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Chapter 53: Face Smacking Fu Shangjun (II)

“Why not just come with me, Hong Ye? I had pursue you for three years, there had never been anyone that made this prince pursue them for so long, you are the first.”

The moment they went downstairs, they heard Fu Shangjun’s arrogant words.

Yet Hong Ye was still natural and unrestrained. The way she treated Fu Shangjun was neither servile nor overbearing as she gave a beautiful salute and refused him, “This one is indebted to the Prince’s deep love, but Hong Ye does not feel the same way.”

Fu Shangjun’s face went cold at her words. He narrowed his eyes in displeasure, staring at the colorfully dressed woman before him and coldly smiled, “Hong Ye, don’t be so shameless when I gave you face. My patience is limited, three years is already the limit, do you understand what I mean?”

Hong Ye was taken aback and shocked, she seemed to have sensed the dangerous atmosphere on Fu Shangjun’s body and she shifted backwards slightly.

Feeling Hong Ye’s retreat, Fu Shangjun’s vigor became even more rampant and he closed in on her step by step, “Hong Ye, think clearly, I am still the First Prince of Shao Country after all. I had taken pity on you and given you three years to prepare, but you still refuse me now, isn’t that not proper?”

Hong Ye bit her lips at his words. A beauty with her white teeth biting her red lips is considered one that is getting angry, yet still had grace in it. Fu Shangjun’s sight carried greed at the sight, he was even more determined to win Hong Ye.

Hong Ye tightly wrinkled her brows, thinking and only after a long while did she respond, “The Prince must be joking, Hong Ye had never agreed to anything with the First Prince from the beginning. What does the Prince mean by giving Hong Ye time to prepare? This Shao Country is still not under the First Prince’s rule. Above the First Prince is the current Emperor and he has always hated when the Prince ran amok. The one that should think more about this, isn’t Hong Ye, but you, the First Prince.”

…So brave. Ling Xiao who was listening with the crowd outside raised an eyebrow. Not only was she so frank and refused Fu Shangjun, she also had even used Shao Country’s Emperor[1] to pressure the First Prince. This Hong Ye isn’t simple.

Shao Country’s Emperor does not like the Prince running amok was something the public already knew. But someone that would dare to speak of it in front of the running amok Prince was perhaps only this Hong Ye.

However, if this continued, Fu Shangjun wouldn’t be able to get off the stage…

Sure enough, just when Ling Xiao thought of that, Fu Shangjun had already flew into rage over there.

His face went extremely red with viciousness filling his eyes.

“You’re merely a lowly dancer, how dare you use Imperial Father to pressure me! This Prince had tender feelings toward you and let you off a bit, but you are unable to differentiate other’s good intentions! Then don’t blame this Prince for not being kind anymore! Come, seize her!”

With that one order, all those chamberlains Fu Shangjun brought with him started to step forward from behind him, slowly approaching Hong Ye.

Hong Ye cried out in alarm and kept retreating. Those who were standing around watching had all dispersed the moment those chamberlains appeared, holding weapons. The original liveliness within Hopeful Spring Tavern only had a few people remaining.

Fu Yujun saw that there wasn’t anyone around to cover them and their whereabouts would be exposed, so he hurried pulled Ling Xiao to hide in a corner.

Ling Xiao turned his head to look at him while Fu Yujun had a face that looked like he was about to see a good show and did not have any thoughts about getting involved.

Ling Xiao raised an eyebrow and asked doubtfully, “You have always had tender feelings for the fairer sex, didn’t you? This Hong Ye’s dancing is outstanding and she is beautiful, can you really bear to let her be wasted on your brother?”

Fu Yujun’s face went stiff and looked at Ling Xiao from the corner of his eyes, his eyes twitching, “Wasted?”

Although it was a slight pity about this female dancer, but using wasted was really a little… In any case, his Imperial Brother was still of the Imperial Family’s bloodline, but in the little servant’s eyes, this wasn’t much.

Fu Yujun laughed at something he didn’t know was humorous and the gaze he used on Ling Xiao became increasingly gentle. He cleared his throat, “Let’s just look for now, perhaps someone will interrupt.”

“……” Ling Xiao eyed his surroundings, besides the two of them hiding in the corner, the shopkeeper and waiters, just who else was there?

Waiting for someone else to do something? Ling Xiao’s eyes glinted, perhaps Fu Yujun was just waiting for the people behind this tavern to show up?

However, will that person appear just for an insignificant female dancer?

“Ah! Don’t come over here!” A screech interrupted Ling Xiao’s train of thought and he quickly looked over. He didn’t know when, but Hong Ye was already surrounded. Her face was panicked with Fu Shangjun before her, his expression becoming more obscene.

Hong Ye’s panic appearance somewhat smear her makeup, but that did not influence her beauty. Instead, it made her look weaker, triggering a person’s pity. It gave men the desire to protect her, but also the desire to maltreat her.

A look at Fu Shangjun’s even greedier and obscene gaze showed that Hong Ye’s appearance was just provoking his addiction to oppression.

It appears he already believed that Hong Ye was within his hands and his hands were very lecherous as they felt up Hong Ye everywhere.

Hong Ye cried out even more at the disgrace, but there was no one around who will help her.

Ling Xiao peered at Fu Yujun, but he could only see that he was still wearing a waiting expression. He really doesn’t have the heart to keep watching this and walked out from their hiding place.

“Oh, isn’t this the First Prince? Such a coincidence!”

Ling Xiao pretended to be surprised and shouted loudly, arousing Fu Shangjun’s attention.

Fu Shangjun turned his head, saw it was Ling Xiao and said without caring, “Isn’t it the honored guest of my Imperial Younger Brother, Ling something…”

“Ling Xiao.” the chamberlain behind Fu Shangjun quietly went up and whispered in his ear. Hearing that, Fu Shangjun remembered and said, “Right, Ling Xiao. Why are you not staying in Imperial Younger Brother’s home obediently and instead came here?”

Ling Xiao raised an eyebrow and glanced at the panic-stricken and helpless Hong Ye, somewhat hintingly saying, “What the First Prince is here to do is what Ling Xiao is here to do.”

Fu Shangjun saw Ling Xiao’s gentle gaze toward Hong Ye and he burst into anger, pointing a finger at Ling Xiao, he cursed, “Who do you think you are, daring to want what I desire! Come, get him as well!”

“Hey!” Ling Xiao raised a hand to stop Fu Shangjun’s chamberlains from moving, and said, “Does the First Prince really want to capture me? Ling Xiao is the Second Prince’s honored guest. You will have a hard time explaining him if you do.”

Fu Shangjun pursed his lips, glaring cruelly at Ling Xiao, weighing Ling Xiao’s words.

Ling Xiao’s sight went dull as he saw that. Recalling that Mo Qi’s location was unknown right now, he tried to probe him out. He cleared his throat and raised an eyebrow, “This morning, the First Prince came to the Second Prince’s home to obtain a remarkable beauty. Back then, Ling Xiao did not agree, but now, how about this, you will let me get this young woman Hong Ye and I will send that beauty to your home?”

Ling Xiao finished speaking and he stared closely at Fu Shangjun, wanting to obtain small clues from his face.

Fu Shangjun looked somewhat distracted when he heard that, somewhat flabbergasted as he looked at Ling Xiao. Ling Xiao appeared attractive and intelligent, his pair of quick-witted eyes seemed to be calculating something right now, looking devious.

Fu Shangjun couldn’t help but sneer at the sight. This Ling Xiao wanted to use Mo Qi to exchange Hong Ye with him? But that Mo Qi was already in his hands. Does this Ling Xiao really not know or he’s gauging his reaction?

No matter which it was, Fu Shangjun’s eyes only had contempt. If Mo Qi was actually still in Ling Xiao’s hands, then this transaction would have still been feasible, but that Mo Qi was already in his palace, so why should he go with it?

Obtaining Hong Ye is the right thing to do.

With those thoughts, Fu Shangjun said with disdain, “This Prince only wants Hong Ye.”

Ling Xiao’s eyes glinted, this Fu Shangjun didn’t hesitate at all. It was possible that Mo Qi was really in Fu Shangjun’s place, but Ling Xiao felt that something wasn’t right, he kept feeling uneasy.

He closed his eyes to think, but Fu Shangjun no longer wanted to waste any more time talking nonsense with him.

“This Prince will give you one last chance and let you leave out the door right now while pretending you have not seen this matter. Otherwise, you and Hong Ye can both come to my house and be ‘my guests’.”

Ling Xiao raised an eyebrow, just about to speak when Fu Yujun’s voice came from behind.

“Imperial Brother, who did you say you were inviting as your guests? Can I follow along?”

Ling Xiao looked back at Fu Yujun when he heard that and gave him a look. That look was very vivid, showing that he was depending on him to appear, like a kitten that was waiting for his master’s return home, so it can be spoiled by its master.

Fu Yujun was amused by his own imagination and unconsciously raised his hand to rub Ling Xiao’s head. His gentle action was just like treating him as a world treasure.

Ling Xiao frowned, swiped off Fu Yujun and gave him a strange look.

He saw that Fu Yujun had already transferred his attention to Fu Shangjun, “This young woman, Hong Ye’s identity is petty and low. She would be unable to have an audience with Imperial Father and her words are unimportant, so not many people would believe her. But Imperial Brother, if I were the one to talk about it, would Imperial Father believe me or not?”

Fu Yujun’s words carried a heavy threat.

“You… what do you mean?” Fu Shangjun also sensed this threat, but he still asked, unwilling to give up, “Don’t tell me you want to tell Imperial Father!”

“If you are determined to take that young woman Hong Ye with you.” Fu Yujun said with a wide smile.

“You!” Fu Shangjun glared at Fu Yujun, gnashing his teeth, “Imperial Younger Brother, you and I had never interfere with each other’s businesses. Why must you go against your Imperial Brother this time!”

“In the past, although Imperial Brother has been willful and caused trouble, you have never tried to take the common people by force. Now that Imperial Brother has made a mistake, as your Imperial Younger Brother, I naturally need to prevent it. Otherwise, it would also be hard for me to explain to Imperial Father. Am I not right, Imperial Brother?”

“Stop using Imperial Father to pressure me!” Fu Shangjun indignantly glared at Fu Yujun, his gaze vicious, wishing he could stab him to death. It was so strong that Ling Xiao shivered.

Fu Yujun looked like he was already used to this kind of gaze as his face did not change, there was still a smile on it.

In the end, it was Fu Shangjun that admitted defeat. With a fling of his sleeve, he gave one last look at Hong Ye before leaving with his men angrily.

Ling Xiao sighed a breath of relief, which Fu Yujun watched with great amusement, “If you were so scared, why did you rush out so quickly just now?”

“Wasn’t it because… I saw that she was in danger!” Ling Xiao curled his lips, “Besides, I would have still found a way even if you did not appear.”

“Yes! You always have a way.” Fu Yujun on the contrary, was convinced that Ling Xiao could have found a way. This little servant had stayed and kept his secret hidden in the Mu Country’s Imperial Palace. He had survived for so long and even successfully became the Eunuch Steward.

If he wasn’t knowledgeable in many matters, he wouldn’t have survived for so long.

“That…” A loveable soft voice came from the side and both men looked over. Hong Ye gave a beautiful salute to them.

“This common woman Hong Ye greets Your Highness the Second Prince. Many thanks to the Second Prince and the Young Hero Ling Xiao for saving this one. Hong Ye cannot thank you two enough.”

Ling Xiao raised an eyebrow, this Hong Ye had remembered their identities even under that tense moment. She wasn’t simple.

Ling Xiao and Fu Yujun exchanged a look. Fu Yujun supported Hong Ye up.

Hong Ye shyly and timidly peeked at Fu Yujun. This peek was tempting, evoking half of a man’s soul and made their whole body go numb. Fu Yujun narrowed his eyes, like he was enjoying it and his hand seamlessly swept across Hong Ye’s soft cheeks. His face gentle and soft as he comforted her, “Young woman Hong Ye, the danger has already passed, you no longer need to be so worried anymore.”

“How could Hong Ye not worry?” Hong Ye suddenly sobbed with a soft voice, “That First Prince has already nagged your servant[2] for such a long time. The Second Prince and the Young Hero were here to protect this one today, but next time, who know who will save Hong Ye.”

While she was saying those words, Hong Ye started to sob even louder and as she mentioned the grieving matter, pearly tears kept dripping out, causing Ling Xiao to be dumbstruck by the scene.

Unlike Ling Xiao, Fu Yujun seemed very familiar to this scene, as he took out a handkerchief from his bosom and wiped Hong Ye’s tears. He softly and gently comforted her and she gradually stopped weeping.

Ling Xiao had quietly heaved a sigh of relief when Hong Ye suddenly turned around to kneel in front of him, startling him so much he jumped a bit.

“Hong Ye knows this one’s identity is meager, but this one does not seek glory for this life, this one only asks to pass this life safe and soundly. The Young Hero was the first one to step forth for Hong Ye and this one cannot return the favor. Hong Ye only asks form the Young Hero to take her to your side and let Hong Ye serve you.”

“……” Was the serving she meant the same as the serving he was thinking about? Ling Xiao observed the woman before him with a very red face. From this angle, he could blatantly see down her clothes, her ample chest, those attractive curves…

This was the first time in this world that a girl wanted to leave herself by his side. Ling Xiao felt some vanity and couldn’t help but feel elated.

However, he still had reason in him and he cleared his throat to refuse, but Fu Yujun suddenly elbowed him and replied in his stead, “He is still in a need of one more servant girl by his side, you can just follow us back.”

Hong Ye had an expression that showed she was overwhelmed by the favor. She raised her still tear-stained face, and with joy now written on it, she hurriedly thanked them, “Many thanks to the Second Prince and the Young Hero. Hong Ye will do everything in her capabilities to take care of the Prince and the Young Hero.”

Ling Xiao’s face turned strange as he looked at Fu Yujun, he waved his hand, “Don’t call me Young Hero[3], just call me Young Master.”



After he finished settling down the matter with Hong Ye, Ling Xiao glanced at Fu Yujun from the side, “Why did you bring her back with us so easily?”

“Got interested in her?” Ling Xiao mocked.

Fu Yujun raised an eyebrow, smiled and asked, “If I really got interested, so what?”

“Then you could have just taken her as a servant, why did you have to drag me into it?” Ling Xiao rolled his eyes.

Fu Yujun smiled and went closer to him, “What, feeling jealous?”

Ling Xiao twitched his mouth. He aimed a face full of despise at Fu Yujun.

Fu Yujun’s smile went stiff and he looked embarrassed. He cleared his throat and answered, “Her hands are calloused, meaning she is someone that practices martial arts. I want to see why she approached you.”

“Wha…” Ling Xiao suddenly stood up, “So dangerous, yet you still…”

“Don’t worry, you have me, so what is there for you to fear? Plus, you also know martial arts now.” Fu Yujun consoled him.

Ling Xiao clenched his teeth, “How can I compare with you guys with my meager martial arts!”

“So you knew!” Fu Yujun lightly smiled, “Then why don’t you hurry and take the most of it! Such a good Master like me isn’t something you can find just anywhere. We will do the horse stance for four hours today.”

Ling Xiao’s lips twitched. He seriously suspects Fu Yujun was playing with him.

The two that were arguing noisily did not discover the red figure, which suddenly flashed by over the roof.

Within one of the quiet private rooms of Hopeful Spring Tavern, a man dressed in black poured himself a cup of wine, expressionless and unhurried.

But suddenly, a red figure appeared before the man and respectfully saluted to him.

The man silently gave her a glance and saw her pull off her shroud. Beneath the shroud was a pretty and flirtatious face.

“Hong Ye prays her respect to His Majesty.”

The woman that arrived was Hong Ye who had just received the permission to settle down in the Prince’s palace. The man had a well-defined face, dragon eyebrows and phoenix eyes. With his natural and noble atmosphere, he was full of dignity. It was unexpectedly the Mu Country’s Emperor, Mu Chong Xuan.

“Your Majesty, Hong Ye has successfully infiltrated to the King Consort’s side.”

“We know, you did not need to personally come.” the Emperor’s tone had a trace of beration and Hong Ye’s expression darken, “It was Hong Ye’s fault for not considering it carefully.”

“Forget it.” The Emperor raised his cup and drank his tea, sighing, “Since it has already happened, go prepare. We will see the King Consort tonight.”

“!” With a face full of astonishment, Hong Ye unconsciously raised her head to look at the Emperor. But the Emperor’s ice-cold gaze intimidated her to immediately lower her head, complying.



[1]He doesn’t use Huangshan, but Tianzhi, they both mean Emperor or Son of Heaven.

[2]Your servant this time is nujia, humble self-reference by a young female, she’s not really their servant~

[3]CN is 少侠 (Shaoxia) A young martial artist.

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