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第70章 打脸吏部尚书

Chapter 70: Face Smacking the High Official of the Ministry of Appointments


Just how did the Emperor’s mind work? Just how does he want him to be honest with him and let him see what kind of truth?


While full of misgivings, Ling Xiao quickly arrived at the entrance of Concubine Xian’s palace.


The maid went in to announce his arrival, and he followed closely.


Within Concubine Xian’s palace, the Emperor was already sitting in the master seat while Concubine Xian and Hong Ye knelt in front of him in formal dress.


Looking at his current appearance, he did not seem to have any desire to let them up.


Ling Xiao maintained his composure as he walked to his side. Just when he was about to salute, the Emperor reached out and tugged him over.


“You’re excused from the courtesy.”


While he spoke, he exerted some more power and pulled Ling Xiao into his embrace while sitting on his thigh.


Ling Xiao froze for a moment and wanted to struggle until he saw the two women below stealing glances at them, their bodies stiff. They seem to be complaining and jealous about him.


He paused for a moment and changed his mind. He relaxed his body and cleverly sat on the Emperor’s thigh, obediently staying the Emperor’s arms.


The Emperor faintly raised an eyebrow, his penetrating eyes sweeping pass Ling Xiao, the kneeling Concubine Xian and Hong Ye. He became clear of Ling Xiao’s intention.


Observing the prideful look on his man, as well as his action of sticking his cheek close to his chest, his entire appearance and attitude was like a protective cat, declaring to his enemies that he was his.


The Emperor’s mood turned for the better and he hugged Ling Xiao, gently kissing him under the other’s flabbergasted gaze.


Ling Xiao’s body turned still and slowly looked up only to see the Emperor’s gentle expression. A trace of a matchless smile was on his face while the aura of power that was surrounding him instantly turned soft at his arrival. Like a gust of spring wind in wintry, it blew away all the cold.


Ling Xiao’s heart suddenly started to jump, a blush spreading across his face. They had obviously done pretty much everything, yet he was still like a novice to love, bashful and shy.


Concubine Xian watched in shock, silently pushing down her reaction. She had been with the Emperor for so long and had never seen him disregard his surroundings like this, and she had never seen him so gentle.


This man really did walk into the Emperor’s heart.


No matter who they were, they no longer had a chance.


Concubine Xian came to realize it and lowly bowed, saluting to Ling Xiao, “Good greetings to King Consort.”


Hong Ye quickly followed her example, “Good greetings to King Consort.”

TL Note: The greetings don’t translate well, they basically mean we hope you are well and healthy and all of that.


The two greets quickly called back Ling Xiao to his senses and his line of sight moved away from the Emperor to fall onto Concubine Xian and Hong Ye.


Concubine Xian’s obedient appearance was plainly visible, while Hong Ye’s unwilling attitude also did not escape Ling Xiao’s eyes.


“You may both rise.” The Emperor finally addressed them.


Ling Xiao pursed his lips, quietly sitting in the Emperor’s embrace, waiting to see what the Emperor wanted to show him.


“Thank you Master.” Concubine Xian and Hong Ye both replied and got up elegantly.


Ling Xiao faintly frowned, Hong Ye called the Emperor “Master” because she was one of his secret guards, this he knew. But why did this Concubine Xian also call the Emperor “Master” like Hong Ye?


The one that was surprised was not only Ling Xiao, Hong Ye was also shocked. She turned her confused gaze onto Concubine Xian, who sensed it and faintly smiled, calmly saying, “This is what the Master wishes for me to do, younger sister does not need to be so shocked.”


When Hong Ye and Ling Xiao heard her statement, they were both grounded. The Emperor narrowed his eyes in satisfaction and said, “You understand what We want.”


After he said that, he paused then eased his expression somewhat, “It is because of that, that We allowed you to be Concubine Xian and not her.”


The Emperor used his cold eyes to look at Hong Ye, who frozen. A layer of sadness was on her face, along with some mist in her eyes.


“But…ultimately, it’s younger sister who is Master’s fiancee.”


“When have you seen Us take this fabricated promise seriously?” The Emperor scoffed.


Concubine Xian fell silent, then quietly sighed and shifted the subject.


“Master, is it that you want King Consort to know this subordinate and younger sister’s situation?”


The Emperor remained silent and it was enough for Concubine Xian. She smiled, “Then your subordinate asks Master to lend us King Consort for a moment.”


Ling Xiao looked toward the Emperor when he heard that. The Emperor slightly nodded his head at him.


Understanding his meaning, Ling Xiao frowned but got up and walked in front of Concubine Xian, “Tell me what you want to tell me.”


Concubine Xian gave a faint smile, moving aside to give way to Ling Xiao. “King Consort, please go with this subordinate to take a walk in the imperial garden.”


Ling Xiao turned back to look at the Emperor, who poured himself a cup a wine and said to him in a relaxed tone, “Go ahead, We have something to say to Hong Ye.”


Ling Xiao did as he said, pursing his lips as he walked ahead. Concubine Xian followed right behind him, neither fast nor slow.


Ling Xiao waited for Concubine Xian to speak the entire time, but she never took the initiative to speak. They walked to the depths of the imperial garden and she still wasn’t planning to speak.


Ling Xiao couldn’t take it anymore and asked, “You can say it now, this place is far enough.”


Concubine Xian lightly smiled when she saw that, “This subordinate was just thinking just how long King Consort was able to keep quiet.”


While she spoke, her face carried a trace of teasing that made Ling Xiao frown unhappily.


Concubine Xian hurriedly added, “Please don’t get angry King Consort, this subordinate merely wanted to know if you cared about Master like he does to you.”


Ling Xiao’s lips twitched, coldly shooting her a glance, “You would be able to know that just by walking a distance with me?”


Concubine Xian nodded, “Your face is restless and you’re very worried. So one can see that you care about Master a lot.”


Ling Xiao was a tiny bit angered, was he…really that obvious.


“It’s very obvious, King Consort.” She seemed to have seen through his thoughts and softly said.


Ling Xiao raised his eyes to look at her in surprise, who confidently said, “Don’t be surprised, this subordinate’s observation skills has always been pretty good. It was because of that, Master had made this subordinate Concubine Xian.”


As she spoke, her gaze passed by Ling Xiao to the distance, “This subordinate is Master’s secret guard, this subordinate believes King Consort can also understand why a secret guard like this subordinate is placed into the harem. It is so that Master can have a better control of the harem.”


“……” He had some idea of it, but to personally hear her say it still made him very amazed. The Emperor’s secret guards really were everywhere, just how did he get pass the Emperor’s eyes in his past life to do things for Mo Qi?”


Perhaps, the him of the past lifetime and Mo Qi simply didn’t escape from the Emperor’s eyes. As a result, the Emperor would Mo Qi in the end…


Ling Xiao pursed his lips then heard Concubine Xian change to a more amiable tone, “Because this subordinate is a secret guard, our relationship is Master and Servant. The identity on the surface is just to fool people. Does King Consort understand now?”


“……” Ling Xiao nodded, and told her, “I wasn’t actually interested in your situation, but Hong Ye…”


Concubine Xian giggled, interrupting Ling Xiao, “That’s true. Although I am Concubine Xian, Master has never ‘doted on’ me before. King Consort isn’t a petty man either…”


Then Concubine sighed, “Hong Ye is my blood related younger sister. We sisters used to followed Concubine Xian Hui.”


Concubine Xian then paused, as if afraid Ling Xiao would not understand, she started to explain, “Concubine Xian Hui is Master’s mother, when Hong Ye was young, she had once saved her. Back then Master had not taken up the duty of Emperor yet. Concubine Xian Hui had been grateful to Hong Ye and gave her to Master for him to take as a wife. But Master had always done things according to his own plans, so after Concubine Xian Hui passed away, he did not fulfill this promise. Rather, he ‘took’ this subordinate into the harem.”


Ling Xiao frowned a little after hearing the explanation. After she gave the backstory, it really did clear up why the Emperor let her be the exception time and time again. After all Hong Ye was the person his mother set aside for him, and she was also the one that saved hi mother before.


But he was curious, just how did Hong Ye end up as a secret guard?


“Hong Ye’s nature is simple, she was bent on the Emperor. When the Emperor still hasn’t taken up the mantle yet, he wanted to cultivate power for himself. Hong Ye went straight up to help him. Since Master needed servants at the time, he did not refuse her. That one time because eight years of using Hong Ye.”


Carrying a sigh and some regret, Concubine Xian made a bitter smile. “Master then took up the mantle of being the monarch, but he did not call Hong Ye back. Instead, he sent her even farther. Although he did not do anything bad to her and continued to support her, he had already pushed her out of his mind. It was clear on the surface, Hong Ye understands this in her heart, I do as well.”


“After Concubine Xian Hui passed away, Master found me who was always silently guarding her tomb to enter the palace and become Concubine Xian for him. No matter if it was Hong Ye or me, we were both clear that in Master’s heart, the concubines he chose weren’t because he liked them, just whether they were suitable or not.”

TL Note: The Xian aren’t the same character, the former has a meaning of “first, former, advance, etc” while the current Xian means worthy or virtuous person.


“Because there is none he liked, Hong Ye did not complain. Even if I entered his harem, even if Concubine Ran, Concubine Li and many others entered the palace…”


While she spoke, she bitterly smiled. With her wrinkled brows and distant eyes, sorrow was clear to see.


The intonation of her speech was undoubtedly level, yet the dense sorrow was like a hammer, smashing into Ling Xiao’s heart.


Ling Xiao softly sighed. Concubine Xian heard it and glanced toward him, slowly turning her complexion back to normal and gently said, “King Consort is a kind person, Hong Ye once told me that before.”


“Hong Ye?” Ling Xiao was astounded.


Concubine Xian smiled and nodded, appearing very dignified and polite, “Hong Ye told me that the time she spent with you was very genuine. She could feel your kindness to her, and even said your dancing skills were uncomparable under the heavens.”


Ling Xiao frowned and looked away, “Even so, she still…”


Concubine Xian’s smile vanished, a frown tugging at her lips as she sullenly said, “Yeah, even so, even though she clearly understood, she still did something bad towards you.”


Concubine Xian powerlessly smiled, “A jealous heart is something very hard to control.”


“King Consort.” She called out to him once, then turned to look at him. “Although she did something wrong, she also knows she has done something wrong. For Master, she threw away eight years of her life and suffered many years. Nowadays, Master has already punished her and hopes that King Consort won’t hold a grudge against her anymore.”


“Punished?” Ling Xiao’s mind was already wavering. What Hong Ye paid to help the Emperor, although he felt a bit unhappy, he also admired her at the same time. For this woman to focus all of her emotions onto this one person, it actually made people feel a bit of pity.


But speaking of punishment, Ling Xiao pursed his lips. Just how does it look like the Emperor punished her?!


Concubine Xian observed Ling Xiao’s complicated resentful and doubtful appearance and asked, “King Consort is still suspicious as to why Hong Ye is staying in the palace.”


She continued to speak without waiting for Ling Xiao’s reply, “It was not Master’s idea, it was because I begged him. After we sisters became secret guards, we never had the chance to enjoy our youth anymore. I asked Master to agree to let Hong Ye accompany me. Master gave up one month’s time, now there is only a few days day.”


That suddenly cleared up everything for him. So it wasn’t the Emperor’s idea, it wasn’t the Emperor that was leaving Hong Ye behind…


Concubine Li secretly peeked at his face, seeing his face slowly returning to normal, she knew she said the right thing. She once more added, “Master’s punishment was that Hong Ye cannot stay in the secret guards, she also cannot stay in the palace, by yours and Master’s side. So after this month, Hong Ye will leave.”


“…So it was like that…” Ling Xiao’s mind relaxed a lot, the stone within the chest was finally gone. He only really missed the Emperor a lot right now.


He wanted to see his face, kiss his eyebrow and tell him, he liked him a bit more now.


Ling Xiao impatiently turned around to leave once those thoughts entered his mind.


Concubine stared at his leaving back then followed him.


By the time they arrived at Concubine Xian’s palace, the Emperor had just walked out with a dispirited Hong Ye following behind.


Ling Xiao jogged over, giving his a quick salute. The gaze he used to look at the Emperor was full of trust along with a faint adoration.


The Emperor was a bit stunned, he turned to look at Concubine Xian who was catching up from behind. She silently gave him a salute, and nodded her head. The Emperor turned his head back to Ling Xiao, laughing once as he rubbed his hair, “You know everything now?”


Ling Xiao lovably nodded.


With both hands behind his back, the Emperor curved up his lips and walked ahead, “If that’s so, then let’s go back.”


“Hm.” Ling Xiao spiritedly replied and quickly followed behind him, “Your Majesty, I do know everything now, but what did you talk to Hong Ye about?”


“What? Still suspicious?” The Emperor raised an eyebrow, glancing at him from the side as his face carried disapproval.


Ling Xiao shook his head, “No, I’m just curious.”


Ling Xiao blinked his moist eyes. With his trusting and adoring gaze that was like dawn shining into the Emperor’s heart, his heart warmed and he reluctantly moved his sight away. But with how strong his curiosity was showing on his face, the Emperor couldn’t ignore it and sighed, rather helpless telling him, “We are letting her leave tomorrow.”


Ling Xiao widen his eyes in shock, blurting out his confusion, “But didn’t you promise Concubine Xian to give them a month’s time?”


The Emperor paused, giving an accusing glance to Ling Xiao. That glance seems to say, just who was it for?


Ling Xiao drew back his neck, laughing hollowly. He really wanted to say since there were only a few days left of the month, he didn’t have to be so impatient. But when he met those gloomy eyes, he kept those words in.


The next day, Hong Ye still left. No matter what thoughts she held, Ling Xiao couldn’t possibly hold a grudge against her after she walks out of the palace.


When Hong Ye left, she asked to see the Emperor. But the Emperor was at Ling Xiao’s palace then, so no maids or eunuchs dared to disturb them. In the end, she could only leave without anything settled.


The one to rouse the Emperor in the end, wasn’t Ling Xiao, but a eunuch from Concubine Ran’s palace.


He entered in panic, bringing along a shocking news.


Concubine Ran hung herself…


Ling Xiao stayed in dumbfounded mode ever since he knew the news.


It was reportedly said that Concubine Ran couldn’t accept her appearance being destroyed and losing favor, she killed herself by hanging herself.


When the Emperor heard the news, he merely ordered some servants to bury her and did not personally show up, like he was handling an insignificant person.


On the contrary, Ling Xiao felt that Concubine Ran’s schemes are deep and shouldn’t just die so tragically. With the way she thinks, it was unlikely she would hang herself.


The funeral progressed for three days. Because she was not the Emperor’s favored concubine, her funeral was simple. After she was buried, the Emperor bestowed some treasure to the High Official of the Ministry of Appointments. It could be considered his appreciation to Concubine Ran’s family.


These three days, the Emperor did not attend the morning assembly and it could be considered his memorial service to Concubine Ran. But in fact, he tangled with Ling Xiao for three days.


However, Ling Xiao kept feeling uneasy those three days.


The Emperor thought he was blaming himself when he saw him so uneasy and in a rare act of comforting, he consoled him, “You don’t need to care too much about she. It is not your fault, she needed to go eventually.”


Ling Xiao turned his head to look at the Emperor, whose face was very tranquil without any change. Like he had long foreseen this.


Ling Xiao suddenly shook, pondering as he looked at him. What did the Emperor mean when he said she needed to go eventually?


Ling Xiao had just wanted to ask the Emperor when the other rubbed his long hair and got up, “Let’s get up and attend the morning court.”


Ling Xiao stared blankly for a moment until he remembered this today was the fourth day, so the Emperor needed to attend the morning assembly while he had also agreed to attend it with him,


But this Concubine Ran had just passed away, so attending the morning court might have some people protesting…


For example, that Concubine Ran’s father, the High Official of the Ministry of Appointments–Ran Shengqiu.


And as the main offender of this matter, he would likely be the main target of impeachment.


Ling Xiao was a bit timid at the thought, “Your Majesty, say, after this matter, do you think I should lie low until the fuss is over?”


“Do you want to hide?” The Emperor indifferently gave him a meaningful glance, the meaning within it caused Ling Xiao’s heart to flip, like the Emperor was hinting his despise.


Like he was not willing to accept such an action, Ling Xiao stifled a breath and blurted out, “Ling Xiao and Your Majesty will advance and retreat together, so how can this one escape alone?”


“Very good.” The Emperor landed a kiss on Ling Xiao’s forehead in satisfaction, then took the lead out.


“……” Ling Xiao’s lips twitched.


This was the first time he had attended the morning assembling, the Emperor had prepared his governmental clothes for him. While wearing the attire, Ling Xiao appeared very presentable among the other officials,


But his arrival to this morning assembly was a great upset to some people.


The High Official of the Ministry of Appointments took the lead and started to raise objections to Ling Xiao.”


“Your Majesty, your servant wants to impeach King Consort Ling Xiao!”


He turned to glare at Ling Xiao with a face full of hate after he said his piece. His expression looked as if he wanted to tear Ling Xiao into pieces then swallow him.


“As the High Official of the Ministry of Appointments in the court, I will not serve as a model as someone who has no regard for law or discipline in the court. As the King Consort, not only did you not set yourself as an example, you embarrassed Concubine Ran, destroyed her appearance and sent her to her death. The pitiful Concubine Ran died so tragically! Your Majesty, your old servant asks you to make your decision!”


The High Official of the Ministry of Appointments, Ran Shengqiu spoke with tears, his whole face grieving. But in his eyes were traces of plotting.


Although his daughter died, he can offer another to the Emperor. But as long as the Emperor only favors Ling Xiao, he would have no chance at all. So to not allow Ling Xiao’s favor to continue on, the only way to drag him down was to use his daughter’s death, shifting the blame onto him and causing the image of him in the Emperor’s heart to receive a huge blow. If that happens, even if he couldn’t pull down Ling Xiao, he could at least make him lose favor.”


While he plotted that, the High Official of the Ministry of Appointments cried even more vividly.


Ling Xiao’s heart shook and he slightly raised his head to look at the Emperor, only to see him smilingly yet not while looking at the High Official. He did not refute but he also did not acknowledge it. His lips were slightly tilted, giving him an appearance that one wasn’t able to see through.


That indifferent face of his paired with his penetrating eyes appeared omniscient, causing the officials below to become flustered under the gaze, not daring to talk.


In a moment, the only to step out of the ranks was the High Official of the Ministry of Appointments.


The High Official of the Ministry of Appointments slightly frowned and bent his waist down to hide from the Emperor’s line of sight. He snuck a few glances at a couple other officials, those who he looked at all went stiff, then after a while, all stepped out by his side.


It looks like it was a schemed impeachment.


Under a situation like this where one isn’t sure of the premise, the more one talked, the more mistakes one made. So he stayed quietly in place, trying to take a longer look at the situation.


“You all think this is the King Consort’s fault?” The Emperor finally spoke, his soft and indifferent words carried some of his dragon might as it passed into everyone’s ears. Everyone there trembled with fear, a cold chill went up from the soles of their feet to the top of their heads.


No one dared to speak.


The Emperor coldly smiled and was just about to continue speaking when someone walked out, saluted and said, “Your Majesty, this servant has something to say.”


“King Consort’s nature is calm, it was Concubine Ran who first disregarded the rules, please think it over Your Majesty.”


Was he talking for him?


Ling Xiao was a bit surprised and raised his to look at the person ahead. It was Imperial Uncle Mu Xiuning in the Prime Minister clothing.


Ling Xiao was flabbergasted, he had only met him once yet he was willing to believe in him…


“King Qin’s words are siding with him, it cannot be any clearer. You said this servant’s daughter who disregarded the rules first, but do you have any evidence? Just your line of him being of calm nature, how can that clear this servant’s daughter’s tragic death!”


“Whatever happens, it is the Emperor’s decision. Lord Ran, you are mourning the death of your daughter, this King sympathizes with you, but that is not the reason to slander another.”


“Heh…this servants want to obtain justice for this servant’s daughter, and it’s slander? This servant’s daughter died, saying Ling Xiao did not do anything wrong, are you taking this servant as blind?!”


Ran Shengqiu pointed at Ling Xiao, completely worked up.


“……” Ling Xiao held himself back from rolling his eyes. As matters stand right now, he couldn’t play dead anymore.


So he stepped out and said, “Lord Ran, Concubine Ran’s death also makes Ling Xiao feel sorry, but it is true that she came by and provoked this one first.”


“Came by and provoked you? This servant’s daughter has always been educated and well-behaved since childhood. Before you have not entered the palace, she had never had conflict with other concubines. Why is it that the moment you enter the palace, she became the one that dropped by and provoked you, disregarding the rules!” Ran Shengqiu said aggressively.


Ling Xiao frowned and unhappily asked, “What? So Lord Ran firmly believes that Ling Xiao is wrong?”


Ling Xiao didn’t give him the chance to respond as he continued, “Then does Lord Ran know, that His Majesty had forbidden the concubines of the harem to disturb Ling Xiao to allow rest those few days? For Concubine Ran to be able to see this one, is it not ‘disregarding the rules’?”


“You…” Ran Shengqiu could only grit his teeth while pointing at Ling Xiao.


Ling Xiao calmly confronted him and stressed it, “This ‘disregarding the rules’ or disregarding the rule His Majesty set down, is a lot heavier than what Ling Xiao has done.”


“Ling Xiao!” Ran Shengqiu stared at him like he wanted to swallow him whole, the resentful gaze caused Ling Xiao’s heart to chill.


“You dared to administer punishment without permission and still dare to be so confident, where do you place the Emperor?!”


“In my heart.” Ling Xiao calmly replied, looking at the Emperor this time, “It was because I place him in my heart that I would be so angered by Concubine Ran’s disregard of the His Majesty’s order. To drop by and provoke this one, Ling Xiao wanted to help His Majesty ease his worries and gave her a small lesson.”


“A small lesson? You obviously forced her to death!” Ran Shengqiu casually lied through his teeth.


“Lord Ran, the words you said before, Ling Xiao will return them to you without change. You need evidence when saying such words.”


Then his tone turned darker, “If you continue to slander Ling Xiao again, then Ling Xiao would not mind speaking about the things Concubine Ran does in secret.”


“This servant’s daughter has always been well educated and behaved. In the harem, she had kept to her place and has always been His Majesty’s good concubine. How this servant’s daughter is like, His Majesty could see for himself. Yet you dare to spout nonsense here!”


“I think the one that’s spouting nonsense is Lord Ran!” Ling Xiao unflinchingly and coldly retorted, “Ling Xiao nevered wanted Concubine Ran’s death. Yet you keep pushing Concubine Ran’s death onto Ling Xiao. That Concubine Ran is undisciplined, she has ignored His Majesty’s orders many times and had even plotted to drug him. This kind of deep scheming, and you say she knows her place!”


Ling Xiao sneered, “If Lord Ran isn’t speaking without thinking, then what are you? Blind?”


“Ling Xiao! You b*stard!” Ran Shengqiu was angered to the max, glaring widely with his two eyes, he actually walked forward to drag Ling Xiao despite the place and raised his fist to hit him.


Ling Xiao hadn’t expect that Ran Shengqiu was so brazen as to do this in front of the Emperor so he stayed stunned in place, missing the best time to dodge it. He watched as the fist was about to smash upon his face when he began to panic. But then, a hand appeared from the side that powerfully gripped Ran Shengqiu’s fist, saving him just in time.


Ling Xiao heaved a sigh of relief, turned and finally saw his savior. It was Lan Wei, an old acquaintance.


Ling Xiao smiled at him while Lan Wei pursed his lips and dragged Ran Shengqiu away from Ling Xiao, coldly berating him, “Lord Ran, this is the court.”


Ran Shengqiu suddenly came to his senses and cold sweat filled him, he turned to look at the Emperor.


What he found was the Emperor’s unmoving gaze on his body, he suddenly feel his whole body go cold.


“Beloved Official Ran, you really take Us as a ridgepole.”


His mocking words caused Ran Shengqiu’s whole face to pale. He fell to the ground with a thud and knelt, saying in a mournful voice, “This servant was just too impatient to for this servant’s daughter and asks for Your Majesty’s forgiveness.”


Ran Shengqiu also did not forget to drag Ling Xiao down the sewer while he spoke, “It’s because Ling Xiao slander this servant’s daughter causing this servant to go out of control. Not only is he lacking discipline, he dares to take Your Majesty’s place and administer punishment, a great disrespect. He has the ambition of wild wolves, please consider Your Majesty.”


Ling Xiao hatefully glared at Ran Shengqiu, this man really likes to try and find weak points. He skipped right over how he was doing it for the Emperor and said he was being disrespectful, said he has the ambition of wild wolves, so he cannot be trusted. If his love to him really wasn’t high enough, perhaps he really would become suspicious of him.


Ling Xiao also knelt on the ground with a thud, saying to the Emperor before them, “How Ling Xiao is something Your Majesty knows. Ling Xiao never had thoughts one shouldn’t have, asking the Emperor to please understand, Ling Xiao is innocent.”


The Emperor’s face was cold as he thoughtfully sat on the Dragon Throne. The surroundings were silent with fear, only the sounds of their thumping heartbeat could be heard.


Beat after beat, each beat declared the passage of time.


After a long time, the Emperor finally spoke and the one he was looking at was Ran Shengqiu.


“We know that Our Beloved Official is grieving for your daughter, but what Ling Xiao has said was not nonsense. Concubine Ran disregarded the rules in the palace, and had attempted to drug Us, it is all true.”


After he spoke, the Emperor moved his gaze to the eunuch behind him who handed the item he was holding before to Ran Shengqiu.


“This is the evidence gathered after Concubine Ran’s death, you can take a look yourself.” The Emperor coldly snorted.


Ran Shengqiu raised his head and took the item the eunuch handed to him. The moment he looked at it, his face went white. The item in his hand was–rosemary.


He naturally knew what this was, he had actually given this to Concubine Ran himself so she could drug the Emperor. It will not harm the Emperor’s life, it will only raise his interest. But it will harm the Emperor’s body to a sure degree.


As long as it can harm the dragon body, then it was a murder attempt involving the Son of Heaven!


Ran Shengqiu’s face turned death pale and endlessly regretted while kneeling on the ground, “Have mercy Your Majesty!”


The Emperor stayed silent, his dragon might attacking Ran Shengqiu who trembled without pause. The amount of sweat that was dripping from him was enough to make a small puddle.


“Your Majesty, Lord Ran has dedicated much to the court and labored much, asking Your Majesty to please forgive him.” Suddenly, a man also started to ask on behalf of Ran Shengqui in which finally, half of the officials all knelt and plead for him.


Ling Xiao fell silent, he had long heard that the power of the court was trending toward Ran Shengqiu, and from the looks of it today, it was true.


He was afraid that even the Emperor couldn’t move Ran Shengqiu.


“Everyone’s words are not wrong, Beloved Official Ran has indeed labored much. But We had once said before that the King Consort in front of you all is equal to Us. Beloved Official Ran was so disrespectful toward Our King Consort while in court, being so disrespectful toward this court, how can We forgive him?”


After he said that, the Emperor’s dark face and powerful pressure attacked all of those officials, those who plea for leniency could only shudder and accept it, they could no longer say another word.


Ling Xiao only now understand the reason why the Emperor brought him to the morning assembly today.


He wanted him to infuriate Ran Shengqiu, so that the other would get angry at him and then he would be able to have a reason to punish him…


The moment the Emperor said that plus Ran Shengqiu’s actions just before, even if more than half of the officials plea for leniency, the Emperor could punish Ran Shengqiu without a problem.


Ling Xiao restrained himself from rolling his eyes.


“Servants, take the High Official of the Ministry of Appoints to the prison and await for hearing.”


The Emperor then turned to him, his face relaxed, “Ling Xiao, although you said everything was for Us, it was as the minister said. For acting against Concubine Ran, you also need to accept a punishment, do you object?”


Didn’t the Emperor already punish him? Don’t tell him it’s because that punishment from before was just for the concubines in the harem to see and now that he was sitting in his official position in court, he had to be punished again?


Ling Xiao gloomily thought about it but did not dare to show it on his face against the Emperor and lowered his head, respectfully answered, “Ling Xiao has no objections.”


“Very good.” The Emperor narrowed his eyes in satisfaction, “Then We punish you to not being allowed to attend morning court. The former High Official of the Ministry of Works will take your place.”


“…..” This punish and no punish had no difference.


He didn’t go to morning assembly much in the first place, especially after spending the night with the Emperor, that too embarrassing to mention place would simply not allow him to get up.


Ling Xiao saluted, “Ling Xiao thanks Your Majesty for your kindness.”


“You may rise.” The Emperor told him then made a signal to the small eunuch behind him with his eyes. He quickly walked forward and announced, “Morning assembly dismissed.”


Everyone loudly shouted a “Long live Your Majesty”.


The Emperor did not pull along Ling Xiao to walk with him, but after this event, everyone was clear on Ling Xiao’s position in his heart.


For a moment, no one dared to provoke Ling Xiao.


After Lan Wei watched everyone leave, he unhappily went up to him and glared.


“You really are in quite the limelight, King Consort.” He mockingly said, but his tone implied his concern for him.


“Have you heard of the term, a famous person attracts criticism?” Lan Wei shot him a glance and asked.


Ling Xiao’s lips twitched, and looked back at him, “If you want to remind me to be careful, then just say so. Don’t say it in such a strange way.”


Ling Xiao then walked out and Lan Wei hurriedly ran up to catch up. “Hey, I say, can you at least say something when someone helps you? If it weren’t for me preventing Ran Shengqiu, then your face would be the same as that dead Concubine Ran.”


“Are you cursing me?”


Ling Xiao stopped his steps. At this place, he was going to separate from Lan Wei. He was headed for the harem while Lan Wei was heading out.


Lan Wei also stopped and became rather silent, “You are fully aware that I am being worried about you.”


Ling Xiao sneered, “Your concern is always so awkward.”


“……” Lan Wei turned away his head, “I didn’t think I would see you today.”


“Miss me?” Ling Xiao teased.


On Lan Wei’s uneasy face was a slight blush, he complained, “Who was missing you moron!”


Ling Xiao’s lips twitched, “I’m a moron? Heh…”


Ling Xiao suddenly raised his leg and kicked him, “I dare you to say it again?”


“…You…” Taking the pain, Lan Wei held his leg and glared at him. Ling Xiao arrogantly looked at him, like a cat that stole something, his expression both annoying yet moving.


Lan Wei pursed his lips, his heart couldn’t help but speed up and he silently turned away his face, a hard to endure sour feeling in his heart.


“What’s wrong?” Ling Xiao tilted his head at him, “Why suddenly so quiet?”


Lan Wei hid from Ling Xiao’s sight, “Alright, you should quickly go back, the Emperor should be worried.”


“Then I’ll leave?” Ling Xiao observed his expression, noticing that he had stiffen when he said that, like he didn’t want him to leave. He shifted his way to his direction a little but stopped after a step, then once again silently lowered his head, he did not make him stay.


Ling Xiao frowned, he feels that Lan Wei is a bit strange, but he wasn’t able to point out where. He sighed and pulled down Lan Wei to sit with him on the steps, “Alright, if you have something to say, say it. Don’t dawdle so much. I can tell you don’t want me to leave, so you must have something you want to say. So say it.”


“……” Lan Wei forced a smile, “I don’t really have anything to say.”


“Really?” Ling Xiao asked.


Lan Wei nodded and Ling Xiao’s lips curled, “That’s good, then I’ll leave now.”


Ling Xiao stood up and turned around, not longer reluctant to leave.


Lan Wei watched his back and couldn’t help but pull at his sleeve.


“?” Ling Xiao turned back, looking back at him in confusion.


Lan Wei quickly released his grip, and said like he was covering something up, “Concubine Ran’s death is odd, you should be more careful.”


“You also think the way Concubine Ran died was odd?” Ling Xiao looked at Lan Wei in surprise.


Lan Wei frowned, “She did not appear like someone who would commit suicide, but the Emperor didn’t choose to investigate it, so you can just take it as her commiting suicide.”


“What do you mean?” Ling Xiao frowned.


Lan Wei hesitated for a while before speaking, “The High Official of the Ministry of Appointment’s power has been constantly expanding, this is not something the Emperor would allow. And to the High Official of the Ministry of Appointments, Concubine Ran’s death is a great loss. Then who do you think wishes for her death the most?”


“His…” Ling Xiao widen his eyes.


Lan Wei quickly covered his mouth, “Don’t randomly talk about it, since the Emperor did not choose to chase after it, then you can just think of it as the truth.”


“……” Ling Xiao nodded.


Lan Wei was reluctant to release his hand from holding that soft, warm and rosy cheeks. He dimly said, “The way the Emperor handled the High Official of the Ministry of Appointments isn’t a sensible way, but he had still done so because he was afraid the other would offend you. The way the Emperor cares for you is excellent, so…”


I would also be at ease.


Lan Wei silently said in his heart. Ling Xiao looked at him strangely and asked, “So what?”


“Nothing.” Lan Wei shook his head and turned around, “You’re not going back, but I’ll be leaving.”


He quickly walked away after he spoke as if someone was pursuing him. In a moment, his figure was gone.


“……” Ling Xiao was speechless, this Lan Wei was also so hot-tempered.


It’s just that, did Concubine Ran commit suicide on the Emperor’s orders…


Ling Xiao agreed, the Emperor did have that kind of intention.


The matters of the court were so much more complicated then he originally thought.


On the way back, Ling Xiao met someone.


It was also someone he was familiar with, one of the Emperor’s harem concubines–Concubine Li.


She was followed by a maid running out from the direction of his palace in panic, Ling Xiao’s intuition told him there was something fishy, so he followed behind.


“Master, why are you running away?” Her maid got closer to her and said from behind.


Concubine Li gasp for breath, holding her chest as she tremblingly got out, “His…His…His Majesty is there…”


“Isn’t it even better the Emperor is at the King Consort’s place? While you pay a visit to the King Consort, you can also see the Emperor. Isn’t this a two birds one stone opportunity? Why are you running away?” Ying’er felt resentful toward her for not taking such a great chance.


“I…” Concubine Li wrinkled her brows tightly, shaking her head. “Ying’er, let’s go back.”


“Master, you aren’t going to see King Consort anymore?” Ying’er’s face was dumbfounded, “Nowadays, the King Consort is the favored one. If you don’t pay him a visit and said you don’t have any courtesy to the Emperor, what will happen to you?”


“But, Ying’er, the Emperor gave the order before that we’re not allowed to go disturb King Consort.”


“That is before.” The maid frown. “Who doesn’t know that now is different from before. Master, that King Consort first had showed his might to Concubine Xian, having her see off Hong Ye. after that, he had Concubine Ran hang herself, this is already a difficult person to deal with! You can’t not visit him!”




“There is no buts, Master, let’s go. Luckily the Emperor is still there, perhaps when he sees you he may be affectionate.”


“Ying’er.” Concubine Li berated, her face awkward, “You know that I am not good with spending time alone with the Emperor. I didn’t strive for favor among my sisters and usually Concubine Xian is fine, Concubine Ran back then was also fine when she saw I didn’t fight for his favor. Wasn’t I fine all that time? I believe that this King Consort would also…”


“This isn’t a matter where if you don’t contend with him then you’re fine.” Ying’er interrupted Concubine Li, “This King Consort is different from the one before, if you don’t contend against him then he would come for you sooner or later. If you fight for some of the Emperor’s love then you might be able to defend yourself a little. If the Emperor doesn’t favor you at all, then your situation would be dangerous.”


“……” Ling Xiao clearly heard the two’s dialog and his lips twitched, was he really as scary as that Ying’er said?


Ling Xiao feigned a cough.


Ying’er instantly went on guard and hid Concubine Li behind her, “Who?!”


Ling Xiao walked out into the open, indifferently watching the two.


Today, Concubine Li wore a pink cotton skirt, a pink hairpin and light makeup, she appeared very charming and adorable. The servant girl beside her wore the maid adornment and kept Concubine Li closely behind her, her face was very grave. It was clear she was a devoted servant.


Ling Xiao faintly smiled, “You guys don’t need to be so nervous, I…”


Ling Xiao’s eyes flickered, he was afraid he would scare the two if he said he was the King Consort, so he claimed, “I am Lan Wei who had just gotten off the morning assembly and was called here by the Emperor. I pay my respects to Your Highness.”


Ling Xiao placed his role and saluted to her, but he was inwardly scolding himself.


There were holes all over his lie, first of all, if he was called by the Emperor then after court he just needed to go straight to the imperial study. How could he be at the imperial garden… Next, Concubine Li and Lan Wei never met before, yet he knew and even saluted to her right now. It simply did not make sense.


If it could be hidden from them, then that would be strange.


However, Concubine stared with wide innocent eyes and answered, “So it’s the greatly famous General Lan, please get up quickly, the Emperor is in King Consort’s palace, you should go.”


“……” Ling Xiao stared with wide eyes, disbelief slowly spreading in his heart.


Concubine Li believed it?


Ling Xiao raised his head, only to see the servant girl pulling Concubine Li’s sleeve. She seemed to be trying to remind the concubine something, but the other turned a deaf ear and only looked at him innocently, and then pointed at the path…


The servant girl was more intelligent than the master, her contributions cannot go unnoticed after they had stayed in the harem for so long.


It looks like the Concubine Li he knew in his past life was completely a fake appearance assumed by her.


Ling Xiao made his opinion in his heart and did not bother to get involved with her again. He turned around and left.


“Master!” Even when they walked farther away, he could hear the servant girl gnashing her teeth and calling out.


This was an interesting servant. Ling Xiao faintly smiled.


With a smile across his face, he saw the Emperor sitting at the desk working on the memorials. When he noticed Ling Xiao’s approach, he absent-mindedly asked.


“What matter made you so happy?”


“I met two interesting people.” In private, Ling Xiao was already used to not saluting to the Emperor and just walked to his side. He did not plan to hide it from him and frankly told him, “Your Majesty is quite familiar with one of them.”


The Emperor did not stop working the matter on hand and asked, “Who?”


“Concubine Li.” Ling Xiao smiled.


The Emperor’s brush stopped, raised his eyes to look at him, “Did she irritate you?”


Ling Xiao raised an eyebrow and smiled, “She didn’t, why are you asking?”


The Emperor lowered his head again at his answered, “It’s good if she hasn’t,”


Ling Xiao paused, his heart warming at his concern. Gathering his courage, he leaned over to land a kiss on the Emperor’s cheek and hurried stood back up, his eyes dodging away as he say, “I’ll go take a look at Your Majesty’s morning meal.”


The Emperor could still see the blush that went from his face to his ears as he stood up and he smiled, pulling and preventing the figure from fleeing. He pulled him straight into his embrace.


“We do not wish to eat anything else but the one before Us.”


While he said that, he overturned and pressed down on his body, scenting Ling Xiao’s body like he was inspecting the food’s fragrance before his meal.


Ling Xiao’s face instantly burned bright red, his heartbeat becoming extremely fast. He felt like a lump was in his throat, being a bit unbearable.


Ling Xiao swallowed down his saliva, calling out with difficulty, “Your…Your Majesty…doing such things in the daytime…isn’t…isn’t sensible of…of a monarch…ah~”


The last of his words were cut off due to his moan from the Emperor teasing him through his clothes. Ling Xiao’s eyes turned moist, he kept the last of his rationality to try to admonish the Emperor.


But his body gave the most honest reaction.


He trembled in pleasure under the Emperor’s hands, burned in shame and fell weak from the feelings. No matter how Ling Xiao tried to keep his rationality, he couldn’t control his body from seeking the pleasure.


Ling Xiao clenched his teeth, forcing his eyes open to look at the Emperor. But the tears in his eyes fogged the scene before him.


Very hazily, appearing a bit like a dream, the Emperor before him also seem to contour, appearing especially beautiful.


Ling Xiao’s heart thereupon shook, his body becoming more sensitive because of his blurred sight.


Just a bit teasing could make him tremble in spite of himself, moans continued to spill out…


His consciousness floated away bit by bit as the pleasure became stronger and stronger and his desire stronger as well. Finally, Ling Xiao reached out both hands. But he had already lost the ability to know if he was trying to refuse or cater to the pleasure.


The Emperor quietly laughed and looked down at Ling Xiao who became despondent and gently licked the overflowing traces at the corner of his lips.


After he licked his soft lips, he traveled down bit by bit, like he was tasting something delicious, thoroughly tasting the body below him.


“Ahhh…Your…Your Majesty…hnnn…”


With Ling Xiao’s knitted brows, closed eyes and despondent expression, it was like he was dithering at the edge of pain and pleasure, his voice continuously spilling out like a song that rose up and down, clearly expressing the stimulation he felt.


His appearance felt as if he was trying to seduce the Emperor. His gaze darken and suddenly, he was already buried within Ling Xiao’s body…






When Ling Xiao woke up bearily, the Emperor was already no longer by his side, instead, two maids were.


Ling Xiao moved a bit and a burst of pain came from behind.


Ling Xiao’s face redden and carefully sat up, the two maids immediately attended to him into his clothing.


“Where’s the Emperor?” Ling Xiao asked them.


One of the maid respectfully replied, “The Emperor went to the imperial study to handle governmental affairs. He will return during the evening meal and wanted King Consort to rest well.”


“Hm…” Ling Xiao softly responded. He thought back to everything that happened just then and he couldn’t help the blush that appeared along with his speeding heartbeat.


“Young Master.” A call from the entrance came through. Ling Xiao raised his head to look over, it was An Xiang. He stared blankly, then hurriedly let her in, “Come in”


“Young Master, Concubine Li with her maid wants to see you.” An Xiang awkward told him, “Master wanted you to take a good rest, but Concubine Li demanded to see you. This subordinate…”


Ling Xiao was speechless. He thought back to that master and servant pair and then quietly laughed.


That Ying’er maid probably persuaded Concubine Li to come.


As he thought about it, he asked her, “How long have they’ve arrived?”


“When the Emperor left, they arrived.” An Xiang replied.


So accurate?


Ling Xiao raised an eyebrow. It looks like they were waiting straight by the entrance waiting for the Emperor to leave…


“How long have I been asleep?”


“Young Master has been asleep for four hours.”


Then he had slept for quite a while, yet this master and servant kept waiting at the door?


Ling Xiao took a look outside. Such a bright sun, he also made things hard for these two.


A piece of compassion that he rarely felt rose in his heart, he ordered her, “An Xiang, have someone lead them to the pavilion in the courtyard to wait. I will be there in a moment.”


“Young Master, if it is inconvenient for you, you can decline them.” An Xiang observed Ling Xiao’s worn out appearance and stated.


Ling Xiao shook his head, “So rare that they are so considerate, I will go take a look.”


“Yes.” Seeing that Ling Xiao wasn’t really forcing himself, An Xiang answered and left.


When he saw Concubine Li, her face was somewhat pale from being sun on for so long. Ling Xiao had someone prepare two bowls of pickled plum soup then have them leave, appearing alone in front of the two.


When Concubine Li saw Ling Xiao, she blurted out, “General Lan, why are you still here? The Emperor already left…”


“Master, can you not tell? This ‘General Lan’ walked into the palace and never walked out. Furthermore, he wears informal clothing everyday and walks unobstructed. He is also rather familiar with the palace, he simply doesn’t look like someone from outside the palace. Plus, the only person besides the Emperor who can wear informal clothing, in this servant’s view, is this ‘General Lan’. I’m afraid that this person is the King Consort we have been trying to meet.”


Ying’er pull on Concubine Li’s sleeve, whispering to her.


Concubine stared at him with wide eyes, she was clearly scared by him.


Ying’er quickly told her, “Quickly saluted and ask for forgiveness.”


Concubine Li immediately knelt on the ground, “Please forgive this lady King Consort, this lady didn’t mean to offend you.”


From observing Ying’er whispering to Concubine Li, Ling Xiao could guess the content of what they were saying.


This Concubine Li’s appearance of asking for forgiveness was somewhat familiar with his past lifetime’s Concubine Li, who was content with her own place. As expected, the past appearance was a false one that her servant taught her.


Ling Xiao slowly walked over and said to them, “Stand up, I do not have any intention to blame you.”


Ling Xiao friendly smiled and sat down at the pavilion. But when it implicated his injuries from his behind, his face turned a bit stiff.


Concubine Li cautiously stood aside, swallowing her saliva. Ying’er handed a box to her and she flusteredly took it, then smilingly said to him, “Before, this lady’s body wasn’t too well and was not able to pay a visit to King Consort, please do not blame this lady. This is a millennium ginseng is this lady’s gift, please accept it King Consort.”


Concubine Li placed the box in front of Ling Xiao who opened it with a smile and took a look. Compared to the things the Emperor bestowed to him, it was far inferior, but this was probably the best thing Concubine Li could take out. After all, compared to the other two, so was not too favored in the first place.


Ling Xiao received it with a smile and indicated to them, “Sit.”


Concubine stiffly sat down, her face terrified.


Ling gazed at her, a faint smile on his lips as he asked, “Am I really that scary?”


“…No…” Concubine was just about to reply but got interrupted by Ling Xiao who pretended to get angry, “The truth!”


“Scary.” Concubine Li bitterly said, but was knocked by Ying’er from behind and quickly corrected herself, “King Consort, you are very trustworthy.”


“Heh…” Ling Xiao burst out in laughter, this master and servant’s transforming faces were too interesting.


“Young Master, your pickled plum soup.” An Xiang brought forward the beverage.


Ling Xiao indicated to her, “Give some to the two of them.”


“……” An Xiang paused, giving a glance to Concubine Li and her servant, Ying’er. This was the first time Young Master was so friendly to any of Master’s concubines…


An Xiang silently placed down the beverage then respectfully left.


“Taste my palace’s pickled plum soup, it’s a good thing for getting rid of heat and thirst.”


“Okay.” Concubine Li fiercely swallowed, she was obviously very thirsty and was very interested in the pickled plum soup.


However, she was pushed a bit by Ying’er, so she could only pushed the bowl away, forcing a smile, “This lady isn’t thirsty, King Consort can drink it.


“……” Ling Xiao turned silent, turning his gaze onto Ying’er behind Concubine Li. She kept her head down from the beginning, so he was not able to see her expression. However, he was able to tell from her attitude that she was on guard, her entire person taut.


Ling Xiao was somewhat displeased and coldly smiled. He had many means to force these two to drink the soup, through a threatening order, coercing them, but he didn’t want to use any of those methods right now.


He reached out to pick up the bowl Concubine Li pushed away and drank from it, then set it back down in front of her, “If you were afraid I poisoned it, you should believe in me now right?”


“……” Concubine Li was stunned, even Ying’er raised her head in disbelief. They both didn’t know how to react.


Ling Xiao looked at Ying’er, annoyed, “What? Do you need this one to test poison for you?”


Ying’er jumped a bit, quickly shook her head and picked up the pickled plum soup, draining it. Then, she knelt in front of Ling Xiao to beg for forgiveness, “Please forgive me King Consort.”


“You may rise.” Ling Xiao frowned, “I don’t like people always kneeling in front of me.”


“Thank you King Consort.” Ying’er got up a bit fearfully, yet found her Master drinking that bowl of pickled plum soup. She drank it sip by sip, her expression very satisfied.


And the place she was facing was the area Ling Xiao had just drank from.


Ying’er was greatly alarmed and cried out, “Master!”


“Eh?” Concubine Li simple mindedly turned to look at her servant.


Ying’er’s mouth twitched, “You…you…you…can’t drink it…”


Concubine Li blinked her eyes, not understanding why she wasn’t allowed to. But she still did as she was told and placed down the bowl, but her expression was very reluctant.


The depression Ling Xiao felt was instantly swept clean by the sight, he heartily laughed.


“It really is too interesting.” Ling Xiao laughed in spite of his image, “Your servant is apologizing for you yet you are drinking pickled plum soup…aren’t you a bit too insincere as the Master?”


Concubine Li’s face redden, “You won’t injure her King Consort, and this lady was really thirsty.”


“Why didn’t you say so earlier? Weren’t you not thirsty?” Ling Xiao teasingly asked.


Concubine Li’s face was very red as she said, “It…it was our mistake.”


“We have wronged the King Consort, you are different from what is told outside.” Concubine Li simply said.


“Master…” Ying’er was a bit worried.


Ling Xiao smiled and said, “Alright, Ying’er, you don’t need to be on guard against me. I don’t hold any malice against you two.”


“You’re so smart so you should know that if I held malice, you guys would have long been dragged out.” Ling Xiao pointed at them.


Ying’er came to realize it and returned with a salute, “Thank you King Consort for your kindness.”


Ling Xiao waved his hand, looking at her, “With how stupid you are, just how did you live so long in the palace?”


“I…” This was probably the first time Concubine Li was so bluntly called stupid, her whole face turned red from shame.


Then, she quietly retorted, “I’m not stupid…”


Ling Xiao lightly smiled, Concubine Li asked, “I will not contend with you, King Consort. I will not vie over the Emperor with you, so can you allow me and Ying’er to pass our days nicely?”


Concubine Li suddenly frankly asked him and got up to kneel in front of him.


Ling Xiao paused, his gaze a bit suspicious as he asked, “You really won’t vie for him?”


Concubine Li raised her head and nodded. Her face was calm and her eyes utterly sincere. No matter how one looked, she does not look like someone telling a lie so he relaxed and helped her up, “Alright, I promise you, as long as you don’t vie me over him, I won’t do anything.”


“Hm.” Concubine Li relaxed and smiled.


Suddenly feeling dizzy, she leaned against the pillar beside her. Ling Xiao pause, then helped her, “What’s wrong?”


Ying’er also walked forward this time, saw the scene and frowned, “King Consort, Master is having heatstroke…”


“Them hurry up and bring the imperial physician!” Ling Xiao waved his hand and ordered.


“……” An Xiang slightly frowned at the scene and walked forward, “Young Master, it is already late. Even if you invite the physician, you should also let Concubine Li return first. The Emperor is about to return, in the end, you and Concubine Li are of different genders.”


Ling Xiao paused, An Xiang certainly cleared up his mind. It allowed him to remember his own identity, although he couldn’t do anything, Concubine Li also couldn’t do anything. Their identities were special, this really was a bit improper.


After muddling in his thoughts for a while, Ling Xiao took back his hand and sighed, “Ying’er, send Concubine Li back first and wait there. I’ll go get someone to find the imperial physician.”


“Yes.” Ying’er accepted the order, helping Concubine Li as they left.


“An Xiang, go get the imperial physician for them, make him come faster.” After Concubine Li left, Ling Xiao turned around and told An Xiang.


“……” An Xiang frowned, but still silently left.


Within the Imperial Study, the Emperor was looking at a respectful An Yong, his face cold as he asked, “You say, that the King Consort had seen Concubine Li today?”


“Yes, Master.” An Yong replied with her head low.


“He was even chatting happily with her, and very intimately?” The pressure of the room rapidly decreased and An Yong trembled as she replied, “Yes, Master.”


“They drank from the same bowl of pickled plum soup?” The Emperor’s words were like ice landing into An Yong’s heart. Feeling entirely too cold, she persisted and replied, “Yes, Master.”


“Hmph!” With a cold snort, the Emperor used his inner force and broke the brush in his hand into two, then threw his sleeve, got up and walked out.

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