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Chapter 1: Rebirth in a Dangerous Place

“Didn’t you say that you liked me? Then go die for me!”

Every time he dreamed of those words, Ling Xiao would wake up with a large shout, and cold sweat pouring down his back.

Before his eyes, nevertheless, is an empty and spacious room, the floor and walls were splashed with traces of bloodstain. All sorts of special types of curved knives were placed all over the place, along with ropes for preventing people from randomly moving about and a special bed.

This room brought out a sense of deja vu… it’s a purification room![footnote]Castration room[/footnote]

On reflex, Ling Xiao looked down on his own crotch. The details on his own body, along with the undisturbed recline of the thing on his crotch could be seen clearly.

He quietly let out a breath, that’s good, it’s still there…

But his hands and legs were still bound and there was no one in the room. The doorway was also very noisy.

Ling Xiao rejoiced that his head and waist were still able to freely move about, he swooped and bowed down his head to bite at the ropes on his wrists and also got rid of the ropes on his legs at the same time. He got off the bed, and glanced at his body, seeing that he was still naked, he took the eunuch clothes on the side and put it on. Only then did he approach the doorway. Through a small crack, he looked outside the door.

The noisy crowd was encircled into a pile, and in the middle of it, there was the silhouette of a very familiar girl.

This girl’s features were outstanding, she held the looks of a national beauty, yet was in a fallen posture and creeping on the ground, the tears in her eyes flowed, looking both lovely and pitiful.

It’s Mo Qi! Ling Xiao opened his eyes wide, how was she here?

No, what he needs to ask is how were they here?

He remembered that some time ago, he and Mo Qi were in the palace drinking wine, appreciating the moon.

It’s just that, that one cup of wine, was a cup of poison wine that would take a life!

Ling Xiao touched and checked the temperature of his body and pursed his eyebrows. Since it’s poisoned wine, why was his body still warm?

What was going on?

Just as he was trapped within confusion, he suddenly saw a few eunuchs walking in the direction of the room he was in.

Ling Xiao was greatly alarmed. He naturally knew what it meant for him to be stripped naked and tied in the purification room. It’s not like he hadn’t seen it before.

Thinking this and that, he could only lay down his doubts, and sweep his gaze over the room. In the end, his sight fixed on the wide opened window.

He was struck with inspiration, hurriedly ran over, and hastily escaped through the window.

In the time he was getting away, he even faintly heard the eunuchs cry of alarm behind him and the ensuing clamor that followed it.

He spent his time either playing the role of a eunuch and passing by them, or he was following them and pretending to be searching as well. Only then, did he manage to conceal his identity. Ling Xiao used his cleverness to exploit the other party’s negligence by staying in the corners quietly waiting to get away, going further toward an unmanned area.

Eyes hoping that the eunuchs that were looking for him to go farther and farther away from him. Ling Xiao heavily heaved a sigh, but he was totally obvious that in his advancement, he bumped into a warm object.

Ling Xiao was started and immediately raised a hand knife forward, only to be easily stopped.

He stared blankly, stunned as he lifted his head. He was facing a man.

The man’s eyebrows were dense and elegant, his nose straight and his lips thin. His hair was also combed without a thread out of place, he was dressed in a black robe with golden silk lining the edges, his entire face appeared solemn.

“Your Majesty!” Ling Xiao cried out in surprise, the man also unexpectedly raised an eyebrow and released his hand.

Ling Xiao woke up with a start, taking advantage of the moment the man let go, he hastily went to one side and escaped as if he was flying.

The man frowned as he watched the dashing figure, putting his hands behind his back.

Since when did such an impudent and rude eunuch appear in the palace?

Ling Xiao ran until he was gasping for breath, supporting himself on the rockery as he breathed. How can he be so unlucky, escaping, yet still running into the big boss of the palace?

However, just what was going on!

With his back against the rockery, he sat down.

His name is Ling Xiao, from the 21st century. Another person who had came with him was also a girl from the 21st century, called Mo Qi. He had liked this girl for ten years, and then they somehow accidentally came to this world. Mo Qi in this world was highly sought after.

And then he protected Mo Qi the whole journey until Mo Qi found a person she liked.

He also helped her chase and get the person she liked…

But, in the end…

Ling Xiao had an absent-minded look.

“Ling Xiao! Ling Xiao!” Mo Qi’s call was transmitted from somewhere not too far, Ling Xiao stood up.

As a result, Mo Qi also saw him and happily ran toward him, “I was worried that you were caught, why didn’t you come look for me! Making me worry to death!”

Ling Xiao’s long and narrow eyes coldly looked at Mo Qi. Seeing this, Mo Qi felt nervous in her heart. She slightly retreated two steps, stutteringly saying, “What… what’s wrong? Ling Xiao…”

What’s wrong? Ling Xiao gazed at the girl in front of him, hatred in his heart.

He helped this girl to get what she wanted in the end.

Yet this person returned his kindness with a cup of fatal poisoned wine.

He remembered it, he had died!

Died under this woman’s poisoned wine. Died under the banquet she set up for him. After she got everything she wanted to get, she unhesitantly poisoned him to death!

This malicious woman!

After she finished exploiting him, she thoroughly abandoned him!

Ling Xiao coldly gazed at Mo Qi, his sight seems to want to turn her to ash. Mo Qi seems to feel a crisis of some type and retreated with all her might while Ling Xiao approached her step by step.

Mo Qi attempted to talk to Ling Xiao, “Ling Xiao, are you still angry? Angry about Lan Wei bringing you to the palace while you lost consciousness?”

“You shouldn’t blame him, he did it for my sake. Because I couldn’t bear to part with you, and wanted you to accompany me.”

“I know that men cannot be in the palace, so I had to wrong you a little by pretending to be a eunuch.”

“Lan Wei already arranged everything! He set up a post for you, at my Chu Xiu Palace, we only need to wait for Elder Lady Lin to take us there.”

“Are you listening Ling Xiao? What’s wrong with you? Your appearance is so scary.” Mo Qi’s voice contained a sobbing tone. The breathtaking appearance of hers, was opening a pair of innocent eyes right now, with a timid and scared look, able to arouse the protective feelings of any men, able to make any men not want her to feel any sort of grief.

However, this man in front of her isn’t other men, but the Ling Xiao who had been poisoned to death by her.

Ling Xiao approached her step by step, while he was pondering in his heart how to make this woman in front of him die the most painful of deaths. What kind of revenge will allow him to fairly treat that piece of sincerity, infatuation and foolish heart he had back then.

But suddenly, a voice came out from behind the rockery.

“So you two are over here, hurry up and follow me, we only have an incense stick of time.”

A single person appeared from behind the rockery, a still attractive middle age woman.

When Mo Qi saw her, it was as if she saw her savior, and promptly hid behind her, “Elder Lin, Ling Xiao is being strange.”

Elder Lin seamlessly kept away from Mo Qi, “Being strange is good, not strange is also good. Do you guys want to go to Chu Xiu Palace or not?”

Mo Qi nodded her head at once, “I do.”

Elder Lin looked at Ling Xiao.

Lin Xiao pursed his lips, feeling that this event was so very familiar to him.

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