. Weapons littered everywhere.

Everyone expect Hong Ye were present, which Ling Xiao found strange. He asked Xiao Feng about her.

Xiao Feng answered, “Hong Ye was probably taken by His Highness.”

“Eh?” Ling Xiao was curious, he felt that there were many things he wasn’t clear on.

Now that Xiao Feng has brought Ling Xiao to a safe place, he also relaxed and explained to him, “His Highness has been suspicious of the woman called Hong Ye the entire time. He would not allow this woman, who is an outsider, to follow the Young Master. As such, he had taken Hong Ye with him when he left.”

A warm feeling flowed through Ling Xiao. Although there was something strange going on with Fu Yujun’s head, he was still doing things for his sake, like returning when it was dangerous, just to get him to safe place. This kind of person really was meticulous virtue and attentive.

If only he didn’t have some strange thoughts toward him, they could have become good brothers.

Ling Xiao pursed his lips, then opened up to ask another question, “I’ve heard that the Shao Country’s Emperor is only over thirty, in the prime of his life. There were also never any rumors that he had ever gotten ill, so how could he suddenly…”

“That’s right!” Xiao Feng agreed, he also did not understand what happened. He got closer to Ling Xiao, “The Emperor has always been well in the past, so to suddenly… luckily, he had long intended to pass the title to the Second Prince and had written an edict a long time ago…”

“Originally, with the edict, His Highness should have been able to succeed the throne without the country going into chaos, however… this First Prince had somehow made the soldiers rebel…this…”

Speaking to this point, Xiao Feng was concerned, “Now the chancellors are all on the Second Prince’s side, but the Second Prince did not obtain the military leadership. There is no way he can fight against the three hundred thousand military forces of the First Prince!”

“Is there no one else in the court with military power?

“The High Official of the Ministry of Appointment has fifty thousand.” Xiao Feng replied.

Ling Xiao held back a frown. Fifty thousand versus three hundred thousand was just…

They can’t just sit still here and do nothing! Otherwise, what awaits them isn’t the arrival of the Second Prince, but that First Prince!

Ling Xiao pursed his lips and searched through his mind for anything useful, trying to think of a way to help Fu Yujun.

He looked around at his surrounding and a certain item flashed through his mind. His eyes lit up and he wanted to get up.

When suddenly, the door to the secret room was quickly opened.

Xiao Feng and the others all stood up, heaving their weapons and staring nervously at the door as they surrounded Ling Xiao.

They did not know who had found this place.

Xiao Feng swallowed and did the worst action possible. He quietly retreated until he was in front of Ling Xiao, “Young Master, if the one that appears is the First Prince, we will hold him down. Please take this chance and escape without looking back.”

“……” Ling Xiao went silent, he didn’t know how to explain his current feeling. He was not acquaintance with Xiao Feng at all, he only knew that he was one of Fu Yujun’s subordinate.

Perhaps Xiao Feng was just protecting him because of Fu Yujun’s order. However, no matter the reason, to be protected so sincerely that he was willing to throw away his life made Ling Xiao’s eye feel sour a bit and some hot blood flowed through his heart.

This was the hot blood that belonged exclusively to men!

These people were willing to throw away their lives for their loyalty while Ling Xiao was always trembling with fear, fearing death and cherishing life. He decided that he would let himself go and try this kind of friendship and loyalty, after living his life walking on a thin ice til now.

With those thoughts, Ling Xiao’s gaze become firm and he picked up a weapon from the ground, following their gazes to also stare nervously at the door. He was determined to retreat and advance with these men.

Xiao Feng thought that Ling Xiao was looking for a chance to run and he felt much more at ease. His sight went back to concentrating at the entrance.

Finally, the door was completely opened and the person outside entered Ling Xiao’s sight.

It was a red-clad beautiful woman—Hong Ye.

Ling Xiao was astounded, even Xiao Feng was surprised.

Hong Ye entered, her cold gaze swept all the people within until it finally landed on Ling Xiao.

She no longer carried the alluring and weak dancer conduct from before, rather, a danger aura was emitted from her, causing Xiao Feng to be very much on guard.

Seeing how terrified everyone were, Hong Ye coldly smiled once and looked toward Ling Xiao, her eyes filled with disdain. She approached him step by step.

Xiao Feng guarded Ling Xiao. Retreating two steps, he lifted his weapon and threateningly watched Hong Ye. Hong Ye was not affected at all and her pace gradually accelerated.

“Stay back!”

Xiao Feng loudly shouted, wishing his shout could make Hong Ye withdraw. But Hong Ye faced it, showing no indication of stopping.

Left with no choice, Xiao Feng prepared to fight along with everyone else, meeting her head on.

However, Hong Ye was like a demon and it didn’t even take her fifteen minutes to knock everyone down to the ground.

The groaning of the injured on the ground drifted to Ling Xiao’s ears as he raised his weapon. He trembled from astoundment and stared at Hong Ye, dumbstrucked.  

Hong Ye walked in front of Ling Xiao and grabbed his wrist, “Young Master, please come with me.”

Hong Ye’s strength was extraordinary great, pulling Ling Xiao so hard he cried out softly in pain.

Hong Ye slightly loosen her grip and used less strength when she heard the cry. Ling Xiao’s eyes flashed as he felt that Hong Ye was not hostile toward him.

He gathered up his courage and resisted, “I won’t go.”

“Young Master.” Hong Ye frowned, she couldn’t understand why.

Ling Xiao answered, “I…why do I have to go with you? Just who are you?”

Hong Ye felt awkward, “Can Hong Ye tell you after we get out of here? I would like you to come with me for now.”

“I won’t go anywhere if you don’t explain properly.” Ling XIao coldly smiled.

Hong Ye had no other choice but to get closer to Ling Xiao and quietly tell him. “It’s the Mu Country’s Emperor who told me to come and protect you.”

Ling Xiao stared in surprise at Hong Ye, his eyes wide opened. Hong Ye nodded toward him.

At this moment, Hong Ye and Ling Xiao were extremely close. Furthermore, Hong Ye did not have her guard up against Ling Xiao at all.

A trace of craftiness flickered through Ling Xiao’s eyes. Hong Ye only felt a stab of pain at the pit of her stomach and her body went rigid. She couldn’t move at all.

She stared at Ling Xiao, shocked. Ling Xiao raised his hand with two fingers out and pressed a pressure point. Smiling at Hong Ye he said, “The only useful thing I learned from Fu Yujun is hitting a pressure point…”

“Young Master!” Hong Ye was annoyed, “I’m here to protect you!”

Hong Ye gnashed her teeth as she whispered.

Ling Xiao raised an eyebrow and used the same quiet tone to reply, “I heard what you said, but whether I accept your protection is my choice.”

“Xiao Feng, hurry and find a thick rope to tie her up.” Ling Xiao was worried that his pressure point skill wasn’t going to hold much longer and called out for the man on the ground.

Xiao Feng held his wound as he crawled back up. He searched around before finding a thick rope.

Ling Xiao hurriedly tied up Hong Ye. To make sure it was firm, he tied several tight knots at the end of the ropes.

By the time Ling Xiao was done with that, Xiao Feng had already finished checking all the injured people. He took some of them to the nook to rest and heal.

Looking around and seeing that besides Hong Ye who was left at where Ling Xiao was, the rest were treating their wounds and resting, paying not much attention to him, he approached Hong Ye and asked quietly, “Is the Emperor still in Shao Country now?”

“Yes.” Hong Ye replied very unwillingly.

“Then…” Ling Xiao controlled his gaze, “Is the Emperor involved in the affairs of Shao Country?”

Hong Ye heard and abruptly looked at Ling Xiao, appearing to not understand why Ling Xiao seemed to think of that…

Ling Xiao pursed his lips, “Tell me the truth.”

Hong Ye turned away her head, “I am not sure, I only received the command to protect you.”

Ling Xiao frowned and asked, “Weren’t you taken away by Fu Yujun? How are you here then?”

“I know a trick or two.” Hong Ye avoided answering.

Ling Xiao asked, “How is Fu Yujun?”

Hong Ye was displeased, “Young Master, all your conducts and deeds seem to be for Fu Yujun’s sake, why do you always think about Fu Yujun so much? The Emperor is your husband.”

“……” Ling Xiao choked for a moment and stared at Hong Ye, blinking as the corner of his mouth twitched twice and he asked, “Who told you that?”

“Do I really need to explain it? The entire Mu Country is celebrating. In ten days, it would be the day the Emperor accepts a King Consort. That is also the day the Emperor confers a title upon you. Mu Country is abuzz with activity right now, who doesn’t know that the first King Consort in the future is Ling Xiao?”

“……” Ling Xiao stared blankly and thought back to the Mu Country’s Emperor’s decree when he left. There were only ten more days left before it would be the day he would be receiving a King Consort, but…

The Emperor’s face appeared in Ling Xiao’s mind, causing his own face to heat up. His heart started throbbing and speeding up. With the sudden warmth he felt spreading in his body, his heart was once again in chaos…  

He turned around to evade Hong Ye’s line of side, as if hiding, and left.

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