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Chapter 13: My Heart Is With You

As she didn’t really have any other options, Xi Mo had no choice but to follow the two of them on Weibo. After she’d done so, Xi Mo was able to see the excitement in their eyes at being able to form a group and join forces. This caused a layer of goosebumps to form on Xi Mo’s skin.

The photographer and makeup artist stretched out their hands and said, “From now on, we’re comrades!”

Xi Mo was forced to shake hands with them, leaving her speechless.

The photographer and makeup artist both said at the same time, “Xi Mo memeda!”

Xi Mo continued to remain speechless.

They even had their own catchphrase; this was definitely a cult!

The conference that Ruan Yesheng was attending was still ongoing. Meanwhile, the GIF of her drinking water was still going viral on Weibo. After many people gathered, they started a demonstration against Chen Qingbie. Once again, Chen Qingbie’s Weibo’s comment section was flooded with Xi Mo’s fans.

Xi Mo decided to take a look, as every dog had its day. Meanwhile, Chen Qingbie replied lightly like the spring wind: “Hoho, oh quiet girl, our goddess is not disfigured!”

Hoho, oh quiet girl, our goddess is not disfigured!”

“Hoho, oh quiet girl, our goddess is not disfigured!”

Xi Mo was speechless when she saw this. Right now, it seemed better to have haters than fans.

Chen Qingbie’s fans immediately started to fight back, and both parties started yet another round of war.

After her break was over, Xi Mo continued with the rest of her shots with a burdened mind. Even though she was proud and picky, she’d always been very dedicated to her work. Back when she’d been filming for movies, she’d always endure no matter how hard it was. The current work she was doing was more of burden on her mind than anything. However, she still endured on the surface and didn’t utter a single complaint throughout. As such, everyone present, including the person in charge, looked at her favorably.

The makeup artist and photographer took out their phones and patted her on the shoulder. Smiling, they said, “Miss Ruan, let’s take a commemorative picture.”

Matt was already holding up his phone for a selfie in front them. Xi Mo saw the phone swaying under the light, and then felt someone hugging her shoulders and positioning themselves in front of the camera. She immediately felt a chill from the depth of heart and her whole body shook.

Her face immediately paling, Xi Mo quickly moved away. She didn’t look at the camera, and even pushed Matt away on conditioned reflect.

The two men were shocked by her. “Miss Ruan?”

This was the first time that Xi Mo had felt so awkward outside. Her neck now soaked in sweat, she somewhat forcefully said, “Sorry, I’m just not used to taking a selfie with others. My reaction just now was a little bit extreme. Did I scare the two of you?”

They hurriedly replied,” No, no, we didn’t know. We’re the ones at fault. Miss Ruan, are you alright?”

Xi Mo adjusted her hair, using the action to calm her heart. She replied, “I’m fine, thank you.”

She then lifted her head and, using her experience as an actor, quickly changed her expression to a smile and said, “I’m too ugly; I’m not suited for selfies with others.”

The photographer and makeup artist became speechless when they heard this.

If Miss Ruan is ugly, wouldn’t the two of us be akin to ashes? The two of them were badly struck by her words.

Xi Mo pointed at her body continued, “Really, I feel that I’m too ugly. I honestly don’t like my looks; I feel inferior.”

The photographer and makeup artist remained speechless.

The two of them sighed in their heart. Miss Ruan is a very good person, but she needs to visit a psychiatrist and ophthalmologist.

Xi Mo acted sincere and said, “I’m telling you guys this because you’re my comrades. Please keep it a secret.”

The two of them replied simultaneously, “Please rest assured, Xi Mo xx!”

When she heard this, Xi Mo thought to herself that she must’ve been mad to come up with such a Weibo nickname.

The two of them led Xi Mo out to the entrance and waved goodbye to her reluctantly while saying, “Come back often!”

The current scene before her felt like entirely like she was in the red light district. Xi Mo turned around and lowered her head, before walking away as quickly as she could—it was as if the wind was ushering her legs forwards.

The first thing she did when got home was wash her face, letting her anxiety be ferried away by the cold water. Afterwards she held her face as the water dropped down from her hair.

She didn’t take selfies.

She especially didn’t take selfies with others.

Within the entertainment circle, every celebrity’s Weibo was flooded with a huge number of selfies, regardless of how famous they were. This was especially so for Chen Qingbie. A good morning selfie in the morning, a good night selfie at night… She’d even take a selfie of herself eating desserts. She almost seemed to be embarrassed to use Weibo without taking a selfie. Thus, Xi Mo felt that Chen Qingbei was very shallow.

Once she’d managed to calm down, Xi Mo entered the living room. Despite it being much smaller than her own living room, she felt that it was empty. It was probably because she’d become another person and been forced to accept said person’s lonely lifestyle.

No one cared about her.

Additionally, no one noticed her.

She was no longer Xi Mo, and was no longer the subject of so many people’s reverence. After imitating Ruan Yesheng to complete her job, which felt very low grade to Xi Mo, she had nothing to do. Her once-packed schedule had suddenly disappeared from her life. All she had to do was finish her job, come home, and accept the change in her lifestyle in a constant state of anxiety.She was no longer Xi Mo and was no longer held in reverence by many people. After substituting Ruan Yesheng to complete her job which was so low grade to Xi Mo, she had nothing to do. Her once fully packed schedule has disappeared from her life. All she did was finish her job, return home, and accept the change in her life of living in a constant state of anxiety.

She sat down on the sofa and suddenly had the urge to call Ruan Yesheng. Damn it. In the past, I had hoped to never see that woman again. Now that Ruan Yesheng had her body, the two of them were suddenly in the same boat. She felt restless whenever she didn’t know what that woman was doing for a period of time.

After all, she was a coquettish freak.

At this time, Ruan Yesheng was most likely facing her unfamiliarly packed schedule. Thus, Xi Mo glanced at her phone before tossing it to the side. She then buried herself on the sofa and slept whilst feeling slightly lonely.

In her dreams, she saw a camera swaying beneath the light. The camera was right in front of her, causing her to start trembling in fear.

Suddenly, her phone began to ring next to her ear, causing Xi Mo to mumble something to herself. Her lips moved slightly, but what she said was unknown. Afterwards, the continuous ringing sound finally pulled her out of her stupor and successfully broke her free from her tense dream.

She sat up in rage only to see that it was Ruan Yesheng calling.

Xi Mo pressed the answer button and held the phone up to her ear, but didn’t say anything.

For some reason, Ruan Yesheng’s voice was pleasant to hear. Xi Mo didn’t know if it was on purpose or not, but Ruan Yesheng’s voice was always full of allure. She said, “Good evening, Xi Mo.”

Xi Mo glanced out the window when she heard this. The sky outside had already become pitch black.

It was really weird. She obviously hate Ruan Yesheng so much, and yet, she now felt a mysterious sense of comfort now that the other person had called. It was probably due to the fact that she’d lost everything after becoming another person. Ruan Yesheng had become the only person she could even speak face-to-face to. At least, in front of Ruan Yesheng, she didn’t have to act as hard someone else.

But thinking about it from another angle, it was also scary and sad.

With such complex thoughts and emotions swirling around inside of her, Xi Mo indifferently said, “If one was doing good, you could definitely greet them like this. However if one isn’t doing good, it would simply sound like sarcasm.”

Ruan Yesheng laughed and said, “Then I’ll change what I said to a general greeting. Have you eaten?””

After being momentarily stunned into speechlessness, Xi Mo lazily replied, “I just woke up. I haven’t eaten yet.”

Ruan Yesheng hadn’t expected her to answer accordingly; it was as if they were real friends that were simply friends who were idly chatting. She was surprised, but mostly felt secretly pleased. She clicked her tongue sympathetically and said, “You can’t cook and it’d be troublesome for me to head out at this hour. If I were there, I’d at least be able to cook for you.”

“Ruan Yesheng,” Xi Mo asked, “did the water you drank during the conference go to your head?”

“That’s right.” Ruan Yesheng honestly admitted, “It’s your head.”

Xi Mo was struck speechless.

“Was my performance at the conference satisfactory?” Ruan Yesheng asked.

Xi Mo replied, “It was quite satisfactory, except for the part where you let the water get to your head. What were you looking for me for?”

“Even if I didn’t look for you, you’d want to look for me. In order to save you from contemplating too much over when a good time to contact me is, it’s better for me to contact you. Right now, I’ve already returned back to the room. Don’t worry, there’s no one else around.”

Xi Mo sneered. “You sure know me well. It’s almost as if you installed a camera a wire on me. Where does your confidence stem from?”

Ruan Yesheng simply replied, “My heart is already with you, why wouldn’t I know?”

Xi Mo was stunned into speechlessness.

Does this woman even know the word ‘shame!’

“Miss Ruan, please mind your words.” Xi Mo calmly said.

“I’m not wrong.” Ruan Yesheng innocently replied, “My heart is indeed inside your body. In fact, it’s located on the left side of your chest. If you don’t believe me, you can go to the hospital and get a scan. Oh, actually there’s no need for all that trouble. Just look at yourself in the mirror.”

Xi Mo couldn’t even utter a word.

It was true that she was carrying Ruan Yesheng’s black heart in her body; she couldn’t refute that.

Ruan Yesheng asked, “How did the photo shoot for the magazine’s front cover go?”

Xi Mo calmly replied, “Fine. The people seemed satisfied.” Except for meeting those two weirdos.

Ruan Yesheng laughed and said, “You seem pretty suited for my job.”

Xi Mo paused briefly, before saying, “There’s something that I want to tell you.”

“I told you that you wanted to call me. Go on.”

Xi Mo suppressed herself from bursting a vein and said, “Tomorrow, tell Lu Qingming to arrange for an actor to attend the interview for the new show. Bring her to director Ling.”

“Is it for the supporting female lead’s role? What’s the actor’s name?”

Xi Mo indifferently replied, “Ruan Yesheng.”

This time, Ruan Yesheng was the one left speechless.

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