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Chapter 66: Being Filled With Love (I)

“……” It took only one sentence from the Emperor to shock Ling Xiao awake.

He watched, stunned as the Emperor held his hands behind his back and walked until he was right in front of him.

“Mo Qi told Us some very strange things. Would you like to hear them?”

Though the Emperor talked like he was asking Ling Xiao, he did not wait for his reply and continued to speak, “She said, she had killed you. She also said, We had killed her.”

“……” Cold sweat dripped from Ling Xiao while he faced the Emperor’s sharp gaze. He could feel his legs weakening.

He swallowed his saliva and then managed to find his way out of this question, “Then… Your Majesty, do you believe her?”

The Emperor stared at Ling Xiao for a long time, before he raised his hand to hold Ling Xiao’s chin and said “We would believe you. Why not tell us about it?”

This was clearly just kicking the question back to him!

Ling Xiao’s face paled. Although the Emperor pleasantly said he believed in him, if he couldn’t give him a good enough reason to convince the other, how could his reply satisfy the Emperor?

From the very beginning the Emperor wanted Ling Xiao to reply to this question.

While Ling Xiao considered the matter, the thought of being honest had crossed his mind. However, his situation is unimaginable. Would the Emperor believe him if he told him the truth? And if he did, how would he treat a person who had transcended this world?  

He raised his head in turmoil and gave the Emperor a glance. The other party only coldly looked back at him, wearing an omniscient appearance. Ling Xiao widen his eyes in surprise as he recognized that look that meant the Emperor was just inspecting and verifying the other’s loyalty. After all, the Emperor did not bother with what others have to say. Once he asked, he pretty much already knew the answer.

Ling Xiao threw away that last trace of his hesitation after he thought it through and took a deep breath, firming his resolution and then clearly said, “Your Majesty, it’s true that Mo Qi had killed me.”

Ling Xiao’s words caused the Emperor to raise an eyebrow. He kept his hands behind his back while still wearing his profound appearance. Ling Xiao was terrified; although he guessed that the emperor was pondering about the matter, he did not know what directions the other man’s thoughts trial to.   

However, since he had already spoken, then there was no more leeway for him to regret it. He could only brace himself and continue, “She… wanted to poison me to death, while I continued to look for an opportunity to take revenge.”

Ling Xiao deliberately spoke ambiguously as he did not clear up the fact that Mo Qi wanting to poison him to death was something from his past lifetime, nor did he say whether or not Mo Qi had succeed.

The things he mentioned have all happened in this lifetime. That way, he avoided talking to the Emperor about something as unrealistic and hard to accept as a past lifetime.

And yet, it was all meaningless as the Emperor was already aware of everything as he interrupted, “So We had killed her because you have died.”  

His words were not a question, but a declaration of his certainty.

Ling Xiao listened in surprise, but could only feel his back grow cold.

The Emperor looked back at him coldly while words flowed from his thin lips, “that is, in your past lifetime.”

“Your Majesty… you…” Ling Xiao’s heart thumped and he started to panic.

“That would explain all of your clever schemes.”


When the Emperor said it, his voice was very calm and firm, it did not hold any signs of anger. But Ling Xiao felt an indescribable sense of alarm.

Even if he had the golden death exemption plate, he still did not dared to look at the Emperor’s current expression. He didn’t know how the Emperor was going to handle him—someone who died then revived again. He could only keep his head extremely low, trembling in fear.

Ling Xiao’s trembling appearance was like a puppy that had just been born and had to now face the unknown world, making him curl up into a ball.

The Emperor felt it was quite funny as he watched. He rubbed Ling Xiao’s head, rubbing him so much that his orderly fine black hair turned messy and landed all over Ling Xiao’s eyes. It made the guileless and innocent eyes of his turn even more pitiful.

Especially in the moment when Ling Xiao raised his eyes to look at him while being at loss, the Emperor felt he saw a puppy wagging his tail and begging for his master’s pampering.

Those eyes completely soften his heart and he leaned over to lightly land a kiss at the corner of Ling Xiao’s lips, then pulling him into his embrace.

Ling Xiao’s body went stiff. He then raised his head to look at the Emperor in shock.

“Your Majesty… you…”

“To be so doubtful of Us, should We punish you?” The Emperor kindly looked down at Ling Xiao.

Ling Xiao stared blankly while his mind flitted through thousands of things before understanding the Emperor’s meaning. He was not going to look any deeper into the matter or do anything to him because of it.

The thought brought relief to Ling Xiao as he released a breath, causing his tone to relax.

“Ling Xiao isn’t doubting Your Majesty, but myself.”

The Emperor raised an eyebrow at Ling Xiao, who slyly said, “Ling Xiao was afraid that I do not have enough of your heart…”

Just a moment ago, he had a timid and cowering appearance. But now, he was back to his lively self and back to his sly nature.

Those pair of lively eyes were sneaky and his reply was very crafty, allowing him to hide from the question.

The Emperor slightly smiled.

Ling Xiao felt a bit uneasy when he did not hear the Emperor respond after a while. He couldn’t keep silent any longer, “If Your Majesty really wants to punish Ling Xiao, then Ling Xiao will obey.”

Ling Xiao’s eyes flickered around when he said that, his charm working naturally. Even he did not know just how enticing he appeared when he raised his eyes to look at the Emperor from below.

The Emperor observed him, his gaze serene. But in the next second, he confined Ling Xiao into his embrace.

Fast and demanding kisses repeatedly fell all over Ling Xiao’s skin until finally landed on his lips. His tightly closed lips were pried open, tangling with his tongue that was stiff from shock.

“Hnn…. Mhnnn…”

His sensitive body had long went soft like cotton and once the kiss was over, he laid paralyzed on the Emperor’s chest.

The Emperor’s gaze was drak, like a greedy wolf who wanted to completely swallow the man in his arms, leaving no bones behind.


Ling Xiao slightly trembled. He felt weak all over from the Emperor’s possessive gaze. A light groan flowed out between his lips.


The Emperor laughed softly, his voice carried some huskiness that was very pleasant to the ear. It was very sexy.  

Wanting to see the Emperor’s smiling face, Ling Xiao struggles to raise his head. However, before he managed to do that, he was suddenly held up horizontally.   

Ling Xiao called out in alarm and quickly held the Emperor’s neck with his arms. Being suddenly held in a princess carry made Ling Xiao really want to protest. Yet, when he thought back about everything that had happened till now, protesting against it after being held multiple times that way already, would just appear pretentious.      

Besides, Ling Xiao’s lips slightly quirked up as he rested against the Emperor’s chest comfortably.

Although he looked very cold, his hugs were exceptionally warm. Being held by him in this kind of position was quite comfortable.

No matter if it’s his body or heart.

“You like it?” The Emperor seem to have seen through his fondness and tilted his head at him.

Ling Xiao raised his eyes and smiled, “I like it.”

“Then We will often hold you from now on.” The Emperor earnestly promised.

Ling Xiao laughed and replied, “Your Majesty’s words hold enormous weight, Ling Xiao will note it down in my heart.”

“Hn.” The Emperor made an agreeing sound and placed Ling Xiao softly down on the bed, then leaned over with his hands supporting him by the other’s head, kissing the man below him.

Ling Xiao smiled and reached up to take the Emperor’s headdress off, so that his finely comb hair would tumble down without its support.

The hair swept over his skin, giving him a slightly itchy feeling.

Ling Xiao stroke down the hair with a finger and quietly asked, “Your Majesty, can Ling Xiao ask you something?”

The Emperor got up and frowned, silently bearing by taking a deep breath then said a bit unsteadily, “Ask.”

“Just what is your bottom line for Ling Xiao?”

The Emperor pursed his lips, his eyes narrow in displeasure as he stared at him. Like he was blaming him for asking such a boring question at such an important moment.

Ling Xiao read and understood the disdain in man’s eyes. He held back his words for a moment before getting them out embarrassedly, “Without Your Majesty’s explicitly stating it, it’s very hard for Ling Xiao to be at ease. I am always worried that I would touch your bottom line without paying attention.”

The Emperor frowned and stared at him. As he saw the other had no desire to withdraw his question, he finally sighed heavily and rather helplessly said, “We had thought you were quite clear on it.”

Ling Xiao wrinkled his brows. If it was the old Emperor from before, then it would have been quite clear. However, the man in front of him, was no longer the same Emperor he knew.

Ling Xiao had touched his bottom line many times and thought he would surely die. But the Emperor had easily forgiven him and that completely toppled his understanding of the man. He couldn’t help but want to know again, just what the Emperor’s bottom line for him was.

As if he read Ling Xiao’s thoughts, the emperor gave a soft sigh, “What you knew about Us before was not wrong. It’s just that you are now special to Us.”

While Ling Xiao was distracted, the Emperor had already once more took the chance to press him down, lightly biting his skin like it was a sort of punishment.

The moment when Ling Xiao called out in pain, caused the Emperor to narrow his eyes in a good mood. He was enjoying the appearance of pain on the one below him. His satisfied expression seem to say ‘Since you dared to interrupt Us, prepare to be punished’.

Ling Xiao’s gaze held his complaints. The emperor laughed at the sight and leaned over to lick the place he had bit. He said with an appeasing tone, “We had long stopped having a bottom line for you, so why are you still so worried? As long as you remember that only We are your man, that will be enough.”

Ling Xiao narrowed his eyes at the comfortable sensation of being licked while the Emperor’s charming reply entered his ears. He raised his head in astonishment, only to run into the Emperor’s kiss by doing so.

Their lips blended together and their breathing gradually grew chaotic. Ling Xiao struggled a bit, wanting to ask what did he mean, but was defeated under the Emperor’s touches.

He didn’t know when, his hands that were pushing the other away turned to pandering while his mind went dazed by the kisses. He no longer even cared what day it was anymore.

The Emperor slightly smiled at the sight and easily got rid of Ling Xiao’s clothes, his moist kisses going the whole way down.

His finger searched for that secret entrance, making the body of the man below him to shudder in pleasure.

It caused Ling Xiao to be too busy to care about other things, leaving behind only a demanding mood…

After a night of tangling, Ling Xiao supported his sore waist as he got up. The Emperor was already not in sight.

His body felt very refreshed, it was clear he had been cleaned already.

“King Consort.” The maid by his side brought a bowl of water for Ling Xiao to wash his face in. Once he finished, she respectfully called him.

Ling Xiao stretched lazily and looked at her.

The maid answered, “Steward Li had been waiting outside by the door for a long time.”

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