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Chapter 35: Motherfúcker

“You planned to die with Mo Qi like this?”

Did he really hate Mo Qi that much? Lan Wei really wanted to ask him, but, no matter what, the question wouldn’t leave his mouth.

Right now, wasn’t the clearest thing his “hatred” towards Mo Qi?

But… did he need to suffer as well for this “hate”?

Lan Wei spread out the paper in front of Ling Xiao, “This is the will you wrote to the Emperor. Ling Xiao, even if you hate Mo Qi, you aren’t such a stupid person. Furthermore, you are so fearful of death.”

Ling Xiao was naturally not stupid! He really did cherish his life! So of course this letter was just a pretense, a pretense to let him disappear. If he were to kill Mo Qi, Ling Xiao did not have the assurance that he would be able to hide from the Emperor’s eyes.

Since he wouldn’t be able to hide, then he wouldn’t hide. He would bluntly answer the Emperor’s question by writing it clearly in the letter, telling the Emperor why he wanted to kill Mo Qi. Using moving words and tone to tell him that after he killed Mo Qi, he would be ashamed, and therefore chose to die to offer his apologies.

As long as the Emperor believed he was dead, then Ling Xiao had the confidence that he would be able to rely on his intelligence and wisdom to escape the palace!

However, this letter was seen by Lan Wei!

Ling Xiao clenched his teeth, this Lan Wei kept repeatedly destroying his plans, he really was annoying.

He loathly glared at Lan Wei, moodily stating, “What I want to do, has nothing to do with Young Master Lan Wei!”

“You…” Lan Wei frowned, looking annoyed. This was the first time he was persuading someone so patiently, yet the other didn’t appreciate it!

Lan Wei felt that he was embarrassed and resentful said, “Ling Xiao, don’t return kindness with resentment, didn’t you listen to what this Young Master say just now? Don’t do something so stupid! The Emperor is clear on everything!”

Ling Xiao sneered, Lan Wei is still Lan Wei. Even if he thought more now and understood more, he was still impossibly stupid!

How could he not lie to the Emperor?

Why wouldn’t Lan Wei think a little more, his secret had already preordained that he would lie to the Emperor, one step at a time. He has already lied to the Emperor so much, what leeway would he have now?

He could either stake it all! Or wait for the day the Emperor was interested in dealing with him; in which case, GAME OVER!

Ling Xiao didn’t want to die, so he could only stake it all!

Ling Xiao turned his eyes away from him in disdain, acting as if he didn’t hear Lan Wei’s advice at all.

Angered, Lan Wei grasped Ling Xiao’s hand tightly and approached him.

Pained, Ling Xiao wore a tolerant face as he said, “Young Master Lan Wei, we have lots of private enmity, so this should be just fine for you! Your current words really don’t sound like the you from before!”

It was indeed really strange, if he was in a difficult situation, it would have already been great if Lan Wei wasn’t hitting him when he was down. But how was he supposed to take the current him, who was trying to be nice to him?

Could it be that Lan Wei had a change of heart?

Ling Xiao suspiciously stared at Lan Wei. Lan Wei heard him and restrained himself, a mocking curve appearing on his mouth, “It’s like you said, but these two days, I learned a lot of things I didn’t know before, and also realized the answers to a lot of questions.”

He coldly snorted and reached out a hand, hitting Ling Xiao’s acupuncture point. Ling Xiao’s body went rigid, and he realized that he couldn’t move at all.

He frowned and tried to say something, but with a poke of Lan Wei’s hand, he couldn’t even speak anymore.

Ling Xiao clenched his teeth in confusion, just what was Lan Wei trying to do?!

While Ling Xiao was doubting him, Lan Wei bent down and picked up Ling Xiao, throwing him over his shoulder. Then, with footsteps as light as the wind, he jumped onto the roof.

Ling Xiao widened his eyes in shock, with his body over Lan Wei’s shoulder, his head hung down while his waist pressed against Lan Wei’s shoulder. All the blood in his body rushed to his head, making him feel unwell.

What was even more terrifying was that Ling Xiao’s posture right now allowed him to see the difference of height between the floor and the roof. It was around four to five meters! If Lan Wei wasn’t careful and he fell down…

Ling Xiao shuddered at the chill, cold sweat scared out of him by his own imagination!

Not waiting for Ling Xiao to adapt, Lan Wei carried Ling Xiao like that as he ran the whole way.

Ling Xiao’s eyes widened, listening to the wind whistling past his ears as the scene before his eyes flashed by.

Lan Wei’s shoulder blade was pressed against Ling Xiao’s stomach, and the whole journey of shaking and the occasional bump from the shoulder blades made Ling Xiao want to vomit. Unfortunately, his acupuncture was hit, so he could not move or speak and could only endure it.

Ling Xiao’s face went through a myriad of changes in a short time: red, black, then white. It was only a short time, but it felt like a century to him.

Finally, when Ling Xiao was about to faint, Lan Wei hid himself from an imperial guard and rushed into the palace before stopping, and he placed Ling Xiao down on the bed within the palace.

Ling Xiao weakly opened his eyes and glanced around his surroundings. Lan Wei had unexpectedly brought him back to Ning Xuan Palace.

Just what was Lan Wei trying to do?!

Ling Xiao glared at Lan Wei, rage leaping from his eyes.

It wasn’t rare for Lan Wei to see Ling Xiao make threatening gestures, but this kind of rage while he could only powerlessly lie on the bed was something that Lan Wei saw for the time first.

This kind of Ling Xiao resembled a kitten that had puffed out all of its fur; it was only false bravado without any threat. This caused Lan Wei to have the illusion that Ling Xiao was “quite soft”. Startled by his own thoughts, Lan Wei suddenly flung his head to throw off the strange thought.

He had long experienced Ling Xiao’s strength, how could a person like this have a soft side?

Lan Wei sneered and stared at Ling Xiao, taking precautions, “If you do not make a sound or make some kind of evil plot, then I will undo your acupuncture point.”

Ling Xiao blinked at him, indicating he agreed. Lan Wei gave him a glance, lifting his hand to undo his acupuncture point when he suddenly thought of something and placed it back down.

Ling Xiao glared at Lan Wei’s hand, as if he wanted to glare out two holes in it.

Lan Wei said to himself, “I cannot let you go, if you still hold the thoughts of trying to die with Mo Qi, then this Young Master did it in vain. Furthermore…”

With a move of his hand, Lan Wei took out the letter he long prepared and walked to a candle to burn it: “You said in the letter, that it was because Mo Qi set you up that you were almost castrated, so you hate her, but this Young Master remembers that in this matter, I also hold responsibility. If you hate her that much, then you probably don’t feel much better towards me. I cannot allow this kind of danger.”

Don’t shower your affection on an uninterested party! He, Ling Xiao, only wants to kill Mo Qi!

Ling Xiao glared at Lan Wei, hoping his own meaning could be expressed to him, but to his disappointment, Lan Wei did not go over to undo his acupuncture point.

Ling Xiao rolled his eyes and viciously cursed Lan Wei in his mind.

Lan Wei noticed Ling Xiao’s gaze and walked to the bedside, bending down to pull and cover him with the bedsheet, “Although you hurt the Prime Minister Household, from another perspective, you also saved the Prime Minister Household.”

Lan Wei paused his hands as he spoke, a complicated light in his eyes. If it weren’t for Ling Xiao, then he really would have continued to be like an idiot, believing that the Emperor was really that easy to lie to, and would also have continued to stupidly let Mo Qi play with him in the palm of her hand.

Thinking of those things, Lan Wei pursed his lips, pushing in the corner of the blanket, “If you are willing to believe in me, then just listen to me. Be honest with the Emperor. You are a great existence in the Emperor’s heart right now, so he wouldn’t do anything to you. But if you continue to go on your current course, then it would be hard to say.”

Ling Xiao frowned, what did Lan Wei mean? Don’t tell him that he thought he would be able to get the Emperor’s mercy if he was forthcoming now? That his crisis could be removed? Wasn’t he looking down on the Emperor’s imperial might too much!

Lan Wei did not understand Ling Xiao’s mind, so once he finished speaking he got up, “I won’t hide it from you, I’ve been hiding for two days in the Cold Palace, observing Mo Qi and Fu Yujun.”

Ling Xiao stared blankly at Lan Wei, stunned.

Lan Wei pursed his lips seeing his response, “What kind of gaze is that? This Young Master’s martial arts are excellent, so hiding in the imperial palace for one to two days isn’t a big deal.”

Ling Xiao frowned when he heard that, was he staring at Lan Wei for that reason?!

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