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Chapter 57: The One Pulling the Strings

In the end, Fu Yujun had still caught Fu Shangjun. The soldiers, who lost both their master and morale, had chosen to surrender for the most part.

And thus, this farce had slowly been pulled under the heavy curtain.

With the fire and smoke having been scattered away, the front of the Imperial Palace appeared ashy and razed.

Corpses littered everywhere, making it a rather ghastly sight for people to see.

The citizens within the capital had long escaped, making it seem like a ghost city. Furthermore, over fifty percent of the homes now laid in ruins due to the war, making the atmosphere even more desolated and dimmed.

Fu Yujun had rushed straight into the front line and was able to catch Fu Shangjun with his exceptional martial arts, bringing about the surrender of the enemy army and winning the war. However, obtaining the city as it was right now, how could anyone feel happy about such a victory?     

Ling Xiao kept his calm as his eyes landed on terrifying dead bodies. He carefully shuttled through them while holding a small bundle, before finally arriving in front of Fu Yujun.

Fu Yujun’s body was full of injuries wrapped with layers of bandages, but blood still seeped through. Yet, it was as if he was unable to feel the pain, just standing and gazing at the city, his face full of worries. His lowered lips and knitted brows showed that he was very concerned.

Ling Xiao quietly sighed and reached out to lightly pat Fu Yujun’s shoulder.

Fu Yujun suddenly returned to his senses and raised his head to look at Ling Xiao.

Ling Xiao’s face was currently covered in dust and ash, his hair disordered while his clothes were also ripped in many places. He appeared very battered and exhausted, but his expression was still very clear, his gaze lively and the glance shot right into Fu Yujun’s heart. His heart soften, sweeping away much of the dust within the bottom of it.

Ling Xiao passed the bundle in his hands back to him, “There is no one better to safekeep this kind of thing than yourself.”

Fu Yujun looked at the items in the bundle and did not refuse to take it back from Ling Xiao. He placed the items back into his wide sleeves.

Ling Xiao saw that he had taken them from him and finally heaved a breath of relief.

Fu Yujun slightly smiled when he saw that. He reached out to pull Ling Xiao, “This time, if there wasn’t you, then there wouldn’t be a Fu Yujun.”

Fu Yujun spoke sincerely with his face full of appreciation.

Ling Xiao who originally wanted to resist the pull, quieted down when he saw that.

He slowly breathe in and shook his head, “You had also helped me before, I just don’t want something bad to happen to a good brother.”

“Brother?” Fu Yujun raised an eyebrow as he watched Ling Xiao.

Ling Xiao nodded his head very certainly. That appearance was telling Fu Yujun that they were the closest brothers in the world, apart from this, there was nothing else.

Fu Yujun chuckled at the sight and placed his hands behind his back, teasing him, “Did you know, we in the Shao Country who place great importance on our bloodline, could even have  husband and wife call themselves brothers?”

“!” Ling Xiao widen his eyes, stunned. His confused appearance was very cute and managed to improve Fu Yujun’s mood some more.

He continued to tease him, “I’m so happy, you finally admitted to us being a husband and wife.”

“……” Ling Xiao frowned and wanted to retort, but seeing the teasing look on the other’s face that had finally turned back to his former expression, he couldn’t bear to make him think on the grieving matters again. He didn’t want to see him with that sorrowful face…

It was best to enjoy things while they could, so Ling Xiao pursed his lips and bore with it.

Fu Yujun naturally knew what Ling Xiao was thinking about just from looking at his expression. He was moved by Ling Xiao’s worry about his mood, and was also grateful that this man saved him from a calamity.

He silently tighten his hands together behind his back, falling into his thoughts.

This person even took his mood in such consideration, so how could he force him to do something he wasn’t willing to?

Fu Yujun pursed his lips, silently made a decision in his heart and loosen the tight grip he had of his hands. He passed by Ling Xiao and said, “If you really aren’t willing to marry me, then I will just have to wait for the day when you sincerely agree.”

He finished speaking and walked away. Worried that he might regret his decision, he moved quickly and did not look back at Ling Xiao.

Ling Xiao was astounded, he didn’t expect that Fu Yujun would let him go so easily and his eyebrows rose a bit in delight.

Turning around, Ling Xiao ran slowly to catch up to Fu Yujun. He was somewhat overly happy as he said, “Is that the truth? Then allow me to tell you, you shouldn’t wait for me. The best thing for you is to take a wife early who can give birth to a child. That way you can make your Shao Country Royal Family flourish again. It is impossible for me to turn back…”

Ling Xiao did not dare to continue and his words completely stopped because of Fu Yujun’s glower.

Ling Xiao gave a dry laugh at Fu Yujun’s pitch black face and slightly retreated two steps, keeping a safe distance from him.

Fu Yujun watched and gave a cold smile, “If you’re so scared, then why did you still say all of that?”

“…Wasn’t I just saying all that so you wouldn’t bother waiting…” Ling Xiao carefully said.

Fu Yujun made two cold sounds, interrupting Ling Xiao, “Do you really believe that if you continue, I will pretend like I didn’t say those words just now, take you straight back to the palace and hold a wedding banquet?”

“……” Ling Xiao closed his mouth tightly and did not speak anymore. Although he knew it would be impossible for the Shao Country to master the power needed to hold a wedding banquet right now, Fu Yujun’s expression made Ling Xiao a bit fearful. He was worried that Fu Yujun would really go back on his words.  

Fu Yujun watched, his chest pained. Was this person so reluctant to marry him?

Depressed, he turned his head and slowly walked to the horse carriage, which Ling Xiao used to arrive in, trying to shift his attention from the matter.  

Though most of its contents had been cleared away, some lone bamboo tubes were still inside, guarded by soldiers.  

Once he approached, only then did Fu Yujun noticed that there was another sack containing something.

Thinking it was the same as the bamboo stuff, he did not pay further attention to it.

He picked up a bamboo tube nearby and carefully inspected it, being unable to see what was so special about it.

At this moment, Ling Xiao had already made his way over. Seeing that Fu Yujun was inspecting his bamboo tubes, he couldn’t help but say, “You definitely can’t see the ingenuity of this thing.”

Ling Xiao’s appearance that radiated delight made Fu Yujun raise an eyebrow, unconvinced.

He used his inner force and broke the bamboo tube into two with a press.

“……” Ling Xiao’s lips twitched at the scene, it was truly a simple and rough way indeed.

Fu Yujun lowered his head to look at the two halves of the bamboo tube in his hand. He then discovered that within this bamboo tube was another tube, and the fuse outside was connected to the tube inside.

On the inner intact bamboo tube was a layer of fine white powder. Fu Yujun used his thumb and swept up some of the fine powder and lightly sniffed it. He frowned and looked at Ling Xiao, “Knockout drugs?”

Ling Xiao raised his head, pointing his nose at Fu Yujun and hmphed twice. It could be considered him answering Fu Yujun’s question.

Fu Yujun raised an eyebrow and picked up the intact bamboo tube, wanting to split it open as well. Ling Xiao saw the scene and prevented him while panicking, “Don’t! Don’t! Don’t! The powder in this thing is a lot more dangerous than the knockout drugs. If you use your strength and mistakenly ignite the tube, the consequences of the blast would be very severe! What would I do then!?”

Ling Xiao carefully took the little bamboo tube from Fu Yujun and told him, “Just tell me what you want to know and I’ll tell you.”

“In this thing…” Fu Yujun started to ask.

Ling Xiao interrupted him, “I gave the formula to Xiao Feng. The method is also in his hands, go find him for it.”

Ling Xiao had just finished saying that when Xiao Feng took out a sheet of paper and deferentially gave it to Fu Yujun. Fu Yujun raised an eyebrow, ”You are going to hand it over to me this simply?”

Any country, which gets their hands on this paper, would give Ling Xiao an important position in the government, yet he was just giving it to him with no compensation?

Ling Xiao naturally knew what Fu Yujun was thinking about. This was the first time gunpowder was introduced in this world and as such, was precious. If he were to speak truthfully, Ling Xiao felt quite lucky to even be able to make it.  

Aside from the knowledge he posses of how to make it, it probably also had to do with the good luck he missed out on in his past life.

Since his good luck had come back, there were also a lot of modern weapons in his mind that he could probably try and make. With those thoughts, Ling Xiao’s eyes brighten. Compared to this simple bamboo tube, which contains gunpowder, there were far more dangerous and destructive weapons in his mind.

Moreover, he had already consider handing the tubes over to Fu Yujun before. It was clearly impossible to hide the weapon he made, so he waited for Fu Yujun to ask about it, deciding to give it obediently and using it as an opportunity to seed a brotherly affection between them.  

Furthermore, Ling Xiao knew from his long observation of him that Fu Yujun wasn’t one who is addicted to fighting.

In addition, with the current condition the Shao Country is in, they would not try to invade or occupy another country any time soon. That means, while he would be unable to take advantage of the weapons and do those kind of things, it at least can help him guard his own territory.   

That was already his best option.

Though Ling Xiao put so much thought into it, the unaware Fu Yujun only assumed that Ling Xiao was helping him out of his consideration for him, for his ruined Shao Country, making him feel moved again. His love for Ling Xiao increased in a few more points.

“I will not let you down.” Fu Yujun seemed to be talking to himself as he firmly stated.

Ling Xiao who didn’t hear clearly what was said, came closer to Fu Yujun, asking in doubt, “What did you say? I didn’t hear it.”

Looking at Ling Xiao who was almost within reach, Fu Yujun returned to his senses and his face got hotter. Therefore he spoke, trying to shift the subject, “For my Imperial Brother to act the way he did, I cannot help but feel like someone else is controlling him.”  

Ling Xiao stared blankly as the Mu Country’s Emperor flashed through his mind. He scratched his head, leaning against the carriage, “The person you’re thinking of is probably the same one I’m thinking of.”

“You also…” Fu Yujun stared with astonishment at Ling Xiao.

Ling Xiao remembered something and climbed back onto the carriage, “There is someone here we can ask.”

Taking the sack off the carriage, Ling Xiao revealed to Fu Yujun what was inside. There were no tubes in the sack, but a living, delicate and pretty woman.   

Her appearance was gorgeous and she wore sturdy clothing, but her hands and legs were both tied together. He was very familiar with her, she was the one that had ran away from him, Hong Ye…

Hong Ye narrowed her eyes at the sudden light and saw it was Fu Yujun and Ling Xiao in front of her.

Hong Ye’s eyes drooped, so these two had met up?

Ling Xiao successfully messed up Master’s plan?

Then what about the Master?

Hoping to see the one she was most looking forward to, Hong Ye inspected her surroundings. When she did not catch sight of him, she felt at loss.   

Could it be that Master’s plan failed?

It was impossible! It was impossible for her Master to fail!

She could not recall a time when her Master had ever failed…

Hong Ye pursed her lips. At this moment, Ling Xiao got closer to her and took out the earplugs, allowing her to finally be able to hear the surroundings. The area was very noisy, most of the sound were soldiers’ anguished wailing.

The battle has already ended…

But, her Master is nowhere to be found?

What is going on?

This was different from what An Ya told her it would be. He said that Master incited Fu Shangjun to rebel, making sure Fu Yujun would personally be killed by him. Moreover, since Fu Shangjun has already surrendered to Mu Country, then it would make Shao Country their vassal state.  

However, the one that had won was Fu Yujun.

Then Master’s plan…

“You seem to be amazed? Is there something you imagined would be very different?” Fu Yujun took the initiative to speak, his gaze full of exploitation.

Scowling, she hid her thoughts and did not plan to reply. Though she could easily run away, she decided to stay, wanting to still get more information.

Hong Ye’s attitude made Fu Yujun sneer coldly, “I have countless means to wipe that calm expression off your face, you better tell me everything or else…”

“Reporting!” A panicking voice interrupted Fu Yujun’s interrogation.

The three looked at the person who shouted at the same time and saw it was a mere foot soldier. The foot soldier’s face was deathly pale with sweat all over it. He appeared to have been greatly frightened by something, his knees went soft, making him kneel when he saw Fu Yujun.

He trembled and impatiently said, “Your Highness, the Mu Country’s army has already arrived at the Imperial City’s gates!”

“Wh…” Fu Yujun widely opened his eyes as he took two steps backwards.

While plotting the rebellion, Fu Shangjun had secretly called back all the soldiers guarding the borders, which left the Imperial City’s surroundings and gates defenseless when they fought. This was equal to inviting the Mu Country to come in through the door.    

As the Mu Country’s army pressuring onwards at their border at this very moment… they are pushing the Shao country to a dead end!

There could be no other than the sinister Mu Country’s Emperor who could instigate his Imperial Brother, choosing such a perfect timing for his attack!

Crazily laughing as soon as he realized this, Fu Yujun closed his eyes in pain and asked while trembling, “Can you guess how many troops he has?”

The foot soldier clenched his teeth and answered, “No… no less than the First Prince’s…”

Fu Yujun was astonished when he heard that and once again asked, “Our side?”

“Casualties have reached over fifty percent and even if we add in all the soldiers who surrendered… our military strength would not even be half that of the enemy…”

“The mantis stalks the cicada, unaware of the oriole behind. Heh…” Fu Yujun made a bitter smile, Mu Country’s Emperor placed his chess pieces well, calculating everything. His next move would probably be to exterminate Shao Country!”

He clenched his hand and smashed it against the carriage, showing his resentment.

Hong Ye heard and her lips slightly curved up. Of course, it was impossible for Master to fail.

It only seems like her Master was forced to use a backup plan this time. Could the original plan really have been destroyed by Ling Xiao’s hands?

This man might truly possess some talent and perhaps that was the reason why he was fancied by her Master.  

Hong Ye closed her eyes, Ling Xiao really wasn’t as simple as she had thought.

His ability and talent were all things no one could match in this world…

She too could not reach his worth…

Ling Xiao frowned while thinking about the current circumstances. It was really impossible for Shao Country to resist its fate.

Mu Country’s troops were much stronger than Shao Country’s, and with their Emperor personally leading the battle, their morale was bound to be high. Moreover, with the many injured soldiers the Shao Country has…

He sighed and looked at Fu Yujun with worry.

Mu Country’s Emperor really is the worst one to provoke…

Fu Yujun had entered and left the palace as he wished. Then he brought Mo Qi, which the Emperor ordered to be executed, away and even helped him to escape the palace. He had already touched the Emperor’s bottom line many times, how could the Emperor possibly forgive him?

How silly of him, considering himself lucky while thinking he would be out of the Mu Country’s Emperor’s reach once he hid in Shao Country with Fu Yujun. The Mu Country’s Emperor would reap any enmity he had!

He really was too naive.

It took only a short time for Fu Yujun to vent his anger. Immediately regaining his vigor, he calmly ordered, “Call all the men and follow me to the palace. We will entrench ourselves in and fight against them to the bitter end.”

“Yes!” The foot soldier replied firmlier than before as he was now influenced be Fu Yujun’s determination.   

“Prince, are you trying to attempt the impossible?” Suddenly, a cold voice sounded from behind.

Everyone turned around, stunned. They did not know from where, but a gorgeous sedan chair suddenly appeared by the entrance of the palace.

Above the sedan chair was a parasol that blocked the sun, and a layer of translucent cotton curtain hanged from it, covering the scene from within.

Though vaguely, they could still see the man wearing a black gown inside it.

The sedan chair was actually raised by four strong women. Their appearances were all covered by a cloth, but their bodies were enchanting, their figures were not any worse than Hong Ye.

Their manner of dressing were extremely similar to Hong Ye as well. In front of the sedan chair was a man holding a sword, tranquil and calm, as he kept in pace with the sedan chair leisurely.

Startled, the soldiers raised their weapons and followed very movement of the sedan chair. Fu Yujun didn’t notice how his hand gradually tightened and the solemn expression he wore, since all of his attention was concentrated on the sedan chair.  

“Mu Country’s Emperor, Mu Chongxuan.”

“So the Prince remembers.” The sedan chair stopped not far from Fu Yujun.

“I estimate I won’t even forget it on my deathbed.” Fu Yujun bitterly and somewhat accusingly said.

Yet, without even replying to Fu Yujun, the Emperor quietly moved his gaze to Ling Xiao. It seemed as Ling Xiao felt the Emperor’s sight on him, making him tremble and retreat back a little.   

The Emperor saw this and raised an eyebrow, neither softly or slowly, he said, “Haven’t you played enough? come here, Ling Xiao.”

The Emperor’s voice was hatefully smooth and did not carry affection nor anger, he also didn’t pressure him. Ling Xiao trembled all over and gritted his teeth, shaking his head from fright. He then retreated back a few more steps.

Seeing this, Fu Yujun pulled Ling Xiao behind him in order to protect him.

The Emperor narrowed his eyes out of displeasure, his sight lingering on Fu Yujun.

“Has the Prince forgotten what We had said before?”

That paper he received before came to his mind, causing Fu Yujun to frown and hide Ling Xiao even further behind him.

The Emperor coldly snorted at the sight, “It looks like the Prince has really forgotten.”

“So what if I forgot? Aren’t you a bit too bold to come by yourself to see me? I am still the Master of this palace.”

All the soldiers here were his while Mu Country’s Emperor only brought five people; four of them were women who carried the sedan chair and one chamberlain who stood in front carrying a sword.

Was he truly this confident or perhaps he had another trick under his sleeve?

Fu Yujun frowned and contemplated, but then heard the Emperor lightly sigh. It was long and soft, but everyone present still heard it clearly.

Done with his unexpectedly strong internal force, the Emperor’s sigh caused cold sweat to flow from Fu Yujun’s face.

The Emperor indifferently said, “If you can win against Us, then do so.”

Such a willful tone!

Fu Yujun clenched his teeth, Wouldn’t it just be him being looked down upon by the Mu Country’s Emperor, if he just done nothing?

Fu Yujun raised an eyebrow to signal Xiao Feng beside him. Xiao Feng understood and had all the soldiers surrounding the Emperor to begin their assault.

The soldiers swarmed them in a moment.

An Ya, who was guarding by, coldly sneered at the sight. He pulled out the sword he had behind him, and all the surrounding soldiers loudly fell in the blink of an eye.

Meanwhile, on top of Shao Country’s court building, a great number of soldiers suddenly appeared. They all raised their bows and arrows and aimed at Fu Yujun…

“This…” Xiao Feng was flabbergasted.

Knowing that the Mu Country’s Emperor really did had another plan, Fu Yujun’s face became gloomy.   

He was afraid that there was probably a traitor in their midst again.

The Mu Country’s Emperor had long been watching Shao Country like a tiger eyeing its prey.

Fu Yujun quietly held Ling Xiao’s hand. This brought upon a feeling of guilt, which was a load on Ling Xiao’s conscience, making him struggle a bit, throwing off Fu Yujun’s hand.  

“……” Fu Yujun turned to look at Ling Xiao, he could clearly see his unwillingness. Yet, even though he was unwilling, Ling Xiao’s eyes were looking at the Mu Country’s Emperor.

This distraction allowed Fu Yujun to finally understand something. Giving a distressed smile and not being able to bear with it, he got closer to Ling Xiao, “I’m afraid there really is nothing I can do this time but, you might still have a chance to make things better for yourself. You were always intelligent, so go and admit your mistakes in front of the Mu Country’s Emperor.”

Ling Xiao knew that what Fu Yujun said was reasonable, but there was no way he would return there willingly.

He didn’t know how the Mu Country’s Emperor would punish him.

Even more unbearable was that his return would mean that he would hand over the control over his life to the Emperor and the Emperor would be able to take it at any time…

“Fu Yujun, We will give you a chance. We are here to receive our King Consort, escort him over.” The Emperor said.

The content of the words, however, made it hard for Fu Yujun to accept. He sneered and decisively said, “Dream on.”

The Emperor’s eyes darken with anger as he narrowed them. Finally, he coldly snorted and said, “Since it came to this, Hong Ye, what are you still waiting for?!”

Hong Ye who was still pretending to be tied, suddenly went stiff. With the way her Master just spoke, it was more than enough proof that he knew everything.

Annoyed, she clenched her teeth and used her strength to throw off the rope. She rushed and seized Ling Xiao while Fu Yujun was stunned. She quickly brought him in front of the Emperor’s sedan chair and knelt.

“Your Majesty… Hong Ye…”

Hong Ye was just about to beg for forgiveness when a whip suddenly lashed out from within the sedan chair. It hit Hong Ye’s lip and left a strip of swollen trace.

Hong Ye took the pain while tears glinted in her eyes, but she did not dare to call out.

Frightened, Ling Xiao lowered his head and did not dare to speak.

Suddenly, another lash was sent out from the sedan chair, this time aimed at Ling Xiao. Ling Xiao hung his head and closed his eyes tightly, waiting for the pain to arrive.

However, he only felt his waist tightening then pulled forward by an external force.

Surprised, he opened his eyes and cried out in alarm. He then became aware that the lash was bound around his waist, pulling him into the Emperor’s sedan chair.

The cotton curtain felt a bit itchy as he swept past it. Before he could notice what was going on, Ling Xiao was already in front of the Emperor in an instant.   

Weak in the Emperor’s embrace.

The Emperor’s gaze was as cold as always, but there was something else on his handsome face that Ling Xiao couldn’t determine or see through.

Not knowing whether it was fear or something else, Ling Xiao’s heart throbbed violently.

Ling Xiao noticed his own face to face position with the Emperor and wanted to get up to salute, but the Emperor held him tightly in his arms. Ling Xiao trembled and quietly called out, “Your… Your Majesty… you…”

The Emperor raised an eyebrow, observing Ling Xiao’s trembling and cautious appearance. He then asked while holding Ling Xiao’s waist, “If you are so afraid, then why do you do things that would make Us angry?”

“……” Ling Xiao clenched his teeth. He did not know how he should answer, so he had no choice but to say, “Ling Xiao was… just silly for a moment.”

“Silly?” The Emperor squinted, slowly saying, “Then you have been silly for quite a while.”

Ling Xiao gritted his teeth, lowered his head to show respect, as he wanted to say something else.

However, more sounds then came from outside making Ling Xiao look through the cotton curtain.

Although the curtain made the scene look hazy, it still allowed one to see what was happening outside more or less.

It turns out that when Fu Yujun realized that Ling Xiao had been caught, he impatiently rushed over to come save him, only to get stopped by An Ya, both engaging in a fight.

A bit worried, Ling Xiao kept looking out at Fu Yujun. Seeing that, the Emperor grasped and turned Ling Xiao’s chin to him, staring closely at Ling Xiao, “You care about him a lot?”

The Emperor’s eyes were dark with anger, his double pupil eyes were pitch black like dense ink, heavily pressuring Ling Xiao. Ling Xiao shook his head on reflex.

The Emperor lightly raised an eyebrow and reluctantly accepted Ling Xiao’s reply.

Ling Xiao heaved a sigh. Buried in the Emperor’s embrace, he thought deeply on how he should deal with this situation.

However, before Ling Xiao could even figure a way out of the situation, a legion had arrived from afar. The man leading them was wearing silver armor and riding a white horse, slowly approaching their position.

Though he knew no one in the army, he felt like the figure of the man was familiar.

The person dismounted as soon as he arrived not too far from where the Emperor and Ling Xiao were. He then walked in front of the sedan chair and respectfully knelt.

“Lan Wei pays his respect to Your Majesty.”

“!” Ling Xiao widen his eyes, stunned as he heard who it was. This person was Lan Wei!

“Anything else?” The Emperor suddenly coldly spoke.

Blanking for a moment, the kneeling Lan Wei immediately understood. He once more lowered his head, “Lan Wei… pays his respect to the King Consort. I hope you are well… King Consort.”

“……” Ling Xiao was speechless.

On the other hand, the Emperor was satisfied as he narrowed his eyes and raised his hand outside,“You may rise.”

Ling Xiao didn’t know if it was intentional or otherwise, but he could see Lan Wei giving him a glance through the cotton curtain. “Thank you, Your Majesty.” Raising up, Lan Wei stood in front of the Emperor’s sedan chair.

Ling Xiao was shaken, his heart surging. This Lan Wei had been driven out of the capital by the Emperor, yet he now became a General…

Just… what happened?

As if being able to read Ling Xiao’s confused mind, the Emperor said in a rare good mood, “Many things had happened that We slowly need to tell you.”

“?” Ling Xiao was astounded. Unexpectedly, the Emperor would take the initiative to do something for him. He couldn’t help but raise his head to look at the Emperor, finding that the other party’s gaze was very gentle as he stared back at him    

His double pupiled eyes contained honey-like gentleness, causing Ling Xiao’s heart to jump. He couldn’t hold back the blush and lowered his head uncomfortably.

The blush on Ling Xiao’s face was like a beautiful peach. When the Emperor saw it, he couldn’t help but remember that night when he made Ling Xiao experience the highest of pleasures. Thinking of Ling Xiao’s expression while he was immersed in the act, the Emperor’s mood became even better and his expression showed his delightful.    

He leaned over and swept a light kiss on Ling Xiao’s blush.

As the moist kiss swept by his cheek, Ling Xiao felt it was slightly itchy. However, it was nothing compare to his heating face, its temperature raising to the point where Ling Xiao almost jumped up.

Ling Xiao’s sensitive reaction shocked the Emperor a bit. He tightened the arms around the other, not allowing him to escape.

Ling Xiao could do nothing but remain in the Emperor’s embrace, as his body was helplessly trembling. Even while he was trembling at this very moment, that thing below that was lightly rubbed by his clothes could instinctively stand up.   

Ling Xiao clenched his teeth and secretly scolded himself. He quickly clamped his legs together to hide his reaction, but that thing had touched the Emperor’s thigh when he wasn’t careful. Ling Xiao went blank, then his gaze met the Emperor’s cold eyes.

Embarrassed, Ling Xiao wanted to find a hole to squeeze in and he unconsciously buried his face deeper into the Emperor’s chest. His face was flaming hot and he knew that the blush on his face was as red as a cherry.

“Heh…” Ling Xiao’s reaction and further actions made the Emperor smile, “This is the first time We thought that thing of yours is also very cute.”

Hearing that, Ling Xiao felt as if a thunder went through him, his heart beat faster as he grabbed the Emperor’s clothes in shame. He tightened his legs up and waited for his thing below to slowly soften.  

Hong Ye knelt in front of the sedan chair. Without the Emperor’s command, she couldn’t stand up. Since the Emperor knew everything, she realized that the only thing awaiting her was punishment.

She had planned from the beginning to ignore Ling Xiao’s actions and thought of how many things would unfold when they reach this point.

Anything she had imagined before was much more worse than it was now.

She was prepared for punishment. However, there was no way for her to know that even though Ling Xiao hindered her Master’s plan, not only would he not get punished, but instead be doted on!

As expected, Ling Xiao was the most special one in her Master’s eyes.

While Hong Ye was thinking so, the fight between Fu Yujun and An Ya was gradually coming to an end.

It was already difficult for Fu Yujun who had long overused his strength and was injured from the battle before, to fight for long against An Ya.

Moreover, there were also the soldiers behind them who were brought here by Lan Wei, ready to fight.

Ling Xiao saw the many injuries on Fu Yujun’s body and how deathly pale his face was. He wanted to plea for mercy on Fu Yujun’s behalf before the Emperor, but he knew that what the latter hated the most was one of his own asking for leniency for another.  

If he tried to do so, instead of actually helping, he probably would hurt Fu Yujun instead.

Saying nothing, Ling Xiao frowned. Yet, the Emperor seemed to know what he was thinking, as he waved a hand. Lan Wei understood right away and prevented the other from attacking any longer. An Ya also stopped.

Fu Yujun raised his sword, gasping for breath. Xiao Feng brought some soldiers with him as they hurried to Fu Yujun’s side to guard him.

The Emperor looked down at Ling Xiao in his embrace and told him, “We can let him off, but you have to willingly come back with Us. Also, you cannot have any more dealing with him.”

Stunned for a while, Ling Xiao stared blankly before he realized that the Emperor was talking to him. The Emperor would let Fu Yujun off? Ling Xiao raised his head in surprise, but found that the Emperor’s gaze was indistinct.

The meaning in those double pupil eyes was clear.

‘We are only letting him off for you.’

Ling Xiao’s heart shook and he quickly lowered his head, blinking. He was wondering if he was mistaking it, the Emperor would actually do it for him…

“How about it?” Due to Ling Xiao’s long silence, the Emperor became impatient. As he could not longer wait, he grasped his chin and forced him to look up at him, when he asked.

Fu Yujun gritted his teeth. He was glaring so hard at the people behind the cotton curtain, that  anymore and it would seem as if he would burn two holes through it.

He walked forward and said with hate, “Even if he didn’t agree, you would still take him with you. So why even bother asking!?”

The Emperor narrowed his eyes in displeasure, “We did not allow you to speak.”

With that said, the Emperor gave the first sign he was getting angry. His imposing aura was emitted from the sedan chair, pressuring the people outside and causing their faces to fall and sweat to flow.

Even Fu Yujun who was standing further was a bit influenced. He gritted his teeth and bore with it, preventing his body from instinctively shivering. He tried to sound tough as he said, “…Why do I need your permission to speak?”

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    please!!!! please … Dont abandon this project. He is short of finishing. please

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      I won’t abandon a project I’m so close to finishing…. still 14 chapters left…. so tired x.x

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    Thanks for the previous chapter and now I shall wait for this to come out like I always do patiently like a good reader (stalker)! XP

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      Part of a chapter ?

  8. ninjademonangel says:

    Oh man…. I really feel bad for Fu Yujun…. Honestly, I really liked this guy. I felt that Ling Xiao was able to shine so much better with this dynamic. i don’t know what’s gonna happen, but I know our OP Emperor is gonna nab our spunky protagonist and prance his way over Fu Yujun’s broken face (cause let’s face it. Emperor won’t leave the guy unscathed) or something….

    Gah! Who cares?! I’m going down with this shiiiip! Drags out “Team Fu YujunxLing Xiao” banner out of camping tent.

    Thanks for all your hard work! I’m camping here, so see ya eventually!

    • August says:

      I agree with a passion!
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    I have been a camper for, um… I don’t know how many chapters now… All I know is that I was reading and then I chanced upon the toc when I reached the last updated chapter (at that time I think it was about the 20th? Maybe not even orz) and saw clickable hyperlinked chapters so I just went to town with them and lo and behold there ARE TRANSLATED TEXTS W O W

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      ??? You’ve come a long way indeed

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          I don’t remember how the camping happened either… I think it was after me posting unedited because my editor won’t be making it in time and people just told me to post unedited…. ?

  10. Miss RED says:

    Noooo i feel sorry for FYJ T~T he’s gonna get his heart broken wuuu~

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    Glad he didn’t die…?

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    This office lady here is also glad that this will continue. I have also set up camp here.

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    Snow-sama, thank you for the translations. I like this novel a lot and your translation is very good. So I hope that you’ll keep up with the good work. ^_^

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    thank you for translation! Poor Fu Yujun…… OP Emperor is coming ;0;

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    I really don’t want Fu Yujun to die… Bad Emperor! Just take your wifey and go back to your country and leave Fu Yujun alone!

    And Fu Yujun, if you want to live then you better let go of wifey!

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    Hi Snowy..

    Hehe … 1st time clicking the click bait… ??? i was confused.. where is the next chapter???? Then i found out… ??? oh well .. will patiently waiting. thank you for translating this awesome story. I love LX .. such a witty person and immortal (??). i bet in previous life the reason The emperor was always going to Mo Qi was due to Ling Xiao…. cause The Emperor has found his interest in LX…and the reason LX was poisoned.. ???

  19. zuiren zb says:

    Thank you for your translation
    I really love Fu Yujun and so glad that he’ s still alive.
    I forgot the emperor already and now I am going to stay with FYJxLX shiiiiiip

    • SnowTime says:

      The ship is already on route to crash and be grinded into powder.

  20. Little Fluffy Ninja Sheep says:

    Oh, Emperor please have mercy on Fu Yujun! He’s your brother-in-law! Ling Xiao just brother-zoned him!

    • Miss RED says:

      Brother-zoned ???

  21. GM TheGrandMystery says:

    Damn! The lash that warps on LX’s waist then be pulled to the Emperor’s embrace scene is just F*cking AMAZING!!! (ღ˘⌣˘ღ)

  22. Rinth says:

    Ooohhh moments with his emperor♡♡♡

    Thank you very much for the translation!!! Like others, I always check for upupdates and am thankful you will finish this!!! Thank you again!!!!

  23. Miss RED says:

    Pls let FYJ and LW be together ?

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    Oh! Hallelujah! Finally able to comment. I don’t know why but I could not type on the reply box for the longest time. I don’t know what change but I could care less! I am just so happy that I can tell you how much I love your translations.

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  25. thestupidweb says:

    Yay! Yosh! Although I feel bad for Du Yujun but it’s his bad for reaching for something he could never attain. So please can we talk about how cool my baobei is? Mu Chongxuan is so brimming cool and hot. Haha.

  26. Mors says:

    gonna be honest i dont mind how long you take to translate it. I am just grateful you are translating it in the first place. thank you for all your work.

    • SnowTime says:

      All of you lurkers coming out XDDD
      I have such kind readers ?

  27. puppie luver says:

    thanks for translating so faithfully! I think I’ve been following this chapter for a month lol

  28. Tobiana says:

    I’ve been following silently for a while (thank you so much for translating), and I originally was obssessed with the storyline. But the emperor just gets less and less appealing. He’s so dominant and overpowering and hates whenever someone disagrees with him.
    In the first place, he only fell in love with Ling Xiao because LX knew all his petty likes/dislikes, served him exactly how he wanted, did everything he was told to, and was “cute” because he was always scared and submissive. That already sounds like the start of an unhealthy relationship.

    And I hate (sorry for using such a strong word for a character everyone seems to love) how damn timid and subservient and FAKE Ling Xiao is whenever he’s in the Emperor’s presence.
    Don’t get me wrong, I do like LX, but only when he’s being his true and saucy self. Thus why I ship him and FYJ so much more because they were so REAL and open with each other.
    The FYJ and LX relationship went through actual development, conflict, and then understanding. But his moments with the Emperor mostly consisted of the Emperor thinking he was “cutely” scared and then a bunch of lustful thoughts (about his peach face and pale skin and long hair and bed skills and whatever shit else he thinks about)

    I kept reading because I’m already invested, but sorry the Emperor just makes me cringe now. Like, does he even remember what happened BEFORE Ling Xiao ran away? I think everybody has forgotten already, but the Emperor basically raped Ling Xiao without his consent. And he was extremely rough with him too. Did he never consider that maybe that could have contributed to LX wanting to run away? (I know that wasn’t his reason for running away, but the Emperor seems to have this idea that he is always in the right)

    Sorry for all the negativity. I really have enjoyed your translations and I still do. You’re amazing for translating such a long story and I owe many entertaining evenings to you since discovering this story. I just can’t really believe that LX is in love with the Emperor. Tbh, if you pay attention, LX only started having feelings after the Emperor began sexually harassing him. I just don’t really understand how the author wanted to progress their relationship.

    I’ve already abandoned this ship a long time ago, but I’ll still probaby continue reading because I’ve spent so much time reading already, and because I actually do like Ling Xiao as a character himself.
    Also because snowy’s translations are so high quality and easy to read.
    I’m just somewhat disappointed with recent developments.

    I apologize to anyone who is offended by my opinion; I’m aware that it’s a very unpopular one. I just felt the need to express what I was feeling on the moment Haha

    • SnowTime says:

      It’s alright, I could already see how some of the readers would go for other ships. Though the Emperor did already like Ling Xiao in his first life…only reason why Mo Qi stuck around (truth be told, I wish the author elaborated more on that past life). Ling Xiao is like a low core tsundere to me while the Emperor is totally a yandere… 13 chapters left and I can already foresee more rants. ? I’ll admit, I picked this story up at the drop of a hat just reading the synopsis and didn’t read before I tled. Any regrets can go out the window, I’m finishing this.

  29. KT says:

    Thanks for the chapter!

  30. zuiren zb says:

    Oh my dear FYJ ……. he is now heart-broken T___T (and me toooo!) he’s really good and sincere. I want him to be happy with Ling Xiao.

    Actually, I am not sure about the feeling of Ling xiao to the Mu emperor. I think he may has some positive feeling but also scared because Mu emperor expression was always expressionless and quite yandere to Ling Xiao. The emperor had power and no one understood what he thought or about his feeling (judging from Ling xiao’s point of view). He could execute or punish anyone with or without reason. If the emperor never love or had feeling for Ling Xiao, then he may kill Ling Xiao without asking anything and I think that’s why Ling Xiao didnt want to go back. He was afraid that he is going to be …punished or killed.
    Staying with FYJ could make him more relaxed and lively than staying with the emperor (he stayed confidently but still scared) and this might be a cause that many readers are shipping FYJxLX.

    Lastly, I am really happy seeing Lan Wei again 🙂
    Thank you for your hard working and sorry for my bad grammar XD

  31. Skilvh Sil says:

    Found a mistake. It should be “rubbed” not “robbed” the clothes.

    • SnowTime says:

      Thanks for the catch!

  32. Rikki says:

    I feel really bad for Fu Yujun. I hope in another lifetime, him and Ling Xiao are together! He deserves it

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