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Chapter 6: The Things You Shouldn’t Look At, You Should Just Not Look

Ruan Yesheng sat upright on the edges of the sickbed.

Xi Mo sat upright on a chair that was next to the sickbed.

In the ten minutes that passed by, the two people that were in the room didn’t say a word to each other. Instead, they only stared at each other. The pressure of the room felt low and was frightening. Xi Mo and Ruan Yesheng didn’t object to staring at each other, but their teeth felt itchy when they did.

They felt better knowing that what they were staring at was their very own faces and bodies. If this weren’t the case, then they definitely would have objected to staring at each other. The only thing they felt right now was hatred for each other which made their teeth feel itchy.

Even though Xi Mo felt irritated, not a single bit of her irritation showed on her face. Since her enemy was motionless, then she also should be motionless.

She was the ancestor of all pretentious pricks. You could tell from the noble and elegant appearance that she usually gave off. It would only take one cold glance from her to pierce through someone’s heart and send their soul flying away.

Thus, it still ended up being Ruan Yesheng who spoke first. The voice that came out was Xi Mo’s own cold voice. However, the tone was the soft and charming style of Ruan Yesheng. “I’ll skip the nonsense. Even though it’s unbelievable, it’s a fact that we’ve switched bodies if we look at our current state.”

Xi Mo’s face went stiff.

She thought to herself, I’m not blind, and I’m not a fool.

It’s clear to me that we’ve switched bodies! Isn’t this obvious? Did you still have to say it and provoke me?!

So much for skipping the nonsense! If this isn’t you going back on your own words by saying nonsense, then what is this?

Ruan Yesheng noticed that Xi Mo remained expressionless. After she carefully examined her for a while, she then asked her, “Xi Mo, I’m curious. How are you feeling?”

Xi Mo moved her lips. “I want to throw up.”

She felt so disgusted that she wanted to throw up.

Ruan Yesheng became speechless.

Ruan Yesheng got up from her seat. She pretended to be considerate by getting a cup of water for Xi Mo.

Xi Mo took the cup of of water, but she didn’t drink it. Instead, she placed it to the side.

Ruan Yesheng was accustomed to her attitude. She merely folded her two hands gracefully over her knees before she asked with a smile on her face, “Does my body look good?”

Xi Mo: “……”

Ruan Yesheng laughed. She then directed her gaze towards her chest. “Hey. Didn’t you say earlier on the phone that you already went to the washroom and that you’ve stripped the clothing off my body to check? You even said that there was a big burn on my chest and that my chest was close to being cut off by the doctor. You’ve seen everything. Don’t you have anything to say about my body?”

Xi Mo: “……”

Ruan Yesheng was unwilling to give up. She continued her line of questioning with a smile that was as refreshing as the spring breeze, “Do you think that my body is ugly now that my chest is burned? You can just say what you think. I won’t get offended.”

Xi Mo: “……”

She thought to herself, I just think that you’re the world’s lowliest person!

Xi Mo’s tone was indifferent when she said, “You should go ask the nurse if you really want to know. Your clothes were changed by the nurse, so she’ll definitely give you a fair evaluation. She will say however beautiful you want to be.”

“So you never looked?” Ruan Yesheng raised her eyebrows.

Xi Mo remained indifferent. “I have no interest in other people’s bodies. I just want to return to my own body.”

Ruan Yesheng softly clicked her tongue, “My chest wasn’t actually ruined. You were trying to trick me with that. My little heart can’t take this.”

Her bright eyes suddenly glanced over before she pointed to herself which was actually the body of Xi Mo. “Oh, right. It’s your little heart.”

Xi Mo: “……”

Xi Mo didn’t feel like exchanging superfluous words with Ruan Yesheng before they got down to more important business. She began to discuss the main topic of today. “Do you remember what happened at the hotel? I don’t remember much about it. The only thing that I remember was that there was something outside of the washroom.”

The expression in Ruan Yesheng’s eyes turned into a deep one as she pondered. She then replied, “My memory isn’t clear either. The only thing that I remember is that something came from the outside. I was already in the hospital when I woke up.”

Xi Mo frowned before she muttered to herself, “I feel like the turning point for us was at that moment. The reason we swapped bodies may have something to do with the thing that came in. I want to go back to the hotel and take a look around. We aren’t going to get anywhere if we just randomly guess about what happened. ”

Ruan Yesheng felt a strange feeling inside of her. It was probably because this was the first time that she had seen Xi Mo talk so seriously to herself.

Her mood began to strangely turn into a better one. She nodded her head, “I also want to go take a look. However, it’s already been blocked off. We can’t do anything about it right now. We should wait for a better opportunity.”

The expression in Xi Mo’s eyes turned even colder. “In that case, I hope you can properly act like me before the time comes for us to switch back into ourselves.”

The corners of Ruan Yesheng’s mouth curled upwards. She began to softly chuckle.

“You should know what’s most important to an artist considering that we both are inside of this circle together.” Xi Mo added.

Ruan Yesheng pretended to be innocent as she purposely asked, “Of course I know since I’m also in it. The most important thing in the entertainment industry is to…um…. Isn’t it to cling onto someone with power and to follow the unspoken rules?

Xi Mo: “……”

It was already impossible for her to get any crankier.

Ruan Yesheng saw that she was finally able to break the taut expression of Xi Mo that was like a corpse. She laughed delightfully. Unfortunately, that face was her very own. She used to have a confident expression on her face. Why was it that her face really looked like the face of a corpse once it was taken over by Xi Mo?

Xi Mo solemnly said, “I really care about my public image. Itt is related to me, my company and has long-term implications on my career. If you want to become me, then I’d trouble you to become more dedicated. From this point on, you have to think about your every move.”

“I know.” Ruan Yesheng said as she looked into her own eyes. “You can rest assured.”

Xi Mo was not as open-hearted as Ruan Yesheng. When she saw the two eyes that used to belong to her looking back at her with determination, it was completely different from when she looked at herself in the mirror. She could feel goosebumps on her skin from looking at them.

Why is it so disgusting? I can’t look straight into them.

Ruan Yesheng raised her finger. She leaned over before she waved her finger around in front of Xi Mo. “I’ve done the training since I’m an actress. I’d also trouble you to take good care of my image as well, Movie Queen”

“Get away from me.” Xi Mo responded coldly.

Ruan Yesheng sat back onto the bed. “Actually, I thought that you would come to strangle me to death.”

Xi Mo’s tone returned to one of indifference. “There’s no time for that. I have more important things to do.”

Actually, I really want to strangle you.

However, I would be strangling my own body. In fact, I really want to strangle this body of yours. However, I’m the one living in this body so I’d be strangling myself. I’d also be the one feeling the pain. I’ll have to endure the urge that I have for now.

Ruan Yesheng tilted her head before she smiled. “Ah. Is that the case? Xi Mo, you haven’t changed at all. You’d be calm even if you were on your deathbed. You’re always thinking of the bigger picture.”

Xi Mo scoffed in her mind. Prick.

“Let me ask you something.” Xi Mo glanced at her, “I want you to answer honestly.”

“What?” Ruan Yesheng raised her head.

The expression in Xi Mo’s eyes became frosty. If you looked carefully, you’d also notice some fierceness in them. “Have you stripped and inspected my body? Where is it hurt?”

Ruan Yesheng covered her mouth with both hands. She had a meaningful expression on her face.

Xi Mo’s gaze cut into her like knives.

Ruan Yesheng replied ambiguously, “Why don’t you just ask the nurse?”

Xi Mo was unable to tell whether Ruan Yesheng had checked her body or not from just looking at her. This made her feel more agitated. If Ruan Yesheng had done so, then she would hate it if she was unable to throttle her. However, if her body wasn’t properly checked, she wouldn’t be able to tell what type of injuries she had. She was strict on herself. The smallest blemish would anger her for an entire day.

Her heart thumped like crazy, and she was unable to endure it. She passed over the cellphone she had used to Ruan Yesheng.

Ruan Yesheng noticed that it was her own cellphone. She had a slightly nervous expression. She reached out to take it.

Xi Mo said in an indifferent tone, “I didn’t look at the things inside. I don’t care about other people’s hobbies. I also hope that other people respect my privacy. The things you shouldn’t look at, you should just not look.”

Ruan Yesheng didn’t turn on the phone. If Xi Mo said that she didn’t look, then it must be true. She was relieved as she put away her phone. “Thanks. I’d trouble you to buy a new one later, but don’t change the number.”

Xi Mo didn’t reply.

It was already evening, and the sun was gradually setting. The rays of the sun felt cooler. It shined through the hospital curtains. It was dazzling, but it also made the room feel colder.

The room was quiet for a while.

“Xi Mo.” Ruan Yesheng called out warmly.

Xi Mo was once again covered in goosebumps. “What?”

“I’m hungry.”

Xi Mo: “……”

This person is just so…!

Xi Mo endured it. She spat out two words, “Then eat.”

Ruan Yesheng spread her arms out innocently. She then said with a clear expression on her face. “Lu Qingming and the nurses have all left. I have nothing to eat. You also should know that it’s inconvenient for me to go out like this.”

Xi Mo felt like slapping her face the same way that you slap a mosquito when she saw the pitiful expression that was on it.

Ruan Yesheng added, “If you don’t mind the reporters crowding inside to secretly take photos, then I will just go buy something to eat myself. Want me to pick something up for you?”

She blinked her eyes. “Right, I wonder what tomorrow’s headline will be? The nation’s goddess, Xi Mo, sneaks out of the hospital to buy food when she meets a fan. The reporters will love it. Was the beauty disfigured or was her brain fried?. ”

Xi Mo clenched her teeth and laughed coldly, “Ho ho.”

She stood straight up like a bolt and turned around while preparing to leave the room.

Ruan Yesheng’s voice drifted to her from behind, “Xi Mo, I want seafood for dinner.”

Xi Mo, “……”

My body is allergic to seafood. Do you want to kill me?!

She turned around before she said in a stern tone that was imposing, “Go sit down on the bed. You’ll eat whatever I buy..”

Ruan Yesheng didn’t say a word. She sat upright on the bed while using Xi Mo’s face to make a disgustingly obedient expression. “Oh.”

Xi Mo pushed down the anger that made veins feel like they were going to burst. She once again put on a noble and elegant appearance before she pushed the door open to leave.

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