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Side Story 2: Luo Yuchen’s Diary (II)

TL: Resonance


Looks like this diary reading has allowed me to find out about many things I never knew.

  十二月二十五日 晴

25th December, clear


After Xiao Heng gifted me the alcohol, he said he had something on and actually left. Great. A while after he left, Song Jia wanted to leave too. So embarrassing. My birthday afternoon was so depressing.


Fortunately, Xiao Heng came to my house again at night and even brought along a cake. I was happy with the two of us.


It’s indeed great to have a good brother.


I must dump Song Jia tomorrow.


Why is Xiao Heng not a girl?


If Xiao Heng dates a girl in the future, will he still be as loyal as he is now? So unhappy to think about.


I have decided. I’m so handsome. If Xiao Heng really dates a girl, I will definitely snatch her over. Then, I will dump her. I won’t let Xiao Heng be disloyal.


Xiao Heng was speechless reading this.


The undisguised emotion shown within this childishness… It’s clearly not friendship!


Luo Yuchen, don’t tell me you have been secretly in love with me since then? Should a good brother think this way towards another? You keep wishing that I was a girl and even wanted to remove any girls around me… 


Xiao Heng felt a little silly, happy and confused.


Is Luo Yuchen too dense or am I just thinking too much?


Such misleading words… 


Xiao Heng couldn’t understand, so he just shook his head. Let’s just treat it as Luo Yuchen being secretly in love with me then. It has already been so long, it’s useless to think too much about it. Xiao Heng decided to ignore Luo Yuchen’s strange words.


Oh right, I still wanted to read about An Qi.


Flipping back to the front, Xiao Heng didn’t find An Qi. Instead, he stopped because of another name. 


Liu Lu.


In Xiao Heng’s memory, she was a scary woman.


She’s the girl that Luo Yuchen has dated for the longest of three months. She was pretty and had a unique personality. She acts rashly and was a little arrogant. Xiao Heng felt that she was basically a female version of Luo Yuchen. Luo Yuchen’s attitude towards her wasn’t as cold, perhaps due to how rare it was to meet someone of similar personality. Luo Yuchen looked both serious and not serious towards her, it was a period that Xiao Heng sense of crises of at its strongest.


Has Luo Yuchen and Liu Lu been serious in the past?


Xiao Heng sucked in a breath after reading only a few lines.

  八月一日 热

1st August, hot


Today, I was confessed to by the class beauty of class five.  She’s so pretty, of course I will accept her. This girl is quite different from the rest. Now only is she not obedient, she also told me clearly in the afternoon that she likes Xiao Heng and asked me to do as I see fit.


How interesting. A fierce woman. Trying to advance by retreating?


Conquering this kind of woman is much more interesting. My fighting spirit has been ignited.


She likes… me…?


Xiao Heng’s brain crashed reading these few lines.


These girls are so strange. Why do they say that they like me when they are all dating Luo Yuchen?


And this Liu Lu was the type to act angel in front of Luo Yuchen but act devil in front of Xiao Heng.


She was probably the first to realise that Xiao Heng’s feelings towards Luo Yuchen was more than friendship. Whenever Xiao Heng and Liu Lu were alone, she would often speak sharply and bitterly to Xiao Heng, making Xiao Heng very scared to see her.


“Why are you always following Luo Yuchen? Don’t you find it annoying?


“You’re a guy, but you always act like you’re Luo Yuchen’s wife. What are you trying to do?”


“Don’t think I don’t know your dirty thoughts. Quickly get back to the right path. Luo Yuchen is not for someone like you to think about.”


Xiao Heng felt that he was extremely contempted by her, but who would have thought… 


She probably hates me a lot. She should be joking when she said that to Luo Yuchen.

  八月四日 小雨

4th August, drizzle


We agreed to eat together today but Xiao Heng was unwilling to come.


I asked many times but he just wouldn’t tell me why.


Liu Lu said that Xiao Heng didn’t come because of her and asked me if I wanted her or Xiao Heng.


Brother like limbs, wife like clothes…


But I said that I wanted her. We have only dated for three days and the fresh feeling still wasn’t over.


It’s not like Xiao Heng will be gone anyway, he wouldn’t fight with me because of her.


Xiao Heng was unhappy. It has always been like this. Luo Yuchen has always placed me as second priority.


Back then, I wasn’t being overly jealous. I was just truly afraid to go out with them. Liu Lu hated me and also knew about my true feelings. I was afraid that she would suddenly say something unnecessary to Luo Yuchen and Luo Yuchen would break friendship with me after knowing it, so I avoided them obediently.


Xiao Heng continued looking through the content and it was pretty much the same. 

  九月七日 晴

7th September, clear


I can’t take it anymore. If I continue dating this Liu Lu, Xiao Heng wouldn’t come out anymore.


It has been a month and we barely had two meals together. I’m not low to the point of abandoning my brother for a woman whose heart wasn’t on me.


But I’m still unhappy. It’s the first time I met someone so unique and hard to conquer.


So I decided to continue dating her.


It’s only temporary anyway. Xiao Heng doesn’t get along with her but it’s not like he will be angry with me.

  十月四日 阴

4th October, overcast


I was finally able to ask Xiao Heng out to sing, but Liu Lu actually argued with him.


I went out to buy some drinks and heard Liu Lu scolding Xiao Heng “cheap” when I came back.


When Xiao Heng saw that I’ve came back, he rushed out,


It was rare to see Liu Lu cry and it took me half a day to coax her.


After coaxing her, I went to coax Xiao Heng. Xiao Heng wasn’t angry, but he wouldn’t tell me what happened when I asked.


I went back and asked Liu Lu and she told me that Xiao Heng took advantage of her. I didn’t believe it.


I will temporarily not ask Xiao Heng to play with us.


Xiao Heng still clearly remembers that day. That day, taking the chance that Luo Yuchen wasn’t around, Liu Lu threatened to tell Luo Yuchen about Xiao Heng true feelings. Xiao Heng was truly scared and kept begging Liu Lu not to say in the KTV room. Then, Liu Lu got angry and started scolding him.


The scolding was very unpleasant to hear. When Luo Yuchen came back, Xiao Heng was very afraid and could only escape.


When Xiao Heng went out, he felt like his world had collapsed and thought that it’s the end this time. Afterwards, he didn’t know why Liu Lu didn’t go according to her threat and tell Luo Yuchen Xiao Heng’s true feelings.


If she truly likes me just like that Luo Yuchen said, then she was probably soft-hearted.


When you like someone, you’re unable to steel your heart no matter how fierce you appear. For some reason, Xiao Heng felt gloomy.


He felt like he saw his other self in the mirror.

  十一月七日 晴

7th November, clear


I’m tired. I don’t have the energy to try and conquer Liu Lu anymore. If this goes on, it’s the end of me and Xiao Heng. Dump her.


When we broke up today, I asked her, “Do you truly like Xiao Heng?”


From the way I see it, she’s here to ruin things.


Then, she actually said, “What shit do you know.”


What a crude woman.


I asked, “Which part of Xiao Heng is better than me and which part has attracted you?”


She said, “The look of his eyes and his devotion as he secretly likes someone with all his heart and ignore the rest of the world.”


What is this? I feel so unhappy. I had thought that it was a pity, but it seems like I was right to dump her. 


But I didn’t even know that Xiao Heng has someone he likes! Why did he let this girl know!


I’m so unhappy. Xiao Heng is being too much.


She must be speaking nonsense. Why do I not see Xiao Heng liking any girls?


Liu Lu had actually observed so well… 


Xiao Heng put on a wry smile. A girl’s thought is so accurate. Or perhaps, when you like someone, you place all your attention on that person and you will naturally be able to notice things that cannot be noticed by others.


Liu Lu towards me and me towards Luo Yuchen. No matter how much effort the person who likes put in, the person who is liked doesn’t know.


Luo Yuchen never knew how fervently I looked at him. However, Xiao Heng realised that he also didn’t know how seriously the girl called Liu Lu had liked him when he thought of himself.


She would rather use a method that would make Xiao Heng scared of her and hate her just so she can pull him back to the “right path”.


Sorry. I’m sorry that I’ve never noticed your feelings and never knew that you were doing this for me.


Xiao Heng doesn’t know where this girl is now or what she’s doing, but he hopes that she can find happiness.


Xiao Heng brought his thoughts back to the diary and saw that what’s written afterwards were all Luo Yuchen’s grumbling. While laughing, Xiao Heng flipped many pages towards the back before finally finding the day when An Qi became Luo Yuchen’s girlfriend.

  十二月二日 冷

2nd December, cold


Today, I finally dumped Wang Qiang and changed to An Qi who is the beauty of class three.


I clearly remember that she confessed to Xiao Heng not long ago.


Thus, I asked her directly what she likes about Xiao Heng. The look of his eyes? His personality? His grades? Or how handsome he looks when playing basketball?


She was stunned for a moment before saying that that wasn’t the case. 


She said that Xiao Heng is very gentle and has helped her before when she was bullied by her classmates.


Stupid Xiao Heng. Why are you so caring? Look at the unintentional love you have sowed!


Xiao Heng doesn’t remember helping An Qi before.


Sometimes, things are just this way. Sometimes, when you do something, you may forget about it but someone else remembers it. And sometimes, when you wish for someone to remember something you did, the person doesn’t remember.


I guess it’s just like this. Xiao Heng quietly placed the diary back onto the bookshelf.


Liu Lu, Song Jia and An Qi. I didn’t know about their feelings at all. I wonder if I have hurt them unintentionally when I have interacted with them before.


I focus too much on Luo Yuchen. My world is really so small, I don’t even know what’s happening outside.


I can’t be like this. Xiao Heng felt that he should work hard to make Luo Yuchen just a part of his world and not the whole of his world.


It’s a pity… Xiao Heng still didn’t know why Luo Yuchen dated the girls that liked him.


Don’t tell me he drove away the girls that like me away out of jealousy because he unconsciously likes me?


Xiao Heng shook his head and didn’t think about it any further.


In the blink of an eye, it’s November. Luo Yuchen started getting busy.


He attended many shows, took pictures, recorded music and was rarely home.


On the other hand, Xiao Heng who was the president was more relaxed. Therefore, he would cook delicious and nutritious food to nourish Luo Yuchen when he is free.


Luo Yuchen looked regretful whenever he saw Xiao Heng.


Xiao Heng always smiled and said, “It’s okay, I’m not lonely. Just concentrate on your work as the family depends on you to feed.”


Xiao Heng wasn’t wrong to say this. Not only does Luo Yuchen earn money to feed him, Xiao Heng’s salary comes partly from Luo Yuchen.


Therefore, Xiao Heng doesn’t find anything bad about Luo Yuchen working, as long as he doesn’t tire himself too much.


Despite that, Luo Yuchen still felt guilty. Of course, there was another reason why he was guilty. Recently, there are many scandals about celebrity Luo Yuchen and a famous female celebrity.


Their pictures were taken when they went to eat behind Xiao Heng’s back.


Xiao Heng was enraged when he saw the report. He called and asked the celebrity, “Didn’t you say it was due to work when you couldn’t come home to eat that day?”


Yet, Luo Yuchen replied confidently, “Isn’t it work?”


“Is that so? You were having a meal with a girl dressed so flirtatiously and you call it work. Are you a host?”


In any case, I’m still the president. The work I assigned to you are acting, taking pictures and singing. Why do I not remember assigning you to entertain a female guest?


“Xiao Heng, be more courteous when you speak.” Luo Yuchen sounded gloomy over the phone.


Be more courteous? Why weren’t you more courteous with your smile when you smile at another woman?


“Yes, the words I used aren’t very pleasant. I don’t need you to remind me. You’re the one at wrong and you have the cheek to ask me to be more courteous?”


“Isn’t it just a meal? Why are you jealous over such a thing?”


“I’m not being jealous!”


“Xiao Heng, stopped acting like a jealous wife…”


Jealous wife? Me? The heck!


The more they spoke, the angrier he was and the more meaningless it was. Xiao Heng who was labeled as a jealous wife simply decided to be a ‘jealous wife’ till the end and hung up the phone.


This XXXXX Luo Yuchen!!


Luo Yuchen was fast to reflect. That night, he brought back a bouquet and chocolate to apologise.


Xiao Heng was very unhappy with this action of Luo Yuchen. He wasn’t like those rich ladies who always sit at home, easily coaxed by these little gifts bought back after the husband messed around outside.


However, since Luo Yuchen was sincere and it wasn’t anything much to eat with others, Xiao Heng didn’t think it was necessary to investigate Luo Yuchen’s life and limit his freedom.


It wasn’t much to eat and shop with others. Xiao Heng just wished that Luo Yuchen would speak the truth and not lie to him.


After this incident, Luo Yuchen who has many scandals going about was very cautious for a period of time.


However, he is still as busy as usual. He was busy to the point Xiao Heng started to hinder and secretly lessen his workload. Though, Luo Yuchen is probably still full of energy judging by how insatiable he is in bed.


“Baby Xiao Heng…” After their intimate act, Luo Yuchen hugged Xiao Heng and said hesitantly.


“What is it…” Xiao Heng was very tired as he replied dazedly.


“I’m going to America for filming…” The voice sounded timid.


“En.” Xiao Heng agreed softly and asked, “How long?”


It must be pretty long. Otherwise, Luo Yuchen wouldn’t look so troubled when he came back.


“One month…” The voice sounded even more timid.


It’s really long. Xiao Heng thought.


“It’s okay, go ahead.” Xiao Heng said.


It’s only one month.


“I’m sorry Xiao Heng, leaving you alone.” Someone is starting to be greasy.


“It’s okay. Work is important.” Xiao Heng said as he thought , “I’m not a three years old kid, it’s okay leaving me alone.”


“I’m sorry Xiao Heng…” Luo Yuchen hugged Xiao Heng and said once more, giving Xiao Heng a “En, not bad, he cares about me” feel.


Then, Luo Yuchen flew to the other side of the earth. Nevertheless, Luo Yuchen was still a good lover and called back every night despite the time difference.


He was very greasy over the phone, but Xiao Heng was still happy to listen.


However, problems started appearing one another three days after Luo Yuchen reached America.


Firstly, it is the female celebrity who had a meal with Luo Yuchen. She was photographed that she came out of a hotel with another man. Since Xiao Heng was bored, he continued watching the live press conference with a gossipy mind. Then, a reporter stood up and asked, “May I ask how your scandaled boyfriend Luo Yuchen who is in America thinks about this?”


I thought it was just a meal, since when did he become her scandaled boyfriend? Xiao Heng clenched his teeth gloomily.


Usually, an artist would avoid this kind of question.


What made Xiao Heng stunned was that the woman suddenly started crying. She said as she cried, “The picture isn’t even real, I’m so worried that Yuchen will misunderstand.”


Yuchen? Xiao Heng almost smashed the TV.


I have never called him so intimately before, who gave this woman the rights to?


The press conference was in great commotion. The subject immediately changed from “A celebrity went to the hotel with his lover” to “A celebrity and the popular Luo Yuchen’s relationship revealed”.


Luo Yuchen, you better call and explain quickly!


Yet, Luo Yuchen didn’t react. During the routine night call, Luo Yuchen asked slowly, “Baby Xiao Heng, how was your day today?”


“Not good!” Xiao Heng roared, “Don’t try to dismiss the problem.”


Luo yuchen laughed, “My Xiao Heng, how can you believe a crazy woman’s word?”


Just one sentence deflated Xiao Heng’s swelling arrogance to dejection.


I have overreacted… Since when did I start losing my self control…


Luo Yuchen is right. It’s just a crazy woman. Why did I start going crazy just because of her one-sided declaration?


This is dangerous. This is the beginning sign of a gentle and good lover turning into a overly suspicious and hateful jealous partner.


Xiao Heng is very scared that he will turn that way one day.


Hence, Xiao Heng started reflecting.


He had just wanted to spend the days peacefully when an even more explosive news came out.


Xiao Heng is the president. No matter how much he didn’t want to concern himself with the various dramas in the entertainment circle, someone will automatically put those reports on his office table, especially with the big issue that happened today.


The paparazzi has taken a photo of celebrity Luo Yuchen, who was under his company, having a hot kiss with a newbie female celebrity who co-star with him in a film in America.


It was in the front page headlines on a large colored page. The picture was taken so well it couldn’t even be denied.


Xiao Heng was in a big headache when he saw it.


“It isn’t photoshopped nor a scene from the film?” Xiao Heng held the newspaper and gloomily asked the technical appraisal staff in the emergency meeting.


“No, the picture is 100% authentic.” The staff replied certainly.


How dare you Luo Yuchen. Xiao Heng thought as he clenched his teeth.


“Xiao Heng, stay calm.” Vice-president Fang Xieyi said quietly from the side.


I’m very calm. Xiao Heng smiled with his teeth showing. I’m calm enough to know that you’re dead this time Luo Yuchen.


“President Xiao, how should we explain to the public?” Fang Xieyi asked.


“Of course, we don’t have to explain.” Xiao Heng said.


“But I’m worried this will damage Luo Yuchen’s reputation…” Someone said.


“Not really.” Fang Xieyi replied certainly with a smile, “Luo Yuchen went with the sexy route and has never been short of these scandals. The person this time is a newbie young idol and it’s just a kiss, there shouldn’t be any problem. There will be benefits if we don’t give our explanation for now.


“Wise.” Xiao Heng smiled.


As the female celebrity is currently heavily promoted by another rivaling company, it was easy to make her success or ruin her.


Luo Yuchen is already an unshakable pillar in the entertainment circle. As long as the company doesn’t say anything, the other company will have to come up with a good condition to buy their explanation in order to protect the female they heavily invested in. At the same, it can also help to boost Luo Yuchen’s image, killing two birds with one stone.


The company’s matter has been settled successfully and there wasn’t much to worry about. However, Xiao Heng was starting to be unhappy with Luo Yuchen’s attitude.


Xiao Heng called the moment he saw the news. Yet, Luo Yuchen didn’t answer. 


Only after a while did he receive a message from Luo Yuchen saying that he was busy with work and will call back at night.


Work work work. Are you working or picking up girls?


Asshole, I dare you to pick up the phone now. Don’t try to drag it till tonight to think of excuses.


Xiao Heng was already enraged yet Luo Yuchen’s phone call came extremely late.


The moment Xiao Heng picked up the phone, he roared, “Explain!”


Luo Yuchen on the other hand was still very relaxed and even laughed, “Baby Xiao Heng, it’s such a rare phone call, why are you so fierce?


Xiao Heng had the urge to smash the phone.


“Do you miss me?” Playboy Luo Yuchen asked flirtatiously over the phone.


“Miss you? Miss you my ass.”


Xiao Heng felt insulted. Luo Yuchen’s “Do you miss me?” made him sound like he was a high official who finally visited the brothel after a long while and when he came, he said to the woman who had originally served him, “Girl, did you miss this lord?” Not only could the woman not greet him with a slap, she still has to smile and say, “My~ Lord hasn’t visit Xiao Cui for so long, did you forget Xiao Cui already~”


“Hey, just what are you so angry about? Are you on your period?” Luo Yuchen was also unhappy as he replied.


Xiao Heng didn’t know what to say. He only wanted an explanation but found himself having no energy to ask the second time.


The phone call ended helplessly and the situation wasn’t settled.


With the disturbance regarding Luo Yuchen kissing the young female star, people shifted their attention back to the female celebrity, the self proclaimed Luo Yuchen’s girlfriend.


Not wanting to be outdone, the woman labeled as “crazy woman” by Luo Yuchen seems to not find the issue chaotic enough and held a press conference to describe everything about Luo Yuchen and her relationship.


“Yuchen is a gentle and good lover, I believe in him.”


Xiao Heng immediately called Fang Xieyi and very ungentlemanly asked him to block off the woman from the entertainment circle.


Good lover? How so? Why do I not see it?


You believe in him? Then you can play with him on one side.


Xiao Heng felt indignant. It isn’t because he doesn’t believe in Luo Yuchen. However, Luo Yuchen’s attitude is really hateful. If Xiao Heng doesn’t kill off Luo Yuchen’s ‘power’, he feels that Luo Yuchen is going to take control of him again.


Hence, Xiao Heng never answered Luo Yuchen’s phone call again. The moment Luo Yuchen called, he would hang up.

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