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Chapter 59: Forgiveness and Tolerance

The misty water saturated the room, as Ling Xiao soaked in a pool of water, staring blankly at the command plate lying ashore.

The Emperor was really letting him off…

It felt so unbelievable. He had used the excuse of wanting to take a bath to escape from the Emperor’s hold.

He was then led to the bath by the chamberlain who stood by the Emperor’s side.

Ling Xiao softly sighed and moved the command plate a bit.

Having this thing means he will no longer have to be so scared or always be on edge in the palace. He also won’t tremble with fear all the time in front of the Emperor.

Although he says that, was it really possible?

Ling Xiao continued to contemplate on it as he stared at the command plate. A flash of light went through his eyes and he pursed his lips, tightly holding it in his hands.

Perhaps he can test it.

“Young Master?” A call for him came through the door.

Ling Xiao returned to his senses and answered to the call outside, “What is it?”

“The Emperor is waiting for you.”

Ling Xiao was surprised and then noticed that he had actually been in the bath for quite a long time. The Emperor probably became impatient and had someone come get him.

With those thoughts, Ling Xiao stood up and wore the close-fitting white clothes the chamberlain held up for him. He then followed the man to the Emperor’s room.

The table was covered in various dishes, showing that it was time for the Emperor to eat. He was already sitting by the table.

However, the bowl and chopsticks in front of the Emperor had not been moved yet, clearly assuring Ling Xiao that the Emperor had not eaten yet.

Ling Xiao walked over and by habit, saluted to the Emperor once and planned to serve the Emperor as he ate.

But the Emperor interrupted Ling Xiao’s action and used his eyes to tell him to sit.

Stopping for a short moment, Ling Xiao then remembered that he was already no longer the Steward Ling that served the Emperor.

He hid his thoughts and obediently sat by the Emperor, who then started to raise his bowl and chopsticks.

Ling Xiao was stunned, the Emperor… was waiting for him to eat together?

He blinked his eyes, licked his lips and threw away those thoughts, flusteredly following the Emperor’s action to also take his own bowl and chopsticks.

But his heart was greatly nervous.

Ling Xiao’s restless appearance was observed by the Emperor when he glanced at him. Then he calmly asked, “Not used to it?”

Ling Xiao stopped, lightly placed down his bowl and chopsticks and honestly nodded his head.

This was not only the first time for him to eat with the Emperor, but also the first time someone had waited for him to eat together since he came to this world. It cause a warmth that he hadn’t felt in a long time to reappear in him.   

It was so ever since he came to this world. In his past life, he helped Mo Qi plan and scheme, while in this life, he was busy avenging himself. The whole way through was like walking on ice floe.

In the past when he helped Mo Qi, he was always by himself, while in this life when he tried to avenge himself, he was always by himself. He had almost forgotten how ordinary and comforting it is to eat a meal with someone else.    

Ling Xiao suddenly felt his eyes sour a bit, so he lowered his head to hide his face. He didn’t want the Emperor to see it. He slowly said in an undisturbed and soft voice, “This is the first time Ling Xiao… ate with Your Majesty together.”

The fear on the little eunuch’s face was taken away, and what replaced it was an emotionally moved expression. Under his wrinkled face, his heart stirred and the rims of his eyes redden. Bright teardrops, which emerged next, threatened to fall any moment, making the hearts of anyone who saw it soften.    

The Emperor sighed softly, then reached out and picked up some dishes with his chopsticks for Ling Xiao. He unhurriedly told him, “There would be plenty of chances for us to eat together hereafter. You should quickly get used to this.”

The Emperor’s tone was overbearing as always, but when Ling Xiao heard it, it felt very familiar and he quietly laughed, “Your Majesty has to deal with a lot of governmental work all the time, how would you be able to always accompany Ling Xiao for a meal?”

Ling Xiao knew that the way he spoke was indirectly asking about the Emperor’s plans. Knowing that it was something the Emperor always hated, Ling Xiao still did it to feel him out a little. He wanted to know just how low the Emperor’s bottom line for putting up with him was.

He had committed many wrong things, yet the Emperor could tolerate it.

Then, would the impudent way he was now speaking also be treated as fine?

The Emperor gave Ling Xiao a side glance. It was very incisive as he felt that it could see his heart thoroughly and understand everything Ling Xiao was thinking. Startled, Ling Xiao was just about to get up and beg for forgiveness when the Emperor calmly answered, “If that is what you wish for, then once we return to Mu Country, we will always eat together.”    

The unexpected answer caused Ling Xiao to be silenced as he looked down.

The Emperor could really tolerate him…

Since he could tolerate him…

Ling Xiao thought for a bit then gather his courage and asked, “Your Majesty, why do you let Ling Xiao off?”

This was something that had always perplexed him. The Emperor was not a sovereign king that would always tolerate someone just because he was fond of them.

He had his own bottom lines and principles. The things Ling Xiao had done before had clearly touched the Emperor’s bottom line, but the latter still did not reprimand him.

Ling Xiao was truly bewildered.

The Emperor heard this and his hands stopped, his sight moving to Ling Xiao.

Even though Ling Xiao was now facing the Emperor’s eyes, which looked as if they knew everything, and the Emperor’s imposingness, he only clenched his teeth, calmly comforting it.

His firm appearance which was full of determination to know why, yet was also holding traces of plea, seemed to solicit the Emperor to tell him everything.

The Emperor sighed once in his heart at the sight, then finally answered, “You are special in Our heart.”

Though the Emperor said it calmly, Ling Xiao’s heart jumped and his face went hot. He moved his gaze away in panic and said in a soft voice, “Your Majesty, but Ling Xiao had… lied to you…”

“Lied?” The Emperor placed down his bowl and chopsticks, feeling it was beneath his dignity as he turned his head and disdainfully looked at Ling Xiao, “Did you think you could lie to Us?”

Speaking to this point, the Emperor paused and recalled something, his appearance turned a bit unnatural as his sight moved to Ling Xiao’s crotch, “…There really was one thing you managed to hide from Us.”

“……” Ling Xiao went rigid from the Emperor’s red-hot sight on his body and instinctively withdrew his legs.

The Emperor moved his eyes away at his action, “But We do not hate it.”

Ling Xiao’s heart trembled and he lowered his head.

Ling Xiao finally understood. The Emperor knew everything and all matters were in his grasp. That is why, even though he had lied to the Emperor before, and since the Emperor didn’t object against his little matter, he could be excused. Moreover, the Emperor was fond of him, so he chose to excuse it.

The Emperor’s bottom line was really a lot lower for him. Since it was so, a trace of slyness flitted in his eyes. He clenched his teeth and once more summoned his courage to ask, “Your Majesty, can you pardon Fu Yujun?”

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