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Chapter 18: Face Smacking Lan Wei

With a single blow, the wind threw everything into chaos. In the room, only Ling Xiao remained, and it was as if no one had ever entered.

Ling Xiao sat his bottom on the ground and rubbed his neck a little, still possessing some lingering fear. That feeling of a sword on his neck really was unpleasant.

However, he was amazed at his own luck. Lan Wei would actually send him a list of informers for Mo Qi. He had only just became aware of the informers within the palace, but the informers that were being used weren’t many. Thinking about it a little, he knew who the list belonged to: the Prime Minister.

It was the Prime Minister’s expenditure of many years!

And he would use it like this just for Mo Qi’s future prospects?

Was the Prime Minister likely to agree?

No, the Prime Minister was an old fox. It was impossible for him to just hand over the list like this, so this list…

Ling Xiao closed his eyes, a faint notion in his mind.

On the second day, there really was a maid that delivered meals who squeezed the list into Ling Xiao’s hand.

Ling Xiao silently accepted the list and when no one was around, he took it out for a look.

There were twelve names on the list. It was comprised of Chu Xiu Palace’s Elder Lin, two other Elders, three maids, and seven eunuchs. Among the eunuchs, two of them were stockers.

Ling Xiao silently put away the list as he sunk into deep contemplation.

For several days after, Ling Xiao didn’t take out the list again. Instead, he only told the five people from before to stay in their own positions and pay close attention to the maids and eunuchs that came and went.

Since they were greedy, they had the experience of passing on letters and knew which areas were particularly hidden. Ling Xiao just told them to stay in areas they believed were suspicious and wait for an opportunity.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 This had really allowed Ling Xiao to grab a whole pile of people. During the process of secretly scouting around, they had even discovered that the high official of the Ministry of Appointments had helped plant the informers.

Altogether, there were seven: four maids and three eunuchs. Perhaps there were even more, but Ling Xiao could only find these seven for now.

All seven of them were by Concubine Ran’s side.

Concubine Ran was the Ministry of Appointment Official’s daughter. She had entered the palace as a concubine for two years now and was rather favored in the palace.  

Since the Ministry of Appointment Official’s daughter was favored, he had quite a bit of power within the assembly. His influence was equally matched to the Prime Minister’s. The seven people he arranged around Concubine Ran could have been just to take care of Concubine Ran, or maybe to just make communication more convenient.

However, Ling Xiao did not care about these details, he just needed to get the list. The other matters were not for him to worry about. The Emperor could have a headache over them.

Apart from this, Ling Xiao felt that the defense of this palace should be strengthened much more. Don’t even mention other areas, that new house of his that was awarded to him not too long ago must have its defenses reinforced.

Last time, Lan Wei had been in his room chatting with him for almost half the night. The sword had also come at him a few times, and no one was even aware of it!

They even let Lan Wei noiselessly leave the palace!

Although Ling Xiao knew from before that Lan Wei’s martial arts weren’t all that weak, he still didn’t think he was that good!

He had freely entered and left the palace!

As a result, Ling Xiao had called over many eunuchs to keep watch for the past few days.

You want to ask why he called over eunuchs, Ling Xiao could only say he wasn’t the leader of the imperial guards. He was unable to call those imperial guards, and he also didn’t dare to call them as he wished, attracting the Emperor’s attention.

Even after calling over eunuchs to keep watch, Ling Xiao did not feel much security. So, after carefully thinking about it, he made a small mechanism in his room.

At nightfall, just as expected, there was an extra light blue figure in his house.

Additionally, all the eunuchs and maids within the house were taken out by him.

Ling Xiao stared stupefied at Lan Wei who was sitting in his seat for three seconds, then silently turned away. In the second he turned around, the familiar sword cry echoed by his ear, then an ice-cold touch once more climbed up his neck.

“Where do you think you are going? Ling Xiao.” Lan Wei sinisterly said.

Ling Xiao widened his eyes, staring at the sword as it emitted a faint cold light, and the corners of his mouth tugged a little. He carefully pushed away the sword, saying, “Young Master Lan Wei, do you have to use such a simple and violent style every time you meet me?”

Lan Wei coldly humphed and shook off the hand Ling Xiao had used to move his sword, moving the sword back to Ling Xiao’s neck and said, “Less nonsense. This Young Master wants to ask you something. I have already sent the letter to you, but it has been two to three days. Why have I not seen any movement? Do you want to renege?”

Saying this, Lan Wei’s face already had a hint of anger. The point of the sword pushed on, about to cut open Ling Xiao’s skin. Ling Xiao’s body went rigid, his eyes flashed a little as he hastily said, “Young Master Lan Wei, you’re misunderstanding me. It’s not that I don’t want to help, it’s just that the list you sent… has a mistake.”

“Impossible!” Lan Wei frowned, “That list was taken by this Young Master from father’s study, it should not have a problem!”

Listening, Ling Xiao raised an eyebrow and grabbed onto the point, “Lord Prime Minister’s study?”

Ling Xiao closed his eyes and contemplated, then said with purpose, “This list wasn’t given to you by the Lord Prime Minister?

Lan Wei pursed his lips when he heard this and with a displeased face said, “You ask too many questions!”

He was clearly trying to cover it up, so Ling Xiao confirmed that point. This list really wasn’t handed over by the Prime Minister, but it had been secretly taken by Lan Wei straight from the Prime Minister’s study!

It was as he thought, the Prime Minister was crafty. It was impossible for him to hand over the list, and Lan Wei wanted to hand over the list to help Mo Qi no matter what. Under the circumstances where he had different intentions from the Prime Minister, like how Lan Wei wanted to help Mo Qi, he could only do one thing.

Hide the matter from the Prime Minister and steal the list to hand it over.

Lan Wei, this person, was proud and arrogant, but what he hated the most was cheating others.

As such, the authenticity of this list was one hundred percent!

Thinking this and that, Ling Xiao finally had a solution in mind and secretly praised Lan Wei once as the Godly Assistant.

However, glimpsing at the sharp sword against his neck that was threatening his life, Ling Xiao couldn’t help but become nervous again. He glanced at the mechanism he had just set up by his bedside, his brains hurriedly working. He then thought of an idea to get away and cleared his throat, resuming Lan Wei’s conversation, “Since the list was brought by Young Master Lan Wei from the Lord Prime Minister’s study, then… did you perhaps got the wrong one or did you leave one by mistake? Because the one I have in my hand is only half the list.”

Lan Wei showed anger at what he heard and couldn’t help but sneer, “Ling Xiao, don’t try any trick with this Young Master! Father’s study barely had this one list, this Young Master has given you the whole thing.”

“I wouldn’t dare to trick Young Master Lan Wei, this list really only has half. If you don’t believe me, I can give it to you so you can take a look.” Ling Xiao was formulating an evil plan in his mind, but his face was still very solemn.

Lan Wei raised an eyebrow, then carefully looked at Ling Xiao’s expression. He was considering the credibility of Ling Xiao’s words and, finally, pursed his lips indicating for Ling Xiao to take out the list.

Ling Xiao took advantage to guide Lan Wei. He glanced at the bedside and said, “The list isn’t on me, it’s on the bed over there.”

Lan Wei pursed his lip, lifting his sword as he led Ling Xiao over. Ling Xiao’s eyes flashed a bit, and he bent down by the bedside, putting on an act of bending down to look for something. Suddenly, he pulled down hard on the mechanism by the bedside and speedily climbed onto the bed. Borrowing the force of the headboard, he rolled inwards twice.

Lan Wei was startled and wanted to advance to grab Ling Xiao, but a large net from above his head suddenly dropped down. Caught off guard, he was netted and then tied.

With a “clang”, Lan Wei’s sword followed and fell to the ground. Because he was also tied up, he lost his balance and fell down.

Upon seeing this, Ling Xiao got up from the bed and evilly smiled at Lan Wei.

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