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Chapter 33: To Take Revenge and Wipe Out a Grudge

In the late night, the cry of insects gradually vanished as all living beings stilled. With a small candlelight within Ning Xuan Palace, Ling Xiao was listening to some news that was brought by a eunuch Xiao Lizi had sent out. After he listened to it, he wore a stupefied expression.

“You said that the Emperor allowed the Prime Minister to return home and enjoy retirement? With Lan Wei following him?”

“Yes.” The little eunuch answered with his head bowed.

Ling Xiao leaned against the bedside, stunned at the news he had heard.

He didn’t expect the Emperor to be this decisive and have the Prime Minister removed in such a short time. Based on what happened before, Ling Xiao guessed that the Emperor was protecting the Prime Minister household, but now…

Ling Xiao was truly confused, the way the Emperor handled things were unclear and hard to guess. This kind of unknown made it really hard for Ling Xiao to be calm. He did not know exactly how much the Emperor knew about the situation.

Ling Xiao sighed, coming back to reality. He waved his hand at the kneeling eunuch and said, “Alright, you can go.”

“Yes.” The small eunuch bowed and saluted.

“Wait.” Ling Xiao suddenly called to the eunuch, speaking firmly, “Get me a bucket of hot water, I want to take a bath. Also, get me the white clothing set from my wardrobe.”

The Emperor liked wearing black, yet he preferred others to wear white clothing…

He couldn’t sit around waiting, he had to do something.

“Your Majesty, are you not going to Ning Xuan Palace?” Xiao Lizi deferentially asked the Emperor as he saluted behind him.

With both hands behind his back, the Emperor was at the pavilion as the night wind blew. His back was proud, aloof, and distinctly cold.

Xiao Lizi originally did not dare to disturb the Emperor, but the Emperor had walked out of the Imperial Study, standing here for almost an hour. If he stayed any longer, it would be past midnight.

The Emperor heard Xiao Lizi’s inquiry and turned back to give him a glance. This glance was extremely intimidating, as if he was blaming Xiao Lizi for disturbing him. Xiao Lizi hurried knelt on the ground when he saw it, his heart greatly alarmed. He was shuddering so much he wasn’t even able to get out a word to beg for forgiveness.

The Emperor indifferently glanced at him again and frowned in annoyance, his mind recalling another little eunuch. Although that little eunuch was afraid of him, his behavior was much more interesting and adorable than this Xiao Lizi.

He pursed his lips and waved his sleeves, finally deciding on where he would go.

“Arrange a ride back.” he said.

Xiao Lizi stared blankly, they were returning back to the palace just like this? Wasn’t he going to find Steward Ling?

Just when he was being surprised, he saw Ling Xiao appearing from the distance, being supported by another eunuch.

Ling Xiao’s stature was slender, a hazy aura seemed to rise from him with his body covered in white, like an immortal that was banished from heaven. When he came closer and they could see him better, Xiao Lizi saw that his face was deathly pale. Although his hair was orderly, it was not able to hide his weak deposition.

The Emperor was frowning when he saw that, while Ling Xiao finally stopped in front of the Emperor and saluted.

The Emperor supported Ling Xiao with one hand and pulled him into his embrace, his face was somewhat displeased as he said, “Your injury isn’t well yet, so there is no need for the courtesy. Why are you not staying in the palace to rest?”

He glanced at Ling Xiao’s shoulder and, seeing that it wasn’t bleeding, he quietly took back his gaze.

A burst of warmth filled Ling Xiao’s heart when he saw that, and he gently said, “Your servant was worried after not seeing Your Majesty return and came to take a look.”

Seeing that the Emperor’s face did not relax, Ling Xiao felt nervous and cautiously asked, “Is your servant… being too meddlesome?”

The Emperor lowered his head to look at him when he heard that.

The Ling Xiao in front of him, dressed in white clothing like snow with a pale face and sweat, but his eyes were alluring. The body in his embrace seemed to be powerless and the Emperor softened gently laying a kiss on Ling Xiao’s hair, then he lifted him up horizontally.

“…Your Majesty..” Being picked up so suddenly, frightened Ling Xiao and he clung closely to the Emperor’s neck as he worriedly cried out.

The Emperor dipped down and gave him a gentle look, but did not say anything as he carried him to Ning Xuan Palace.

Ling Xiao stayed stiff, not daring to move. Since the Emperor wasn’t saying anything, he didn’t dare to say anything either. He could only stare blankly as the Emperor carried him all the way back to Ning Xuan Palace and laid him on the bed, covering him with a blanket.

“Your Majesty… this servant…”

The Emperor shook his head slightly at him, “If you have other matters, wait until you’re better first.”

“But, Your Majesty, just now, you…” Ling Xiao struggled, trying to get up.

“The question We asked is for you to first thoroughly think about, then reply to Us.” The Emperor continued where Ling Xiao left off and pressed down slightly on Ling Xiao’s uninjured shoulder, trying to stop him from getting up.

At the unexpected reply, Ling Xiao could only obediently lay back down on the bed, his heart nervous.

What did the Emperor mean?

“It’s late, so rest. We will go back.”

Not waiting for Ling Xiao to figure it out, the Emperor left with Xiao Lizi in tow.

Xiao Lizi sneakily gave Ling Xiao a glance before he left, and what the glance showed wasn’t anything good at all.

With an astounded mind and irregularly jumping heart, Ling Xiao panicked.

The Emperor was refusing to discuss it with him…


Ling Xiao became more uneasy, this Emperor was becoming more and more unreadable!

Ling Xiao laid restlessly for two days, but the Emperor never came to look at him again. He merely bestowed a pile of tonics and called the imperial physician to look at his injury everyday.

In the first place, Ling Xiao’s injury wasn’t serious. So after nursing it for two days, it was almost completely healed.

Since his injury was healed, Ling Xiao, who originally wanted to see the Emperor, didn’t dare to see him again. He was afraid he was unable to hide the secret below, and he looked down at his own lower body as he pulled back his legs and bit his lips in confusion.

Mo Qi wasn’t dead yet, so he really wasn’t willing to leave the palace just like this!

Ling Xiao paced around in his own palace and, finally, made a decision.

It was the worst decision he could have made…

The Cold Palace was as shabby as before and overgrown with weeds in the courtyard. It was around 10 PM[1], so Ling Xiao could only borrow the light of the moon to clearly see the scene inside.

The palace was extremely large, yet it was desolate and uninhabited. A cold wind blew through the empty place, causing people to shiver with fear.

Such a large courtyard, yet not even a single fire for light. He really didn’t know where Mo Qi would be at.

Ling Xiao touched the dagger on his waist, his gaze cold. He really needed to take revenge for himself this time!

However, suddenly, the sounds of conversation could be heard from the side, and Ling Xiao was surprised. However, he hid himself and approached to take a look.

Under the dim light of the night, he could only faintly see two figures. One of the figures was sweet and fair, wearing a shabby pink dress under the moonlight. This was a figure Ling Xiao would never forget in this lifetime, Mo Qi!

By Mo Qi’s side was another person. He was dressed in white, his head covered in a white turban, while gold pieces hung on his body. Although he couldn’t see his face, this kind of foreign clothing could only make Ling Xiao think of one person—Fu Yujun.

Right now, Fu Yujun was standing across from Mo Qi and chatting with her.

Why were they still able to get together?!

Ling Xiao spat out blood.

In his past life, it was true that Fu Yujun kept chasing Mo Qi!

However, Ling Xiao knew that it was because of Mo Qi’s remarkable beauty and her false gentle character combined with the silhouette dance!

In this life, Ling Xiao did all he could to cause trouble and made it so that Mo Qi and Fu Yujun would not have any interactions. Yet, why was this Fu Yujun still mixing with Mo Qi?

Just while Ling Xiao was in doubt, the two people in the distant were already embracing each other, their manner extremely intimate.

Holy sh*t!

Ling Xiao cursed in his mind. He had only laid on the bed for two days, how could the two of them progress at lightning speed!

Mo Qi’s Mary Sue Halo really was strong!

Ling Xiao gritted his teeth, if it was like this, his revenge will suffer another obstruction. He had to hurry and settle this!

Ling Xiao clenched his fist while the two people in the distant were still talking to each other about something. Ling Xiao was unable to hear it clearly, so he had no choice but to get closer.

But when he only just moved, Fu Yujun seemed to have sensed it and pushed away Mo Qi, eyeing the place where Ling Xiao was at.

Startled, Ling Xiao did not dare to move at all and stared closely at Fu Yujun.

Fu Yujun walked step by step closer to him slowly, like he was examining the power of the person or thing that was hiding.

When he was ten steps away from Ling Xiao, Ling Xiao could already clearly hear the sound of the grass being trampled by Fu Yujun. His heartbeat was like thunder as sweat dotted his head, and his hand quietly gripped the dagger.

His mind was quickly working, but at this moment he could not think of anything. Fu Yujun and Lan Wei were about the same in martial arts, but his mind was much more nimble than Lan Wei’s. If he were to fall into his hands, then Ling Xiao felt that there would not be any opportunity for him to escape.

Could it be that he would just be caught like this and silenced by the couple that was having an affair?

“Wu…” Just when Ling Xiao was thinking of that, his mouth was suddenly covered from behind by a hand, and he was pulled aside to a hiding place.

Ling Xiao was so frightened that his eyes widened and his heart was jumping nonstop. The person behind him hadn’t even made any sound! Ling Xiao was completely unable to guard against it!

Ling Xiao grabbed at the person behind him that was covering his mouth, his fright caused his breathing to become rough and heavy, but his eyes were looking at the place where he had just been, which was where Fu Yujun was standing and looking now. Ling Xiao’s sweat flowed down his cheek.

Fu Yujun did not examine it too long as he saw that there wasn’t anyone there. Though he was now wearing a doubtful face, he didn’t bother to search any longer and went back to go say something to Mo Qi before departing the Cold Palace quickly. Mo Qi also turned around and returned to her own room after Fu Yujun left.

Ling Xiao quietly sighed in relief and then noticed that his whole body was filled with cold sweat.

Seeing that the two people had separated and left, the person behind Ling Xiao also released him. Ling Xiao immediately turned to look at who it was behind him.

Dressed in all blue, this person’s appearance was young, but he looked haggard. His eyes were sunken and bloodshot, his hair was messy, and he cut a very sorry figure. Even so, this sorry figure could not prevent Ling Xiao from recognizing him.

“Lan Wei.” Ling Xiao sneered and called once as he went on guard. He had just exited the tiger’s cave and walked into a wolf’s nest. This night he had left home, forgetting to guard against his past experiences!

Lan Wei glanced at Ling Xiao in disdain before turning around and walking away, seeming to not want to deal with Ling Xiao.

Upon seeing this, Ling Xiao blinked in doubt and turned his head to follow Lan Wei’s back. He could only see that Lan Wei’s shoulders were slightly down, looking lonely and sad.

Ling Xiao thought of the scene of Mo Qi and Fu Yujun hug, and he understood what happened.

This was called reaping what you sow!

Ling Xiao mockingly smiled. Seeing that Lan Wei did not plan to do anything to him, he quietly retreated backwards. Just when he was about to run out, Lan Wei suddenly turned around and reach out one hand to pull Ling Xiao, while the other one grabbed the dagger in Ling Xiao’s hand.

“Carrying a dagger and coming to the Cold Palace this late at night, what are you trying to do?” Lan Wei gave the dagger a quick glance, his gaze indistinct as he stared at Ling Xiao and asked.


[1]Hai shi (9 – 11 PM) I really hate these ancient times…  

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